Are You Buying Silver Today?

If so, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

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Here are some of the specials he's running:

Have a fun day and BTFD!



woofwoof's picture

Just bought my 10 oz

Just bought my 10 oz

SilverRunNW's picture

Catching the falling knife!

Today sure seems like a great day to buy Silver.  Bought some on Wednesday, a couple new 5 oz America The Beautiful coins from the US Mint.  Thought I got a great deal, until this morning's smash!

ag1969's picture

I bought 21 ounces from Provident

I got the Fort McHenry 5 oz ATB as it and Mt Rushmore are the only two I don't have, but Mt. Rushmore is not available at Provident yet.  I got 5 Maples with Horse Privy and a Ten Ounce Bar.  When I went to check out, they wanted to charge me 11.95 for shipping but had a couple of pages of products you could add to get free shipping.  So, I bought a Don't Tread on Me Round and got free shipping.  When the final ounce only costs $13 it makes you feel nice.  Happy Halloween, and am happy today coincided with a BTFD just to give an extra middle finger to the manipulators!!

tyberious's picture

At these levels

60 to 1, I'll be make the trade for 1 oz Au to 60 oz Ag.

When I type that out, it doesn't even seem right! 60 ounces of silver for one ounce on gold, wow!!! That's better than half off, or buy one get one free! Hell at these ratios they are just giving silver away!

pforth's picture

Dear gold and silver bugs...

I hope after today and yesterday's price action you finally understand that more QE is good for the economy and BAD for PM prices.  Remember the lesson is: if more QE then sell metals, repeat after me.  Oh yeah and up is down and down is up.

SilverRunNW's picture


Nice purchases!   While I'm by no means a fan of anything considered "numismatic", I do like the America The Beautiful Series and have 2 of each of everything minted so far. 

So by 2020, I'll have them all and just in time for Sinclair's great reset.  Well, actually the last minted coin in the series is the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site.

Gold Dog's picture

I am buying...

...a few rounds from Doc shortly. He knows I am a Turdite and helps out.

Your friend,


ggnewmex's picture

Thanks for posting and the varied

selections through TFMR that are available.

Would be nice to get to 5k as a community!

Just 9 for me though today

ag1969's picture


I like the ATB's too, plus I just like big coins.  Five, ten oz coins are just cool.  Regarding the ATB's, not only do I get the 5 oz. for myself, but I have also bought each of the 90% proof ATB sets for each of my kid's. 

Lots of ATB coins at ag1969's.

When I was eight, my parents loaded me and my five brothers into a Ford Van and we drove around the country for five weeks, I have been to a lot of the places on those coins, so they are a nice sentimental way for me to stack.  Did you catch the price of that Acadia coin lately?

Down Range's picture

Twenty Oz

GONE, from the market......

hsofiak's picture

Any Quantity?

Does this mean there is lots of silver to be had?

SilverRunNW's picture


Wow!!  $50 premium on the Acadia ATB. Amazing!  That makes up for some ATB value losses.   Your collection sounds great, and I think it's great that you are getting your kids involved in the silver coin collecting.  A great teaching opportunity.

I also like the big coins.  I really like the kilo Perth Mint Dragons and Mexican Aztec.  I have a dragon, not the aztec.  The premium is too high for my tastes.

rxman's picture


160 oz. from lcs

tyberious's picture


rxman!! nice trade! Heading to my LCS at 10:30.

GOLDDOC's picture


Took 20 oz of silver from JMBullion today.  Needed points on my credit card for a cruise.( LOL)

Gold Dog's picture

Silver Doc

was kind enough to sell me 500 ASEs that will never see the light of day again!

That was fun....back to work.

Your friend,

Working like a Dog

chocolatechiphorses's picture

going shopping today

Off to LCS to make my purchase today.  

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Whitecastle123's picture

I won't be buying today

My dog just had a knee operation on Monday to the tune of $2800.00.  Oy Vey. 

silver66's picture

I apologize again

my purchase yesterday drove the price down(just like the cartel), so today I thought I would average down again. If you can wait a bit you should get a better price than mesad


Turd Ferguson's picture

A new dog would be a lot cheaper


Just sayin...wink

Dyna mo hum's picture

Silver purchase yes!

I got mine and I will place my loot in a hollow stump in the woods to be cared for by my favorite hobbit. Goblins beware!

Down Range's picture

The Devil Made Me Do IT!

Had to back to Doc's and get an additional:

$100 FV bag of fifty cent pieces.....

May all of the manipulators ROT IN HELL!!!!!!

ag1969's picture


For less than 1600, you could have got this dog!

Whitecastle123's picture

Just sayin

I agree but explain your reasoning to my wife.  You wouldn't want to go there.

1ShotAK's picture

Buying Silver

I have a local gold and silver guy in town. He is getting silver CHEEP like 60 to 75% spot! he turns around and sells it for 95% spot to some other company. He does have some silver in his shop for sale and he marks it up around 11% but most he ships it out for 95% spot. I just picked up two 20 oz Engelhard bars at spot.=910.00 yesterday. It has taken some time to build a relationship with the scamster! but I think it is paying off. I have used a local radio station were it is free to call in and advertise stuff 4 sale, I asked if anyone wanted to sell silver or gold at spot. got more calls than I could handle. I would have needed over 50k and I live in a small town. Is anyone els doing this?

P.S. THANK YOU Mr. T your the Bestest!



tyberious's picture

RE: Yikes

And last a hella lot longer!

JohnH's picture

Turd, wil you comment on Storage?


I prefer having coins in my possession. Jim Sinclair though, recommends storage in Singapore, outside the western banking system. Storage is expensive over time, (about .5% per year) which will add up, especially if gold goes way up. As an example, if someone had 200 ounces of gold stored in Singapore, it would cost 1 oz. of gold per year storage fee.  (I am not a high net worth individual- just using this as an example).  If gold is $5,000 an oz., that would be $5,000 per year, over 10 years, that would be $50,000. What is your thinking? Again, I prefer to have them in my possession, unless that is not smart.

1ShotAK's picture

Whietcastle123 U rock

You got to love the one that loves you the most and that is the Dog!yes

Xploregon's picture

Added a little Au to the stack today from JM B...

because I've been feeling I've been getting a little heavy on the Ag side lately. A little balance in the stacking "tight rope" seemed appropriate. BTFD.

achmachat's picture


if it comforts you, this time it wasn't your fault.

In fact since the spike up to above 23USD, the algos were turned on and not turned off ever since.

I have NEVER seen this before. Usually they're on for around one or two hours per day. it's been almost 30 hours now!

It makes one wonder why they're so desperate all of a sudden.

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