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Turd's Field Trip

Last week, I had the opportunity to be a guest on The Keiser Report. Many thanks to Max and Stacy for the invitation.

My segment begins at the about the 12:00 mark. We taped this while standing in front of the JPM building at 47th and Park in midtown Manhattan. It was great fun and I think you'll enjoy it.



ReachWest's picture

Turd and Max!

Turd and Max - this will be epic! 

And shockingly - I have stumbled upon another "first" !

Edit to Add: And more shockingly - there is no video to view (at least on my browser), just blank white-space. Tried 3 different browsers - all the same. Is it just me? Hmm. Looking at the page source - the <iframe> where the video should be appears to be empty.  Turd - where is that video?

Another Edit: Ahh - the video finally appeared. Just watched - great stuff. Really digging Max's doo .. one of the absolute worst (best?) cases of bed-head I have ever seen on TV. Thanks Turd, Max and Stacey.

Swineflogger's picture


Furst! cheeky

EDIT:  Rat Puke Numero Dos

didier's picture

I see no video?

Video absent.

Keg's picture

Sum Ting Wong

I don't see the video.

MrGuboci's picture


Yea , wheres the video cant wait to see it .

ancientmoney's picture

Turd, you prankster . . .

Did NSA take down your vid?

Mr. Fix's picture

No Video


Nigel Black's picture

you can view the video here

Ron Moore's picture

or here

Be Prepared's picture


Great to see you out and about... spreading the news.  You should have put the word out that you were going to be in New York.  A number of Turdites might have met up with you and brought you a few rounds... both liquid and metal!  :-)

Turd Ferguson's picture

Good news for stock traders!


Guaranteed stock market rally of epic proportions in 2014!!!

Nana's picture

What A Week!

Luke, Max and Mr T! The axis of truth....

Turd Ferguson's picture

"the axis of truth"



Response to: What A Week!
StevenBHorse's picture

Good news

Prior Epic Predictions

2001- Dow to 36,000

2004- Dow to 40,000 by 2009

2012- Dow to 3,000

2013- Rally of epic proportions, Gold to 700

Can you say assclown? 




Be Prepared's picture

You need to post your pic...

We know that you must have gotten your picture taken with Stacy and Max..... come on you have to post this pic as a promo shot!  Be out and proud... lol...

Turd Ferguson's picture

Nope no pics


MrsF asked me the same thing. No pics taken. We just hooked up and shot the segment.

Both Max and Stacy are very nice and it was a lot of fun.

MrGuboci's picture

Max & Turd

Absolutely brilliant interview , Turd  , you looked and sounded great . I am very happy for you . What was up with Max hair though surprise

didier's picture

well done Turd

Max needs a hairdresser.

Nice to see you in broad daylight. You should do it more often. 

Urban Roman's picture



Mr T? Who is Mr T?

ag1969's picture


RESERVE BANK OF INDIA: Dear Citizens, Please Stop Making Garlands Out Of Your Money

indian garland currency


Dhanender Kumar Jain, 65, a shopkeeper, holds a garland made of Indian currency notes in the old quarters of Delhi July 12, 2010.

The RBI, India's central bank, has asked people to stop using bank notes to make garlands, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Decorative garlands at marriages and political rallies are widespread in India. Rupee notes are often used, damaging the currency.

"Bank notes should be respected as they are a symbol of the Sovereign and public should not misuse them and help in increasing the life of bank notes," the RBI said in a statement.

The bank also said it will attempt to supply clean banknotes throughout the country and urged its citizenry to comply with a "clean note policy."

India's recent economic decision making is likely to exacerbate inflation. Should somebody tell the RBI that garland making, which destroys many rupees at one time, is inherently deflationary?

Be Prepared's picture

@ag1969 - Better than using them to start fires...

If the Rupee won't buy a stick of gum, then making a garland is better than using them for heat....

Mantis's picture


Watched the segment on Max Kieser. You predicted metals to go up frown No wonder they're giong down. Always remember we need more negative predictions (so that metals will go up)

Great interview other than that

ag1969's picture


Vernon Wormer's picture

Way to go Turd

Nicely done sir. Great interview. I have to ask you though, did you ever think when you started this that you would be interviewed by Max Kieser in front of JPM? What a strange trip it's been.

Lugnut's picture

Nice Interview

Nice interview, Turd. But you really needed your hat and sunglasses.

brokerk22's picture

Rambus, Avi Gilburt, and Toby Connor

These guys and a lot of technicians calling for gold to $1000 now and silver under 15$.  It is contagious isnt it.  Really at this point the PM market is totally toast and not even worth investing in with all the rigged trading.  These guys are calling for 100 on the HUI.  I mean shit just close down ALL the f&%$ing mines and crater all paper mining stocks to nothing.  This is so stupid.  Physical is the only thing left.  What a damn joke this all is.  A sad one.  This site volume is off huge.  We need a miracle.

BagOfGold's picture

Be Prepared...

Not to worry!...I was hiding in the bushes...& I was able to snap a few pictures!...More on this later!!!...

Bag Of Gold

Mr. Fix's picture

Nice interview,

The only thing I found revealing, was when Max Keiser  thanked you at the end, and called you “George Ferguson”.

Turd Ferguson's picture

STRANGE, indeed


I hear ya. Surreal.

And then when you factor in the RT reaches something like 2B people, it becomes mind-blowing.

Response to: Way to go Turd
Turd Ferguson's picture

Patience, grasshoppah


Just whom do you think is taking the other side of all these sell orders today?

Have you read today's other post? It's a freebie! All should check it out asap.

Response to: Turd!!!!!!!
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