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Sat, Aug 24, 2013 - 3:01pm

From the Puck T. Smith archives, just this simple video.

Puck posted this to his blogspot site on July 26, 2011. Nothing has since changed and, two years later, the video is still relevant, particularly in light of the impending increase of hostilities in Syria.


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Aug 24, 2013 - 3:20pm

First Time Poster

First on my First

First Time Posting.

Long time lurker.

Been reading Turd's stuff since I would scan Zerohedge comments looking for his comments.

Great Video.

All the best to everybody, from the deep interior of the Florida Everglades

Aug 24, 2013 - 3:27pm

Welcome Sawgrass ...

You picked a good place to start. It was an honor to know Puck for the short time he was here. A true gentleman. He is missed.

Now, it's time to go can some marinara as soon I get the eggplant out of the oven and get it vacuum bagged and into the freezer.

wax off

Aug 24, 2013 - 3:58pm

Iran Warns Against International Military Intervention in Syria

Iran Warns Against International Military Intervention in Syria

By Ladane Nasseri - Aug 24, 2013 9:54 AM ET

Iran’s foreign Ministry warned against any international military action in Syria, its long-time ally, saying that intervention would heighten regional tensions.

“There are no international authorizations for a military intervention in Syria,” foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Araghchi was quoted as saying today by the state-run Iranian Students' News Agency. “We warn against any moves or announcements that would result in further tensions in the region.”

Araghchi also questioned claims that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons in an attack opposition groups say killed 1,300 people, saying “evidence”pointed to the fact that it had been carried out by “terrorist groups” with the aim to implicate the Syrian government. “The fact that they were used while UN inspectors were present is a sign that some hands are at work to accuse the Syrian government,” he said.

U.S. President Barack Obama is coming under increased pressure to intervene in Syria amid allegations of chemical arms use by Assad. In comments to reporters yesterday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel indicated that U.S. military forces, including naval vessels, are positioned in the Mediterranean and ready to act if the president calls on the Pentagon to strike at Syria.

“Provocative opinions by U.S. military officials or moves such as positioning war ships won’t help resolve the issue and will only endanger further the situation in the region,”Araghchi said.

Aug 24, 2013 - 4:07pm



Is this it, or will there be a beatdown for the metals for the next 3 weeks? Who knows. It is going to be an interesting fall, that's for sure! Especially when I head out to help develop a small farm, and it would be nice to see the metals move on.

Aug 24, 2013 - 4:30pm
Aug 24, 2013 - 4:31pm

Very well done video

But the bit trying to blame WWI on leaving the gold standard is just bizarre. Countries temporarily left the gold standard because of the war, not vice versa, and only because it's a funding source of last resort (or the least bad of several terrible last resorts). If Ron Paul himself were at Verdun it's not like he'd say 'sorry, mes amis, we're out of money so we'll just have to shoot off and let the krauts have at it'. It's war. You do what you have to do.

Aug 24, 2013 - 5:14pm

Who makes the rules?

There is an old axiom that " he who has the gold makes the rules". It has been argued that the Rothchilds and ilk have vast amounts of gold and that going back to a gold only standard would just keep those same world bankers in power. A bimetallic system of gold and silver and a government printed fiat currency circulating in parallel may produce a more equitable system.

Mr. Fix
Aug 24, 2013 - 5:16pm

I really miss Puck T Smith today.

Just last night, I was reading some conversations that I had with Puck with in my inbox.

He taught me a lot about concepts like spirituality, the universal consciousness, man's place in the universe, libertarianism, a well argued belief in no government at all, as well as no religion at all.

My daughter has been asking me questions on these concepts, and I literally needed to go back to my mail to find out what Puck had told me.

It's not that I don't have thoughts of my own, I do. Some of you are aware of that. It's just that sometimes it's difficult to articulate a concept that is new to me.

It's simply a matter of finding the right words, or in giving words the right meaning.

I originally became engaged with him in a forum that he started here entitled “Am I the only atheist here?”

In the end, I think our only disagreement wound up being the definition of “atheist”. Although many of our beliefs are quite similar, for me, simply believing that the universe itself is an intelligent entity, tends to negate the label of atheist. He would disagree.

Aside from the semantics involved, I truly enjoyed conversing with Puck, and he will always live within my heart and soul.

Thank you Turd for continuing to post what was important to him here.

Mr. Fix
Aug 24, 2013 - 5:30pm

A simple 3 min. video that says so much.

I do not believe in any argument that is opposed to a gold or gold and silver backed monetary system.

It would appear to me that every other attempt has been a thinly veiled license to steal by government.

Because of its rarity, gold really is “honest money”. As far as I'm concerned, that is the only worthwhile goal.

Our system today has the goal of premeditated theft on a global scale. This system has destroyed the wealth of generations, families, and governments. The few that are “above the law”, have profited immensely.

But through years of carefully studying our current monetary system, I can only conclude that its complexity was intentionally designed into it for the sole purpose of theft, fraud and manipulation by those who designed it.

A monetary system based on gold, is simple, straightforward, and honest.

For these reasons, the powers that be, and all government entities, will never agree to one.

Despite that, I still feel it is the only real solution.

sierra skier
Aug 24, 2013 - 5:40pm


Now for a look at the video archive.

Edit in:

So basically without Fiat we would have never been able to afford many of the 'wars' that have occurred during the 20th centuary.

Gold has held its value over the years back as far as 1500 years, but most likely longer. I only hope my silver does as well or better and the GSR drops so I can trade into some gold.

Aug 24, 2013 - 6:27pm

Generals gathered in their masses...

Puck liked Sabbath and I know he would've been cool with the vids and since we've been given the opportunity to discuss things like Syria, global hostilities, effects on the monetary system etc (& discuss Puck himself ) a few full length movie's seems OK on a slow Saturday Afternoon @ The Movie's...

Black Sabbath - War Pigs with lyrics - motion type typography
The Lost Battalion ( full movie )
Video unavailable

As the Allied armies close in, the Nazis decide to blow up the last Rhine bridge, trapping their own men on the wrong side

Video unavailable

Facing the decline of everything he has worked to obtain, conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and his army confront the British at the Battle of Waterloo.

Aug 24, 2013 - 7:01pm

Divide & Conquer: Now you see why Al Qaida...

...has been used (bought) by the U.S. and used in Syria when it would seem to make no sense at all that we'd have anything to do with them on any level. Even Hezbollah is wary of them and that's saying something.

Except these Al Qaida are not the same as the others in Afghanistan and their alliances and goals are not the same either. As long as mercenary groups exist (and their seem to be lots of them globally) they'll always be at the service of whomever pays them well, gives them powerful weapons and who'll turn a blind eye and point them in the direction of the mayhem where they can fight an enemy they hate more then the Americans.

Al-Qaida branch blames Hezbollah for Lebanese bombings

Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb threatens retribution against Shia group over deadly attack in Tripoli

Saturday 24 August 2013 06.26 EDT

A Lebanese soldier stands guard at the scene of an explosion outside of al-Taqwa mosque in Tripoli. Photograph: Bilal Hussein/AP

A branch of al-Qaida has accused the Lebanese group Hezbollah of terrorism, blaming it for two bombs that killed 47 people outside a Sunni mosque in northern Lebanon on Friday.

Al-Qaida's north African branch, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (Aqim), threatened retribution against the Shia Muslim group, a US-based intelligence monitoring website reported.

Aqim said in tweets that it knew "with certainty" that Hezbollah was responsible. "That vile party … should know that it will meet retribution soon," it said, according to the monitoring service Site.

Although Aqim does not operate in Lebanon, its statement shows growing regional hatred of Hezbollah by radical Sunni Muslim groups and a deepening sectarian divide in the Middle East.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which was once lauded by both Sunnis and Shias for its battles against Israel, has lost support from many Sunnis since it joined Bashar al-Assad's side in his fight against a majority Sunni uprising in Syria.

Syrian rebels, whose strongest elements are radical Sunnis, have been hosted in neighbouring Lebanon by sympathetic Sunnis and there have been attacks on Hezbollah members on Lebanese soil. Both Hezbollah and radical Sunni groups in Lebanon have sent fighters into Syria to fight on opposing sides.

The explosions in Tripoli, 40 miles from the capital, Beirut, were the biggest and deadliest there since the end of Lebanon's own civil war and came a week after a car bomb killed at least 24 people in a Shia district of Beirut controlled by Hezbollah.

On Saturday heavily armed Lebanese security forces deployed across Tripoli as forensic experts sifted through the rubble from the bombings. Armed civilians set up checkpoints near the two mosques hit.

Police officials raised the death toll to 47 and said more than 500 were wounded, 300 of whom were still in the hospital a day after the attack. There has been no claim of responsibility for the blasts.

Al-Qaida groups follow a hardline ideology that rejects all non-Sunnis as infidels and regularly incites antagonism towards Shia. Assad's family is from the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shia Islam.

Aug 24, 2013 - 9:46pm

Stock market/gold performances before,during & after WWII

The US stock market was rather flat during World War II. For example, the S&P Composite Index was worth 12.5 in 1939, 10.55 in 1941, and 13.49 in 1945. The Index was actually worth more in 1937 (17.59) than in 1945. US retail prices rose by around 27 percent in World War II so the return on stocks did not beat inflation.

US stock prices were very volatile during the 1920s and 1930s. The S&P was worth 10.25 in 1925, 24.89 in 1929 (the year of the Wall Street Crash) and had plummeted to 7.09 in 1933 (the bottom of the Great Depression), before rising to 17.59 in 1937.

The US stock market really took off in the 1950s. The S&P was worth 16.88 in 1950, 35.6 in 1955 and 58.03 in 1960!

In Britain, stocks seem to have done rather well during World War II. For example, the FTSE-30 index of leading shares was worth 75.3 at the end of 1939, but it had risen to 112.9 at the end of 1944. But you should bear in mind that this was still below the index level (124.6) of 1936. Also, inflation in the UK was significant during the war (prices roses by 50 percent according to the Bank of England), which means that the gain in stock prices was more-or-less exactly in line with inflation.

As with the US, the British stock market didn’t take off until the 1950s.

As far as Germany is concerned, Germany did have a stock market – the Berlin Stock Exchange founded in 1685 – and it continued functioning in Nazi Germany. However, Hitler did greatly interfere with its activities.

Before Hitler came to power, around 80 percent of leading members of the stock exchange were Jewish. In 1933, a few months after Hitler came to power, the Nazis dismissed 85 percent of the exchange’s brokers because they were Jewish. Whereas the exchange had 6,000 visitors each day in 1922, the average number of daily visitors had fallen to 455 in 1938. The Nazis also interfered in other ways, for example by imposing controls on stock prices in World War II.…

Nevertheless, the German stock market performed well in the 1930s and in the early years of World War II. The stock market index rose from 6.43 in 1932 to 27.75 in 1943. In 1943 the Nazis imposed restrictions on share prices which essentially led share trading to freeze. These restrictions stayed in place until 1948, so the share prices between 1943 and 1948 are misleading.

When free market trading resumed in 1948 the value of German shares had been virtually wiped out (the index was worth 0.76 in 1948!) But as in other countries share prices took off in the 1950s. The index of German shares was worth 92.03 in 1960.

Economy of the US during WWII

John Galt
Aug 24, 2013 - 10:47pm

LCS Update From Toronto

Today I went to visit my favorite LCS, but along the way decided to stop into a new "We Buy Your Gold" shop that opened nearby.

First, the WBYG shop visit: the place looked like a glorified pawn shop that specializes in coins and currencies. They also had an assortment of other "valuables" such as lead soldier collections and old Coca-Cola collectibles, and the only reason I could see for those things being there is because some customer probably unloaded them cheap for cash.

A number of customers were in milling about so I spent most of my time browsing the display cases and listening to what was happening. The mainstay of the business seems to be buying PMs for cash. From what I could hear and observe it seemed that they were paying spot less 40-50% for things like jewelry but would go up to about spot less 30% for coins and bars.

Based on the amount of traffic they had in the store their displays were pretty devoid of anything interesting, such as MLs, Eagles or Krugs. When I asked about this I was told that they have an "investor" to buys everything that comes through the door, paying whatever spot is at the time. The owner told me that any gold coming in the one day is always gone by the next morning.

Given all the reports I hear alleging that scrap PM supplies drying up, I wonder if scrap really is drying up or whether the supply is still flowing but the flow is being siphoned off by "investors" before making it to melt.

The only serious PMs I saw in the display cases were about 20 assorted 1 oz silver bars including JM, TD and Scotia. The price on these bars was spot + $20 for 1 oz bars. No, that is not a typo: spot + $20 for a 1 oz silver bar.

From there I went to visit my favorite LCS. They had an amply supply of both Au and Ag, including MLs, Eagles, Buffalos, Krugs, Phils, Koalas and more. A delivery had just come in recently, so there seemed to be no issue with supply. Premiums on Ag were a little higher than normal, and a little lower than usual on Au. There were 2 interesting things I observed on this visit.

First, they had the widest assortment of 1 oz Ag Wildlife Series coins I have ever seen there. There were Grizzlies, Cougars, Moose, Antelope and Wood Bison available for sale. I asked if these came from people cashing in their stacks, but was told that these were part of the recent shipment coming in from the RCM. The owner went on to say that the Mint can produce up to 1 million of each of these coins so, apparently, they are not yet completely sold out.

What was interesting about this, for me, is that the RCM has stamping capacity now to produce these coins. We all hear anecdotal stories of shortages and record shipment coming out of Mints, but it seems that at the moment the RCM is able to keep up with enough ML production to also stamp more of these other coins. From a business standpoint this is smart, because the Wildlife Series coins are selling at a higher premium than the MLs so it's likely that the RCM is also charging more per coin to their customers as well.

The other interesting thing I noticed was that this LCS also has a steady flow of scrap and PMs coming through their door, and they too have "investors" who snap up most of this volume before it gets shipped off for melt.

Today they showed me a bunch of Ag and Au coins from the 1976 Olympics, as well as old boxed sets from the 1980s from places like Guyana, Caymans, Bahamas etc. I have seen these types of coins flow into that LCS on a regular basis, and I asked why so much supply was coming out now after people have held on for 35+ years.

I was told that in some cases people had simply decided it was time to sell (maybe needing the money?) but in other cases the owner had died and these coins were coming in as part of estate assets being liquidated.

The owner added that his "investors" usually snap up about 95% of the old stuff that comes in, and he sells it to them for spot. The remaining 5% goes into the display cases for about 2 weeks at spot + 2% to 5%, although in the case of numismatics they will charge more if the market will bear. Whatever doesn't sell in a couple weeks then gets sent off for melt.

In summary it seems that PMs are still flowing at the retail level (here anyway), but more and more strong hands are showing up and quietly grabbing up supply. Based on what I was seeing anecdotally at both places the scrap supply hasn't really dried up (it's still out there) but the majority of it is getting snapped up before its making its way to melt.

Aug 24, 2013 - 10:57pm

The Game of Risk

Distribution Of US, French And UK Forces Near Syria

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/24/2013 - 22:34

While the United States is repositioning its naval forces in the Mediterranean as it considers a possible military response to recent developments in Syria (as reported and shown yesterday), at least two other nations are joining in preparation for a naval offensive against the Middle Eastern nation.

Below, courtesy of Reuters and Stratfor, are details of U.S., French and British forces in the region that could be involved in any attack.


  • A U.S. military source said on Friday the U.S. Navy was increasing its number of cruise missile-carrying destroyers in the Mediterranean to four from three by delaying the return to the United States of the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Mahan.
  • The aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, by far the most powerful warship in the region, left the Mediterranean last weekend, passing through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea.
  • Defence experts say the carrier could still strike Syria from south of Suez. As well as the strike aircraft carried by the Truman, several of her escort ships are also capable of firing Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles.
  • Since earlier this year, the United States has also had F-16 jets in Jordan, where they remained after a major military exercise this year at the request of the Jordanian government. It also has a major air base at Incirlik in Turkey that could easily house multiple aircraft as part of a wider military campaign.


  • Having completed a major refit in the past few weeks, the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is operational. Officials say she remains for now in the Mediterranean port of Toulon.
  • France also has Rafale and Mirage jets based in the United Arab Emirates that could potentially reach Syria.


  • Without any operational aircraft carriers, Britain would likely be dependent on its cruise missile-carrying Trafalgar and Astute class attack submarines if it wished to join in any U.S.-led campaign.
  • Defence sources say the Royal Navy has kept at least one of its submarines in the Mediterranean in recent months partly for that reason.
  • Britain does not currently have any combat aircraft in the region, although they could theoretically operate from UK sovereign bases in Cyprus providing the local government agreed.

Source: Reuter

Aug 25, 2013 - 4:09am


So, in bed channel flipping, and PBS has on, I think, "Magical Mystery Tours", which I estimate in a 1966 Beatle movie. I remember it, and "Its a Hard Days night" back in the beatle mania days, and they were playing "Iam a Walrus", which made me think of DPH. Those dudes were trippin all right.

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat

Political Pandering, Socialization corruption, Economic Collapse, Moral Decay,

now all we need is Military Imperialism, in the information age, for total ghoat heads soup.

The Rolling Stones - Angie - w/ lyrics
The Rolling Stones - When The Whip Comes Down (Live) - Official
Aug 25, 2013 - 4:29am
Aug 25, 2013 - 6:49am


Still Going ballistic:

Gross Google Statistic Highs, Americans Taking Notice
2012 Presidential Run, 12,300, 018,300, 18 (2009-2012)
2016 Presidential Run, 32,700, 108,000, 60 (2013-2016) (Updated Periodically) < - New Wed Page for 2016 presidential campaign, operational eta 9/1/2013.

When will I become Turdville's favorite son? :o

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son
Video unavailable
Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (album version)

Supreme Commander

The Global Confluence Engineer and Patent Lawyer The main direction will be building a coalition, Libertarian, Green and Tea, with the freedom platform, the conservation consumption sales tax, and the elimination of the Income Tax, as a means to run at the DEMs and REPs.

The main focus just now will be campaigning at Libertarian Party, Green Party and Tea Party Southern California meetups and functions trying to build a coalition of Libertarians, Greens and Teas, respectively with the freedom platform, the conservation consumption sales tax, and the elimination of the Income Tax and IRS Filings, as a means to seriously build momentum early on and run directly at the DEMs and REPs for the 2016 presidency. If these three groups will rally to the cause, there is a good chance at voiding catastrophe in the USA now over loaded with political pandering, economic collapse, totalitarian controls, dysfunctional government, no choice voting booth, military imperialism, uncontrolled spying, corrupt socialism, judicial fiat, among many intolerable states of affairs. I can change that all, and quick.

SawgrassSilver waxybilldupp
Aug 25, 2013 - 7:42am

Right on Waxxy Bill,I thank

Right on Waxxy Bill,

I thank you for the welcome.

I happened upon this video today, and it made me think of this thread and some of the ways that people here described Puck's impact on their personal perspectives.

Acient Knowledge: Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Ratio

I am uncertain that Puck would agree with the implications of this video, but I am convinced he would have given it his consideration. His mind was obviously one that was truly open.

Perhaps that is what Puck sought most to achieve from interaction with others that he had contact with. Open mindedness.

Based on the posts made by many such as Mr Fix above, I believe Puck was obviously very successful in making such positive personal impacts. Through his interactions, helping those around him in expanding their ability to consider things or notions, that otherwise they might not have, had they not interacted with him at all.

Puck to me always seemed to respect others freewill to choose to have open mindedness or not. I really respect that. I liked the way this video gave respect to the viewers freewill in that regard.


I thought I would share the video in the thought that Puck may have enjoyed it.

I believe that he would have, and thought yourself and other here would as well.

Keep on Truckin'

Aug 25, 2013 - 7:51am


i've been to goodland and everglades city ............n to flamingo by boat from marathon.

ran all around the ten tousand islands in my skiff.

Puck was a good ole guy......he didn't assume offense so easily thru the keyboard as some can do.

Aug 25, 2013 - 10:34am

5...4...3..."Too Late" For Syria?

Syria To Allow Inspection Of Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack; US Rebuffs, Says "Too Late'

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/25/2013 - 09:53

Moments ago, Syria relented to the main gating condition that would prevent an all out escalation, and as Russia urged it to, has permitted an inspection of last Wednesday's alleged chemical weapons attack by UN inspectors. The WSJ reports that "Syria would allow United Nations inspectors currently present in Damascus immediate access to areas around the capital where the opposition accused the regime of using chemical weapons against fighters and civilians five days ago. A presenter on Syrian state television reading a statement attributed to an unnamed official at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the agreement was reached after a meeting between Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem and Angela Kane, the U.N. disarmament chief, who arrived in Damascus on Saturday." Of course, since demand for said inspection was just a strawman as the last time the UN inspected a "certain" chemical weapons attack by Assad it found "rebels may have used sarin" instead, and the US was absolutely certain Syria would not relent to an inspection thus allowing a full scale military attack, the US is now downplaying compliance with this key demand, by saying it is too little too late.

Aug 25, 2013 - 10:58am

News Blast: World

Obama's Grand Strategy for Middle East Failed - Walter Russell Mead, WSJ
Foreign Policy by Whisper and Nudge - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Should U.S. Help Britain Keep Its Colonies? - Doug Bandow, Nat'l Interest
Time for Obama to Answer the Syria Question - Dexter Filkins, New Yorker
One Place Where the Arab Spring Hasn't Gone to Hell - James Traub, FP
UN Again Looks the Other Way in Syria - Amir Taheri, New York Post
China, U.S. Vie for World Approval - Bruce Stokes, Yale Global

Why Israel Will Miss Morsi - Zack Gold, Foreign Affairs

Face It: Democracy Isn't for Everyone - George Jonas, National Post
Why 'Western Values' Are Dangerous - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Assad, Like Hussein, Gassed His People - Michael Weiss, NOW Lebanon
Europe Needs to Grow Up - Juliane Mendelsohn, The European
Who Europe's Modern Nazis Hate the Most - Andrew Connelly, The Atlantic
A Report Card for the U.S. in the Mideast - Aaron David Miller, LA Times
Germany Needs to Lead Europe - Alexander Lambsdorff, The Guardian
Germany Flexes Foreign Policy Muscles - Jonathan Laurence, Der Spiegel
Obama's Tough Choices in Egypt - Nikolas Gvosdev, World Politics Review
The Show Trial of Bo Xilai - Jiayang Fan, New Yorker
Thatcher's Unintended Legacy - John Gray, The New Republic
Absolute Corruption in Venezuela - Raul Gallegos, Bloomberg
Where Mideast Muslims Can Speak Freely - Khaled Toameh, Gatestone
Cruising Cape Town's Meth-Riddled Murder Dens - Matthew Brown, Vice
The Ugly American Telegram - Andrew Bacevich, New York Times

CIA World Fact Book

How the U.S. Could Bomb Syria by Sea - David Axe, War Is Boring
In Syria, America Loses Either Way - Edward Luttwak, New York Times
Obama Briefed on U.S. Military Options in Syria - Karen DeYoung, WaPo
Iran's Persian Gulf Base for Drones, Midget Subs - John Reed, FP
How I Pioneered Drone Warfare - James Holmes, The Diplomat
USMC Opens Infantry Training to Enlisted Women - A. deGrandpre, MCT
U.S. Mideast Report Card: Not Bad - Aaron David Miller, Los Angeles Times
U.S. Seeks 50% Boost in SE Asia Military Funds - Gopal Ratnam, Bloomberg
The U.S. Isn't Trying to Contain China - Phillip Saunders, Foreign Policy

Debating a Strategy for World War III - Harry Kazianis, National Interest
Failed U.S. Grand Strategy in the Middle East - Walter Russell Mead, WSJ
Assad's "Nuclear Option" - Tom Hart, War Is Boring
Sequester Threatens USAF Response in Syria - Mackenzie Eaglen, US News
Kosovo Seen as Precedent for Syria Response - Landler & Gordon, NY Times
It's 1999 in Syria - Enver Hoxhaj, Foreign Policy
U.S.-Russia Joint Exercise to Go Forward - Josh Hicks, Washington Post
The Land of Unexploded Bombs - James Simpson, War Is Boring
Japan to Deploy Global Hawk by 2015 - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Welsh Set to Unveil "Air Force 2023" Strategy - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz

China's Mystery Satellite a Dangerous New Weapon? - R. Beckhusen, WIB

Aug 25, 2013 - 3:45pm

Butt Hurt Them

same old same old ...

We dont assassinate? Where did that come from? Must have some cut-and-run type in the Senate with a famous last name. The problem, and here we go again, both of them should have been taken out years ago.

THE SENATE IS NOT DOING ITS JOB, either declare war, and take em out, or shut the freak up. Senate is AWOL, has been for 50 years, out buying nanny granny gay minority addict votes using the federal purse to cement political control, rather than doing their job, and when the president is left on his own, Left or Right, and acts, he gets slammed as imperial. Congressional Political Pandering is the core evil, not a cowboy president. Get a clue.


OK, who is starting the pool, if The Big Red One puts a mega large US flag over a statue of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus center square?

Aug 25, 2013 - 7:27pm

26 handle?

Opened early china, with a pop to 24.30, and it seems that the MO is there, in the last week of August, which is seasonal big bang time, and one could reasonable expect a Friday close with a 26 handle in Silver. ITS POSSIBLE, Tonto, which is injin speak for red-ants, I think, and were based, eastern Arizona, I think. Chiachawa Apaches, come to mind, that in the 1862, ambushed yankees from california, I think. There was a famous one, escapes me. ....

The Lone Ranger Opening Theme Song

of course, Cochise ....

1848-1862 and the Last Thrust of Manifest Destiny. Front Cover ... Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief.

speaking of which, some may know I spent 20 years reading military books, and then toped it off with 3 years of live fire emulation, as a supreme military commander, at astro empires, well, I needed a misdirective operation, and recall this one. LOL!!!

Operation Alamo

After the rawr/rains coalition ODD surrender in A58, war was declared.
ODD decided to hunker down in lower alpha, while the SPuD mobilized taking it to ODD. SPuD being a lower level guild went over onto the offensive, and went after a higher stronger guild. This action by SPuD was admirable, in deed, and Fleet Admiral Potatoes get high marks for agressive command.

In operation Alamo, General Santa Ana, (yours truly) and about six warrior indian chief, made a bee-line run at THE ALAMO, an ODD strong hold, for the mindphuc and intel collection. It was a sight to be hold, General Santa Ana leading a scalping party toward the alamo. Many were fried after touch down, but General Santa Ana, moved off quick, and parked for surviellance of fleet movements in and out of the Alamo.

It was a riot to see, General Santa Ana leading a bunch of Indians on an alamo scalping party. Here were names provided for selection of fierce honorable American Indian tribes and cheifs.
Fleet Name--------- Player
GEN SANTA ANA Silver Surfer
Nez Perce
Black Kettle
Bear Paw
Black Eagle
Lean Bear
Buffalo Horn
Rabbit Ears
Red Moon
Eagle Head
Little Robe
Crazy Horse
Spotted Wolf
White Eagle
Kicking bird
Roman Nose
Sitting Eagle
Standing Bear
Ten Bears
Yellow Bear
Sitting Bull
Medicine Bottle
Elk Thunder
Buffalo Hump
Bear Hunter
Litte Wolf
Mad Bear

Aug 25, 2013 - 7:55pm

Entire Year

First astounded that naked shorts would go to over 1 year of production.

Now, a repeat, Egon von Greyerz claims that India and China alone, based on Q2, import the entire year of production, (which would include china no.1 production).

Thats a double wow!!! a double wammie, short cover and China/India take all production. WOW WOW

funny, at the end he goes, thinks could get really bad. HEEELLLOOO ...

I think things are already there .... LOL!!

Video unavailable

Mad5hatteress redo in sexy golden skirts!!

The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969

The Spinners Working My Way Back To You Girl

Aug 26, 2013 - 11:18am


Power to the people, and the silver bulls.

Midday, Comex, launching backing to 24.30, but I appears that there is a 10c gap with last friday high. Ag notoriously closes gaps, but we have a break away all ready, in this move, the new normal, and a 2nd gap, this late, says lots of power, the move as just barely begun. TA guys should be all over this. 23.80 or the moon.

Huey Lewis & the News - The Power of Love Lyrics
Huey Lewis And The News - Heart And Soul
Huey Lewis And The News - The Heart Of Rock & Roll

Live Silver is showing 24.43 high, which is 1.57 to 26,

THIS WEEK, I tell you, THIS WEEK!!!!


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Key Economic Events Week of 4/22

4/22 10:00 ET Existing Home Sales
4/23 10:00 ET New Home Sales
4/25 8:30 ET Durable Goods
4/26 8:30 ET Q1 GDP first guess

Key Economic Events Week of 4/15

4/16 9:15 ET Cap Util and Ind Prod
4/17 8:30 ET Trade Deficit (Feb)
4/17 10:00 ET Wholesale Inventories
4/18 8:30 ET Retail Sales (March)
4/18 8:30 ET Philly Fed
4/18 10:00 ET Business Inventories (Feb)
4/19 8:30 ET Housing Starts and Building Permits

Key Economic Events Week of 4/1

4/1 8:30 ET Retail Sales (Feb)
4/1 9:45 ET Markit & ISM Manu PMIs
4/1 10:00 ET Construction Spending (Feb)
4/1 10:00 ET Business Inventories (Jan)
4/2 8:30 ET Durable Goods (Feb)
4/3 9:45 ET Markit & ISM Services PMIs
4/5 8:30 ET BLSBS

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