Guest Post: Obamacare and Other Threats to Liberty, by "CaliforniaLawyer"

Sat, Jul 6, 2013 - 11:56am

Our string of guest posts concludes today with this excellent piece submitted by The Attorney General of The Great Nation of Royal Turdistan, CALawyer esq. etc. etc.

Obamacare and Other Threats to Liberty

by, "CaliforniaLawyer"

Let’s connect some dots. Let’s examine some facts, draw some conclusions, and make some predictions.
First, the facts:
(1) Obamacare was enacted, and has or will soon be fully implemented;
(2) Pursuant to the comprehensive scheme of Obamacare, the federal government will now have complete and total access to all medical records of the people [I am not sure, because I have not studied, whether Obamacare grants the federal government access to the healthcare records of illegal aliens, but I assume so, so I make no distinction here between citizens and non-citizens of the United States];
(3) Existing state law, at least in California, prohibits a person from possession of firearm, including ammunition, where such person has been detained under California Welfare and Institutions Code § 5150, which law provides for detention and a 72 hour mental health evaluation of a person considered a danger to himself/herself or others. Such a person detained under section 5150 is subject to a five-year ban on firearms possession and is disqualified from possession, including no use of firearms at the range, no hunting, no ammunition; such person can petition the court for an early termination of the firearm possession prohibition per Welfare and Institutions Code § 8103;
(4) Additionally, there is a long-standing rule in California that any person at any time may petition any state court in California for a temporary restraining order based solely upon a signed declaration from that person claiming that a person has threatened immediate harm. This is a GREAT rule for lots of reasons but there are unintended consequences and ramifications that become chilling in the context of Obamacare. So long as the declaration, which is sworn testimony under oath, contains a bare minimum of facts describing some immediate threat of harm whether true or not, the temporary restraining order will be issued by the court.
(5) Once a temporary restraining order is issued by the court, the restrained person is required to surrender any and all firearms to a local law enforcement agency. If not, the restrained person is now subject to criminal penalties for contempt and possibly worse, including potential felony possession of firearms.
(6) A temporary restraining order automatically terminates after 10 days, unless thereafter, the person who obtained the initial temporary restraining order goes back to the court on the tenth day, and presents sufficient testimony convincing a judge that the temporary restraining order should be turned into a permanent restraining order.
(7) If the temporary restraining order becomes permanent, the restrained person is barred from possession of firearms pursuant to the terms of the court order. The only judicial remedy for the restrained person is for the restrained person to appeal the ruling, which takes time and money obviously, but in the meanwhile, the restrained person is prohibited from possessing firearms.
(8) Similarly, a person arrested for a crime of violence, is required to turn over all firearms to law enforcement. Remember, an arrested person is presumed innocent; yet, upon an arrest, the presumed innocent person suffers an actual loss, which is possession of any firearms.
(9) Both a person arrested for a crime of violence, and a person subject to a temporary/permanent restraining order must surrender firearms to a local law enforcement agency. Such firearms held by law enforcement incur a “storage fee.” In one case I did, storage fees by a local law enforcement agency were $50 per firearm per month. A “firearm” was broadly defined, and included with respect to a shotgun, different barrels for the same lower receiver. In that case, the restrained person had three heirlooms: two pistols and shotgun with multiple barrels, which were all surrendered to law enforcement after an arrest on bogus charges [two juveniles smoking pot behind a dumpster accused a sixty year old man of threatening them]. Months later, after all charges were dropped, and after successfully obtaining a court order mandating the return of the weapons to the client, the storage fees ended up exceeding the value of the firearms dramatically. The court would not reduce the “storage fees” and the firearms would not be released unless the storage fees were paid to the local police department. Naturally, the client refused to pay the extortionate storage fees. The firearms remain in custody pursuant to the court order, have been destroyed or who knows? True story.
(10) But wait, there's more. Existing federal law prohibits persons who have “been adjudicated as a mental defective or who [have] been committed to a mental institution” from ever owning a firearm. 18 U.S.C. § 922. A California §5150 hold is within the purview of 18 U.S.C. § 922.
(11) Meanwhile, back at the SCOTUS, the Justices delivered up another crushing blow to freedom, . From the blog: “When petitioner [the criminal suspect] had not yet been placed in custody or received Miranda warnings, and voluntarily responded to some questions by police about a murder, the prosecution’s use of his silence in response to another question as evidence of his guilt at trial did not violate the Fifth Amendment because petitioner failed to expressly invoke his privilege not to incriminate himself in response to the officer’s question.” From another blog ( “ On Monday, the court ruled on Salinas v. Texas, in which it was determined that although you have the right to remain silent, you do so at your own peril.
Here’s what happened: Genovevo Salinas had attended a party at a house in Houston the night before the two brothers that lived there had been shot. He was called in for questioning, and was not read his Miranda rights because at the time he was just considered a possible witness. When he was asked about whether or not the bullets from the shotgun he owned might match the ones found at the house, he refused to say anything. When he was eventually put on trial for the murder, prosecutors brought up his remaining silent as “evidence” that he was covering something up. Which pretty much defeats the entire purpose of the 5th Amendment. Prosecutors are never allowed to use an exercise of the the right to remain silent against someone.
However, the Supreme Court ruled that because Salinas had not been arrested and did come right out and invoke the 5th Amendment while being questioned, his silence didn’t count as part and parcel of that right. This is total bullshit. What this means is that if you are not a suspect in a crime and thus not read your Miranda Rights but you are questioned by police nonetheless, you now have to “formally” invoke your right to remain silent or your silence can be used against you in a court of law.
(12) Wow. See how it works? A criminal suspect is arrested, questioned, but does not specifically invoke his right to remain silent. At the later criminal trial, the prosecutor can say to the jury: “the criminal defendant did not say anything to offer an explanation, therefore, he must be guilty.” This decision has been roundly criticized, and rightly so. ( Do a google search for “supreme court 5th amendment” and you will find many articles. Look for yourself and see what is happening.

Connecting the Dots:
Having now identified the facts, let’s draw some conclusions and make predictions.
(1) Freedom and liberty are eroding, marginally but inexorably. Ignore this obvious reality at your peril.
(2) Both the federal and state governments continue to expand their reach into what has traditionally been completely private and off-limits, such as one’s personal medical information.
(3) Recent federal scandals involving federal government agencies such as the NSA and IRS, such scandals coming to light by whistle blowers, leave no room to argue that such federal intrusion is benign.
(4) The federal government has or will soon have pursuant to Obamacare, complete knowledge over everyone and, from there, as shown above regarding Second Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights, there is no logical limitation to the federal government’s power at all. Is anyone concerned yet?

In light of all recent events, is it not imperative to prepare accordingly?

CAL esq etc etc

About the Author


Jul 6, 2013 - 4:33pm

Gold Dog

Imagine this. Four guys in their thirties get into 2 Toyota pickups and drive down to Eagle Pass, TX, then from there through the Sonoran desert to Monclova and Durango. Along the way, we pulled off the road and camped overnight between two towns. From Durango we drove over the "Espinoza del Diablo" to Mazatlan, camping at possibly the most beautiful gorge I have ever seen (think Grand Canyon with pine trees), and from there took a ferry to La Paz in Baha California Sur, and proceeded to drive the peninsula up to San Diego.

Only once were we stopped by the Federales, who made us take everything out of our trucks as they looked for drugs. I'm sure if we had handed them a couple of Franklins we could have gone on our way immediately, but we were in no hurry.

We did this in November of 1993. If we tried this today, we would have been in a shallow grave within 10 miles of the Rio Grande.

Jul 6, 2013 - 4:33pm

Crash *I am looking now for an image/video showing the tail section(mangled) Found it here: last one showing what appears to be tail in water at end of runway. over rotated, too low on approach?

Jul 6, 2013 - 5:24pm

Unlikely they're connected, but interesting nonetheless...

Rolls-Royce 'hid engine defects', claims US lawsuit

Engine maker Rolls-Royce “cut corners on quality control requirements” and “lied to” customers, two former employees have alleged in a US lawsuit.


The Boeing 777 is a long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner ... are equipped with GE90, Pratt & Whitney PW4000 or Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines.



"Rolls-Royce’s squeaky clean image has been tarnished after the world’s pre-eminent aeroplane engine maker warned that the company and some of its staff could face prosecution over allegations of bribery and corruption in China and Indonesia."


Something's up.

Jul 6, 2013 - 5:43pm

California Lawyer

Cracking post! You certainly have connected the dots there. Yes, that makes a LOT of sense.

About 3 years ago, when I finally let go of not believing that 'democratic' governments wouldn't work against the people in a major way - having thought previously that there were just some bad apples, some isolated cases of misdeed, and ok, even some pretty serious ones, but that it wasn't ALL corrupt - when I let go of that ALL the dots started to connect and everything started to make sense.

Yes, we are living under totalitarian rule and it's getting worse every day. When I truly saw that a whole load of junk disappeared in my head and was replaced by clarity. A real sense of rightness that is not about making a point, but just about being who I am - the absence of something (as I like to put it), or the absence of doubt.

Jul 6, 2013 - 5:45pm
Jul 6, 2013 - 6:16pm

re:But wait a second...

Bundesbank Warns China's Currency "On Its Way To Becoming Global Reserve Currency"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/06/2013 - 14:48

Following the most recent shift 'away' from a USD-centric world (with the China-Australia direct currency convertibility), it seems the possibility of China's Yuan as the next global reserve currency is getting closer. The Brits, Germans, and now the Swiss (who just signed a free-trade-agreement with China) are all actively vying to become Europe's Yuan trading hub as it seems the long line of developments to internationalize the currency over the past two years. As Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel noted in a speech entitled "Reniminbi as a potential reserve currency" this week, "the Chinese currency is well on its way to becoming one of the future global reserve currencies." He noted that, although the USD is still the most commonly-used currency for settling trade with China; from virtually zero in 2010, the Yuan is used to settle over 12% of trading transactions now - and is likley to increase further.

Jul 6, 2013 - 6:25pm

Unspecified Mental Disorder now enshrined by APA - May 2013

"DSM-5 introduced a new diagnosis, "Unspecified Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder." The only required criterion is that you have some distress from unspecified symptoms, but you "do not meet the full criteria for any of the disorders in the schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders diagnostic class." You don't have to have delusions. You don't have to have hallucinations. In fact if you do have delusions and hallucinations, then you probably don't qualify for unspecified schizophrenia. (You will find the new diagnosis in one short paragraph at the bottom of page 122 of DSM-5.)

Likewise for every other diagnostic category, including, for example, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Let's suppose that you occasionally don't pay attention to your wife. You don't meet the old-fashioned criteria for ADHD, which included impairment in multiple settings, like on the job or while driving. You are inattentive only when your wife is talking. You pay attention to everybody else. Hey, no problem. You now qualify for "Unspecified Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder."


Obviously his provision is available for misuse by people who actually want to get their mitts on drugs. How long before the PTB use it to force a diagnosis on the unwilling? If it's in a medical dictionary it' got to be legit right???

Edit. A further thought: If you need medication for your unspecified Schizophrenia, you are likely to be confirmed as nuttier than squirrel poo in very short order depending on the selection of the meds.

Jul 6, 2013 - 6:54pm

YES. This is really worth a listen.

From a post at Max Keiser's site. A recording made by a student at the University of Wisconsin when NSA recruiters came-a-calling.

Some very intelligent questioning of the recruiters, whose NSA whore-ing is revealed as they reply with the usual paid-for BS.

People are waking up . Listen to the questions - they are excellent and are well-aimed as they drill down to try and reveal the truth about the NSA.

Audio appears a short way down the page. 12mins.

silver foil hat
Jul 6, 2013 - 6:58pm
Jul 6, 2013 - 7:23pm

Harvey's Up!

Paula Flood: Gold analysts are the most bullish in a month after the political instability in Portugal raised concern that Europe’s debt crisis will worsen and as a record quarterly drop in prices drove demand for jewelry and coins. • GoldCore: While hedge funds are the least bullish in six years and holdings in ETF products dropped to a three-year low, demand for physical metal has been strong...but a return of the euro zone debt crisis could spark a more sustainable rally. Cheap gold continues to attract bargain hunters to bullion shops in China. Mainland buyers purchased 106 metric tons during the month, after deducting flows from China into Hong Kong, compared with 76 tons a month earlier. However, the Perth Mint reported that bullion sales have fallen for a second month in June as falling prices deterred Australian and western buyers who are waiting for a bottom. • Chris Powell: He agrees with Ted Butler that prices of gold and silver are being determined by "excessive speculative selling" of futures contracts rather than by genuine transactions between buyers and sellers of real metal, but Powell asks why do regulatory authorities fail to act, and why why do gold and silver mining companies and the trade association of some of the larger gold miners, the World Gold Council, do nothing about it and fail even to object? Alex Létourneau: Barrick Gold Corp. disclosed Friday that it would take a $5.5 billion impairment charge on its Pascua-Lama project. "Given the grade of the deposit, given the technical challenges of the project, given the various landmines between here and first becomes clear that, in relation to the sweet part of its operational portfolio, Pascua at current prices is simply not an attractive project." Tyler Durden: Cyprus continues to plead for more money, but not only was rejected but threatened with the loss of all aid it kept asking. The lack of adequate funding puts Cyprus at risk alongside the deteriorating situation in Portugal. banks. Meanwhile some EU banks continue to voluntarily remove liquidity from the market with an 2.1 EUR billion repaid under the second LTRO. Zero Hedge: It is a dangerous game but the world’s central banks that have been working in unison for the last five years have now taken separate paths. America has gone left and Europe has gone right and there will be consequences for both. DS: Occasionally I recollect the Kitco postings of FreeMarketAgent, who appeared to me to be well connected with the elites. His prediction was that there would be a crash of the Euro followed in two to three weeks by a crash of the dollar. This bifurcation of Western policy seems designed to further that purpose. Though one may be hawkish (maybe tapering) and the other dovish (more QE), a collapse of the Euro would start a derivatives crash that would destroy the dollar and by the collapse of the reserve currency, the entirety of the world's paper currencies. All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!


Jul 6, 2013 - 7:27pm



Looks like we all belong in the loony bin. :)

Seriously, the DSM 5 should be considered as a guide. In practice it is only used as a bible for insurance companies and research, its primary intended purpose. A good shrink would no more follow it religiously than a excellent cook would follow a recipe.

Well internet addiction is not officially listed but was considered, seriously.

So It Goes
Jul 6, 2013 - 7:38pm

@ Katie - "Lazy Doctor" really?

I have learned quite a bit from this post. I had no idea that a restraining order which is so easy to get could lead to such knock-on unintended consequences as so eloquently detailed by CA Lawyer. I also had no idea that addiction to narcotics seems to be a significant factor leading to necessity to restrain.

But please - "lazy doctor" is over broad and quite possibly untrue. Let me ask you Katie - how do you know that the doctor who prescribed narcotics was lazy?

Let me give some insight from the other side of the desk. There is no objective criteria for pain. I cannot perform a scan on pain. It is subjective - the patient reports how much pain they are having on scale from 1-10. Yes, it is crude, but that is what we have. Pain management is a terribly complicated art. The rheumatologists and neurologists I know who work with chronic pain patients have the lowest "patient satisfaction" scores - because they don't hand out narcotics willy-nilly. Everyone who prescribes is very aware of addiction potential. HMOs take patient satisfaction seriously - and pay can be affected.

Doctors tend to be hard working, compassionate, and dedicated to decreasing human suffering. If you see evidence of a "lazy doctor" who over prescribes narcotics and does not keep adequate records - report the doctor to the State Medical Licensing Board. You can be sure that the bureaucrats will take up your complaint with gusto. He/she will be audited. Laziness is not tolerated.

I have not seen HMOs or Obamacare once mention "doctor satisfaction" as part of the quality assessment of the doctor/patient relationship. My .02 - be happy when the SHTF that you have a qualified competent doctor still practicing when you are in need.

So it goes.

Jul 6, 2013 - 7:44pm

Bruce Springsteen playing East Berlin

The Guardian UK recently wrote a story on Bruce Springsteen playing East Berlin 25 years ago in 1988.

Here's some video for all the fans of Springsteen.

One other side note - another TV news anecdote. My wife and I were watching one of the local LA News stations at 10 PM. The news program had an entertainment reporter (young 20-something petite female reporter) talking about the fireworks display sponsored by CBS 2/9 in LA. At one point she said something like "and they played alot a great music and songs like Proud to Be an American!"

Wow ... I burst out laughing.

"Proud to be an American"???

It's GOD BLESS THE USA!!!! The song isn't about YOU and your air-blonde pride ... it's about GOD!

Lee Greenwood - God Bless the USA (Live in 1985)

Unfortunately, KCBS chopped Lee Greenwood's song and cut most of the lyrics out!


Jul 6, 2013 - 7:47pm

Home of the Free? Maybe not....

I just ran across this article from the Mathaba web site. I strongly urge people to read it:

This is recent and scary. What the hell is going on?

silver foil hat
Jul 6, 2013 - 7:49pm

kinda makes you wonder....

I f B a r r y t h o u g h t S n o w d e n w a s o n t h a t p l a n e . . . . . . .

Strongsidejedi So It Goes
Jul 6, 2013 - 7:58pm

@SoItGoes - What is your point?

@SoItGoes -

I do not think I understand the rationale of your comments at all.

Not only have Katie Rose and I shared from personal experience, your comment appears to justify physician laziness based upon your personal assessment of physicians. What is the basis of your assessment?

HMO's like Kaiser and Obamacare are tightly linked. The reason has NOTHING to do with physician satisfaction. The positive comments of HMO's like Kaiser and other insurers is related to the fact that Obamacare was a bail-out of the medical insurers.

Medical insurance and health insurance carriers were going broke. They needed some way to exit markets with a government bail out for all of the system. NONE of the healthcare system is financially transparent, not the medical groups, not the hospitals, and not the prescription drug components.

The fact of the matter is that physicians are MORE dissatisified with their career than at any time in the last TWO GENERATIONS!

Medical care and physician services are largely governed by state jurisdictional laws. The result is that in a state like California with 45 million residents (legal that is) and probably another 5 million illegals (number totally pulled out of thin air by me based upon observation of SoCal racial profile driving around), there are way too many doctors for way too many citizens and to little reimbursement to pay for those workers under a capitated system like HMO Obamacare.

Feel free to post more questions and I will attempt to respond based upon my observations.

Jul 6, 2013 - 8:23pm

thanks so it goes

Nice to have someone tell the other side. I can't speak to American health care as I am a Canadian, but most of my colleagues are also hard working, compassionate people. Sadly there is always a subgroup that are prima donnas, using their title as narcissistic armor. Thankfully they represent a minority and many rest at the healthier end of the spectrum of narcissistic disorder, so delivery of care is not usually deeply compromised.

But I admit there are some serious exceptions and I have one just living down my street I'm afraid to say.

Jul 6, 2013 - 8:28pm

The hits just keep coming

Nice write up Cali.........

I have watched this country become Quasi Communistic, to almost full on no holes barred fuck the people......we are reaching a breaking point, which way it breaks is the bigger question.

I have lost any and all faith in the system. We no longer have any "real" government, we do have a mob mentality run on things though, only theirs is legal now, when it was not just very few years ago.

I watched in horror as a CASA as big pharma and some unruly doc's destroyed thousands of lives with these pills, I had to testify in Court, to the injustice that was handed down on innocent kids, families ripped to shreds....all for a buck. I come from a family of LEO's, who can do nothing but continue the revolving door due to this "Legal" form of society suicide........all for a buck.

When I left the military, I was directed to the VA, it was a joke..."ooooh I see here you have this and that...I have prescribed you some things, please go to the pharmacy", the results were one big ass brown bag of Pills, all of which are the Oxy type..this was in 84, hundreds of pills at a time, then through the mail......they were auto flushed, let the fish get high, I prefer the green type and a HOHO so me and the VA parted ways.

This country will never be the same as it once was, until we auto flush the government as it is, will it be through a dolla crash, or people who have finally had enough and go Egypt on their collective ass or a combination of both.....most certainly, we live in interesting times.

Keep stacking and stocking....whatever happens, will come quicker than you think.

And a question.......With all the hoopla about Medicare being broke....Why is it that when you reach age 65, Medicare becomes the primary, regardless if you already have coverage.

I posed this same question on a town hall phone in with my Senate rep, after the question, there was a pause and the phone was disconnected.....hmmm, must have hit a nerve, as he was railing against O care at the time.

Urban Roman
Jul 6, 2013 - 8:57pm
silver foil hat
Jul 6, 2013 - 8:57pm

And never underestimate the inginuity of the 'friends' of the US

( o r e n e m i e s ) t o u s e S n o w d e n f o r c e r t a i n e c o n o m i c ' f a v o r s' ( o r 'd e b t f o r g i v e n e s s').

E n e m i e s: " G i v e u s m o n e y a n d f o r g i v e a n y d e b t s w e h a v e a n d w e w i l l n o t g r a n t ' a s y l u m '.

F r i e n d s: " G i v e u s m o r e m o n e y a n d w e w o n ' t l e t h i m ( o r a s u s p e c t e d a i r c r a f t ) t r a v e r s e

o u r a i r s p a c e ".

B a r r y s h o u l d h a v e j u s t d i s c r e d i t e d h i m t o b e g i n w i t h.

E x c e p t h e w a s s o r e l y l a c k i n g i n t h e c r e d i b i l i t y d e p a r t m e n t w h a t w i t h B e n g h a z i, T h e I R S s c a n d a l, F a s t a n d F u r i o u s, e t c . e t c . a d i n f i n i t u m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

S t i l l t h i n k t h a t Q E w i l l b e ' t a p e r e d ' n o w ?

So It Goes
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:00pm

@ Strongsidejedi

I have no doubt that there are some "lazy physicians" as you and Katie claim. Just as there are some "lazy ...." fill in the profession. There is just no evidence of "laziness" from the posts that I read.

I take exception to the label (lazy) without justification. Chronic pain management is very difficult to practice. If you give too much medication, the Feds will attack you, and if you give too little, the patients will hate you. And HMO contracts emphasize patient satisfaction - even if it is bad medicine.

My basis is that I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years. Doctors are afraid of two things - errors of omission and errors of commission which may lead to legal entanglement - and loss of license which may lead to bankruptcy. Doctors do not want to go to court to defend. So the practice of medicine tends to be expensive and defensive.

Doctors like everyone else want to go to work, do a good job, and go home. If you think there has been a malpractice event, it is so simple. File a complaint, the authorities will pull the medical records, and then the legal process will proceed.

I do not know if or how much Obamacare was influenced by Kaiser as you surmise. Kaiser is not known for physician satisfaction anyway. Their practice model is that everyone must conform - square peg must fit in round hole and all are "equal providers" - regardless of training or expertise, MDs, NPs, PAs. This is not say that Kaiser does not excel in certain circumstances, indeed they do.

IMO - it looks as if Obamacare will crumble under the weight of its own onerous regulations. We shall see.

Hope this helps.

So it goes.

silver foil hat Urban Roman
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:18pm

either that ...or,

a s m a l l R C c a r w i t h a s u i t a b l e a p p l i c a t i o n o f C 4.

J u s t a h y p o t h e s i s b a s e d o n r a m p a n t s p e c u l a t i o n, o f c o u r s e.

N o t t o b e c o n f u s e d w i t h r e a l i t y . . . . . .

D i s c l a i m e r : N o t h i n g i n t h i s p o s t s h a l l b e c o n s t r u e d a s t h e a u t h o r o r i t s r e a d e r s o f

h a v i n g t h e m e a n s o r i n t e n t t o c a r r y o u t, e n g a g e i n, o r o t h e r w i s e b e a p a r t y t o a n y

i m p l i e d o r i n f e r r e d m e a n i n g. T h e a u t h o r o r t h e r e a d e r s o f t h i s p o s t m a y i n f a c t b e

c r e a t i n g a s c e n e f o r a f i c t i o n a l m o t i o n p i c t u r e, f o r e x a m p l e, a n d a n y

m i s u n d e r s t a n d i n g o t h e r w i s e b y a n y r e a d e r i s s o l e l y t h e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y t h e r e o f.

Righting Moment
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:33pm

@ Mr. Fix: The needs of the many...

"... logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

I saw your post on 4 July to Xty. I'm pretty new here and of the many people who post here, I look forward to reading your posts. I often find myself in the situation you seemed to be in on that day. Know that you have often provided for the 'needs of the many' here, myself among them. I admire your clear thinking and logical approach to the topics at hand.

I have been reminded on more than one occasion by my wife that I need to be more connected with the family and I work towards that goal although I admit it is not a natural thing for me. So with that frame of mind I read your post and could identify with what you seemed to be saying. For what it is worth, know that you have indeed addressed the needs of the many here.

Righting Moment

Urban Roman
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:44pm

... this other thing also just in ...

Haven't finished watching it yet:

Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings

(The Corbett Report)

-- Apologies if I'm just reposting something that has already been posted.

Jul 6, 2013 - 9:47pm

Post Time

The COT strongly indicates a summer rally is just ahead. Hold on, the call is LIFT OFF of the silver rocket ship to the moon.

Post Time: and their they go, mad5Hatter calling the race.

July 1 19.65 July 2 19.38 July 3 19.72 July 5 18.90

Coming out of the Gate, Sham has an early lead by a head, Farce is in 2nd by a 1/2 length, Clown and Comedian running 3rd and 4th by a full length, next is Coupon and BankNote in 5th and 6th by a 1/4 length, with Gold and Silver trailing the pack.

Video unavailable
"SECRETARIAT" Greatest Race Horse of All Time - Kentucky Derby Preakness Belmont Stakes 1973 Video
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:51pm


WOW, they actually came up with a reverse catch-22, a sane man can only be found sane if he says he's sane, but, any man saying he's sane must, therefore be insane to think that.

Jul 6, 2013 - 9:55pm

As for the Snowden affair....

As for the Snowden affair, “methinks the lady doth protest too much”. The “lady” being a Marxist in the oval office when he is not on vacation or playing golf. One thing is clear, the federal government has a long and well documented record of lying its arse off. As for el presidente for life, DaDa, as Dirty Harry once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” I’m not sure that DaDa has a clue as to what the trigger point for an open insurrection would be. Nobody does. The big question is, “Will Obozo be arrogant and stupid enough to find out the hard way.” It could be that Obozo might go down in history as the worst enemy the USA has ever had while at the same time, as being the best friend gold ever had. Once you are willing to admit that gold functions as an insurance policy, it follows that we are all betting against the “house” and the “house” is our federal government.

Jul 6, 2013 - 10:09pm

@ silver foil hat

I sincerely hope that you are not about to find out what it's like to piss on a spark plug, my friend.

Jul 6, 2013 - 10:15pm
Gold Dog
Jul 6, 2013 - 10:17pm

On Doctors

I have found through personal experience that 99% plus of the doctors that I have been in the clutches of are honest, smart and hard working. They want what is best for their patient, me.

There are some that I have encountered that are obviously in the wrong profession. It makes me wonder if they were pressured into becoming a Doctor by overbearing parents or some such ill event.

We live in such litigious times that I worry for these care givers

SUDDENLY I am summoned to the bar where I have been informed by not only the Hulk Line but a couple of pals who grabbed the phone to confirm it, that The Budweiser Girls are there handing out free brew......I will continue this tomorrow.

Thirsty Dog


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4/23 10:00 ET New Home Sales
4/25 8:30 ET Durable Goods
4/26 8:30 ET Q1 GDP first guess

Key Economic Events Week of 4/15

4/16 9:15 ET Cap Util and Ind Prod
4/17 8:30 ET Trade Deficit (Feb)
4/17 10:00 ET Wholesale Inventories
4/18 8:30 ET Retail Sales (March)
4/18 8:30 ET Philly Fed
4/18 10:00 ET Business Inventories (Feb)
4/19 8:30 ET Housing Starts and Building Permits

Key Economic Events Week of 4/1

4/1 8:30 ET Retail Sales (Feb)
4/1 9:45 ET Markit & ISM Manu PMIs
4/1 10:00 ET Construction Spending (Feb)
4/1 10:00 ET Business Inventories (Jan)
4/2 8:30 ET Durable Goods (Feb)
4/3 9:45 ET Markit & ISM Services PMIs
4/5 8:30 ET BLSBS