Why You Own Metal

Isn't this why you bought metal in the first place?

Just the hint that The Bernank would like to begin to withdraw QE∞ and look what happens! This is exactly why nearly every internet "guru", from Santa to yours truly and everyone in between, has consistently stated that Quantitative Easing, once begun, cannot end. Metal prices may be down today but, in the grand scheme of things, today's price is of zero long-term consequence.

If you're fretting or need to vent, this is your thread to do it. I, for one, am headed out to the golf course as LT#2 is treating  me to a round of golf for Father's Day. I do so in the comfort of knowing that, because of my ownership of physical precious metal, I am prepared for any eventuality. 



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free silver by lunchtime

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Turds Up Early!

I think I smell a buying opportunity! Oh - and Second!

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Fretting or need to vent?  I am tickled to get the cheap phyzz.  Enjoy the golf!  I am off to the last day of kindergarten.  Cue Bollocks.....

Edit:  I now find myself feeling like I did after the April criminal smashdown.  Hoping and praying all the phyzz I have ordered in the last week arrives safely before the world blows up.

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nope Furd, and yup free silver by lunch, but the delivery charge will be $25/oz wink

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Down we go...

This is starting to be a test of nerve.

Now where can I buy 5 ounces of silver for less than $100?

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Why you own metal

always have, always will, which makes it almost better than sex

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Top ten

As insurance for the coming hyperinflation / tough times ahead.

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The truck

When you listen very well, the truck backing up isn't doing beep -beep-beep but cheap- cheap -cheap.

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Back to fantasy land reality that we inhabit....
I'm a go buy some more @ cheap prices. Anyone who is not ultra-bullish here, please, sell to me!!!
In all seriousness, I want to see sub 1275-1250 range gold, then will be buying.... I assume Monday I'm going shopping (unless we all get pooched over this weekend).

Don't stress guys and gals, just don't stress.... Take care :) heartheartheart

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Boy a lot of people lost

Boy a lot of people lost their shirt, wonder what happened to  that lady  and her husband who we're going to sell?

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Only 11 !

I own metal because I'm to slow to trade it.

It's a good day to stack.smiley

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edelson's correct

the QE trade for gold is over.

next leg up is more serious.

flashback to sept 1, 1976.............we are almost there.


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QE is causing collateral

QE is causing collateral problems and squeezing liquidity by removing collateral from market. It can  not continue.

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Like I said yesterday ...


Busy day planned but I need to figure out how I will fit in a trip to my LCS.  Unfortunately, unless some panic stricken sellers show up, I don't expect I'll have much to pick from.  Played this game back when silver fell quickly from about $14 down to around $9.  Went shopping ... just found scraps ... priced at $14.  Hmmmmm?

Keep your eye on the cup, Mr. Mayor.  And I mean that on many levels.

wax off

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Fairways & Greens ...

... eom

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Giant sucking sound

That is the sound we few detect in this desperately managed market, as we have the ears to hear and eyes to see what this action means for physical availability when the obnoxious carnival music stops. Very few or no chairs left before some or a few TBTF's are offered up as collateral damage. I suspect the plans have been in place for a while now. Citi? HSBC? The shadow knows.

It will be a "shocking surprise" to MSM, who will all chime in to say... who could have seen it? And the job numbers and economy and real estate seemed to be on the rebound. Stay tuned and we'll sort it all out for you. No doubt there are a few rouge traders to blame for all this. In other news, JPM is leading the financials up, Syria is heating up and Paris Hilton is back in the news... on the beach!

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We had a feeling

That this was coming.

Bring it on.
Lack of dry powder sucks.
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The bottom falls out of PM's,

The bottom falls out of PM's, and Turd goes off to play golf.

That's what I call class. After all, sitting at the keyboard pulling your hair out won't change things.

I went all in three days ago and I've no hair left now, so I think I'll go and dust the clubs off too.

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These days are a test to our convictions. A hard one, no doubt.

But they have to run out of napalm. Right?

And then what?


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you are so right. the MSM is either complicite , complacent or conspirators because you just can't be that stupid and live past 10 years old

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Isn't it wonderful watching the value of your investment completely tank? The phoney optimism around here sometimes really is a bit much.

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All right people, fess up

OK, admit it. This whole web site is a scam isn't it? Who am I to think I'm smarter the Bernanke and Dimon. Turd is really Blythe in disguise.  Yes, the deeper voice threw me for awhile, but I suspect a voice changing program is being employed. All y'all are employed by these master criminals to keep my hopes up, to buy more silver so they can sell more silver. No one here has really thought things through and decided precious metals are important, have you?  Everyone here is on a script, rah rah, woot woot! Meanwhile, you're laughing behind my back, raising your glasses to flamboozling this midwest hick into thinking I'm on the right track. You're just waiting to see when I throw in the towel and dump my holdings, my miners, and self-respect so you know when it's time to reverse course and load up, aren't you? I truly must be ignorant, 'cause that ain't gonna happen. You can wish all you want, but I'll hold until silver is worth less than the dirt that'll bury me. But I must say, you guys are good, real good, you almost had me.

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After the boating accident,

I need to don the mask and flippers and snorkel to visit my stack. It's still there, being well guarded by the octopus: 

If this keeps up, imma have to burn some more dry powder. If I thought silver was a bargain at $30, how can it not be one at $19? 

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because after destroying the gold cartel, the metals will scream to the up side in a huge transfer of wealth. :o This is accumulation time.

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The same place where

you might be able to buy 6 oz from,  for $100 next week. And the same place you could have bought 2 oz from, for $100 two years ago.

I don't know what buyers will step in at this point (or any point) to buy enough to make the chart thingy point upwards. Sprott, Paulson, et al couldn't push it back up.

Edelson said the QE trade is over?  It was over the day it QE3 started.

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Why I bought metals

I believe a shitstorm is coming. My GOLD and SILVER still weighs the same as it did last year. Well it's 20kgs heavier . My GOLD and SILVER stocks are worth 80% less though.  Will be buying more metal at these prices.  When you think about it if only a few percent of holders of paper metal realize that they better convert it to the phyz then of course you will have a massive downturn in the paper price, The question is will this latest downturn generate the phyz buying I expect it to?

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I think tomorrow will be ugly

the stock market will throw a temper tantrum, and on Sunday night some sort of emergency liquidity program by the Fed/BOJ/ECB will be announced.

It could be the following week or the one after, but don't be short Au over a weekend, IMO.

Interesting that the Bernank pulled the rug out from under the markets during OPTION EXPIRATION and triple-witching week.

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we are winning !

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Thank you for chiming in.  Your investment is only tanking if you use ponzi coupons as a measuring stick.  Judging by your comments from the last 1 year and 33 weeks, in which you have had the same attitude that you put on display today, I am guessing you simply don't like silver as an "investment."  So it begs the question as to why you comment here.  If you are totally negative on metals, and have been for over a year, why come blog with a bunch of people who think differently?

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