Not So Happy Tuesday

Tue, Jun 4, 2013 - 1:57pm

Lots going on today and I'm off to a late start so let's dive right in.

First, let's talk about the price action today. After the surprising rally yesterday, I asked you to watch the Asia and London trade for clues to the Comex action today. What did we see? After a flat Asian session, the London Monkeys did their usual thing from about 2:00 am EDT on. The London Monkeys have now acted on 14 of the past 17 days. Check this chart from Ranting Andy:

The result was a giveback of more than half of yesterday's gains.

Why did we see this? Hard to say for sure but, with volume light ahead of the BLSBS later this week, I suspect that a lot of this was some Bullion Bank selling that was aimed at lessening some longs ahead of the CoT survey. No doubt the action since last Tuesday is a continuation of the trend of last week's report. Therefore, the banks tried today to lighten a few of the longs they had built up over the course of the week. This also serves the dual purpose of defending the 20-day MA and restoring some confidence to some of the shaky spec shorts. At any rate...we're down a modest $13 as I type. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Speaking of the CoT, there has been some excellent analysis written in the past few days so I thought I would highlight some here. Again, the positioning of the Commericals vs The Specs has gotten so extreme that it has reached historic levels. Ultimately, how you interpret this depends upon just whom you think is really in charge. Is it The Specs or do The Cartel Banks lead The Specs by the nose into whichever position they would like? Let's start with longtime CoT-watcher Gene Arensberg:

Next, read this link over at KWN:$1,000_Spike.html. While we might disagree that this chart alone shows that "gold is set for a massive $1000 spike", the interview is helpful and in contains this excellent chart. (Click on it to enlarge.)

Reading that article inspired the Turdite "WildStyleChef" to create the chart below. This shows graphically how Commercial positioning is inversely correlated to price. (Again, click to enlarge.)

OK, moving on. I found this to be interesting. Recall that when the Dutch bullion bank, ABN AMRO, announced their plan to settle in cash a few months back, many of us called it a default. This article published Friday follows along with that theme. I don't know anything about the author but that's OK. He probably doesn't know anything about me, either.

Still lots of talk out there about Fed QE "tapering". Again, I think is all silly and it may be a non-topic as soon as Friday at 8:31 am. Regardless, as mentioned last week, even if The Bernank was to announce some type of "taper", it would likely come from the $40B/month MBS-purchase side of the QE∞ equation. The Fed could still monetize $45B/month in treasuries directly while cutting the Primary Dealer kickback life support handout welfare bullshit MBS purchases to $20B/month. This would still be $65B/month in QE and silence all the hawks. Not saying that it will happen, just saying that even if it did, it's no big deal! $65B/month is still nearly $800B/year in fresh greenback, created from whole cloth for the purpose of sustaining The Great Ponzi. Read more at ZH: And here's how it looks graphically:

Finally, I don't know if you've noticed but lately there sure have been a lot of big mines that have been taken off-line.

So, now, what to make of all this? Well, if you believe that everything is hunky-dory and that there are no supply issues in gold, then this is no big deal. After all, even though The Grasberg mine is the largest in the world, it still only produces about 30 metric tonnes per year or a little over 1% of all global mine production.

If, on the other hand, you think that the Bullion Banks are living hand-to-mouth and frantically trying to keep their Fractional Reserve Bullion Banking system alive, then it is a big deal. A very big deal.

That's a lot of gold...a lot of currently anticipated and expected supply that isn't coming. How much of this production was already sold forward into the market? And if it was already sold forward, what happens when it fails to materialize on schedule? Hmmmm. Could that lead to those contracts being covered? Could it lead to some new long purchasing as a hedge against supply delays, not only from the suppliers but from the end-users, as well? And with the current CoT structure in gold being akin to an overgrown and dried out California ravine just waiting for a spark...

Let's just leave it there for today. I hope that the rest of your Tuesday goes well and I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Again, if I'm right about the cause of today's drop being Cartel CoT-positioning, then we should see a bit of a bounceback on the Globex and overnight.


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Cry Me A River
Jun 5, 2013 - 5:09pm


Thanks---I just felt that a troll/idiot can not be ignored if the ignorer can still see anything they post. Using the definition:

Definition of IGNORE

1: to refuse to take notice of 2: to reject (a bill of indictment) as ungrounded Examples of IGNORE
  1. She tried to ignore him but he wouldn't leave her alone.
  2. I'll ignore that last remark.
  3. If we continue to ignore these problems they will only get worse.
  4. They ignored the warning signs.

Origin of IGNORE

obsolete ignore to be ignorant of<---The only way to be ignorant of a troll/idiot is to be completely unaware of anything they say. However, this level of ignore should be the choice of the ignorer--"to be able to choose the level of ignorance".

The onus would then be on the member to choose "level 2 ignore" if further complaints were to be received by the owner of the blog. Turd could simply direct the member to put the moron on level 2 ignore. Beyond that, it's the member's fault if the bantering continues.

Jun 5, 2013 - 4:46pm


"Xty .... I flattered you"

You did WHAT ?!@?!!


Jun 5, 2013 - 4:34pm


I like your idea better

Complete scrubbing is a good idea if possible.

Ultimately, there is no easy answer and it's the owners burden and at their'd their site and will reflect their outlooks or tolerances in some small or large way.

It's like that on all sites with public comments.

I can see and respect the dilemna. If you give an inch, some will take or demand a foot. Everyone has a different measuring device....including the ruler...of the site.

Jun 5, 2013 - 3:41pm


you, as I always appreciate English Teachers, and Free Speech censors, corrected a couple of those SPEECH into SPEACH, because of your very helpful hint to look closer. Thanks Much. You are now excused from teaching duties, and may go back to moping and groaning about the metal prices and meritorious back slapping. Ouch, eh?

Arthur Brown - Fire

Had it right the first time, that's a foul, you cant even spell, for pete sake, and I fell for it. LMAO But only one, so, I can claim TYPO, and skate 30 days in the pokie.

Dont worry Bugs, the clinic chicks, have no clue, trust me, just tell her she was fashionable early. LOL

So for your education, the free speech dumb was to give Hunter a release from any printing or display with Hunter having a very wide following, I think, as a VC funding exploitation, meaning that there was an objective behind the dump. You know, objectives, real world active stuff, getting stuff done, that kind of thing. :0

Jun 5, 2013 - 3:33pm


Your comment is awaiting moderation.

June 5, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Audacious MOPE, since that is the topic of day, one thing should be clearly understood, there is no real interest by this author to sit idly by and wait for the bullion banks to be over run, as the country’s ruination is at stake, here and now, and those stakes are just way to high, to just wait it out, at least for one, and can not in good conscience just wait. Action is required by those able. I am able. We must all rally to our standard of our cause, through activity, to save the country. The attack plan has been more or less completed, with 1000s hour spent, if not 13 years of eye balling, uselessly, as a first very rough draft is completed, and now turning to funding the same. My friends, you should know who is the target by now. The plan is believed immanently viable and is being reviewed by one of our own, 6m$ in 6mo from lift off, and the target will go down fast and hard, as victory and freedom is won for all, so help me GOD. Sing along my friends, sing along, its the least you can do for freedom. change “northern” to “Wall Street”; “Southern” to “Freedom” change “confederacy” to “Conflicted Nation”; and sing along my friends.

The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals
Jun 5, 2013 - 3:27pm
Jun 5, 2013 - 3:18pm


Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters

Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 3:41:06 AM

Here is stated a new mission in life, to end TBTF TBTJ by the Greedsters in the USA by a five cross dimensional "Strange Cat", five in one, as a 5 hatter, and you can have fun, just talking to yourselves. Please Enjoy. Hatter

These TBTF TBTJ shenanigans stop now, hatter is getting off the bench after a four year hiatus. Deadly Serious.

The Secret World of Gold (Full Documentary)

IMPORTANT: And just so you fat cats all later cant say you had no clue here is the KISS and its all time stamped, so heads up.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Marketing KISS of The Secret World of Gold

TF metals turdites are getting suspicious, as a good indicator that the target has no clue, a good thing, mean while, using Astro Empires Forum Trash Talk for indirect communications.

Plan worked out pretty good with defined HQ facilities, command and control, support facilities, communication lines, logistics, front line forces, auxiliary forces, attack plan, looks really good, and needs now funding (supply lines to financier) now with VC hunt system on line and working, and then on to execution, 6m$ and 6mo, and torpedoes away for the greatest take down of all time turning 6m$ VC into 18m$ 2x, in less than a year, probably in 6mo, taking down JPManipulator in the bullion space.

This is real, good to go. Jesus said live poor, need 6m$ for 6mo & you get 18m$ back. Any Help?

Bullion Space: T Ferguson 2ed Target Package Posted segmented TF direct by email; J Embry 2ed Target Package through Dark Mole; Sinclair Teaser; Livermore Teaser; Rickards Teaser; Kirby Teaser; Russell Teaser; Pento Teaser, Doctor Teaser; Murphy Teaser; Powell Teaser; Turk Teaser; Greyerz Teaser; Hathaway Teaser; Eveillard Teaser; Leeb Teaser; Sprott Teaser; Rule Teaser; Faber Teaser; Grandich Teaser, Gross Clue, ElErian Clue; MHommell Clue; Butler Clue; Norcini Clue; DrWillie Clue; Fekete Clue; Jaitly Clue; Dines Clue; Adnani Clue, Economical and Political Space: Justice Clue; Guild Clue; Ron Paul Congressman Teaser; Paul Criag Roberts Teaser; D Issa Congressman Teaser; J Campbell Congressman Teaser, Brennan Clue; GATA clue; GOP Teaser; PastorLindsey Teaser; Schiff Teaser; Neveller; Warren Clue; Ryan Clue; Rogers Teaser; Grave Teaser, JWilliams: GWilliams; Whalen Clue; F--S--B Clue; Ismail Clue, and, News Space: Hunter Teaser; King Teaser; Santelli Clue; Keiser Teaser; Celente Teaser; Durban Teaser; Barnes Teaser; Waltzek Teaser; Grant Teaser; OReilly Teaser; Daughty Teaser; Bonner Teaser; Kristol Teaser, Krauthammer Teaser; Zerohedge Clue; Rekoning Clue, GoldsilvBull Clue; Buchanan Clue; McLaughlin Clue.

===========Teaser========================== Sir, I can take down JPManipulator, and end this nonsense.
Please carefully consider the following 3 cites as you wish.
The country needs saving, and we all must do our duties.
Most Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD =========== Teaser plus following Equals Clue by Code Names ========== Nutshell for nuts. MOPE peeps, judge, US Government, and agencies, turning all on the manipulator, the wall street mob boss. Andy Dandy shows prima facie price targeting and manipulation. Star shows COT data fingering the Manipulator. Hyena show likely internal In house and Clients funds, for prima faci inference sufficient, but also for the setup, to get them to divulge nefarious internal business operation. Hence, direct proximal causation shown during the shoot out of all times. Irreparable injury to bugs, for injunctive relief. Injunctive relief in terms of staggered pools, time displaced sells, staggered FIFO, avoiding gross sell amounts and positions prohibitions, without any wiggle room for any dodge. Shut them down, easy and quick, hard and fast. Of course, back up sluggers and auxiliary appearances can replace or support, and then, pass case off to US Justice after shut down, to put snake and medusa behind bars, need 6m$ VC for 6mo.

Rock N' Roll All Night ( Good Quality ) - Kiss The Spinners Working My Way Back To You Girl ======================================================== Great posts are indeed great, and much appreciated by nearly all, nearly, but dont you think in the scheme of big things, of which everyone really complains, and that concerns most, they dont really solve much, excepting providing some comradery and supporting mutual comfort and mutual back slapping, that misery loves company? Just asking.

Price manipulation produces a lack of price discovery. A lack of price discover is irreparable harm and causes some civil tort monetary damage, to any one who holds an AGE or ASE, or who holds any amount of precious bullion specie, or in the precious metals trade who transacts any buys, sells, serves the public, publication, retail, wholesale, and is undue influence upon the US government agency, the US mint, and when acting with another, is not only an actionable civil tort and RICO claim, but specifically, a RICO crime against the US Government agency US Mint offering jail time to the offenders of such price manipulation. Just saying.

Speaking Plainly: I am offering to take down the manipulator within 6mo and need 6m$ in funding to do so, to enjoin and terminate their habitual price manipulations, and hand US Justice a criminal case on a silver platter, and if anyone would like to PM with a name(s) by email address of anyone interested in funding such with a multiple return, it would be much appreciated, as I tend to seek solutions, rather than back slaps. Just asking.

Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters, its good to go, could take them down in heartbeat.

If you want to take down the evil empire, and end this TBTF TBTJ greedster bankster nonsense,
so that all the folks wins, four primary questions need to be answered first, and they are:
1) Who to Strike; 2) Where to Strike; 3) How to Strike; and
4) What skills are needed for the Strike, for the winning slam dunk.

Rookie Kobe Bryant Slam Dunk Contest Highlights

Table of Aspects (About 600 pages)

Aspect 0.0 Prolog, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths
Aspect 0.1 REID is Expert in Five Fields
Aspect 0.2 REIDs Neural Net and Computing Power
Aspect 0.3 REID as Commanding General
Aspect 0.4 REID the Grandiose Alpha Werewolf
Aspect 0.5 REID is Ready for the Take Down.
Aspect 0.6 REIDs Resume
Aspect 0.7 REID is Ready for Case
Aspect 0.8 The Shark School Hired Guns
Aspect 0.9 REIDs Call to Arms
Aspect 0.10 FED US Target Criminal Conspiracy
Aspect 0.11 FED US Target Strategy
Aspect 1.0 The Plaintiff Team
Aspect 1.1 Plaintiff and Cast of Characters
Aspect 1.2 A Star is Born, the Plaintiff.
Aspect 1.3 Plaintiff Experts Torpedoes
Aspect 1.4 Plaintiff Attorneys Hired Guns
Aspect 1.5 Defendants Attorneys Specifically
Aspect 1.6 Defendants Attorney Generally
Aspect 1.7 The Magnificent Seven
Aspect 1.8 REIDs Cross Dimensional Hats
Aspect 1.9 Local Counsel
Aspect 1.10 Grant Deed as Backup Slugger to Hyena
Aspect 1.11 List and Acronyms used in Files Papers
Aspect 1.12 HQ Advanced Prearations upon Funding
Aspect 1.13 Retirement Comeout and Bar Reinstatement
Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes and Actions
Aspect 2.1 Prayer for Injunctive Relief
Aspect 2.2 Defendant Manipulations since GS bailed racket in 09
Aspect 2.4 Fungible Combined In House and Client Money
Aspect 2.5 The Eight Ball Plaintiff Team
Aspect 2.6 REID and the Shark World
Aspect 2.7 Gangland Torpedoes at TFMR
Aspect 2.8 Andy Dany Hypothesis and Discovery
Aspect 2.9 Sugar Canes Hypotheses Market Action
Aspect 2.10 Judicial Notice of Facts
Aspect 2.11 Naked Short Sales Prohibitions
Aspect 2.12 No Sherman Act or Position Limits Claim
Aspect 2.13 Military Scrimmaging of Defendants
Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget of 6m$ for one year
Aspect 3.1 Practical Business Operations
Aspect 3.2 Mr.B to Pony Up Funds in Advance
Aspect 3.3 Suit Lift off and Initial Salvo
Aspect 3.4 REIDs Skin in the Game
Aspect 3.5 Attorney Attire Court Dress Code
Aspect 3.6 California Dispersement Attorney
Aspect 3.7 Marketing of Plan and Acquiring VC
Aspect 3.8 Problems Raising Venture Capital
Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Initial Salvo
Aspect 4.1 Simple Rocket Science and Graphics
Aspect 4.2 Filing and Injunction Moving Papers
Aspect 4.3 Cut and Paste Attorney Efficiencies
Aspect 4.4 Budget for One Year of Litigation
Aspect 4.6 FIFO, Pools, Walls, Staggering, and Thresholds
Aspect 4.7 Broadcasting Exclusivity Licensing
Aspect 4.8 Tea Partiers Invited to The Shoot Out
Aspect 4.9 MOPE the Supporter and Nation Campaign
Aspect 4.10 Misdirection Surprise and Confusion
Aspect 4.11 Headquarters Facilities
Aspect 4.12 Preliminary Funding Solicitations
Aspect 4.13 MOPE Fight Song and Campaign Flag
Aspect 4.14 Mind Screw of The District Judge
Aspect 4.15 Attorney and Expert Assignments
Aspect 4.16 Discovery Initiated at Salvo
Aspect 4.17 Secrecy Before Initial Salvo
Aspect 4.18 Permits and Advertizing MOPE
Aspect 4.19 Lecture to Group of Funders
Aspect 4.20 Pod Cast for national MOPE
Aspect 4.21 KISS Marketing at Totalitarian Democracy
Aspect 5.0 Burden of Proof at Initial Salvo
Aspect 5.1 Shoot Out at the OK corral
Aspect 5.2 Defendants Nefarious Conduct
Aspect 5.3 Defendants Blown Down
Aspect 5.4 Drift Enabling Bullion Eastern Sells
Aspect 5.5 Gold Experts Do Not Cross Dimension
Aspect 5.6 Price Rigs Front Runs Shorts Buys Drift Sells
Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Injunction Relief
Aspect 6.1 Misdirecting the Enemy and Totally Confused
Aspect 6.2 Junction Shall Have No Wiggle Room
Aspect 7.0 Discovery Before Trial and Trial
Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages
Aspect 8.1 Defendants Turn Coats Traitors
Aspect 9.0 General Conclusion and Summary
Aspect 9.1 Offers to Settle and Misdirections
Aspect 9.2 Moral Releases and Justice Jail Time
Appendix Personal Posts of Bullion Market (Attached)
The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969
The 5th Dimension - Up, Up and Away

Question remains, can the gold heavies play Raider Football?

Just win baby

Simply stated, if funded for 6M$, with 18m$ back to the funder, yours can QB a team,

and shut down the manipulator in the bullion space, within 4 months of funding,

and settle within 6 months, the consequences result in the paper dominoes falling one by one,

where the people are freed in freedom for the huge mega win of all time.

Perry Mason Opening Theme/Intro #2



REID would qualify as an expert in five areas in one head:

A) American Politics; B) High Tech Patent Law;
C) Engineering Arts; D) Bullion Markets; and E) Military Science

Werewolves Of London

As such, REID has a very complex natural linguistic complex, and most times speaks colorfully, yet is controlled befitting the station, for exemplar, "slang? That is a riot, dude, you have already partied with a 3rd order strange cat, with a diaper head under 5 hats in cross dimensional 3 sigma space, speaking in 5 tongues using modern slang and historical sayings, for the silly show to the 7th power lingo.? So confidentiality and English, we talking a 9th power show" The reference to 3 sigma refers to a statistical anomaly psychology being self described as grandiose alpha werewolf in light speed, deemed suitable for the case. The term "strange cat" came from B. Murphy of GATA. REID retired in 3/09 and has been house husband raising 2 boys, while continuing political writing, bullion analysis, and emulated military war games remaining very active, but goes all out, 24/7 with intensity, gayety and spirituality, and is ready for a new assignment worthy and during the case proposed, REID would work 24/7 with 4 hours down and 20 up each day, and would not stop until the fish is in the boat, and plaintiff is fully settled, enjoying music between 1960 up to 1990, through youtube, and bridge card game on line play.

This appendix demonstrates Reid's intensity, gayety, spirituality, bullion expertise, love of old music, bridge card play, and complex linguistics.

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose


Dear Lord, all praise be yours, and in your infinite mercy, show us all the light and strength to smite the foe, for all glory is yours, and forgive us all our sins, in Jesus name, Amen.

Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Audacious MOPE, since that is the topic of day, one thing should be clearly understood, there is no real interest by this author to sit idly by and wait for the bullion banks to be over run, as the country's ruination is at stake, here and now, and those stakes are just way to high, to just wait it out, at least for one, and can not in good conscience just wait. Action is required by those able. I am able. We must all rally to our standard of our cause, through activity, to save the country. The attack plan has been more or less completed, with 1000s hour spent, if not 13 years of eye balling, uselessly, as a first very rough draft is completed, and now turning to funding the same. My friends, you should know who is the target by now. The plan is believed immanently viable and is being reviewed by one of our own, 6m$ in 6mo from lift off, and the target will go down fast and hard, as victory and freedom is won for all, so help me GOD. Sing along my friends, sing along, its the least you can do for freedom. Change "Northern" to "Wall Street"; "Southern" to "Freedom" change "Confederacy" to "Conflicted Nation"; and sing along my friends.

The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals GODS AND GENERALS~Jackson's Speech

Braveheart In Defiance Of The English Tyranny! BRAVO

Turdville going global, main engines firing armed.
Get your space helmets on, like right now.
TFMR, a big yellar will do in a pinch.
Lemetropolecafe Get your Le Menu Out
its chow time, with poles to butt hurt.

NASA video: Space shuttle Endeavour final launch
Christie - "Yellow River" (1970)
Steelers Renegade AFC Championship game 2011

Iron Man-Black Sabbath-Lyrics Included

Arthur Brown - Fire
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

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Jun 5, 2013 - 3:17pm


Derrick Michael Reid says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

June 5, 2013 at 8:06 am

On a not so happy Tuesday, I just tickled red, to see China so accommodating last night to get the price lower, to help out the manipulator, who manage to push silver to three bottoms, on the crimex, suspected use of client money, for the push down, yeah screw the clients, and at those bottoms, suspected using in house money to buy it low, since they knew where it was going anyway, and as china drifts back up, during globex, while the manipulator traitorously unloads the booty bought for dump into china arms, and thus china gets the physical and the manipulator scores on the in house bottom line, while hanging clients out the dry, and echos of “sorry man”, “tuff luck” is heard over the background CDMA signals, but physical is required to play that game, china only wants the real stuff, none of that paper stuff, but, how long will it last, so, how much physical remains in GLD and the Crimex anyway. Just asking. Got into Lemet, so can fish out those two memos, of days gone by, in LePatran and Rants threads, as mental refreshers.

Not so happy wednesday, maybe. Smelling a traitorous rat bastard greedster and an open arms puppeteer, conspiring, china is decreasing, again.

Greedsters: TBTF TBTJ Bullion Banks Flushing Traders, and Crimex Riggers Traitorously Selling.

Puppeteers: GoldmanSucks and TinananmenSquares

There are rat bastards in the cellar, taking us a round and round.

Video unavailable
Jun 5, 2013 - 3:13pm

I think --

I had just enough with this freedom of speach. Have a good time.

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