GoldDog's Riff-Raffle

The generosity of TurdNation continues to amaze. And so it is with great pride AND humility that I am pleased to announce "GoldDog's Riff-Raffle".

You may recall that a few weeks back we had a charity auction. I had autographed a genuine and authentic Turd Hat and shipped it off to Turdite "Irene" who had it autographed by Jim Sinclair at his New York CIGA meeting. The winning bid for the hat was something like $1700 by "Gold Dog". Then, the amazing thing happened.

Gold Dog wrote the $1700 check to Food For The Poor but he didn't take delivery of the hat! Instead, he contacted me and offered the hat back to TurdNation. He wanted to organize a raffle for the hat with the intention of raising funds for the site to help me with the technical bills from the outages/hackings back in March and early April. Since these bills were, shall we say...significant...I was overwhelmed by his generosity.

Yesterday, I found out that he had taken it one step further. He had contacted several, prominent site members and supporters and solicited their help, as well. Suddenly, this isn't a raffle just for the TF/Santa Hat, it's a raffle of all sorts of cool stuff. So here's what you do:

  1. A "ticket" costs $20. GoldDog also encourages those who really want to win something to buy 3 tickets for $50 or 14 tickets for the bargain price of $200.
  2. This is not tax-deductible for you and, like all donations to the site, this is all taxable income for me and my "business".
  3. I will use the proceeds to pay the bills from the outages and use any leftover funds to pay for upgrades to improve the sites efficiency and user-friendliness.
  4. Because the raffle is only open from now until 6:00 p.m.EDT (New York time) on FRIDAY.
  5. I will conduct the raffle by drawing a ticket out of one bucket and matching it with a prize drawn from a second bucket. I won't be able to do this "live" but I will record it and post it ASAP Wednesday evening.
  6. Again, tickets are $20 each, 3 for $50 or 14 for $200. (GD's rules, not mine.)

Here is your prize list:

All totaled, that's 41 prizes of nearly indescribable value!! To review photos for authenticity, please see GoldDog's original post announcing the Riff-Raffle here:

Again, words cannot describe the debt of gratitude I feel to GoldDog and everyone associated with organizing this fundraising effort. Please consider playing along and I wish everyone the best of luck!



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Is it 1???


p.s. - I would like to know why they choose the hour for a moon flight! 

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top ten!!

Lucky is as lucky does.  my second second :).

Island Guy's picture


Can it be?

Edit:  Too good to be true.  Still, on a day like today, with this much interest in PM, thurd is better than I could have hoped.

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Now I'm definitely signing up!

Wasn't really interested in all that gold and silver shit, but things have now changed TOTALLY.

And a FUBM at the same time.

AND Turd ate his hat.

What an EXCELLENT day it's turned out to be smiley.

edit: oh and FOURTH! My first top 5 in ages. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

another edit: TURD - you forgot the nutcracker in your list. Bwaaaa.

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What's With the PMs?

Does anyone know why the sudden surge in PM prices?  Not that I'm complaining, but a major benefit of this site is the educational value.  So I would like to know what is responsible for our collective good fortune.

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My stomach is fine.

And maybe Turd needs to eat that hat more often! With sauce.

Up, up and away!


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Glad you are on board...The partly eaten hat will be an historical artifact for centuries!

Here is one you may have missed. The C-bomb of this morning reminded me I yanked it off the bookshelf in my orifice on Saturday.


And as I pointed out at the end of the last thread....

"I leave you guys alone for an hour to work out and buy 2 million ounces of gold and I come back to an entirely different mind set!"

Better buy your chances now! Like paper silver there are only infinity available!

Your friend,

Sweaty Dog

EDIT- There will also be two upside down Official Turd Charting Rulers. (Turd, I would get after the ruler guy for making these upside down! WTF?)


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Eddie, eh, as in eddie currents, like a show boating ho, will do anything for a top 10 turder, even if a gold temp thread. Best of luck to all you buyers. The Gold Dog is best of show.

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Duly noted


Thanks, Dog!!

Response to: Turd
Gold Dog's picture


Want me to ream out the ruler guy for you?



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This just in!

Monedas will write, print, sign and mail you your very own poem!

Not that it will be very complimentary, but hells bells, who doesn't get a little big for his britches from time to time and need a little self imposed slap-down?

A personalized poem from our Comedy Poet Laureate will help in that process.

Thanks Monedas!!



¤'s picture

Ok....just did it! Now it's your turn....hopefully. :-)

Leading by example here and not blowing my horn.

Just went the $200 route in recognition of TF's long time commitment to all of US and some of the probable trials and tribilulation's along the way.

As TF and the community.

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I'm In

Yep ... and it proves my condition as hopelessly addicted to TF.

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Sent in my $200 for 12 raffle tickets

I just sent in my $200 via paypal for 12 of the wild man Gold Dog's raffle tickets in support of Turd and this wonderful site.  I have a small $10 monthly auto draft that goes to the site and am taking this chance to step up ($200 is a stretch for me) and help out. is truly a one of a kind venue which provides a tremendous amount of insight and value to all of us.    Thanks to Gold Dog for stepping up to in such a generous way to support this site.  Many of us would not know what to do if it support the site.  Set up a small monthly recurring your raffle tickets........The knowledge gained here is really priceless.  Thanks to you Turd for all that you do.

Heart's Yours

Remember - If you don't have your stack in YOUR PHYSICAL POSSESSION, it is not yours.

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2 tix

I'm in for two tix.

RedwoodTree's picture


If you promise to eat your hat every day, maybe we'll go up every day...

Inquiring readers want to know.

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This is How We Do it

Gold and Silver up about 2%.. Miners up over 5%.....

Monedas's picture

Gold Dog is the Turd we all strive to be !

Even Turd and Monedas and Karankawa and NonOverlapping and Daveyboy .... America_1st .... missed a few ?  Bigger than life .... hotter than a fresh dog turd .... all hail Gold Dog !       Monedas     1929       Comedy Jihad My Inner Monedas Vs. My Outer Gold Dog World Tour    devil

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Thank you Gold Dog for putting this together. I have just made a donation. I value this site and am embarrassed at how I've procrastinated at contributing. This was just the motivation I needed. And, thank you Turd. You da man.

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Ticket price change


Because I selfishly want to encourage folks to buy more than one ticket. The new terms are:

$20 = 1 ticket

$50 = 3 tickets

$100 = 6 tickets

$200 = 14 tickets

All who have already purchased tickets have been credited accordingly. Moochas Grassyass.

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Just trying to keep you out of trouble.

Numbers 1 and 8 above are conflicting Re;


  1. A "ticket" costs $20. GoldDog also encourages those who really want to win something to buy 3 tickets for $50 or 14 tickets for the bargain price of $200."

Should read 12.

I will be going the $200 route, and be thinking 12.

JackPutter's picture

I've been reading....

this PDF of Anatel Fakete's interview with the Daily Bell.  The concept (actuality?) of real bills is a bit mind bending as all economics are, but what would the digital age of real bills look like?  This would render banks back to the age of vaults.  Where business could be examined and priced on the world-wide stage.

Transparency and verifiable info would be required but just imagine a world without the leachfiend bankers.


¤'s picture


Good to see you back.

(Forest Gump voice)....Life is like a lollipop...sometimes it sucks when it gets stuck in your hair until you get it out and start over with a fresh one.

***Dph's poor impersonation of Forest and Monedas.....non-sensical spot on summer heat tour cool***

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OK Turd- 200 headed your way

OK Turd- 200 headed your way - and I'm counting on that nutcracker- so tell Gold dog to get the fix in -

Doc1800's picture

OK Turd- 200 headed your way

OK Turd- 200 headed your way - and I'm counting on that nutcracker- so tell Gold dog to get the fix in -

agrock's picture

hillary nutcracker

what about tossing in 'corkscrew' bill to have a matching set?

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Did we find a double bottom?

Like I said last week, I think a double bottom in gold was needed to reverse the trend. I am hoping that todays action is a reversal to this 2 year bear market. 

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Upside down ruler's are***

Sweaty Dog;


"EDIT- There will also be two upside down Official Turd Charting Rulers. (Turd, I would get after the ruler guy for making these upside down! WTF?)"

***Ideal for marking up the charts, on monkey raids, with the charts inverted for morale boost, and real non twilight zone silver price action, that some day will become real.

These are very special 'future forecasting' rulers, they are rare and extremely valuable.

How very proud I am, to include myself as a Turdite, amongst all these really fine human beings, here abouts.

Fine folks, Fine Friends.

The most interesting thing, is that it is contagious.


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Nope. $200 gets you 14



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