Silver Below $22

No additional commentary needed.


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It is what it is.

Ok... and Furst!

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Loosing control ......................

This is all going pear shaped,they are loosing control,but more to the point who is in control .............. ?

They don,t like it up em ........... BTFD if you can find any.

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Said I wouldn't do this again some time back.  But - I LIED.

Edit:  Well, I guess since Gramp and Argent beat me to it, I'm still technically not a liar.

Ergo- my honor is intact.


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Nom nom nom nom


Turd, a man of his word.

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Silver Below $22

Don't know what to say.

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Now for the long anticipated viewing of the show.

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Let's go find Mama's egg money and do some buying.  I always try to hoard stuff when it's on sale.

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....I think that hot sauce was gmo....

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That is all.

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Sounds like Turd is squeezing the tasty silver bottom

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Is Frank's the new silver?

Should I go long buffalo sauce now? What is the Turd trying to tell us!?

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that was pretty classic Turd...sorry you had to do that man...but it's only foam/paper, not the real phyzz!

Nice trolololol ref by the way...

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wash it down with a Guiness

because silver's performance today is about the same as Ireland's performance last night in Eurovision.

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Time to call the Silver Ladies

It is time to go shopping for the bright and shiny silver dollars! At least it's better than eating a hat.

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$22 Broken

I'm speechless.

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Turd I love you

And thats in a purely platonic way.... There are very few other blog owners with your integrity. Stay as you are my friend, always.

There are Bulls, there are Bears, and you are a Lion.

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That trololololoo dude passed

That trololololoo dude passed away this time last year. His son told him  his song was getting alot of  attention on the internet and why. He thought it was great!

R.I.P. trolololololo guy

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My tail!? If I had one. Instead I chase the prices lower and lower. Each time it spikes down I have added, but it has gone further faster than I would have guessed.

    Will add again around $18 Ag if we see it.  Had been thinking all along that the big guns would be deployed at a low enough price point, but alas confidence has been swayed and I may be more intent to continue with the slow and steady.

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When it goes above 22 just play it reversed and it won't have happened.

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Prior thread post of Occasnltrvlr - PLEASE READ

(I did not post this, but it hit the last thread just as this new on way opened -  I felt this post of Occasnltrvlr was simple, clean and to the point -  Thanks)

I dislike long posts, so here's the thesis statement: Systemically important financial institutions ARE GOING TO BE dismantled AT THE EXPENSE OF DEPOSITORS.

Old news, right? Wrong. This isn't "maybe". We're being explicitly told. Consider:

Quote from Treasury Secretary Lew, of April 17:

"We are advancing comprehensive regulation of OTC derivatives markets, an orderly liquidation framework, and recovery and resolution plans so that the largest most complex financial institutions can be wound down in an orderly manner without burdening taxpayers."


Quote from Undersecretary Miller, of April 18:

"...[I]t is important to be clear about what people mean when they talk about financial institutions that are too big to fail. ... A common use of the too-big-to-fail shorthand is the notion that the government will bail a company out if it is in danger of collapse because its failure would otherwise have too great a negative impact on the financial system or the broader economy.

With respect to this understanding of too-big-to-fail, let me be very clear: it is wrong. ...[A]s a result of the comprehensive reforms passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama, no financial institution, regardless of its size, will be bailed out by taxpayers again. Shareholders of failed companies will be wiped out; creditors will absorb losses; culpable management will not be retained and may have their compensation clawed back; and any remaining costs associated with liquidating the company must be recovered from disposition of the company’s assets and, if necessary, from assessments on the financial sector, not taxpayers."


If you didn't catch that let me repeat: Creditors will absorb losses.

Most Turdites need not be schooled in the tenuous ground upon which the balance sheets of large financial institutions rest, nor in the legal framework identifying depositors as unsecured creditors, and I won't go into that here (and huge hat-tip to Jim Willie).

But, please, note the verb tenses. It isn't "could" or "would", it's CAN and WILL. These aren't being presented as conditional. THEY ARE TELLING US!!

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Love it!

That was hilarious-  Turd you are a man of your word!  

And I think it should be duly noted that this is twice now, in the last month, that Turd provided timely warning prior to a huge price drop.   The first time, he even included a TTM podcast warning - and that was less than a week before the big gold smash.  Now, he bangs the drum for a potential drop to 1290 in gold and "who knows where it will wind up" for silver, on a post he leaves up the entire weekend, prior to tonight's silver unpleasantness.  Very, very well done.

Dare we ask when...

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You kept your wurd, Turd!

You kept your wurd, Turd!

You did the honorable thing.  Therefore I thought this verse may lend comfort to the discomfort of any digestive troubles from this evening's action and or ingestion of petroleum by-product, aka foam.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1-2

And yet I hope most are still happy with their stacks! It's real and it's tangeble. In fact, more Ag coming this week! Just a matter of time is all, just a matter of time...

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Good video Turd!!

Sometimes humor is the best way of dealing with this, maybe one day we can look back at this time and have a good laugh,  whenever that may be.

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Tasty hats

Should have had a Homburger or a pork pie perhaps. Great work TF, i`d rather eat my hat than read some of these F Trolls that have been around lately, thanks for the laugh.

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Well done Turd

I just hat-tipped you, but I noticed that the hat tip icon still shows a complete, uneaten hat...

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Now before everybody owning

Now before everybody owning metals has a cardio infarction, my research told me along time ago that when the dollar spikes in value, (It did) and other currencies are crashing, (They are) that we are mere months from meltdown.

Regardless of future metal prices globally we are in deep chit. It's coming- get yourselves ready.

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Screw the Hat Eating & Get Busy Stacking the Physical!

Use the Gift Horse to haul away the Physical!

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Now, it'll be only a matter of days, maybe even hours . . . .

. . . before someone posts a YouTube video titled

"Hitler Finds out that Turd Ate His Hat".

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Who cares

Not about the hat eating, that was great.  But in all seriousness, I don't give one shit that silver broke 22, in fact I'm placing my regular monthly order and going to sleep on it for the next decade.  Eat shit banker crooks.

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up, anyone else?

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