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Tue, May 14, 2013 - 11:37am

Time is short but I do have something interesting for you to consider today.

Look, there's a lot going on that will make tomorrow's gold (and silver) "market" different from yesterday's. Regardless, I still believe it's useful to look at yesterday's market in order to forecast where we might be going based upon where we have been.

Today, we're going to look at the Continuous Commodity Index. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_Commodity_Index. Here's a little background info from the Wiki page:

"The 17 components of the CCI are continuously rebalanced to maintain the equal weight of 5.88%. Since CCI components are equally weighted, they therefore distribute evenly into the major sectors: Energy 17.65%, Metals 23.53%, Softs 29.41% and Agriculture 29.41%. While other commodity indices may overweight in certain sectors (e.g. Energy), the CCI provides exposure to all four commodity subgroups."

So, first, let's look at a 25-year chart. Some of you may not even have been alive at the start of this chart. Personally, I was just graduating from college and chasing my then-sweetheart to San Francisco. (That's an interesting story but we'll save it for another day.) The point is: This chart covers a lot of ground and time. Therefore, it is to be respected.

Notice that for the first half of the chart, the action is sideways. From 1988 to 2002, the index fluctuated in roughly a 50-point range. Though there was some action in individual commodities from time to time, overall the sector was a real yawner. The sideways action actually goes back even further, to the early 1980s, when interest rates were raised to choke the money supply and curb inflation. So, for roughly 20 years, commodities in general sucked.

Then what happened? The debt-induced easy growth of the 90's finally popped in 2001 and it has been off to the races for commodities ever since. Sure there have been pauses and corrections along the way but there also been periods of blowoff, parabolic rallies, too. In the end, though, the trend has remained. Here, see for yourself:

So now let's look a little closer. On the five-year, weekly chart below, you can see where we currently stand. Of course, I've tried to draw the trendline as accurately as possible but it's impossible to show exactly where it currently lays. Needless to say though, we're pretty much right on top of it. So there are three things to consider:

  1. First and foremost, is this 11 year bull market in commodities over? Did commodities go sideways for 20 years only to have a bull market end after just 10 years? Look at it another way...Have the fundamental conditions which prompted this bull market changed? Are the Fed and other central banks about to embark on a Volcker-esque tightening spree?
  2. Could commodities in general (and, by extension, gold and silver) bounce and rally right here and right now, just like they did the on the last two occasions they encountered the main trendline in late 2008 and mid 2012?
  3. Are commodities about to over-shoot again, similar to the circled area on the monthly chart above? If so, could a final drop toward 500 or even 475 be in the cards? IF that were to happen, what would be the short-term impact on the price of gold? Of silver? Would you finally capitulate/panic and sell or will you rely on your answers to the questions posed in point #1 above?

OK, gotta stop there but that should give you plenty to think about and discuss for a while. Have a great day and let's hope that CIGA BoPolny/BoPelini/BoDiddley/BoJackson is proven correct.


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Jun 21, 2013 - 11:09am


is an act prohibited by statue against the state. So lets go sub oceanian with some theories. Statue enforcement make criminal, for until the crime is enforced it unenforced crime. The US Attorney general and indicated that they are TBTF TBTJ. That translates into an inability to enforce law. So, the crime is never prosecuted. A a crime that is never prosecuted it is not a crime, for the criminals are granted immunity. So, if an act, otherwise deemed criminal is subject to immunity, it is no longer a crime. Thus, exchange price manipulation is not a crime. Defenses regarding client fund use and federal statues are not in play, there is no crime or jurisdictional basis. Acts by exchange players may thus be allowed by law and not criminal, and thus the perpetrators, walk time and again, with allowed prescribed conduct and de facto immunity, and can not be stopped under the civil law. So, the king bench offers no real remedy to stop the murder on the exchanges. The other alternative is the ecclesiastical bench, where, literal compliance and de facto immunity will not protect the perpetrators if it can be shown that the complained of conduct is immoral. And JPM experts will be asked, if one complies with gun licensing laws, is it moral to murder people in the streets? But, freedom of contract allows one to go naked short. But is that selling something you dont have? Is that a fraud? Is that immoral? The idea being that you take the fight into the church, where the morality plays out, where full injunctions can be had from the church bench, giving new meaning to church chat. Thus, the trick is to not only have plaintiffs all say this conduct is immoral, but to cross examine defendants experts, and get them to admit to murder, no holds bared trading, price manipulation, treason, fiduciary breaches, notwithstanding trading law compliance, can be and is used immorality. Piece of cake, man. The created public record being so complete, there will be no need to hand justice a silver platter, to then use those records to build a criminal case at last, to put the perpetrators in prison. They are freakin toast.

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The one caveat is that, are manipulation, conspiracy, treason, racketeering, fraud, still today considered by judges as immoral. That is one huge toss up.

In the end, the heathens and nonspiratualists continue to degrade the entire moral complex, to where even judges are suspect, as we all approach the event horizon of one huge ugly cesspool. Way to go.

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Jun 21, 2013 - 7:00am

Why Stack?

oh, thats so so easy. So ya mind screw judges, Mope the folks, herd yakty yak cows, scare the dickens out of thieves, save the country, plan strategetic warfare, save mankind, and just rock to your favorites tunes over the amps at turdville, while showing all a whole lotta love. HSBC legal Dept. Please kindly send me a list of the 15 member bank of the gold cartel syndicate as referenced by William Kaye of Pacific Group on KWN. That would nice of you. Mr Diamond and Ms Masters are given until this COT reporting period to go long Silver reflected on COT and Bank Participation or Im afraid they may be looking at 20 years in striped cotton pajamas. Cheers. Derrick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRiGOjHFsgg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSHr4ubuD64 Darn it, forgot the matey crap. LMAO!!

Jun 21, 2013 - 6:12am


Casey Research, Ed Steer, GATA Sir, I am planning at legal assault upon JPM et al, to end price manipulation in the bullion space. William Kaye of Pacific Group on KWN indicated there are 15 banks of a syndicate. I translate that syndicate into "the gold cartel" which consist of commercial banks, as definitions are required. Would you confidentially provide me the names of said banks, for purposes of defining "the gold cartel". Presently, my best guess is JPM (the mob boss) HSBC, Deutsche, Citi, MIS which is only 4. Can you provide me confidentially, a list of 15 banks. Much appreciated. Yours, Derrick Michael Reid, BS JD Esq totalcontrol.com Town Hall "Totalitarian Democracy" FTmetalsreport.com handle Mad5Hatter. Lemetropolecafe.com handle DerrickMReid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0

Jun 21, 2013 - 5:55am


Who lists of favorites from whoville. And if you listen every closely, you can hear them at work. Tentative 1. J P Morgan Chase 2. HSBC 3. Deutsche Bank 4. Citi Corp 5. Bank of International Settlement 6. Wells Fargo 7. Bank of America 8. Goldman Saks 9. Barclays 10. USB 11. Cerdit Argicole 12. Societe General 13. China Construction 14. Bank of China 15. Bank of Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OMpmDqzrrY

Jun 20, 2013 - 1:37pm

COT & Cartel

Kaye of Pacific Group at KWN indicated there were 15 bullion banks that formed the gold cartel. JPM HSBC comes to mind. Anyone else want to drops some names? The COT lists positions, but not by who. How does or would one infer the names of the dominant position holders as listed? thanks in advance. Guess, in time spent in the field watching, there appears to be a noticed correlation and specific report of delta COT position that matches closely deltta positions on publicly disclosed corporate books, and putting two and two together, over time, the names of the COT dominate players would be substantially inferred. Ted Butler would be a value to discuss this. Anyone buddy buddy with the same? Bullion banks are typically those that would buy miner forwards and make a spread shorting the same on the exchange, and would also buy and sell bullion positions, and would have internal stock piles, and the leaders amount them would identify THE bullion banks of interests. Any one buddy buddy with Kaye? Just guesses. Just learned from a gold notetable, that its the bank participation give bank position, but that, in a letter it was publicly disclosed that JMP was the mob boss. :) Thank you kind sir.

Jun 20, 2013 - 8:45am


it, the smash started in china, weeks 6/10 6/17 2013. As indicated by the blabbermouth, its called a treasonous conspiracy, the new normal is for china down drift, to help JPM buy US stock piles at lower prices, recover as just now, make the profits, and then ship to china which dont care about the current price, but only wants the real stuff, in that controlled economy, so no surprise here that the smash started in China, in fact, it should have been expected, sayeth the blabbermouth and the palm reader. https://youtube.com/watch?v=7rXhXLsNJL8 https://youtube.com/watch?v=ISf_OJKYChY

Jun 20, 2013 - 7:41am


1. The Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964 expressly authorizes civil remedies, in addition to any criminal remedies that also exist to prosecute organized crime. 2. State courts have original jurisdiction to enforce the Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964. See Tafflin v. Levitt and Lou v. Belzberg, Rice v. Janovich and Village at Camelback v. Carr. 3. The Civil Case Cover Sheet for the Superior Court of California shows “RICO” as a standard case category. 4. A pattern of racketeering is expressly defined to mean only two (2) RICO “predicate acts” during any given 10-year period. See 18 U.S.C. 1961(5). 5. The federal statute at 18 U.S.C. 1961 itemizes all RICO predicate acts. The most common are mail fraud, extortion, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and witness tampering or retaliation. 6. Violations of State and federal laws both qualify as RICO predicate acts. 18 U.S.C. 1961(1)(B) itemizes a long list of federal offenses that qualify as predicate acts. ====== Service Providers, ) Retailers Wholesalers ) Civil Complaint for Persons & Corporations) Injunctive Relief and Damages v ) Using In House and Client funds JP Morgan Defendant ) for Manipulating Bullion Market A New York Corporation) of Gold and Silver Causing Officer Jammie Diamond) Personal Damages In Said County Officer Blyth Master ) For Price Manipulation using House and Doe Persons and ) and Client Funds, Front Running, and Doe Corporations ) Conspiracy, Sedition, Supporting and Roe Corporations ) Cause of Action A RICO Crimes outside of immediate ) Cause of Action B Fraud and Deceit Control Act in Consert) Cause of Action C Market Interference


Title Page

A Proposal to Terminate Bullion Manipulation

Turd Ferguson Bill Haynes Thor Gjerdrum Plaintiff Plaintiff Plaintiff Rfmetalsreport.com CMI Gold & Silver AMark

William Murphy Brian Crumbaker James Hausman Plaintiff Plaintiff Plaintiff lemetropolecafre.com GoldLine Gold Center

Derrick Michael Reid Attorney Attorney Of Counsel Proximal Counsel Distal Counsel totalcontrol.com Not Selected Preferably Selected

Primary Counsel Secondary Counsel Tertiary Counsel Chicago Law Firm Chicago Law Firm Chicago Law Firm Not Selected Not Selected Not Selected

Andrew McGuire William Kaye PINING Coghan Capital Pacific Group TF Metals Report Primary Expert Primary Expert Primary Expert

Sandeep Jaitly Ben Davies Rocket Richard Bullion Basis Hindsight Capital LeMetropoleCafe Secondary Expert Secondary Expert Secondary Expert

William Grant James Rickards Eric Sprott Things that go Hmm Tagent Capital Sportt Assets Tertiary Expert Tertiary Expert Tertiary Expert


J P Morgan Chase Inc. Jamie Diamon Blythe Master Defendants


Just got to learn how to drive cattle, LMAO!!! We got any cowboys out there?

Video unavailable

Oh, that 1800$/hour reasonable rate, effectively gets cut to about 20$/hour, and the five co-counsel are cost-effectively used as expert paralegals and hearing examiners, during the LEGAL FLIP strategy, totally outside the box. But reinstating the bar card has one serious draw back, as licensed attorneys ethically, of course, must hold the honorable legal profession always in high esteem, meaning I will shut my trap, free speech censored again, but its all on line, so no biggie, but having to shut my trap about that most despicable profession is going to be one on going freaking nightmare. LMAO.

Michael Jackson - Thriller Music Video
Jun 20, 2013 - 5:24am


about some INXS this fine morning, to start the day, before some serious keyboard bangin, by the smartest guy in the world, who thinks, its way way fun?

INXS - Don't Change
Video unavailable
INXS - Original Sin
INXS - Devil Inside

Interferring with Service Providers, Retailers and Wholesalers, unable to obtain FMV through price discovery by manipulation of prices.

Tortious interference with contract rights can occur where the tortfeasor convinces a party to breach the contract against the plaintiff, or where the tortfeasor disrupts the ability of one party to perform his obligations under the contract, thereby preventing the plaintiff from receiving the performance promised. The classic example of this tort occurs when one party induces another party to breach a contract with a third party, in circumstances where the first party has no privilege to act as it does and acts with knowledge of the existence of the contract. Such conduct is termed tortious inducement of breach of contract.

Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. This tort may occur when a first party's conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship with a third party that otherwise would probably have occurred. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage.

In either of the above situations, the tortfeasor's conduct must be intentional. There is no cause of action for merely negligent interference with the performance of a contract.[1]

==== Selling Naked Shorts, Selling Something you dont have.

Fraud: A deception made for personal gain.

In criminal law, fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent, and verb is defraud. Fraud is a crime and a civil law violation, though the specific criminal law definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud.

A hoax also involves deception, but without the intention of gain or of damaging or depriving the victim. Fraud is a defense in a civil action for breach of contract or specific performance of a contract. Fraud is a basis for equitable jurisdiction.

=== Preliminary Injuction enjoining JPM from price manipulation.

A preliminary injunction, in equity, is an injunction entered by a court prior to a final determination of the merits of a legal case, in order to restrain a party from going ahead with a course of conduct or compelling a party to continue with a course of conduct until the case has been decided. If the case is decided against the party that has been enjoined, then the injunction will usually be made permanent. If the case is decided in favor of the party that has been enjoined, the injunction will usually be dissolved or dismissed.

In most courts in the United States, the party seeking the preliminary injunction must demonstrate all four things together:

  1. That there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of the case,
  2. That they face a substantial threat of irreparable damage or injury if the injunction is not granted,
  3. That the balance of harms weighs in favor of the party seeking the preliminary injunction
  4. That the grant of an injunction would serve the public interest.

The "balance of harms" refers to the threatened injury to the party seeking the preliminary injunction as compared to the harm that the other party may suffer from the injunction.

The United States Supreme Court revisited the requirements for obtaining a preliminary injunction in Winter v. NRDC, Inc., 555 U.S. 7 (2008).[1] The Court changed one requirement just slightly:

"A plaintiff seeking a preliminary injunction must establish that he is likely to succeed on the merits, that he is likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief, that the balance of equities tips in his favor, and that an injunction is in the public interest."

Jun 19, 2013 - 10:23am


wont stop. Check this out.

The cartel comprises 15 major bullion bank in on the manipulation, for free profits, engaged in the racket. Those guys. Now, I have personally have seen front running signals where advance sales small spikes front run major smashes, to tip off the other rackeeters.

Brainwave: It happens all the time.

AM has developed an algorithimic detection means for price prediction. This signals to AM that a smash is about to happen, and to what price.

So, if AM can do, why cant a co-conspirator racketeers do the same thing? It just an algorithim, nothing more. Of course they can, especially being part of the club.

Thus, there are now two modes of signaling, without speaking a work, and they are 1) front running sale signals, and 2) algorithmic detections.

They are freaking toast.

So, ah, how is wet pants bart doing these day, any word?

yeah but the money used is all client hedges, and sure bet the judge in DC will buy that one, LOL freakin zoo out there, with brain dead zombies, bumlers stumblers, thieves, criminals, traitors, totalitarians, banksters, greedsters, racketeers, conspirators, cartels, what a messed up world,,,,, the Breakfast of Champions, and werewolves of London. LMAO They all need, both sides, an attitude adjustment. So lets bungle in the jungle, on the hunt, hungry like a wolf.

jethro tull - bungle in the jungle

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
Werewolves Of London Tales of brave ulysses

With all due kind respects, of course. But I tell you all now, its a toss up, between yakty yak and the racket.

LOL Mortals, LOL, to much man, just to much. Complainers and Thieves.

300 - Immortals Battle Scene Part I - HD Quality 1080p

300 - Immortals Battle Scene Part II - Leonidas vs. Immortal - HD

Quality 1080p

Jun 19, 2013 - 6:34am


Government is here to stay, despite all its fault and misguided policies. A limited government is needed. The best approach is to correct those misguided policies, and help government overcome undue influence and serve the people, extending as much freedom within providing proper security. I know there is allot of scrap going on out there. Evil is everywhere, granted. But, for better or for worse, you all are hitched in perpetuity. There is no foreseeable divorce. There is no real sanctuary. Best play is to do what you can to improve government. Bomb and bullets aimed at government is not the way to go. Took me a long time to get that, but the change is undeniable. I am different and a better person today.

Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt 1

Cross Examination of defendants experts is the best part. Primary, Proximal, and Distal Counsel will examine plaintiffs as auxiliary experts and plaintiff primary, secondary and tertiary experts following prepared scripts and is rather straight forward and kind of boring. But the defendants experts is when life fire shoot outs are most intense and enjoyable. Plaintiff Team will do the legal flip, once again, that is partly in the initial rapid shot gun attack on the plaintiff to take them down hard and fast. Cross examination is also part of the legal flip, turning the legal world upside down.

The team will insist that defendants expert qualification and fully before the court. Most attorney will stipulate they would qualify so that their highly expert background is buried from the eyes of court, trying to diminish opposing party experts expertise. The TEAM does the dance, and insist that defendant expert be fully qualified and have resumes and background fully entered into the record. The TEAM doing the legal flip, will make sure that defendants expert are HIGHLY QUALIFIED, and then turn the defendants experts onto the defendants on cross. Set them up, as always, doing the legal flip. Then using leading questions and hypotheticals, get these highly qualified experts to admit on the record actual and probable nefarious business activities by the defendants by destroying and humiliating them on the stand, which is best fun of all. Vicious ruthless REID will examine defendants expert on cross to utterly destroy and humiliate defendants experts, every single one, on the stand and under oath for all to see. gggrrrrrrrr howlwhooooo.

Defendants experts will justify naked short sales as being allowed by trading laws, and hence, fair for plaintiff to use the same. Aint that special. LOL

The trick is get the defendants experts to admit it immoral to use trading laws to manipulate prices. Hypothetical, if federal law allowed murder if compliant with federal gun licensing law, that would be immoral. Admit that selling something you dont have is fraud and that fraud is immoral. Plaintiff experts should all repeat this.

Get them admit on the record that price manipulation is a crime, even if naked shorts are allowed, that defendants own and trade naked shorts, that defendants have had a dominate naked short position, that naked short are selling something they dont have. Plaintiff experts should all repeat this.

Using leading questions and hypothetical to explain capping and smash, that more probably than not, a dominant seller of naked short could cause capping and smashed with orchestrated naked sales where as buyers uncoordinated could not, and thus, capping and smashes are possible whereas upside break outs and down capping of the same degree by many random buyers is not. That buyers generally in an uncoorrdinated singular manner. That price manipulation down side by a dominant naked short player is more probable than price manipulation by many random buyers.

Get defendant experts to admit that infinite QE may lead to FRN failure and that bullion is the last ditch defense to total anarchy, and that selling bullion to China defeats US possess of Bullion necessary to make bullion minted coin, so that selling to China is in fact treason.

Get defendant experts to admit that inhouse fund can be combined with client money, and using client money during smashed and inhouse money during price recovery would be a breach of client fiduciary and all the defendant to capture profits, and that defendant is motivated to secure profits.

Get defendant experts to admit it is possible that defendant could use front running sales as sale signal to other bullion banks that a price smash is coming up, so as to engage in racketeering and a cartel of bullion bank could act as one to cap and manipulate bullion prices.

Get the defendant to admit it is possible that capping and price manipulation prevent price discover, that in a market, FMV can not be determined where price discovery can not be had, and that buyers would be irreparably harmed by any such capping and manipulation, for not being able to have price discovery.

What a field day the injunction hearing would be. Im drooling again, howlwhooooo.

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