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Tue, May 7, 2013 - 9:51am

While we watch the morning raid and hope for a recovery FUBM, here's a video for you to consider.

A link to this was sent to me yesterday. The lady that gives the presentation is named Christine Hughes. She's the President of something called Otterwood Capital Management, which appears to be a money manager or hedge fund, based in Toronto. I don't completely agree with all of her analysis...and that's OK. Since when does everybody agree on everything? But I've determined that this video is worth your time to watch.

Though her analysis of gold is faulty because she is simply looking at the paper price and paying no mind to the physical market fundamentals, I want you to watch this for the greater, macro discussion.

Christine does an excellent job of breaking down into understandable terms the fallacy of the current BankofJapan and Shinzo Abe yen devaluation plan. After watching this video, not only will you understand why Japan is doomed, you'll also be able to apply much of the same rationale to the United States.

Further, think about the warnings from Jim Willie of the "Treasury Market Tower of Babel" and how global, sovereign debt is going to create a "black hole" that will eventually suck in almost all available capital as rates collapse to zero and even go negative.

So, don't just absorb the information presented here. Chew on it. Digest it. Really think about the global implications, not just Japan, as the entire globe rushes to debase and devalue. Furthermore, if this path to the future is so obvious, what do you expect the Creditor Nations of China, Russia, India and others to do? Just sit idly by or would you expect them to have their own plan? If Christine Hughes can see this coming from her office in Toronto, we must assume that President Xi can see it from Beijing, too.


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May 8, 2013 - 6:35pm
May 8, 2013 - 6:36pm

@Bohemian, thanks for the

@Bohemian, thanks for the update :) but once again, an acquaintance IS assisting with the decommissioning through an Embassy here (and he is from the private sector in The UK). He has even appeared on Japanese NHK (national television in Japan), so it's not like I can bullshit this now can I ?

May 8, 2013 - 6:43pm

Urban Roman, that just proves

Urban Roman, that just proves your ignorance on the matter.

My partner spent weeks doing night shifts at an Embassy to make sure foreign aid workers could arrive and be deployed (and in one case not deployed) from Haneda Airport. She was also responsible for making sure that many nationals who needed assistance could get out of Japan or parents relatives who needed to find loved ones could.

There were also daily meetings with top nuclear science officers to monitor and appraise the ongoing situation. So don't take this the wrong way but screw you !

Oh, sorry only sarcasm here on this thread. Oh no, so The French Embassy didn't send their top (female by the way) nuclear scientist to assist and no The British Embassy haven't brought over a (private sector) nuclear scientist to assist (ongoing) with the decommissioning.

No, you are all wise and know everything. Fucking hell. How blind can you people be ? Do you all just post/say the first thing that comes into your heads ?

Sweeet Jesus. You fuckers weren't/aren't even here and yet you have the fucking gonads to tell me how things were/are at the time. Laughable.

Two words for the lot of you and they aren't nice words.

May 8, 2013 - 9:51pm


if any of you rocket jocks got, while jailhouse imprisoned and simultaneously sequestered in your respective minds, the instantaneous homogeneous mental mapping being "turdville army" and "opposing army", and then thought it through, completely, and particularly the use of the term "rocket dog", being just so damn precious, because there is at least one cellular one behind bars in the jailhouse, where there is definitely a party going on, and O what a party in deed. Just Wondering. LMAO, Yaaaaeh Whoooo, so play it again sam.


Submitted by SilverSurfers on May 8, 2013 - 3:55pm.

while china starts off in a slow boat, that, that extacy chick in silk leggings and plaid scottish garb without the pipes and bags, is actually in disguise and is a notorious corps commander named rocket dog in the high command of a space pirate armada of an opposing army, and if that hunch is correct, lookout guys, she is bad a$$ with those huge laser firing battleships of hers. Just a hunch. Just Saying.

Hmmmmmm . . . I think I recognize . . .

Submitted by ancientmoney on May 8, 2013 - 12:26pm. Listening to Celebration, brings back disco balls and gold whistles, being a real whistleblower in polyester, of course.
May 9, 2013 - 8:46am

Aspect IV

number four aspect of the attack plan, and each section dovetail into the all others, is preparation for the shotgun blast coming out of the gate, and that involves proper preparing, which involves four primaries top down nuts in a nutshell, firstly assembling the magnificent seven secondly circling wagons around the celestial complainer thirdly loading buckshot for the initial salvo and fourthly launching deadly torpedoes, its as easy as pie and discussed in that order, thinking it through, with the take downers having been previously identified and budget costs as best able at this juncture, and so, on to assembling the eight ball, assembling the silly team around the epicenter being the celestial complainers home turf for shortening communications lines, the hired guns guiding the torpedoes for proper entry into the big tent before circus master, as the battalion commander likewise picks up roots and relocates for around the clock focus as a must, while the torpedoes stacked up in respective home turf extraterritorially disposed outside of the leviathans jurisdictional reach, and thus, the tent and star and manager and hire guns the circus master and local peeps and local bus drivers are all physically located at the epicenter of the star, while the torpedoes are not, the manager is highly mobile for visiting the torpedoes as desired and normally only a couple of face to face interviews are required, otherwise the manager is physically disposed near the epicenter at headquarters, and so, a multipe room suite should be acquired for the duration generally with five rooms, with three rooms for the hired guns, one room for the manager, and one room for a managers cot, and of course, four rooms thereof should be on line looking through the looking glass, and, this assumes that the star at the home base has such technology preexisting, logistically a technology guy properly vetted should set up the automated tools such as word macros running on windows 2000 for the manager located most times at headquarters from the get go, and modern processing tools for the hired guns, and so, suites and tools should be physically in place for party time at the headquarters, major general Joseph hooker would be impressed, but, this will required the manager and the two boys to perfect conjugal play time as the manager loves toys, but the manager is highly mobile with the plane fairies presenting no real obstacle to the plan over all, the hired guns first perfect necessary passports required for like visits to the torpedoes for the necessary face to face as desired, secured communications telephonic lines by the technology guy should be placed between the star and headquarters and thus the layout of the land with tentacles so extending, circling the wagons is the next step to reduce significantly communications lines to the celestial complainer and much of that circling was addressed previously, but additionally it must be stated that star should resign all corporate officer appointments and become a regular employee with a salary of zero holding shares certificates nicely stacked at the home base, because at the star is only a stacker, that poor thing will have no pay and only having stacked coinage and stacked certificates with minimal documents on hand at the home base, holding only defined coinage and certificate for corporate business control to perfect limited share holder liability, thus, reducing complexity and logistics concurrently, and, the stars home base should be very close to the selected tent of the circus master and the silly headquarters for improved communications and shorten lines, all of course done up front and quickly to circle the wagons and reduce communications lines, but, there is a caution here, the behemoth army will surely swarm, so lookout big time under the big tent, but if steps are taken up front, the manager can misdirect and spray hornet poison concurrently, while circling the wagons, as the best play in town, and now loading the buckshot for the initial salvo, and here the moving papers are, including but not limited to, injunctive relief and at least five summary judgement motions for the massed volleys from the get go, to set up that army and for the royal screw job, and, thinking that five key summary judgement motions are fired off, one of them, for example, is to knock out the clients hedge defense, another one is hold that in house money and clients money are fungible, which two are the key ones in play, but always confused and mislead and mystify and misdirect the enemy, and hence, three others perhaps, namely jurisdiction and cause one and cause two summary judgement motions, are launched concurrently with importantly preliminary injunction relief all fired off concurrently for that purpose, with the manager working the hire guns for that purpose, and while, the hire guns are preliminarily crossing tees and dotting eyes to fire off the initial salvo, the manager interfaces with the star and hired guns locally and interfaces with the torpedoes for the grand set up, both on home turf with the manager and star and hired guns, and, concurrently extraterritorially the manager interfaces with the torpedoes, the manager appearing as a ghost to many unaware, and then fourthly, the launching concurrently the deadly torpedoes out both bow and stern tubes with the hired guns hot bunking locally at the epicenter for precision guidance of the torpedoes aiming for the vitals, and, the scheduling of the launched sneak attack in mass with the buckshot is critical to attack, the target completely off guard for the grand set up, in the tent, at the dog and pony show, before the circus master, taking from four weeks at the shortest and six months at the longest just guessing, and here, the circus master is a cantankerous type not very willing to reschedule tent operations so as to be confusing to that sexy clerk for a white wedding day, so, the torpedoes need to on only be prepared preparing, but, the scheduling by hired guns support staff is best with available times for all needs, to be set in the concrete, for the OK shootout, as no falling down will be permitted on the watered slip and slide, when that surprise attack on the enemy is in play for the greatest take down of all time.

Billy Idol - White Wedding
Wyatt Earp - Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in HD 1080p
May 9, 2013 - 12:21pm


are many, discussing several of them presently, but, they are obscure to most through a normal walk on earth, and first up to bat is, looks don’t matter, even at 58 years old and looking 40ish with about three decades left on this silly earth, its genes guessing, but when you are young, driving the muscle machines draped in gold, then, you are hot and really shoot your shot, mostly driven by biology on the hunt for that significant other, when you are hot and really shoot your shot, and chicks seem to really care about cars and bobbles, so the game is played, and the profession arena seems to care allot also, its the image of course, but then again, you are on the hunt, and you are hot and really shoot your shot, but in these later days, no longer on the hunt, where other perceptions are no longer personal drivers, where you actually have plenty of blessings and can at least eat, and you are out of the professional game, retired, looks dont really matter much, and driving a twenty year 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and it was a full on emulation with complete uniforms and honors and rank and organization and diplomacy, live fire action, and it had death stars and leviathans, my favorite kind of shoot downs on the sneak, with juggernauts, battleships, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, fighters, scouts and outposts plus two hundred guys at the helm, and we were rocking, the vessels had photon torpedoes, disrupter guns, laser cannons, with different relative costs and mobility each, but that was really a continuation of being an historian of sorts with a passion in high school and college, but found after the emulation and in the jalopy in audio that it actually was for real purpose, where looks were not important any longer, and then, looks don’t matter, and now will have disagree with Shelby Foote, as Marsh Robert the marble man was indeed humble, but he only focused on one primary skill and did not comprehensively like silly take on many fields, Marsh Robert wore only one hat, and that lizard in the southern white house only wore two hats, and neither one could see the forest and did not have the skin and skill set to take down leviathan, and did not have the comprehensive skill set for the job, but began in one field as top dog, Marsh Robert tried to shoot down leviathan and failed, when the very best were taken, and when they drove old dixie down, when virgle ran a danville railroad to richmond and back in the summer of 1865 and people were just barely alive, because less is more, and next, MrBs are joes, and they are a funny combination at first impressions, usually wrong, and practicing as a lone wolf for two decades, many MrBs were met with billions, and it was observed that they too had to take down the shorts to take a dump, and that they to had their own set of problems, and concluded MrB and Joe are of the same mankind specie really, just slightly different at a particular level, but, the same in deed, and concluded MrBs and joes are the same generally here on earth, and there is no personal worship here of MrBs because when you get really down to it, they are just common joes after all, even though pretending to be all high and mighty, aint that special, but now realizing they are really just common joes, figuring its whatever rocks your boat, and just let it go, knowing full well with eyes wide open that after all the particular level reached, MrBs are joes, and next, we are enslaved as tax mules or dependents by the totalitarians printing paper, enslaving us all as tax mules and dependents, and being a historian by nature, since high school and in college and while reading military books and plugged into audio always, while driving, which is one of them huge no nos again, along with actually thinking, and while reading for thirteen years the gold heavies, and thinking about the forest view, concluded we all are enslaved by the totalitarians, and that is why leviathan is the big target sought, because, from that shoot down alone, the Kenysian central bank paper dominoes will start to fall one by one to give us back our revolutionary freedom and consequently free mankind, free at last, and so you have to start the comprehensive analysis with the fact there is something wrong, and that is, we are all enslaved, and next, the jones are elusive, constantly moving the goal posts, as we all have had those insatiable apedtites, always wanting more, but once to reach the goal post, keeping up with the jones, the goal posts are moved higher, and thus the jones elusively move the goal posts which will never be reached, and so, why play that game, if you are a dead loser, trying to reach the goal posts, well understanding that if you are in a rigged market with the villain always moving the goal posts, then you should walk away from that loser internal battle, and paper trading, trying to keep up with the jones, and thus, the jones are elusive, and next, someone should step up, and thus stack like crazy, being a hard core stacker, a true bug, for it will be needed, desperately so, by the lost minions, so stacking is one sure fire way, to feed the masses including the heathens, as they do not know how to boil street crack dandelions, as in the great depression days, and someone is going to be needed to feed them retches and heathens, being the BMOC, the big man on campus, swapping silver coinage for bread to feed the masses, it the only descent thing to do really, and besides, it feeds your ego being a BMOC, and makes you seem really important, for those psychologically inclined toward arrogance, the thick skin type wearing many hats being arrogant at times, to feed the masses, when the crap hit the fan, and it surely will, and you should be prepared to step up, and, do the right thing, without government regulations demanding such, and so, someone should step up, and finally, its all about love, if you ever happen to reach the forth order in thinking into the spooky world of the last psychological trait, and just so happen to flip the coin of life between mother nature and spirituality, and realize that he really is a boss in charge, then you realize in that fourth order, its all about love, and the boss dont care much about earthly things, to the boss, its all about love, for your brother, and even the heathens, to find out why in the fourth order, if you are inclined to even look, and then think it through, because in the human intellectual final analysis, its all about love, and so my friends, the truths are that, looks dont matter, less is more, mrBs are average joes, we are all enslaved, the jones are elusive, someone should step up, and finally, its about love.


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