Pining's Greatest Hit

Isn't it wonderful to live in the age of The Great Artist? Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso, Geisel. All pale in comparison to our resident Master Artisan, Pining4TheFjords.

Presented without further comment.



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Sorry for jumping on the "First", but Turd tipped me off that it was coming and it will be the only chance I have to do some insider trading all year.

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Third Amendment

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

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Great Work!

Now let's see that Silver TURD!

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Right in line...

...with The Who contest too!

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Congrats on the first, you deserve it, I posted Your masterpiece over on my thread, without asking first  but it was to save it for posterity, it is so Good.

I pinch Gems, from around the village, to save, shiny, beautiful things and admire the little treasures, kinda like a crow.

It is a terrible weakness

I hope you don't mind, now TF has placed in a more prominent and far more deserved location.

Thanks, to You both.


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Re: All the Above + You're Well Earned 1st

Pinning for the Fjords:

I am in awe of your PS skills. I'm an amateur photog and have a 10 year old version and use only the most basic tools.

However, this piece shows true artistry, the ability to convey an idea through a constructed reality requires hard work and a huge dose of creativity. Well done and Thank You for a piece I'm going to show my 4 year old grandson. He's read to several times a day and remembers the information. I think this is the tool I've been looking for to start teaching him the value of his coin collection.

With warm regards,


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A Classic tale for sure . . .

I like it better than the original by the great Dr. Seuss--as it is reflecting a REALITY!

Maybe the Fed will make up a new educational piece from this for schoolchildren . . .

(sarc off)

It is an amazing piece of work!

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Pining, that is MAGNIFICENT!

Something to whip out and stuff under the noses of the relentless moaners and groaners wink.

A million hat tips to you.

Well, okay, just one then. lol.

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Great Job!


That was great!

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Hat tips?

Hat tips do not do this justice!

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Sums it up...


Masterfully done sir!!! That simple story will never get old.

The sequel has yet to play out - Where the Grinch really believes that if he can KEEP the price down for long enough, that he will out-wait the residents of Whoville and eventually they will lose interest in purchasing metals...we will see how THAT works.

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Too hot to sit here

enjoying the spring time weather!

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If Bix Weir reads this blog . . .

Maybe this could be used alongside the "Road to Roota" Fed piece . . . as a modern-money learning tool for children.

That way, Benny B. will be immortalized!  In a quite fitting way.

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P4 and Turd --

Excellent, and masterful as well.   Hat tips to all and to all a good night!

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New world order

Chinese Premier underscores support for Palestinian cause.

Well, let me see. Who do you think the Saudi's would prefer work with, the US or China?

New reserve currency on the way.

Pining, great work, perhaps you can use your imaginative genius on this one.

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A Mammoth's - Eye View

Silver: $24.14/oz

Gold: $1471.45/oz

Pining's Greatest Hit: PRICELESS!

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Yabba Dabba Doooooo!

Another shipment arrived  at Blue Sky's door from First Majestic $27.39 including shipping ordered one week ago delivered to the door today as promised.

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Pining is the best!...

Thank You so much my Friend!!!...

Bag Of Gold

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Great Graphics!!! An in the park homer!   Keep on stacking!!

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Last sentence is beautiful.

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I loved it even more the second time. Glad TF gave it a post of its own.

You are a TFMR treasure!

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Dr. Turd

Fond memories.

If the Grinch only knew his competition is real.

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That is pretty awesome.  Much better than my avatar!  Maybe I should have paid you a little more for the avatar consultation.smiley

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cheese. it's the future.

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You are indeed a Gentleman, a Scholar, a Poet, and an Artist.


You have my respect, and my envy ..... I salute you.

enlightened yes


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I will print this out

and read the story to my little ones.  It's much more entertaining and educational than almost every other children's book (and it won't make me crazy reading itsurprise).

Start them out right- on the road to Turdville!

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ND Silver Open

Blocks of 500 again added up to 2.5K NDU on the first tick then less for next few.  Once again there was some big volume going into the close.

Pining another masterpiece.  Prouder than ever to have your work as my avatar.


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