I'm just generally tired, so I'm taking the day off. Here's an "open" thread.

If you haven't seen it yet, below is the CBC documentary, graciously supplied by "forwhomthetollbuilds". Very kind of him to take the time to record and upload. All three parts are below. Part III is the only one of real interest.


Obviously, the producers chose to exclude the information which I was hoping would finally begin to see the light of day. Thus the title of this post. I'll try to pick up my armor and rejoin the fight next week but, for now, I can't help but feel a bit dispirited.

Have a good day and try to remember to play nice, keeping in mind, of course, The Golden Rule.



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Number Twuuu, It's what we duuuu...

... woodeee whooop-dee doooooo doo.

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I took the day off too

Keep your head up!

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Yes? D'oh Furth...

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boston bombing suspects

what i wanna know is...where was the department of homeland security, the cia, the fbi and all those other folks who are supposed to be "protecting" us?  it's being reported that one of these guys had a youtube account where he posted videos about his chechyan brothers, etc.  so our govt is monitoring all that we say and do, but these guys just waltz in and start blowing us up?  nice...

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top ten!!

The only relief one gets now a days.

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Welcome to a another day in “Turdville”, where the news just keeps getting more bizarre.

It's interesting having such an amazing amount of hard thinking individuals here, trying to decipher what's actually going on, and trying to come up with the truth despite the load of bull that we are being fed.

I can't think of a better place to watch the “endgame” play out.

Thanks Turd.

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thank you turd

enjoy your weekend

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Sinclair agrees with dates

(for my being 10th) the next 2 dates to watch are 5/2 or 3 for an intermediate top and 5/10 for a pull-back bottom.

Courtesy of CIGA Bo P. This is a man we should watch.

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Found the painting in the documentary

Fwiw...I found the painting that was on the show last night.

They showed a close up of the right side of the painting.


Battle of Preveza
Part of Ottoman–Venetian War (1537–1540)
Battle of Preveza (1538).jpg
The "Battle of Preveza" (1538) by Ohannes Umed Behzad, painted in 1866.
Date 28 September 1538
Location PrevezaIonian Sea
Result Decisive Ottoman victory
Holy League:

 Republic of Venice
 Papal States
 Republic of Genoa
Sovereign Military Order of Malta Knights of Malta

 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Andrea Doria Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha
112 galleys,
50 galleons,
140 barques,
60,000 soldiers.[1][2]
122 galleys and galliots,
12,000 soldiers.[1][2]
Casualties and losses
13 ships lost (10 ships sunk, 3 ships burned);
36 ships captured and seized by the Ottomans;
3,000 prisoners.[1][2]
No loss of ship;
~400 dead;
~800 wounded.[1][2]
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It's all rigged

Top Ten?

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Not watching the metals or the status of my dismal mining shares today. It's just not worth the stress. I second the "Whatever" sentiment (at least for today).

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No real surprise

I didn't expect the news of manipulation to get out so easily - these guys have got every angle covered. One day things will change, but for now they are totally in charge.

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NoKo blowout

The news now is that NoKo is "demanding" talks resume.

Paper Tiger. No reliable nukes, no accurate delivery system.

No real threat, just a bunch of farts in the wind with hopes to blackmail some money out of US and SoKo. The little twerp Kim isn't worth a bullet to take him out.

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Re: "totally in charge"

No they're not. Running scared is more like it.

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But what about...

That Bloomberg report on the Shanghai exchange being out of bullion????

Very few comments? C'mon folks, that should be worth some text.

My big problem was that it looked staged. Those traders in the back looked like a circus act.

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why do i get the feeling that

right now the bernank has all the imbusoles at cnbc all huddled up on a skype call briefing them on the official story on why the economy has crashed ....   this will probably happen next week?    they are always on top of it.....

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"Lost in space"


It's not that open. This is still a precious metals site. Take all that other stuff to the forums.

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Battle fatigue, it's often self-inflicted

At the risk of being labeled a troll, a shill, or worse, Turd's emotional exhaustion speaks to the problem that many of us force upon ourselves.

Don't get too high expecting what one cannot control. Similarly, don't get too low. I have learned this point through the years, one best summed up by an executive of a steel company who warned the community where I lived in the 1970s regarding his company's prospects in the town, expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed. He was, and is, right, as that company long since pulled up its stakes.

I've lost plenty on my physical and mining stocks over the past year and a half. But, I never went all-in, sure that things would play out on my schedule. That gives me peace of mind. I can lose what I've lost and not show up in a cheese line. Even better, if things deteriorate further, I have the money to buy more on sale. I'm not buying now, but I'm watching.

I listen to the optimists at King World News and I listen to the (gold, silver) pessimists in the mainstream media. I try to process this information, but never act on my conclusions in more than a measured way in terms of financial commitment.

My take is, in the long term, those who own precious metals and miners will be richly rewarded. But our attempts to force the calendar, to interpret so many things as indicating the payoff is nigh, only serves to deepen the angst when it fails to unfold as we'd hoped.

We set ourselves up for disappointment in doing this, and the effect is cumulative. Maybe we should all take the day off and come back Monday resolved to find emotional equilibrium.

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I must be getting old, I cannot make out the prices.

The resolution at jsmineset is the same....

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Mr. Fix

Michael Nystrom runs the site dailypaul.com

He lives in Boston and is relatively close to the 'action'.  Has been updating on what he observes.

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Can't we get Dan's word out using the alternative media?

The MSM almost always disappoints, that's why we're so lucky to have alternative media.  Can't we get Dan's stuff out ourselves?  Between Tf, SilverDoctors, Max Keiser, ZeroHedge and PrisonPlanet we can reach more people than CBC!

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Well said.

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@Mr. Fix, lostinspace re: Boston . . .

I woke up this morning to the news in Boston.  First thing I'm thinking:  why is the news media so intricately involved in everything?  It's like a baseball play-by-play.

Don't the police want to do their work with as little coverage as possible?

Normally, yes.  When things are on the up-and-up, and they don't know what the results will be beforehand.

This is a whole different ballgame.  The hits just keep on coming.

Agreed Mr. Fix that this charade they're trotting out is to get people used to it.  This is our new normal, folks.  Training for Urban Lock-downs, 101.

I hope those true patriots who are supposed to secretly be trying to get our country back behind the scenes are close to doing so, or we are all fucked.

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New Topic

In the conspiracy forum.

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Silence is over

For now anyway, I have been watching from afar and this is what I see in a few key markets. For those who care!


Enjoy the weekend!

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God will decide

In times like these, when our longing for justice is so disappointed, we must remember: God is a just God. Vengeance is HIS, and He will bring down the wicked on his time schedule, not ours. I am discouraged too, but we must be patient and wait on God to act.

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Prices are (T) and (B). smiley

He says:  "Note: Price targets may vary. Date will not. Watch the dates."

There is not much room on that chart for down or sideways days like today.

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I made a similar suggestion last night.

Have this person submit a copy of his complaint with all the associated documentation.  Publish it on ZH since the MSM financial press reads them all day long.

At this point, I don't see it affecting any "ongoing investigation" since the CFTC just sits their holding their collective dicks in their hands anyway.

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