Summer 2013 Begins

Thu, Apr 18, 2013 - 11:32am

The calendar may not say so. Mother Nature may not agree. But, tonight, summer of 2013 begins and it picks up where summer 2012 failed to go.

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane, shall we? Let's start here with our old friend, Blythe Masters. In April of last year, she appeared on CNBS to "explain" the JPM position in silver. Watch this carefully, being sure to note how Ms. Masters characterizes JPM's business practices.

Blythe Masters Refutes Claims that JP Morgan manipulates silver markets

Prices stabilized through the early summer but failed to mount a rally. On August 7, 2012, the Wicked Witch and Ruprecht stopped by TFMR once again. The Witch was feeling quite pleased with herself, gloating after a successful beatdown of price from $37 to $26.

The Wicked Witch Celebrates Her Victory

The very next day, yours truly crafted a strange post. No charts. Not even any text. Just a video from the 1950s. "Weird. Ole Turd must be losing it."

Then, just four days later, he did it again. Another weird post with just a music video. How strange. "The guy is clearly going over the edge and into the abyss."

Was Turd trying to warn us of some impending event? It sure seemed like it but...then...nothing happened. In fact, summer ended in September and though the metals had rallied significantly, no sane person would categorize the move as "hot" or "explosive" and certainly not "historic".

Wow. Looking back over that post, Turd almost seems delusional. Over-confident. And, as it has since played out, DEAD WRONG. I mean, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Ole Turd's about as useful as a dead squirrel. Wait a minute...Maybe he's the nut?! That's it!! Bat-shit delusional, that Turd. Quixotically tilting at windmills and with a serious megalomaniacal complex to boot!

After a little down time, The Wicked Witch showed up again. This time, she had her new boyfriend, Thunderlips, in tow. If you thought she was unbearable back in the summer, she was over-the-top now.

The Wicked Witch and Her Boyfriend

More time passed and Turd seemed to grow despondent. Despite the overt QE of $85B/month, prices continued to be managed lower. Having some time to reflect over the holidays led Turd to post this:

But the winter only got colder and it seemed to drag on forever. Finally, a few weeks ago, The Turd began to regain some optimism. No more delays. No more waiting. "Take the fight to them", Turd said. "The War is about to get hotter", Turd claimed. A week ago, a post was written that concluded with this paragraph:

"Finally, you're probably wondering about the title of this thread. Does it have any deeper meaning? Why, yes it does as a matter of fact. I announced in the comments of the Saturday thread that I had a new theme song. It's off of the new CD from the great Bruno Mars. The title is "Natalie" but when I hear it, instead of the three syllables of Nat-a-lie, I think "Blythe Mas-ters". Now, of course I realize that our old nemesis, The Wicked Witch, has moved on to greener pastures within The Morgue. Regardless, she's the one who put her face on CNBS a year ago and proudly proclaimed that JPM is "simply helping their clients" and that their positions are "fully hedged". Oh, really? Hmmm. Well, as President O'Bottom likes to say, the project is "shovel-ready". I hope to break ground by late next week. (And please, this is all metaphorical and figurative. I'm not threatening anyone with physical harm. Just like how Bruno isn't out there hunting down some ex-girlfriend named Natalie. It's just a song...and a darn good one, at that!)"

Video unavailable

Which brings us to today/tonight. At 9:00 p.m. EDT, the Canadian Broadcasting Company will air a program called "The Secret World of Gold". You've probably heard about it by now. You should make every effort to watch it. Canadian Turdites can watch it directly through their televisions or computers. The rest of us can try to access it directly by using any number of IP masking software such as that available here:

Here's a little more background, published this morning by The Montreal Gazette. Yes, those who think that Andrew Maguire is simply the make-believe friend of high-level gold bugs are going to be disappointed.

But that's not what all the hubbub is about. What is it about? Well, I guess we'll just have to watch and see.

You're likely asking yourself these questions:

  1. Has Turd already seen this documentary and is he sure that it contains everything he hopes it contains? Answer: No, I haven't seen it. I am hoping against hope that it really does contain everything that I'm expecting it to contain. I guess we'll know for sure in a few hours.
  2. Is this information that will immediately move the markets? Answer: Probably not so don't get your hopes up.
  3. Could this film be the impetus of a "hot, explosive and historic" summer of 2013? Answer: I'd like to think so but, given the depth of corruption at all levels, don't make my mistake of getting your hopes up too high.
  4. I don't live in Canada so how will I ever see it? Answer: Here I appeal to you, my dear reader. Surely, a reader of this from Canada will have the technical wherewithal to record the program and immediately post it to YouTube. A little help?? (And stop calling me Shirley.)

So there you have it. For what it's worth, you should at least be glad that there are folks out there who are tired of the lies, the manipulation and the deception and the negative economic impact that all this is having upon millions, to the benefit of a few. We are trying to fight back. Let's just hope that this evening's program gives us some momentum.


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Apr 18, 2013 - 12:55pm



Apr 18, 2013 - 12:56pm

High Hopes

It is Thursday

Apr 18, 2013 - 12:57pm

go fourth and prosper

ok now i will read the thread

Apr 18, 2013 - 12:59pm
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:00pm

Precious Metal v. Paper

Definition of PRECIOUS

1: of great value or high price <precious jewels> 2: highly esteemed or cherished <a precious friend> 3: excessively refined : affected <precious manners> 4: great, thoroughgoing <a precious scoundrel> Paper money is printed literally by the TRILLIONS (1,000,000,000,000) each year. It might take longer than we all want, but only a MORON (Paul Krugman) would bet against the rise of something precious compared to something of unlimited supply. It won't end well for the masses, good thing we SEE through the crap the TPTB are trying to feed everyone.
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:00pm

RE: CBC Broadcast

Mr Fix, I haven't tried it, but you might try installing the Tor anonymizer to get you around the censors. It hides your IP address.


Apr 18, 2013 - 1:01pm

A fair question ye ask

I want to know.

Is there a large physical market where 2000 per oz is being paid for gold? We have assertions both ways, but very little reasoning, and no evidence.

Money laundering makes sense... I happen to know from personal experience of watching it on TV that one must pay a 30% cut to have your money laundered. It also is reasonable that one can buy good delivery bars and take delivery on the Comex or LBMA. But how many before they call you in to "splain" some things. Will they deliver 100 tonnes? If so at what price? And is there a secret market for tonnage that Central banks and sovereigns use to shuffle all that metal that is leaving the GLD each day?

And while I am at it, I want to know the truth about Roswell, and Bigfoot.

Will we ever know such things? Will historians ever explain the truth, and my grandkids will read a book when they are in their fifties and slap their forehead and say, "So that's what Gramps was talking about--that's why he left us that stack of old coins and bars, bless his soul...crazy old coot wasn't so crazy after all."

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:02pm

Shelter from the Storm

Thanks for all you do TF.

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:04pm

Silver premiums

For some reason a person was asking if there was any evidence of increasing premiums.

Of course there is, but he's too lazy to do his own research!

If you've been actually in the market over the last ten years, you would understand how stupid that question really is!

Loud Noises
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:05pm

My concern

My concern, which TF does allude to as well in his post, is this:

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we are assuming that this CBC thing will be enough to change the status quo in PM markets. I am as hopeful as anyone, but considering what we are seeing around the world, confiscation of savings, the LIBOR scandal, everything, why do we believe that ANY sort of INFORMATION is going to help? I think our only hope will be the total stripping of supply, because information is basically no longer valid to today's mainstream.

To be honest, I was hoping that the whole HEH talk going back to last year would have been based more on forcing players' hands somehow, not disseminating new information to a public and governments that clearly don't care.

Don't mean to be a downer, those are just my thoughts. I will be busy at the time it airs so I offer an infinite number of hat tips to whomever can provide a Youtube link to watch tomorrow!!!

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:06pm
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:06pm

Gold tonnage

Global gold tonnage as reported by Jim Rickards (presentation posted by another turdite about one hour ago).

Now, I'd really like to know who "other" is.

That's probably where the 500 metric tons traded Friday came from.

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:07pm


Ah 6th, got nothing else to say.

Mr. Fix
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:08pm

I am so glad that summer is finally here!

Oh, wait a minute, it's only April, but it's still a nice day.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Thank you for the link to the show tonight, if I can successfully hide the fact that my computer resides in America,

I may be able to watch it.

Apparently, they are trying to keep it off limits to Americans. ( Even the preview is restricted so that Americans cannot watch it.)

I sure am glad we have a lot of resident Turdites who live in Canada.

The truth will get out.

I've just been informed that somebody's toilet won't flush, sounds like an emergency.

Off to work I go.


Urban Roman
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:08pm

My guess is that the TOR anonymizer

... will be treated as another foreign internet address by the CBC.

What we need is a generous Canuck who has lots of bandwidth and is willing to proxy.

Dark Matter
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:09pm

Who is stronger?

It is quite obvious that JPM is stronger than we are.

They own the government. They own the FED. They own the media. They own the money.

Even the new tea party movement has vanished. It looks like they were just a patsy for the presidential election with no backlash into everyday life.

I'm not getting my hopes up. Sorry if I sound so negative, but life has been a harsh lesson.

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:09pm

Bullionvault email I just got....Keep the faith

Just got this email from Bullionvault.............more buyers that sellers......keep the faith....not that I need to tell y'all that

A gold bull’s broken confidence? Not just yet.

BullionVault’s CEO, Paul Tustain, reflects on the week.

Dear BullionVault user,

My personal gold valuation has lost about 14% since 2nd April. Gold is by far my largest investment holding, so I am taking a hit.

Markets overshoot, and they correct … both ways. I don’t forget that the dizzy top of 6th September 2011 was followed by a $400 per ounce reverse in 3 weeks.

Neither do I forget that currencies with large debt overhangs, run by governments which have extreme fiscal problems, will tumble into unpredictable and spectacular failure sooner or later.

That’s neither a unique nor brilliant insight and very large numbers of people agree with me. We shouldn’t be too surprised when a few of them sell during counter-trend phases of a complicated journey.

Here’s a thought which reminds me to keep my cool:- The significant majority of the tiny number who eventually succeed in holding onto their wealth through a failure of their currency will be those who acted as the storm gathered and bought gold. By the end they will have been through the mill, having endured countless hours of anguished doubt. But when the market tests them, with temporary movements against them, they will be resolute, provided of course they have the fundamental confidence in their own judgement of the process of their national economic unravelling. This is what it takes to be a successful investor through the failure of a money system.

I believe I am still on the right side of the long term decline of Sterling, even if I also believe that market commentators will, for a while, be right as gold bears. In time I expect the upturn to be as sharp as this setback. Were I to sell before that upturn I don’t trust myself to switch fast depreciating Sterling back into gold at suddenly much higher prices. It would be just too painful.

Markets don’t offer smooth passage. They pitch up after each trough and slump over every crest. It gets rough from time to time, so you batten down the hatches, point her steadfastly to the wind, and trust she’ll take the beating. She will, if you hold your course.

In the meantime here are some BullionVault statistics from the last few days, which I think offer a useful reminder about how markets work. Remember, first of all, that for all those people who sold in a bit of a panic, someone bought...

  1. Monday and Tuesday were our strongest 48 hour period for new customers this year.
    • Since Friday the gross value of customer bullion sales increased markedly. About 1% of gold we look after was sold back to the main market. That was characterised by a few large sellers. Holders of 99% of BullionVault inventory were not panicked.
      • Those who did sell have mostly not withdrawn their cash from the BullionVault system. To me that suggests they may be intending to buy back into gold sooner rather than later.
        • We normally have about 230 deposits a day (300 on a Monday) and about 100 withdrawals a day (120 on a Monday). Mondays are usually higher because they include weekend activity. On Monday we had 723 deposits versus 284 withdrawals. On Tuesday we had 732 deposits versus 150 withdrawals.
          • Monday was a record day for business transacted, beating the previous peak of September 2011.


Paul Tustain, Director

Fat Willie
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:10pm

The epic beat down this week.

Coincidence with this news? Hard to believe it is just coincidence. I hope the Corrupt Futures Trading Commission gets what they deserve.

Perhaps, maybe just maybe, the douchebags knew this was coming and engineered the crash to clear their shorts. A Fat Willie can dream.......

The doc's article reposted........


Great work Turd. Smell that? It's vindication. Can someone get a tape of Jeff Christian watching the show? And Krugman? Thanks

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:12pm

Repost from end of last thread

JPM Whistleblower letter

Cal Lawyer.

If the CFTC fails to act while having this information, do we have any recourse?

The CFTC is sitting on information that implicates JPMorgan as manipulating the futures market in Silver and Gold. The reason this is so damning is that the CFTC has evidence that incriminates JPM as having malicious short positions designed to influence the price action of Silver and Gold towards JPM’s favor; akin to the LIBOR scandal in which rates were manipulated down towards the banks favor.

Turd's in the news again.

The story was partially leaked through the PM blogosphere last August, with both GATA’s Bill Murphy and TFMetalsReport’s Turd Ferguson predicting an explosive and historic move in silver last August out of expectations that the information would be released and acted upon by the CFTC, as in the words of Andrew Maguire, the documentation provided by the JPM whistle-blower was damning evidence, & everything we could want to prove gold & silver are in fact manipulated.

(great article fat willie)

Doctor J
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:12pm


I spoke to Jim Willie about this today.

His #1 source...a guy who is very well connected to the European gold trade...says its true. He has maintained that this is the case since last fall and continues, regardless of the recent price smash.

Paper gold is worthless. Even physical gold bought through London. VERY LARGE BUYERS OF SIZE care not what the price is. They want physical metal, assayed and guaranteed to be real and not tungsten, and they want it delivered immediately, outside of the LBMA system.

For this, Jim's source maintains that the market is north of $2000/ounce.

Again, you me and everyone else can buy an Eagle or two from The Mint at less than that. Jim's contact is talking about "Eastern" buyers in search of tonnage. NOW. Unimpeachable and pure tonnage. And vaulted in the free and clear, away from the LBMA.

Can I confirm this? Of course not. Who am I? I'm just relating to you what Jim told me.

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:13pm

I wonder ...

if Jamie, Blythe & Ruprecht are feeling a little hot under the collar about this evenings fine Canadian viewing offering? ;0)

Video unavailable
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:14pm

Which is why...

I have taken to referring to them as "co-conspirators".

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:15pm

Let's hope, RaRa

Maybe that oft-postponed trip to Venezuela is right around the corner?

We'll see.

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:16pm


Are the last two letters in Blythe's name. If she were the one on TV and was going public because of some pre-arranged immunity I'd be blown away to the point of becoming speechless for awhile. That's about as unlikely as the Publishers Sweepstakes Clearing House pulling up to my residence with a camera crew and a large check. Hopefully the CBC show makes it patently obvious what this intrigue is all about. The guessing is about to end tonight and I expect some clarification on this tonight here from someone or many of you. Intrigue or what?

Apr 18, 2013 - 1:17pm

Posted at end of last thread, repost here

post:Yep definitely censorship

I would not read to much into this, I have often been linked to sports or shows ( a good example would be comedy central and Jon Stewart videos) in the US and been unable to access because the rights were sold to a Canadian distributor.

I have used tor and can see into the US market for those events or shows


Apr 18, 2013 - 1:18pm
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:22pm

turd can you confirm which is the correct broadcast time

as your post states 8 pm and the silverdocs article states 9 pm? thanks.. great work as always

Howard Roark
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:23pm

Moral Evil - Where?

It´s my first comment here in TF community. Congratulations to all for the information and discussions. My contribution to the community? Well if nobody saw it. Follow: Is this a sign? A glimpse of light in the dark? See y´a, HR

Frankenstein Government
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:23pm



John Galt
Apr 18, 2013 - 1:26pm

Geez Pining

You never cease to amaze me with the talent that comes through in your artwork.

My Norwegian Blue would bow with respect if his feet weren't nailed to the perch.

If you're not already doing this kind of work for a living, you could and should be.

Well done again!


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