Starting Your Week

Here's a collection of stuff to help get your head screwed on straight for the week ahead.

Let's start with these two ZH links. They were both mentioned prominently in the comments of the previous thread but I want to ensure that as many folks see them as possible and ZH gets so busy during the week that these links are already shuffled down and off of the front page. First, there's this remarkable bit of reporting on the gold vaults located below the JPM corporate headquarters in lower Manhattan...conveniently across the street and at the same level as the alleged gold vaults of the New York Fed. Please read this very carefully and you'll begin to comprehend the depth of the rabbit hole. Then there's this from yesterday. In another bit of excellent research and reporting, ZH uncovers JPM's active role in collapsing Lehman, an event from which they clearly stood to benefit. Look, I know that all is fair sometimes in business, particularly the cutthroat world of investment banking and proprietary trading, but these people are ruthless and diabolical.

Moving on....I received a link to this video overnight and I highly recommend that you watch it. Apparently, it was just shot last week so many of the topics that Bill and Chris cover are timely.


Once you've finished watching that, flip on the player for this new audio from Dr. Janda. He spent a segment yesterday with G. Edward Griffin, the author of the great book "The Creature from Jekyll Island". Listening to this is time well spent.

Our pal Jeff Nielson posted yesterday a terrific new piece on the fallacy of "paper gold". You'll like this:

And, over the weekend, Chris Martenson released this great interview of Alasdair Macleod. Give it a listen. Not only is Alasdair very well-connected and insightful, he's simply a very nice man. As an example, last week a Turdite emailed me a question about Goldmoney's relationship with Via Mat. I sent a massage to Alasdair via skype and he almost immediately called me back. He took a few moments to answer my questions and directed me to the salient points on the matter that were posted to GM's website. He even offered a few nuggets on what he's currently seeing in gold and silver. Again, he's a good guy and I very much appreciate all that he does to advance the cause.

Regarding the metals this morning, nothing much has changed since the post and charts I put up on Saturday. The key level to watch in silver is $28.40. If price is pushed through there a second time, we must expect not only another drop to $28 but maybe even $27.50. In gold, the selling pressure continues and every rally overnight and this morning has been sold into. I would not be surprised by a drop soon toward the early Friday low near $1565. Hopefully that level will hold but, if it doesn't, we'll almost certainly see another stab at $1555. Again, though, don't get all freaked out by this. The "market" is simply grinding along, exhausting selling pressure and basing. Hang in there. It's almost over.

To that end, I hope to see some exciting stuff later this month. Though directly related to the HEH stuff from last summer, I'm not expecting an immediate $5 pop in silver or anything like that. Instead, a "spring offensive" in the larger "war" that is part of the oft-mentioned strategy of "taking the fight to them". Understand that this is very real and that those goons who claim that metals manipulation is a farce are simply talking from their arses, trying to gain credibility as contrarians. Ignore them for they truly have no idea what they're talking about. Truth is on our side and truth always prevails in its own time. In the paraphrased words of Churchill: "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, it shall be revealed."



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A first ?

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Dang Capcha

Lost the first!

A ton of interesting stuff to read over the weekend. I especially liked the link to the youtube video of Beppe Grillo!

Went out and shot my new Sig M400 with the wife and father-in-law for the second time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stack over the last couple of weeks so I could pick that puppy up, but I'm hoping for some further downward price action so I can buy even more in the next few days!

Currently on hold with the bank as I try to order a few boxes of half dollars - I had tried going to several branches in the past without success (they only had 4-10 rolls on-hand) but after watching Chris Duane's video about it over the weekend I decided to give it a go in earnest!

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I love mondays in Turdville!

happy we got a fresh thread!

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March Fourth

Only day of the year that is also a command.

RIP to one who has recently passed.

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its so great to see the miners getting pulled down constantly

I guess they are not worth much at all 

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Carpe Diem

Today is the day, so let's get a move on.

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Carpe Diem

Duplicate erased. 

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Happy to be < 10. Now if the

Happy to be < 10.

Now if the site would only stay up...

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Wife on a Roll

Wife's been peddling real estate for prudential, just bought out by Berkshire Hathaway.

She is now buffoon's tool.

Im her tool.

The gov is my tool.

buffoon is the gov's tool.

we are all tools ....

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poor math student

having trouble with my addition. oh well top 10 it is and 9 + 1 = ??

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Off Topic

Drudge has a report about DHS having 2717 light armored vehicles to go along with all those bullets.  Nice video too.  Nothing to see here....sad

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JP Lehman

Thanks for that story link from ZH Turd.

I don't get why anyone does any business with JPM since in crashing Lehman they were either incompetent (oopsies on bookmarks) or malicious and criminal in intent.

I guess the "govt. made/asked us do it" is a good enough excuse.

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Maund sees major gold bottom . . .

and expects new highs in upcoming run:

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That right!!!!!!! Forgot about that. ..... Xeno hits the ball out of the freakin park.

Perry Mason would be impressed!!!!!

That my friends is total, unequivical admission of government influence.  JPM is on record as admitting AT LEAST a collusion between uncle sam and JPM.

This stinks.

Its hard


Its hard to believe that JMP, tied to government, as they attempt to "save the financial system" to purposely take down Lehnman as suggested. I must be one naive turd. Otherwise, there goes the "mercantile sense", sniffing trails back to the FED, and dare I say, uncle sam, as perhaps, it was orchestrated, to create an exploitable crises, and politically turn the FED loose. This cant be just big fish goobles little fish, and Im not buying it as the end of the story. Maybe they both were going down, and JPM, in self preservation put the screws to Lehnman. I dont know. Its either a preservation play, (possibly), a mistake at JMP (doubtful), incompetence at Lehnman (doubtful), or ITS  uncle sam, GS pulling strings, or total fascist collusion. The story aint over. How possibly, can Lehnman just cave, to what they perceives as bogus demands. Lehnman was no small fish .... unless you include them, in a suicidal conspiracy. This story is screwed up somehow. It dont feel right, but what do I know.


@ SilverSurfers


I enjoyed your post entitled “It's hard”.  Of all of the possibilities that you propose,

it is my contention that your “total fascist collusion” explains the whole sad story.

Some of the players “are in the club”, and some are not.

There is a possibility that Lehman was an honest broker.

That simply cannot exist in a fascist oligarchy.

They had to be destroyed to support the agenda.

Since the takedown was government backed, they had no legal recourse whatsoever.

In the end, Uncle Sam always gets what he wants.

It is lawlessness on display. And, you are correct, this is far from over.

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@ Mariposa de Oro

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@Turd re: Lehman takedown by JPM link . . .

Lehman was deemed by Fed/Treasury (i.e., JPM) to be the needed sacrificial lamb, and to solidify the manipulations needed to see through the coming (at that time) financial disaster.

JPM also crashed MFingG by unexpectedly calling in their loans, which they can do, but almost never do.  They did it this time because too many of the MFG clients were long silver, and standing for delivery.  JPM had to crash them to keep the physical, through fraudulent changing of bankruptcy laws.

They will do anything and everything, legal, illegal or grotesque to maintain their power and wealth.

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Off Topic - As Usual

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The inverse correlation

The inverse correlation between the S&P500 and PM/miners is getting more and more obvious on a tick for tick basis. It is almost like the algos are rocking back and forth until they get into perfect sync, and then we will see a big move up in PMs and down in the market (or vice versa I suppose). But it takes time for them to get their fill of PMs and unload the broader market. One thing is clear though. This market is totally run buy the algos.

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extremely light volume today

19K contracts trading in the front month?!

Perhaps a case of: "Markets form their tops with violence.  They form their bottoms under quiet conditions."??

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Turd's call for 1565 gold retest

Turd's call looks to be in the cards this morning, as dealt by the crooked dealer.

I bet we see the retest on the Globex or overnight

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Rabbit hole

Well, if we're going to go down the hole- I'm following Alice...


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CP Murphy

"controlled retreat"

Sinclair, Turk, Powell, Murphy v AM

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Snippet from Jeff Nielson's article . . .

Avoid the scam named GLD:

"If one wants to understand how bankers can “sell paper gold” while not actually selling gold, they only need to read the GLD prospectus. This was previously dissected in an older commentary (The Seven Sins of GLD”), and a particularly significant technicality was noted.

In the event of “willful default” by the custodian of GLD bullion (primarily HSBC bank), the custodian has no obligation to deliver gold to unit-holders – even if unit-holders demand delivery of what (they undoubtedly believe) is “their gold”. What is a “willful default”? It’s where the custodian actually possesses abundant gold to satisfy “legal claims” against that gold, but simply chooses not to deliver that gold."


Almost identically,  JPM holds the same custodial position in SLV.  They, too, according to the prospectus, cannot be held liable for fraud if they choose to take for themselves all the silver in SLV.  All they have to do is pay for it with currency.

As I have said many times, SLV and GLD were created to help the bankers perpetuate the paper game.  These entities allow the bankers to use investors' money to buy gold and silver--for themselves.  The little-guy investor gets his currency back.  The bankers get the real gold and silver.

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Czech President story

This story is interesting.  The President of the Czech Republic was leaving office in four days.  According to the story:

Members of the upper house of the Czech parliament gave departing President Vaclav Klaus a going-away present on Monday—they voted to impeach him on charges of treason. Senate members voted to bring the treason charges against Klaus after a controversial amnesty decision in January that ended numerous high-profile fraud and corruption cases related to major financial scams.

On March 7, he starts his new job as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington.

Klaus granted amnesty to more 6,000 inmates and halted the prosecutions of many more awaiting trial. However, ending the court proceedings infuriated citizens who are fed up with corruption in the government and the financial industry.

But wait there's more (added after posting)

The Czech government has been buffeted in recent months by a series of corruption scandals that have threatened to bring it down. Corruption is so endemic that one industrious Czech started a corruption safari bus tour. Stops include a nonexistent house that 589 companies have registered as their headquarters.

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"Hang in there. It's almost over."

Well, maybe, but how many times has that been predicted by Turd, KWN and numerous other PM advocates? Don't get me wrong as I sure as anything HOPE they're correct - this time - but if the past is prologue to the future none of them have any idea.

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Thanks Silversurfers

But it seems I'm late to that partywink

Here's a great National Geographic show showing that great white sharks are not the dominant killing machines that most people think they are. They can be killed off by a smarter preditor.

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I think turd pretty well covered his bets with a possible fall

to 25.

I'm watching with interest.  Looks like we need a close above 28.475 to get me interested in a paper long position.

Lower than that & I wait.

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Beppe Grillo / Italy

I just read that ZH article and many others like it over the past several weeks regarding Beppe Grillo. It appears Italy has definitely found a figurehead to be their rebellious leader in their movement against their govt.'s incompetence. His position at this time is very strong and probably problematic for those who see him as an obstacle to their power consolidation.

If something unfortunate happens to Beppe everything will start to unravel quickly in Italy for sure but also within the EU as a consequence of it.

I dislike speaking of such things but the level at which events are taking place and the serious forces at work in politics and money anything seems possible. There's a reason why so many people end up being suspiciously poisoned in London or abroad. Forces within Italy typically make people disappear or blow-up.

Long live Beppe and those like him.

I would imagine if he were alive that George Carlin might be at the front man for similar movement in the US.

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SD take,
And interesting copper charts:

Combine with srsrocco energy facts..........come to your own conclusions.

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