Your Mother Was A Hamster

Tue, Feb 12, 2013 - 11:51am

You don't frighten us, Cartel PigDogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons-of-a-silly person. I blow my nose at your so-called Jamie-King. I will not deal with you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away and let the metals rise or I shall taunt you a second time!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - The Insulting Frenchman

We stand alone and taunt our enemies. There are those who choose to capitulate and run in fear, led astray by mainstream MOPE and newsletter-writing shills. That is not us. We prefer to think for ourselves. We observe the facts and act accordingly. The paper traders may influence price on a daily basis but we have time, fundamentals and the simple laws of economics on our side.

Paper price has once again fallen to actionable levels, for those willing to trade in the casino. Gold and silver, when measured by spot price versus futures price, have moved to levels of backwardation not seen since early 2009. And this is an Asian holiday week. Several Asian markets come back online tonight and more reopen on Thursday. Physical buyers will return in earnest and paper traders will be forced to hedge and cover. &

The charts below illustrate the opportunity. Long-term stackers should be using any and all weakness to continue their accumulation. But...IF the "markets" present us with another opportunity to purchase some paper at a sub-1640 gold price or a near $30 silver price, consider it a gift. Be ready to act.

And here are your other random, assorted items that I've collected over the past few days. First, this very interesting blog piece, sent to me via email. It discusses the inaction regarding the implementation of the Dodd-Frank law. Keep in mind as you read it that, in the U.S., we supposedly elect representatives to go to Washington D.C. on our behalf. These folks are charged with considering and crafting laws for the general betterment of the nation. But then the kleptocracy gets involved and laws are subverted and undermined.

Here's something that will leave you with the impression that the stock market is about to go into the toilet:

You probably should spend some time listening to this:

And this research report is lengthy but worth your time, even if you just skim it.

QBAMCO - Locked & Loaded by zerohedge

We've been watching the Yen sink like a stone since October and it looks like the subject will be on everyone's mind in Moscow later this week, when the full G-20 meet.,0,2456971.story. It's perfect timing, actually, as the Japan situation will serve to distract any and all conversation away from what's really going on...the inexorable march away from the dollar and every other fiat currency. Jeff Nielson has begun a new series meant to discuss these issues and Part 1 can be found here:

And this Bloomberg video is terrific. It discusses the "currency wars" but, from about the 3:00 mark on, the panel has a reasoned discussion of the gold standard. What kills me is the fixation upon the standard being unworkable because "gold is $1675". One of the guys suggests the real solution (which will happen) which is a revaluation of gold multiples higher. Unfortunately, that comment is quickly brushed aside and the conversation continues in a different direction. Regardless, this video is a must watch. Please do so.

Now, go have a great day and enjoy taunting The Monkeys.


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Feb 12, 2013 - 11:52am

Not Gonna say it

But you know.

silver bullett
Feb 12, 2013 - 11:53am



Feb 12, 2013 - 11:54am


I fear this will be the Cartel response however

Feb 12, 2013 - 11:55am

Kudos for Monty!

Would you believe it Again they smack it down thru 1651..

Feb 12, 2013 - 11:55am

fourth ammendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized

Feb 12, 2013 - 11:58am

This corrupt world is really getting out of hand. What is a

man to do? Every where you turn, fraud!

Biggus Stackus
Feb 12, 2013 - 11:58am

Gold's on sale..

..and I got fiat to burn. Woop!

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:00pm

Good gold article Alasdair Macleod

if this has been posted before I apologize. Afriend in the gold business sent link to me today.


Feb 12, 2013 - 12:05pm

Has anyone heard this reported anywhere?

"In Damascus, Syrian rebels are nearer than ever before to crashing through the capital’s last lines of defense. Tuesday, they were only 1.5 kilometers short of the heart of Damascus." 

Now, granted, it's debka but on this military stuff, their usually pretty good...–-partners-in-nuclear-and-missile-programs

Texas Sandman
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:07pm

Si capped at 31 round number resistance

Looks like a bullish market with top of the trading range at 31.96 by murrey math. But can't get anything going either up or down.

No trend longer than 15 minutes duration. Nothing to ride.


Addendum. Just took out the highs of the day. Maybe something moving?! Eh wot??

Be Prepared
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:07pm

Pick up Your Shovels...

Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel , "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land." Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land." Today, Congress has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land! I was so depressed last night thinking about Health Care Plans, the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc .... I called a Suicide Hotline. I had to press 1 for English. I was connected to a call center in Pakistan . I told them I was suicidal. They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck......

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:11pm
Sneed Hearn
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:11pm

Gold Standard

The institution of a legitimate gold standard (as opposed to a fraudulent one) by TPTB is about a likely as the sun rising in the west. And if they are eventually forced to do so it will be many years in the future after they have tried every other possible way to screw the pooch. Many of us on this site would not even survive to that point. Give up the source of much of their power? Voluntarily? Good one. Likewise there will NEVER be an actual default on the Comex since the rules allow paper settlement and, even if they did not, simple matter for them to change them as needed. The "rules" just establish how they manipulate and steal, they are not intended to prevent that as should be manifestly obvious.

Stacking still makes sense but not if you're depending on one of these events to happen in the near future.

The Green Manalishi
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:12pm

For your information, under two hours away.

Looks like you can still register for this if you haven't already Sprott Precious Metals Round Table – Get The Real Story Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, and John Embry

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Sneed Hearn
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:15pm

My position is that "The

My position is that "The West" will not be given a choice. "The Gold Standard", or some variation of it, will soon be imposed upon The West by the creditor nations of The East.

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:22pm

Nice to do business with you

Video unavailable
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:28pm

Still long silver from 30,79.

Still long silver from 30,79. quite nice hit on support and 200 d MA. Should be OK, no?

Texas Sandman TF
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:28pm

The central bankers will be dragged kicking & screaming

into a gold standard is my position Turd. We'll probably go through some sort of thing where they use a basked of reserve (paper) currencies first. Maybe the old SDRs, or you'll see movement away from the dollars into euros or yuan by some trading regionally. We went to war to keep iraq from trading oil in something other than dollars, but can't do the same with china or europe.

If there's a gold backed yuan, that would be a game changer. I'd probably sell my pm's and just keep all my money in yuan.

Groaner TF
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:29pm

gold standard forced on the West.

That would probably be the case, IF they have any gold?

Time to open up old Fort Empty see how many tungsten bars yee have

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:31pm

On Syria

Haven't been able to find that particular story anywhere, but this NY Times article from two days ago supports it. If this article is correct, government soldiers are rapidly losing morale.

VAT Man is Robbing
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:33pm


Ha ha, FU Clive Maund!

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:34pm

And of course there's this beauty

An interview of a famous newsletter writer, discussing his market predictions.

Monty Pythons - How to contradict people

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:39pm

And this, too

Video unavailable
Feb 12, 2013 - 12:40pm

QBANMCO research is excellent but difficult reading

In essence it explains the pains of having invested for inflation that has not materially appeared (at least to the public) but that would soon change. Stocks will rise with inflation but only preserve, not grow, wealth with higher inflation. It also reaffirms investing in gold.

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:46pm

Speaking of hamsters

The paper PM markets feel like being a hamster stuck on a wheel. Continually smashed in the morning and after-hours on Comex. Before option expiration, when the Bernanke speaks, when POTUS speaks, before-during-after QE announcements, on NFP day, etc...

Wash, rinse, repeat. Keep stacking because it's all bullshit- fundamentals ALWAYS win in the end! 

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:48pm

One of my favourites...

The Royal Society for Putting Things on top of other Things

Video unavailable

(don't know why it has subtitles, there isn't a version without them)

Feb 12, 2013 - 12:49pm

Just published by Miles Franklin

As part of David Schechtman's daily email. All I can say is: WOW!! And this is from 1986!

From David's Desk 

David Schectman


Jesse Cornish's Last Will and Testament

Jessie Cornish was my mentor in precious metals in the mid 1980s. He passed on in 1986 and I took over his position as the public spokesman for the largest (at the time) gold and silver company in America. I recently stumbled upon Jesse's last will and testament. I used to mail it to all of my clients, in the 80s. It is still relevant and I am proud to insert it here:

Last Will and Testament Of Jesse Franklin Cornish

I, Jesse Cornish, being of sound mind, do of my own accord, make this last will, bequeathing all of my earthly possessions as follows:

To my son, Jesse, and my daughter, Candy, I leave all my owned real estate and equities and all my liquid assets in the form of checking, savings, and other money accounts to share and share alike.

To my son, Jesse, I leave my guns, fishing gear, boats and all other personal effects a father would normally pass on to his son.

To my daughter, Candy, I leave the things her mother left. I leave her also certain family treasures, and pieces of collected art described on the attached sheets.

To both my son, Jesse, and my daughter, Candy, I leave my total collection of African art goods, my automobiles, items of jewelry, photographs, music albums, and all household valuables to share and share alike.

To my grandchildren, I leave the faith and hope that your parents will pass on to you whatever is left of this bequest on their demise. And to this I pray that they will add their lot. The bequests I have named appear in the will that is it be probated. It is already in the hands of my lawyers who will see it through for you.

In your own safe-deposit boxes, where you found this private copy is a sealed letter addressed to each of you. You may open it now. Inside you will find specific instructions leading you to the location of special forms of assets I have secured and left for you. This wealth may well be the only thing of real value I have to pass on to you.

It is in the form of gold and silver coins and bullion. Nobody knows I bought it, there is no record of them, and nobody knows where they are except you today.

I did not buy it to speculate. I bought it to get out of paper assets and to preserve capital.

The bullion coins are worth five times what I paid for them and some or the numismatic coins have appreciated over 6000 percent in the last ten years. As the next inflationary cycle reaches double digit, their values will also double.

The numismatic, rare coins along with their certification are in the packets here that bear your names. In your names also are these storage receipts from the warehouses in Montreal and Dallas. They represent the numerous pieces of fine ivory and ebony art carvings I brought out of Africa over the years. You may claim them in person at any time. All of these items are in demand and maintain high liquidity.

I depart this life with the prayer that you will have the foresight and self discipline to leave it as it is until this nation regains fiscal sanity. When that finally comes about, there will be complete monetary reform.

Your gold, silver, and ivory will buy this new form of currency and could well be your only hope for financial survival. When I purchased the uncirculated coins to put away for you, I was afraid and didn't buy enough. Now I see they have provided the highest appreciation of all, and any further additions to this private part of my bequests to you will include more of the same. It grieves me to inform you that I have also passed on to you a "Legacy of Debt."

My generation found a way to lead the good life by borrowing from yours. We have lived out the last thirty years in a credit "dream world" of luxury and affluence and monetized the massive debt by offering the next two generations as collateral. The material wealth I leave to you will not even begin to pay your share of the bill we ran up during your lifetime and it will haunt you and cause you to ask, "How could my dad do this?"

Please know it was not what I did, but rather, what I failed to do. I just didn't bother to get personally involved in the affairs of government at any level.

I filled my days to earn large sums of dollars and spent too may nights celebrating when I did. Like millions of others, I stood by as inept elected officials bought votes with your money and changed America from a capitalistic, free enterprise nation to a land ever-approaching mandated socialism.

The conventional investments I planned for your future failed the break-even point years ago. Savings, common stocks, and money funds were tied to the shrinking dollar and eroded away with inflation and taxes, just as they will when this economy turns around to monetize the most massive debt in history.

Over the past 15 years, most of my income was taken away in taxes to finance the enormous bureaucracy that now has a strangle hold on every aspect of our economy.

Even as I write this, I see the vultures circling -waiting to pick apart the probated portion of this will that was already riddled with taxes as I tried to keep it alive.

My final prayer is that you will use my shortcomings as a warning light to guide your way. And that you will try to find forgiveness in your hearts for the things I failed to do.

Get involved. Help get America back into the hands of the earners and the producers.

From my generation you have learned that you cannot feed and house the whole world. You also learned that the nation's banks do not deserve blind faith. 60 of them failed this past year and 750 more are in trouble with assets represented by over-extended credit.

Don't be afraid of what lies out there ahead, and don't ever feel guilty about what you earned yourself. Don't let elected officials give it away to the plunderers for the sake of re-election and self enrichment.

When the day comes for you to retire, the Social Security program will be bankrupt and gone. I paid into it for nearly forty years but never withdrew a dime.

There is an automatic $275 burial fee you could withdraw for my funeral expenses. I have already designated funds to cover this so please turn it down and afford me the last dignity of paying my own way out.

In everlasting love,

Your dad,
Jesse Cornish
Jesse F. Cornish
State of Minnesota
County of Hennepin

Feb 12, 2013 - 1:02pm

I watched the Bloomberg video.

Komal Sri-Kumar was making a lot of sense. Michael Woolfolk looked desperate. The unspoken truth they avoided when discussing Vietnam was that without abandoning gold the war would have ended sooner because the only way to have paid for it would be a war bond issue or raising taxes. Gold imposes fiscal discipline. Fiscal discipline is death to the Warfare/Welfare state.

Feb 12, 2013 - 1:02pm



I sit here with tears in my eyes as I hold my 10 week old daughter. Thanks for reinforcing my decision to protect her future. I needed that post.

Feb 12, 2013 - 1:08pm

gold standard thoughts

Any suggestion by Bloomberg's panel that discussed a fixed price of gold is absurd in my opinion.

It would leave little to no space at some point for future money or economic expansion to occur and it would cap growth at some point. Imho what they need to consider is a fixed floor on gold and a sliding scale that only goes upwards based on some market barometer that is established that ties the two together. At one time I posted about a tight Dow/Gold ratio and I'll look around for that older post.

At some point in the future a single giant market will emerge that will consolidate all the worlds markets (equities, bonds, FX, commodities etc.) and the machine that it becomes will enable many things (that are controlled and managed algo-style like today except that it'll be on steroids) that will draw people to want to participate in it due to sheer size of the numbers that will continue to go long as gold is tied to it and gold keeps creeping upwards.

It could eventually become a self lubricating market machine that feeds itself and every investors gambler like aspirations. But I digress and I just found the old post in a thread I started to keep this and 7 other thoughts stashed for future reference.

Some of this old post have been edited in my mind since writing it but I'm leaving it in it's original format and will at some point tweak it and make it current.

Keep in mind that I'm not married to this concept and I'm not predicting this will happen. It's just a concept that I believe could work and propel gold and the markets if something along these lines was implemented.

This concept would result in a a very long market frenzy and while true that inflation (or just higher numbers that we'll start using that eventually become normal that will feel like a wealth effect) is likely it would be relative to the amount of new money, growth or wealth that is created. Keep in mind I'm not a IMF or BIS economist and that this idea is sprung from trying to visualize a way forward and out of this current debt. In this dow/gold concept that older debt will be seen as cheap and very affordable to pay off once the market machine proposed starts goes into full gear.

My Gold / Dow Ratio Concept and the reasoning

Submitted by DarkPurpleHaze on October 21, 2011 - 9:42pm.

The gold/ dow market concept I'm proposing is just that, a concept and not a prediction.

The reason that the Fed. or TPTB might decide to do so is to get gold way up in price and to get people to participate in the stock market more regularly and in a increasing way. At some point they will need for gold to be much higher.That future point in time isn't right now, as we can all atest to what we are seeing in it , for now. The bottom line is that they want OPM's (other peoples money) in the market so they can try to take it away. That's how it works and we all know it. Volume is low and people don't trust the markets and there is a ton (trillions) of money sitting on the sideline as we all know. People are out of the market for a reason. They don't trust it and TPTB and the big banks, period. They see a weak economy and few decent jobs. They see and feel inflation and know their money is getting weaker or a sense of it. What if the Treasury and the Fed. at some point declare that the price of gold will be priced at a 2:1 ratio to the Dow. Not just 1:1, but double. A 10,000 Dow is $20K of Au/oz. for example. When the market concept and psychology of how gold is going to become totally tied to the dow in the future is when people start buying gold at these lower prices now (and going forward) and also start getting back into the market as they know that their own participation in the Dow will drive their asset higher. My thinking is that the Govt. at some point won't risk the USD getting to weak and they'll need to pump it's image back up and the confidence in it. Remember, the bottom line is for them to get you back into the market and inflate the price of gold by you buying it and pumping the market up to keep the price of gold up. It's a vicious circle of greed and QE simply to keep the market higher to keep gold higher to etc. etc... QE in the future will be wanted by everyone (ala Oliver Twist) as to keep the market and gold up. The market will stay up or get larger from increased investor participation because of the gold connection and the higher gold price being seen as something everyone should own while it's still affordable. Gold has become actual money in a market sense is how they'll sell it. All of the added liquidity from additional QE makes the gold price rise in unison with the market. And the participation by regular investors and the Fed's continual and regular stimulus keeps the market higher artificially with newly created money that is supposedly backed by gold...somewhere. All they need to do is sell the concept and the psychology part of it. The perception (that is the key thing here ) is that the USD is seen as actually backed by gold (ala GLD/FRN concept) and that the gold is actually valued high enough to backstop the huge US debt level. As confidence in a gold backed dollar increases so will money towards our markets and our treasuries etc. The increased money flow and the increase in the price of gold and the belief in the new gold backed system and market will allow the Fed. to expand it's balance sheet like crazy with barely a peep from anyone as they will all be blinded by the gold /dow market concept and the sheer numbers in terms of valuation. This is when the frenzy really starts but it's going to be a controlled frenzy. Jim Sinclair talks a lot about gold remaining at a high price as it's value increases in the future and then staying fairly high and consistent in price going forward. Gold will be used as a valuation tool in some way in the future by the U.S. and the Fed. All they need to do is declare it and be the first one to do so. The above is my take on how that could happen and why they might need it to happen and how they could artificially put a floor under gold but keep the ceiling open. Our own participation in the market and the QE that will be necessary going forward almost guarantee's that the market climbs higher and higher and thus gold higher and higher at double the rate. Who would really care what the debt level is if our money was pegged to gold and it in turn was pegged to the markets that in turn are being pumped up by the Fed. and also with global investor demand into that same market because of the gold angle? It's all about the wealth effect and the belief in a system. A gold backed system that allows the market to dictate it's price based on the dow market participation could be just enough of a head game to induce the rabid participation of almost everyone. It would be a self- fulfilling gold price discovery frenzy based on the free market concept. The above also would be the prelude to the gold backed plastic debit/credit card I wrote about this week. They would go hand in hand after the establishment of the gold/dow relationship. At that point everyone would believe in it and be ready for a change to a gold monetary system. What the world and U.S. would be getting is a huge version of the GLD/FRN scheme going on now where you'll never see the gold but you'll just have to trust it's there (Fort Knox?) This has been stored in my mind for awhile and just went from my brain to my computer monitor in 20 minutes so I apologize for any fuzziness or confusion on the concept. Anyone who wants to chime in and clean up the theory or frame it a bit differently or reshape it, be my guest. CA Lawyer comes to mind as one who will dive into this possibly. His post earlier today prompted me to finally get this concept out of my head. The whole MBS thing seemed unlikely 6 months ago and yet their doing it and it will be huge in it's scope. The thing I ask myself is basically this...why are the big banks all of the sudden starting to call for higher and higher gold prices when it seemed like forever that they wouldn't even acknowledge the possibility of gold really even being of any value monetarily? Either we are being set up right now at these prices and the bubble pops at $2000 ( not what I believe) or they are telegraphing that gold will go there and go much higher as a means to start getting the market psychology going so that people will start to filter into gold in anticipation of it going higher. Participation and confidence are key. Gold has that effect on people, period. One peep from the Fed. or Treasury about gold being tied to almost anything in the marketplace or the need for gold to be higher to backstop our monetary supply and the money will start pouring in and gold will go up with it. Your comments and help in refining this is will be appreciated. I think it would probably be necessary for a entirely new index to replace the Dow in this instance and maybe the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq get combined together to form a super index of sorts. In any case, the ratio that the Fed./Treasury decided to use could even be larger. The bigger the better for their debt and QE purposes going forward. Keeping the dollar cheap for purposes of buying our own debt won't matter anymore as the money supply will be greatly increased due to the ever increasing gold price. They'll be able to buy back and pay off debt with an unreal monetary supply. It's a perfect circle of sorts.


More thoughts at this link...

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