Cueball & Thunderlips

As we all wait with anticipation for The Bernank to speak at 4:00 p.m. EST, here's a little something to help you kill the time.

The alert Turdite "silverstool" alerted us earlier today that the CFTC was planning a closed-door meeting. ( If you're wondering what it's about, we have your answer. We've planted a secret camera inside the CFTC offices in Washington and look what we overheard.

The meeting is probably insignificant. Maybe they're just discussing office politics or planning for O'Bottom's re-inauguration next week. Or maybe...

Have a great day!



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Wow...a Furst and a Thurd

Wow...a Furst and a Thurd within a few days of each other! Hopefully a sign of good things to come in 2013...LIKE SILVER BEING PRICED ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND...who am I kidding...the game will continue!

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Did I really make the top ten?

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Turd's thurd fifth

Humor is appreciated! Thanks!

edit, I'll take a fifth.....

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Michael Barone

I was somewhat surprised to see Michael Barone come to the same conclusion as Strauss and Howe's Fourth Turning/Generations thesis.

He didn't mention them (and he did credit other related thinkers) which makes me think he got to the same place independently. 

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Thanks for hosting this site. A great place for PM info

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Behind Closed Doors

The deals made behind closed doors have been the most oppressive, the most dangerous and the most deceitful deals ever made.

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Looks like

We may resolve to the upside!


And if that plays out on the same pattern in the long term chart, we should be sitting pretty damn soon...

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top ten?

Another weak week?

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Nice To See a Cartoon Again

Well done Turd.

I will say it again.  The CFTC will never do anything about the manipulation.  It ends when the physical is gone and the  users panic.  The only announcement we will get is that they investigated (again) for over four(?) years now and have found nothing.

Back over 31 as well.  Hopefully the Bernanke can solidify this gain.


PS Current WH Petition count 4,008 as of 12:45 local.

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Interesting times indeed

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Whak dat mole! Whak it! (name

Whak dat mole! Whak it!

(name any other investable with this consistent, regularly repeated, form of chart action; no manuplatin here ... no suh)

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Bernanke Beat Down

Expect a beat down later today when Bernanke speaks.  It used to be that a move up in the metals on the day of a press conference meant that Bernanke was going to say something metal positive.  That was because it was leaked in advance.  Now the movements appear to be a set-up for longs to jump on board before the Bernanke speaks and then you get the sell off.  The after-market announcement is the give away.  Most of us can't trade then so we'll see the waterfall and just have to watch and be sexually frustrated. 

The best part is that some upstanding long will dump 10,000 contracts in one second because his broker told him that was the way to get the best

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Business in the front, party in the back...


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Fundamentally Speaking...

Lets look at where the rubber meets the road, the steel wheels meet the rails and deep sea shipping. These are leading indicators of an economy, rather than the lagging ones of GDP etc. Basic fundamentals.

The inter-modal (piggyback) US rail traffic for 2012 shows an increase of only 3.1%  year-over-year, despite widespread weakness in US inter-modal rates. The really bad news is, rail carload volume dropped 12.1% year-over-year as shipments of coal fell 19.2% and motor vehicle/equipment traffic declined 20.6%, despite car manufacturers channel stuffing production.

Weekly carload traffic on Eastern railroads fell 12.3% year-over-year, while Western railroad volume dropped 12% in the same period, according to the Association of American Railroads. What this reveals is continued weakness of not only the economy, but of long distance road truck traffic. As shippers opt for cheaper inter-modal rail shipping. Attempting to gain insight into diesel fuel usage, by road truck traffic, is made more difficult since the widely read Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index, has ceased publication as of May 2012, with no explanation of why.

The world container ship capacity as of January 1, 2013 shows an increase of 6% from a year ago. Or a net growth of 921,000 TEUs (20-foot-equivalent units). The global ship order book stood at 3.43 million TEUs on January 1, equivalent to 21% of the current fleet. Around a quarter of the additional capacity has boosted the fleet of idle ships by 5% from a year ago. The global sea shipping sector as tracked by the BDI continues to bottom bounce since the economic crash of 2008. Recovery? No.

What must be done is for ALL world governments getting together, cancelling ALL debt (a global debt jubilee) and designing/instituting a new, debt-free based monetary system. Until such time - continue to accumulate physcial gold and silver. Own/hold it outside the present corrupt system.      

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The CFTC combo cut

Gensler on top, Chilton in the back


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I have to admit


My favorite part is making Chilton out as a blonde chick in a Santa suit.

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RE: Why Citizenship Is Important to Be POTUS

Mudsharkbytes wrote:
Personally, I thing there's plenty of reasons why Obama shouldn't be president outside of the whole natural born citizen argument anyway, which at best is a technicality and doesn't really address the more important issues behind his unsuitability.  

I've never understood why the status of what particular soil ones mother stood on when they're born matters in regards to a person's suitability to be president.  If both of your parents are citizens, that should be sufficient to settle citizenship issues in regards to that particular qualification for holding office in the United States. 

Mudsharkbytes, the issue is not what you or I think might be appropriate, the issue is the law.  I might not always like the First Amendment, but it is the law.  I might not always like the 19th Amendment, but it is the law.  The problem with Obama is that he blatantly disregards the fundamental law, and the country instead of saying, "Pardon me, but the law says you are not qualified", they go along with the fundamental law breaker and back him up saying it's not important!  If the 2nd Amendment is important because it is part of the fundamental law, then so are the qualifications for prez, and no one should be able to just kiss them off.  No one.  His whole administration has been characterized by disregard for fundamental law.  A country that disregards its fundamental law and just lets the king make it up as he goes along is a monarchy and not a constitutional republic.  Even kings often had to respect existing law and O is not doing what even kings have to do.


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AG at 31.15

Knock, knock, knockin on heaven's door...


So does this third failure to break through mean we are headed back down?

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Did everyone catch this?   "We've got names... we've got account numbers..."

Interesting.  Of course, this is just a cartoon, right?  No reason to take these statements seriously, I'm sure.   

Of course, if someone had inside information as early as last summer that the specific names and account numbers used to start manipulative waterfalls were known (the smoking gun of metals manipulation), and if it could  be proven that these names and accounts were used to dump massive shorts into thinly traded markets AND they could be tied back to a major metals market manipulator through the account numbers, then one might be inclined to think ahead to what the effect of making this information public would be on the markets, no?  One might even be inclined to think they would be explosive and historic.  I also noticed that the video mentioned the Caymans... an international shadow banking center, perfect to house such accounts.

But hey, it's just a cartoon.....     right?

P.S.-   Seems to me that IF the above speculation is true, and the CFTC is just sitting on this info clearly implicating a major trading house in criminal fraud, then why not just embarrass the living hell out of these people by making ALL of the information public?  Names, account numbers, run the whole thing here, on ZH, and have Lauren Lyster run story after story, have Max Kieser collate all the specific info and have people start letter writing campaigns to congress, etc...   Make a big huge public stink about it, and see what happens?  What do we have to lose at this point?  Just sayin'...

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While on the topic of mullets


Here are the other Chilton lookalikes mentioned:

Jeez, I just love ridiculing these worthless fuckers. It sure feels good.

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@ Dr. J

Hope so....I have ZSL to sell and AGQ to buy....

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End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless

A good primer for your friends who don't understand how fiat currencies are created and debased, and how they are a ponzi scheme which will collapse.  I found it interesting, too.  A history from the end of the gold standard to now, and what to expect when faith in those currencies die, and the recommendation to stack silver and gold.

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the birth certificate

No doubt about it, Obama's birth certificate has "issues"...

To me, the question is... Why?

Why would the most powerful person in the world, with access to agencies who could do anything,  with such authority and wealth at hand, create such an obvious fake?

Perhaps a distraction? one to keep Obama's foes focused on something that make them the source of ridicule? What is it that they are trying to draw attention away from? That should be our focus.


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Names and account numbers?

I heard that too, Pining. I guess we will see how leaky the CFTC really is.  But would anyone outside of the silver & goldbug camps really care? The MSM may still keep things quiet with regard to manipulation. I thought that the Greek default was the black swan, but that came and passed quietly with the FED likely bailing out the bondholders to keep the system solvent.

But maybe the reset is near, whether it gets publicized or not.

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Florence Henderson

Lol! That's too random not to laugh at :-)

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as somebody who can look at this whole story from the outside, I can tell you that you are probably very very correct in your statement.

There is no way that this obvious fake wasn't let loose on purpose! It must be some kind of sick inside joke.

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You birthers

You birthers are fucking NUTS!!! What is next? Are you going to tell me that the sun goes around the earth, that the earth is flat, that evolution did not happen, that hunters really do need assault rifles with 100 round clips to hit Bambi, that Santa Claus is real, or that some imaginary man in the sky grants your wishes.

Can we please get back to discussing PM's, not your widely distorted version of reality. Don't you realize that by sprouting this crap you make the sane people here look stupid too.

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@Daystar RE: The Law

I haven't visited the previous thread since my last comment so I have no idea if my posting generated any discussion, but it seems you misunderstand my point.

I'm no fan of Obama and in no way think he's qualified to be president.  I thought the same about Romney.  I think the same about virtually every candidate I'm offered as a choice.

And I'm not all frothed up to repeal the natural born citizenship requirement to run for the office of the president either.

I just think in general, the dirt your mother was standing on when your born has no bearing whatsoever on your ability to lead the country from the oval office.  A whole lot of other issues do, but to me that doesn't really mean anything.

Sure, it's the law, no argument.  I understand how people want to make an issue of this in the hopes of getting Obama impeached but I'm only saying in the grand scheme of things, it's not much of an issue, akin to George Brett & pine tar on his bat.  Doesn't mean he should be allowed to 'get away with it', but he did.  

In terms of lawlessness from the POTUS, I'm much more concerned about the NDAA & drones & gun confiscation & about a kazillion other things than I am about where Obama was born.

Can he be disqualified on the basis of citizenship?  Probably.  Will he?  Not a chance.


Again, my opinion as to why poorly executed documents and simplistic reasons for complex world events (they hate us for our freedoms), ones that are easily disproved are offered to the general public is two fold.

1) It satisfies the incurious who believe what they are told.

2) It terrifies the curious, which is the REAL reason why these things aren't better executed.  TPTB know the media and the useful idiots from #1 will outnumber and shout down / ridicule the #2's.

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