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Wed, Dec 26, 2012 - 6:05pm

Not much happening on this day after Christmas but I found a few things for you to consider.

It has been a very quiet, rangebound trade since the conclusion of the last raid back on Thursday. The HFTs are in charge and they are alternately jamming price slightly higher and lower as they attempt to fatten some profits before year-end. The result is 3 days of market boredom with silver in a 50¢ range and seemingly going nowhere. Gold is stuck, too, but at least shows some signs of life. It double-bottomed near $1640 late last week and has since recovered quite nicely. IF it can get some traction here and move UP through $1680 and then $1690, it will actually enter 2013 with a positive-looking chart. Let's just see what the rest of this week holds.

The only market that held any excitement today was crude. Recall that we've been watching crude in a range from $85-90 since mid-October. Today, it finally broke higher and through $90, with the Feb13 closing at $91.17. Now the question is: Can it hold the breakout tomorrow and Friday or will it simply fall back down under $90? IF it can hold, it will set up an early 2013 test of the $95 level and IF it gets above there, a return trip to $100 awaits. Two things:

  1. $100 crude would definitely be supportive of higher metals prices.
  2. The situation in the MENA has been "hot" for some time now with various headlines going and coming. However, crude has remained below $90. Suddenly, today, it's $91. Hmmmm....

Finally, if you're like me you're probably looking for something to do, so, below is a YouTube link to a documentary. This show was mentioned in a ZH thread last week and I took the time to watch it. It's a fascinating story about the "Flash Crash" of May 2010. It's relevant here simply because the focus is High Frequency Trading and, as you know, those damn WOPRs have been wreaking havoc in the metals pits for some time now. Here are some background links to pique your interest:




And here's the show:

Flash Crash 2010 - VPRO documentary - 2011

That's all for now. Hang in there and keep the faith.


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Dec 30, 2012 - 7:11pm

Talk of crude: Illuminati

Talk of crude:

Illuminati script - the very last chapter: BushClinton and disarm the citizens - The basic facts about what happened since 2007 and is now being finally completed MAKE NO MISTAKE: as soon as "Obama" ends the ONE and ONLY task he will FULLY detonate. Mass slaughter will no longer be restricted to hospitals and homes for elderly The text describes:
- the original script that should be implemented after systemic collapse in July 2007;
- each modified script and the date it was changed.
Descriptions are as if writen at each date: original script and the date that the script was modified.
Example: disarm citizens is now basically completed in Switzerland but that was not yet the case in July 2007.
So the USA is now the only area of Illuminatziland where the ONE and ONLY task MUST be completed.

July 2007 - Original script must be implemented as soon as possible

Reason: systemic collapse in 2007 July, after a period of growing gap between oil demand and oil ouptut causes exponential rise of oil prices.
Systemic collapse drastically reduces demand for oil and its price falls. (1)
Consequence: nazi state must be formally established in Illuminatziland as soon as possible.
Requirement(s): only one. The ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed is to disarm citizens in the last two areas where that did not yet happen: the USA and Switzerland.

More https://www.christianforums.com/t7710564/
Mr. Fix
Dec 28, 2012 - 8:29am

@ alan2102

I know that the paper price has continually climbed for the past 12 years, and it sounds like a cliché when I say that this next year is different, but it is. Paper can be created out of thin air, like it can be done with a currency to infinity, and it is only public perception that maintains its value. Un- backed naked shorting is somewhat similar, except for one key item:

those paper shorts are supposed to represent real metal,

it is admittedly somewhat conspiratorial in my thinking, but I am not alone when I say to you that they do not have the metal to back up their contracts.

The day that more people stand for delivery, then the COMEX can deliver, those paper contracts will suddenly lose a lot of their value.

Haven't you heard the saying “if you can't put your hands on it you don't own it?”

I have had some painful experience with silver futures contracts, and in my opinion it is a fraudulent system whose sole purpose is to rip off players , and suppress the price.

My view that the paper price can continue to drop in a default scenario, is not that far-fetched,

but it does appear to be a minority view on this board. I'm not entirely sure why that is,

I guess it simply comes down to for me that paper contracts can be printed out of thin air to infinity,

the actual metal is finite, and when the price is artificially suppressed, shortages will always occur.

maybe I am combining economics with physics, and it may not be proper, but it works for me.

Then there are the powers that be that set up the COMEX.

It was designed to be a fraudulent system from day one, and since it's sole purpose is manipulation, fraud and theft,

not paying off the people who hold contracts, would not bother them in the least.

There, I threw in a little bit of psychology for good measure.

Have a nice day, keep stacking, physical only.

Dec 28, 2012 - 8:05am

Reply to Mr Fix: big paper meltdown? or not?

Mr Fix: "I have no confidence in the “paper price” to go up before there is a systemic collapse."

Just keep in mind that the paper price HAS gone up, a whole bunch, over the past 12 years. About 6X.

Mr Fix: "I see no reason why the “paper price” shouldn't completely collapse, as confidence in the COMEX evaporates. For a while, you may have to sit on your investment, until it all shakes out, but when it is finally repriced, it should look pretty good."

That's the FOFOA-ian apocalypse-now (or -soon) view. Sudden, dramatic paper meltdown, super-hyperinflation, metals to the moon. It might happen that way. Or, it might not. So far, for 12 years, it has not.

I sympathize with the apocalypse-now view because I held it for about 10 years, starting about 15 years ago. Then, I began to reconsider. Still have not come to a firm conclusion. Maybe the incremental bull (like the last 12 years) will continue for another 5 years, or longer.

Dec 28, 2012 - 12:10am

Hypocrites In Hollywood

The folks who make millions off gratuitous violence now want Washington to do something about the bad guns.

Demand A Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves [Explicit Version]
Dec 27, 2012 - 6:01pm

Sopa revisited

My theory is that these parasites that be dont have ANY cojones. Everything they try pushes against resistance they cannot match. They are spineless, inept and scared because the internet is sheding too much light on their perverse sociopathic schemes.

Here is a reminder how their attempt to control the internet completely failed in 2012


Their attempt to disarm the USA will fail the same way.

They have lost wether they know it yet or not.

The Internet stops the Stop Online Piracy Act

The biggest tech policy story of 2012 was the Internet's decisive defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act. The legislation was introduced in 2011 and would have forced ISPs and others to participate in a government-run Internet blacklisting scheme. As the year began, the bill's momentum seemed unstoppable. But then on January 18, 2012, thousands of websites went dark to protest the legislation. We at Ars Technica observed SOPA Resistance Day; every story we ran that day made the case for opposing SOPA and PIPA.

The protest was astonishingly successful. The day of the protest, 19 Senators and dozens of House members declared their opposition to the bills, which were abandoned within 48 hours. Interestingly, Republicans outnumbered Democrats among the ranks of new SOPA opponents, suggesting skepticism of Hollywood's copyright agenda on the political right.

The momentum against SOPA and PIPA was so powerful that it also contributed to the defeat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). That agreement had already been signed by President Obama in October 2011, but it still needed to be approved in the European Union. Inspired by the success of American copyright reform activists, thousands of Europeans took to the streets to oppose the treaty. One country after another began to express reservations about the treaty, and it was decisively defeated in a July vote by the European Parliament.

The defeat of SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA represent a dramatic shift in the balance of power on copyright. For decades, copyright policy has been driven by special interests with the general public having little influence. But the January 18 protest demonstrated the Internet had matured into a potent medium for grassroots organizing. Sources tell us that almost a year later, members of Congress are still gun-shy about taking up Hollywood-backed copyright legislation for fear of provoking more online protests.

Dec 27, 2012 - 2:55pm

new thread

new thread

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Dec 27, 2012 - 2:40pm

I'm not saying it can't happen, but......

The "interview" with the DHS insider was interesting reading but too much general BS without any hard stuff to back it up.

Reality is that they would have take a section at a time, there are just not enough law enforcement officers to kick down doors all over the country at one time. Estimates are 50 million households (about 50% of total households) in the US with firearms. There are 200,ooo DHS employees, 63,000 TSA, 36,000 FBI. That includes executive and admin employees. The first time a TSA employee gets shot trying to take someone's gun away, most of them are going to scatter. Add in 1.1 million local LEOs but how many of them are going to try to enforce orders from Washington? Look what happened during Katrina. New Orleans police did not enforce the laws, some of them were the looters. Others went home and took care of their own families.

The US military can not control the Taliban in Afghanistan and that is country with only 30 million people. Of course here, the rules of engagement may be more favorable to the TSA/DHS/etc. than they are to our military in Afghanistan.

Dec 27, 2012 - 2:36pm

The world would be a much

The world would be a much better place place if families with money were more like the Traceys instead of the Rothschilds. The world would be a much better place if visionaries like Clarke were in charge instead of psychopaths like Obama.

We could have had a better world and we let Gerry down. I am so sorry and I apologize for my nation.


Then get off your damn ass and get busy, Scarlet. I'm tired of waitin'... If you know what needs to happen, then fuckin' make it happen.

Speaking of which, didn't I tell you folks that silver wasn't going to reach $40 by year-end? GODDAMN IT, PEOPLE, prove me wrong! Fuck!... I'm tired of this goddamn waiting.

That said, silver may have a better chance of hitting $40 by this May, but chances are it won't hit $50 until May of 2014. NOT looking forward to waiting this goddamn long. I think that if the third scenario is in store for us, then I'll just say fuck it in September, move out, quit my job, and hit the road. I've had enough.

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