Stackers Rejoice!!

While JPM et al continue to gouge those still hopelessly trading paper metal, we stackers delight in the opportunity presented to us again today.

I've practically begged and pleaded with you to stop trading paper. The only way you have a chance in these utterly manipulated and broken "markets" is to trade alongside Andrew Maguire. Barring that, you're doomed. The Evil Empire is dead set upon flushing the spec longs and covering as many naked shorts as possible before the final, dollar-collapse-fueled ascent. They will stop at nothing to protect themselves before this happens.

Witness today. The manipulation is now so bald-faced and clear to see that it is obvious that The Cartels no longer care about appearances and plausible deniability. The bought-and-paid-for regulators at the CFTC are accomplices in these crimes. Regardless of the evidence presented to them, they sit idly while The Criminals perform their dirty deeds. Their dishonesty knows no bounds and they must, in the end, be held equally accountable.

Again, in what has become modus operandi, do you see any correlation below? Of course not. Stocks and crude continue to rally while the metals are raided.

Will the price of silver stop at $31 or will it continue to fall toward $28 or even $26. I don't know and, frankly, I don't care. I know what the fundamentals are and I know where price is, ultimately, headed. What happens over the next few days and weeks is of zero, long-term significance.

What is significant is this: Soon the world will realize that physical silver and gold are scarce, having been leased and hypothecated many times over. The world will also learn that much of this scarcity has been caused by the nefarious and manipulative acts of the very same TBTF banks that brought us to the brink of economic collapse in 2008. The global reset of power will be unprecedented and breathtaking to behold. The only protection you have against the certainty of these events is your physical gold and silver. Therefore, rejoice on days like today. You have been given the gift of time and a heavily-discounted price. Please utilize both to your long-term advantage.



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Remain Positive

You gotta stack on a day like this!

i'm gonna go scrounge up some fiat and head to the local LCS and buy a tube of eagles

then i'm gonna get a big fat greasy cheeseburger.  Take that!

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top ten:)

I edge ever closer to the prize.

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Got the Bronze

A lousy third - better than 4th though.

Shouldn't complain, I've had my share of 1st anyway.

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Christmas shopping!

Christmas shopping!

And the Catalans make the news here again.

Catalonia defies Madrid in approving new tax on bank deposits

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What is up with the site today?

Very slow to log on

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Greetings from Finland! Top

Greetings from Finland! Top ten?

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Greetings from Finland! Top

Greetings from Finland! Top ten?

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Too much traffic

Looks like today's raid is over. Tomorrow price will reach 32 again then comex opens they will send silver to 31. 

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Dream Land

What absolute bullshit gets written now. This bravado about - stackers delight getting lower prices. Well you will buy all the way down. One thing you haven't admitted is that none of you cults are in control. The prices o in the direction the invisible hand wants them to go - if you on their side you will get someplace. This bullshit about my buddy and my contacts will take this thing down - carry on living that illusion. all this summer was - was a big Wyner Benton set up - using Turd and Bill Murphy. Fantastic job. It was easy when their was a trend and you were all set up in April 2011. Fantastic. Ted Butlers new piece - I think he has it incorrect - he has no clue.

Carry on buying all the way down. Their is uddles of physical to get hold of - in fact to sell it is a very very difficult thing to do.

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Dream Land - to add

Long live this bullshit about moonshot and 100 dollar moves - it's just bear moves. Gold has gone up only because the invisible hand lets it go up. A slow consistent up move is a strong trend - these other moves are just to skin you.

Carry on living in this dreamworld.

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I think

Turd sounds on the edge of a nervous breakdown...poor chap.

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The Evil Empire is dead set

The Evil Empire is dead set upon flushing the spec longs and covering as many naked shorts as possible before the final, dollar-collapse-fueled ascent. 


Their dishonesty knows no bounds and they must, in the end, be held equally accountable.

Agreed, but it won't happen.  If anything, gold/silver vigilantes will be made out to be unpatriotic, and the perpetrators will be seen as the saviors when implementing their next scam.


The Event Horizon will be very interesting.... one day there will be a completely new set of "market conditions" and it will be forever true from that day on.  That is the day that Turd and many other's are waiting for to create the HEH move... all of the rest of the movements that happen before then are small potatoes compared to the great apocalypse (revealing) of the financial system.

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Double post.. how about a

Double post.. how about a music video to replace~

NAS and Damien Marley - Despair

[Nas - Verse 1]
The Master of the Masses
One has power
The other one lacks it
Guns are power
Controlled by assets
Owned by financial forecasters

Who are the Masters?
They are the Gangsters
They are the bankers
The ones who tax us
The Masses
They are us
The sheep, the people
Divided in classes
I go off like a Shite bomb
And All ya'll see I'm on my
War paint on my face, shit
My nine mm on my waist, shit
I'm a problem
Shoot up your place shit
Let a few go
Then I get low
Blazing Haze again
The Masters, The Wall Street War Chiefs
The Elitists Groups
The Masses
They pray to Jesus
Saying he will see us through
The Masters are the aristocratic
The Masses
Ask if the Most High
Is On his way here
I'm trying to stay clear
My mind is my modern day Spear

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Choices, choices, choices.

Stack paper fiat, which TPTB keep printing into infinity 


Trade fiat for real hard money and silver...

Choose wisely........

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Errr no

Sorry the cartels being able to manipulate the price down to $26 with impunity is a bad thing for previous purchasers of PMs, whether you are a stacker or a long trader. Let's not tip over into talking nonsense.

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so Turd do you rejoice in having made yet another failed prediction ?

On this occasion it was for a bullish December, following on from the" bullish, historic and explosive" calls you have made in respect of 


2)the second quarter of 2012

3),the summer,

4) the autumn

5)  December

I seriously hope you are bearish for 2013 !

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John Grisham

Will he be writing a book about the silver manipulation?

Turd reckons lives are at stake here; surely that's great material for another blockbuster :)

Wake up people ffs!!!! 

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Mr. Spelling Champ TTT: Hey

Mr. Spelling Champ TTT:

Hey Mr. TeeTees....  go TeeTee-Fook urself....

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@mr ttt

Nothing wrong being a contrarian but you have absolutely no facts to back up what you say whereas I can point to central bank buying of gold by the tons and a US Fed monetising a $trillion per year.

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Im thoroughly confused

Turd - you said in your earlier post that if the levels mentioned (1675 in gold) fell, to step aside and wait for a bottom to present itself before buying more physical. Now you say, rejoice at this opportunity to buy more, cheaply. Would you be buying here, or would you wait for lower prices? 

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load of mud


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Before you buy more physical...

Just go back one year ago when the cartel took gold down from the 1700's to the 1500's. I bet we see the 20's in no time at all for silver and the high 1500's for gold. Keep your powder dry folks! History does repeat sometimes!!!!! I'm just the messenger.

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@ Stock Canines

If the weatherman continually said it was gonna be sunny and it rained; would you still be watching and expecting him to get it right next time?

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Re: Dream Land

Member for
1 week 6 days

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SILVER ALERT: Geithner Panics and Shuts Down Silver Eagle Supply

SILVER ALERT: Geithner Panics and Shuts Down Silver Eagle Supply

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To be more specific

Sorry, to be more specific, the price of gold last December went from the 1700's to the 1500's. 

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I BTFD.  Go ahead make my day - drive the price lower.  If I'm smart I'll buy even more.


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I got stacking day coming up

I got stacking day coming up in 2 weeks. Didn't know silver was on sale. Maybe I can buy a little extra on what I planned.

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Holy moly...

...the smell of troll around here is almost overwhelming - barely giving the honest folk a chance to get a post in!?!

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