Turd for Nobel Prize in 2013

I mean, why not? Plus, I could use the cash!

First, Al Freaking Gore wins the Peace Prize for...what exactly? And then O'Bottom wins it...why again did he win it? And now, the sanctimonious Nobel Committee awards the Peace Prize to...The European Union? WTF?!? Don't you have to be an individual to win? Is this what Alfred Nobel intended? "Let's just reward and congratulate ourselves on being such wonderful and peaceful bureaucrats!". Seriously? Seriously. Oh well, the EU does need the cash. So, the campaign starts today. Screw the presidency, I want The Prize!



One group definitely NOT deserving of any prize is The Evil Empire and their willing accomplices at the Comex. We've now had to endure Comex-opening beatdowns on 8 of the last 10 days. This is unbelievable and unprecedented. I don't think I've ever printed so many 1-minute charts and, frankly, I'm sick of it. Here are just a few:

And here are the "bloody gloves" from today's crime scene:

If I sound frustrated, it's because I am. These Comex games are enough to drive you to drink. We here know that physical metal is your only financial protection and investors worldwide are fast coming to the same conclusion. Regardless, the phony-baloney Comex paper price is still manipulated for the benefit of a select few. Whatever. Screw 'em. They'll get their comeuppance soon enough.

In the bigger picture on the longer-term charts, you can clearly see that they are making very little, actual progress. In fact, the shorts appear to be playing a losing game here. EVERY attempt to jab price lower is being met with stiff demand, not further selling. EVENTUALLY (soon), longs will be emboldened and, once some resistance levels are breached, the recent shorts will be forced to cover.

For now, keep your eye on $33.60 silver as this level has been attacked repeatedly this week and has held each time. Should a rally develop later today or early next week, our target remains $34.35. As, above there, shorts will begin to get squeezed and face capitulation.

And gold is looking to put in a "bowl" or "cup" shaped bottom on these charts. I'm always fascinated by these patterns when they come together as, when they work out, they almost seem predesigned and predestined.

Just two bits of reading today. First, Detlev Schlichter has penned another beauty: http://detlevschlichter.com/2012/10/we-are-on-the-road-to-serfdom

And our pal, Paul Mylchreest, has written up another lengthy report. Great stuff, as usual, and he was even kind enough to include a reference to some of our work here.


OK, that's all for now. Please check back later as I will try to post some thoughts on the CoT when it's released. It should be somewhat interesting as OI declined over the survey week and we'll get some idea of just who was selling/covering.

Have a great day!



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obumer will be reelected the same way G.W.Bush was

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Almost CoT time


This is just for fun. No hidden meaning.

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ZeroHedge: Did Bernanke Bluff

ZeroHedge: Did Bernanke Bluff About QE3?

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Jesse Ventura

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CoT dull


Anyone like me waiting for something interested will be disappointed. Maybe Uncle Ted will find something by pouring over the disaggregated report. For now...

Gold was down $10 for the week but OI rose 3400. The Gold Cartel trimmed positions, selling 4536 longs and covering 6818 shorts. The small specs unloaded longs, too, to the tune of 5400. The only buyers were the large specs, which added 8000 or so new longs.

Silver was even more boring. The Evil Empire was quiet, adding 400 longs and covering 400 shorts. Like gold the small specs sold longs while the large specs bought.

A perfectly boring ending to a dreary week. No excitement. Nothing. Just a slow, demoralizing drift down. Four weeks of this has just about wiped me out. Time for the weekend.

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Like January 2011....when Turd is ready to throw in the towel....is he now gonna come out and declare Turd's Thurd Bottom? ;)

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just for some friday fun...

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Gold silver contest

Due to some of the outlier predictions, it's probably more informative to study the median guess, as opposed to the average.

The median guess for gold is $1835, versus the average guess of $1840.

Silver however shows a big discrepancy.  The median guess for silver is $37.01 while the average is $38.21.

Let's hope that the denizens of Turdville know what they are talking about.

As Turd says, 'its been a painful four weeks',  we could all use a little $37 silver!!!!

Three weeks past HEH deadline and nothing..........................but crickets.................sigh

All I've gotta say is that when gold and silver both hit all time highs (nominal)  I'm takin the misses out for a night on the town she'll never forget (limo and all).  I figure that I will have earned it after all the pain I've put my mind through over the last 18 months.  Emotionally this is harder than digging the stuff out of the ground with a pick ax!


Great job guys putting the data together.  Anything for a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Golden Age of silver

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Thanks for the stats - us turdites are an optimistic bunch.

Hey, I've been through the pain with you these last months, as have most of us. 

Don't sweat the dips - we all know where this is going in the end. 

Whether we celebrate when we get there I don't know, as it'll mean a lot is screwed up with the world. 

But I think I'll take the wife out too when we hit those highs (maybe no limo)

Till then, runrunrun

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Turd for Nobel

One of those university profs here, but I have almost zero standing with anyone. I know people who are important. That would be one helluva conversation at the next conference. "Yes, I want you to nominate Turd Ferguson for the Nobel. What has he done? Well, he is into education for all, free to people, let them learn how to take care of themselves. Sure, it's a noble cause. He helps people learn how to fight against injustice of evil banksters, talks about coming famine when people can't afford food, helps families like mine to recognize that we'd better be buying our Cheerios NOW and order the whole cow this fall instead of just one side because next spring we won't be able to afford the whole thing." I'm actually beginning to talk myself into this one.

Unfortunately I'm a lowly mathematician and not a social scientist. I work in mathematical econ and finance, so I might be able to masquerade as a social scientist. Anyway, I'd be up for the nomination for Turd. He'll never get it when they see he is a Libertarian rather than a socialist, but it could be fun.

And, by the way, BTFD. The bastards have knocked the price down a little. Just say "Screw you" and buy more. We got a set of silver flatware this week. I sold some ASEs at 38 per and then bought the flatware at more like 30 per ounce (even when you account for the .925 and the fact that the knives have stainless blades).  My wife is beyond happy to have something that is an "investment" in that they are silver while contributing to our overall health. My family will be doing away with the stainless we have had and only eating off of silver because of the antibacterial properties. Since she puts up with my craziness, there should probably be more jewelry coming her way. I get to go to the gun show next weekend, so it is only fair.

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Nobel Peace Prize !

1. Nitro Glycerin ! 2. North Korea 3. Mugabe ! 4. Asad ! 5. Osama ! 6. Ghadafi ! 7. Biden ! 8. Gloria Allred ! 9. Socialism !     Are you ready for #10 ?            Anders Behring Braevik           I'll bet some of you are ready to join me,  now ?         Monedas      1929       Comedy Jihad I Like To Say A Prayer And Drink To World Peace Tour   devil    PS:  It's a crazy world, Monedas .... you've got to think for all of us !

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LOL Monedas

I'm trying desperately to find that Groundhog Day clip on YouTube...but no luck!

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The correction continues.

I'm still waiting for my buy in. Looks like next week our funds will arrive. I think we are just starting the long winded correction in PMs. You folks are an optimistic bunch. I'm a mega bull but I still think we are going lower for the interim. 

RSI still portends a deeper (albeit shallow) and prolonged correction.


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Admiral Ag Bar !

A Casa Blanca clip would be acceptable ?    

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About wynter_benton

wynter_benton made pretty good calls until MF Global collapsed.

Check Daystar homework until 2011: https://www.kitcomm.com/showthread.php?t=90894&page=15

But the last prediction from wynter_benton on Yahoo Msg board was a major FAIL. This was this one:

Edit TYPO Our group GUARANTEES that silver will trade above $45 by November 30, 2011. No caveats, no excuses. The charts arent saying so but we are stating that silver will be above $(45) by November 30, 2011.

A few days later(October 25th) MF Global collapsed. That's why they indicated in their last september post:

The $36 silver derivative timebomb is still in effect for the Morgue so count the trading days once silver gets above $36.

MFG was setup to prevent us from taking silver above $45 last year. Did anyone wondered why MFG failed preciselsy 30 days before our deadline or why no one can locate the vaporized money? It was designed SPECIFICALLY to stop us from taking silver up and out. Think about it.

Too bad The Morgue cant do that again this time cause we are beyond their reach now.


Well, if they are right, and if they are able to move Silver up strongly starting next Tuesday, the Morgue has only a few weeks left to figure it out how to reach them...

Was MF Global a setup? Just ask you this question: if MF Global was such a bad company, how can its global sales manager just been hired by the largest european bank (BNPP) a few days ago? MF Global has been collapsed for a purpose and the people at MFG are getting now new bonuses in new positions as we speak.

 Bass had run global sales at now-bankrupt futures broker MF Global Holdings


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@ Admiral: Say A Prayer And Drink To World Peace

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welcome to Bizarro World:

...where everything is the opposite of what we thought.

Italy's Unelected Prime Minister hails the Nobel peace prize for the union's advancement of democracy.


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Austerity bites in Greece...

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Klaus on Nobel Peace Prize

"It's a joke, right? You're kidding...", was the first reaction of Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech republic.

EU Nobel "a tragic mistake": Czech President Klaus

12 October 2012 | 21:57 | FOCUS News Agency

Home / European Union

Prague. Eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Friday said the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union was a "tragic mistake”, AFP reported.
"I really thought it was a hoax, a joke. I couldn't imagine even in a dream that someone could be serious about it," added Klaus, quoted by the CTK news agency.
The Nobel Committee announced Friday it had awarded its annual peace prize to the EU which had transformed a continent ravaged by war into one of peace.
Klaus also slammed the prize being awarded to an institution, saying it made sense if awarded to "a specifically defined personality for a certain unique achievement.
"It is an empty prize if given to an institution, moreover a bureaucratic one in this case. I don't know if anyone will dare to actually receive it," said the 71-year-old, whose second and last term as president expires in March 2013.
The Czech Republic, an ex-communist country of 10.5 million, joined the EU in 2004 but has not yet joined the debt-ravaged eurozone.

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Stunning pic, thanks for the laugh. Had me in stitches (alcohol assisted). 

Assume that is photoshopped - but beautifully done! 

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Hello All

Well it's coming up on a month since we didn't have a "wild and violent" summer. And now it's the fifth week in a row where Blythe and the CFTC is making sure we know who's in charge. Hint: it ain't us.

Pissed off royally at today's action and I am beginning to believe we're stuck here until WW3 begins. Hate to think the guy I know at Johnson Matthey was right about AG $35 for the year.

PS - Have definitely written off BIX and SGTBull at this point. One is a dreamer, the other's a freak. I'm giving LW another few month's for his "gold 3000 before you know it". BroJohnF and his $37 very quick pissed me off as well. Grahm Summers has been right in small ways, but WRONG big this year. Remember how "Mr. No QE3" said that EU would be gone by now at the beginning of the year! What a J-E-R-K. And remeber ScottJ's "SLV Bust This Month" prediction?

Only Ben Davies claim that we'll "have a move" back in August was at all close. We'll this move was nice, but it won't feed the bulldog.

Nobody knows what's going to happen next because nobody knows what Bernank and Gensler have decided to do next. Until some big bombs fall - they have all the power.

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The Adventures of Middle Man

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Return to Bretton Woods?

Return to Bretton Woods?

Written by Scott Minerd  - CNBC
Friday, October 12, 2012

Bretton Woods is a resort in the mountains of New Hampshire that was made famous by a series of meetings of world leaders and economists in 1944.

Nine months before the last of Hitler’s V-2 rockets struck Britain, 730 delegates from the 44 Allied Nations congregated in Bretton Woods to create a new world order, including a monetary system that could resolve the festering economic consequences of the First World War and the Great Depression.

Under the Bretton Woods Agreement, which lasted from 1944-1971, the world’s currencies would be pegged to the U.S. dollar and central banks would be able to exchange their dollars for gold at a set price of $35 per ounce. It was this arrangement that firmly established the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. During the early years of Bretton Woods, member states achieved increasing economic cooperation.

The trouble with the system was that global central banks had pegged their currencies at low levels to support exports to the U.S. This led to the accumulation of massive dollar reserves in the hands of foreign central banks. These dollars were used to buy interest-bearing U.S. Treasuries. This structural imbalance created problems that would ultimately compromise the existence of Bretton Woods. Today, global central banks are once again managing the exchange values of their currencies relative to the dollar to ensure export competitiveness

Read Full Article


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Feels like a great weekend to order some phyzz


Bulls outnumber the bears here 20-1 it seems. 

Should I stay or should I go now . . .

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The Sinai Peninsula: Egypt

The Egyptian government has less than full sovereignty over the area. The 1978 peace treaty with Israel stipulated that the Peninsula be divided into demilitarised zones, and the Egyptian Army’s local operational capabilities remain limited today. The situation has not been improved by the recent influx of diverse weaponry from Libya, Gaza and Iran. An even greater lack of security oversight by the central government following the 2011 Egyptian revolution, gave radicals and criminals relative freedom of movement in the Sinai.

Read More  http://stratrisks.com/geostrat/8622


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