Turd's Day Off

I will be out for the entire day today. Here is an open thread for you. Now remember, just because Dad's away doesn't mean you kids can ransack the house and run wild. Play nice and remember The Golden Rule.

For fun, here's a discussion starting point that was emailed to me a few days ago.

Infographic Gold Facts
From: Trustable Gold

Have a great day!



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Edit: Sorry, just had too... 

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Could someone email Commissioner Chilton the last 1 hour silver chart and have him look us in the face and tell us honestly that there is no manipulation in the silver and gold markets??? SERIOUSLY!!!

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Rainy a.m. here Have a day off Turd!

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Well deserved my friend!

Although I doubt you will be able to resist looking at the action all day! Enjoy! Thanks for all you do.

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Let the countdown begin

I'm ready for another move to the upside  One of these days it will get disorderly. Watching the daily 5 minute charts can get me depressed on mornings like this. I have to back off for a full month view to see the big picture.

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Operation Twist

this is the keyboard used by the Fed for Operation Twist....

and just think how much these people get paid to hit  "control---P"   Why even a moron could do that..........and that is exactly the qualifications for that job.


This was posted at end of last blog and thought it was to good to leave there. (came from Harvey Organ page)

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I got so excited

that I accidentally hit the buy button.  Well, guess I'd better go gather up some eggs and get to the store and sell them before the check tries to clear.

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Never first and never

Never first and never last...top ten is nice.

Fantastic read last night everyone..ie 'Brass Tacks'

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AC Doc

Do you really believe that Bart Chilton or anyone else in a position of authority gives a rat's rear end if one of their buddies is spiking the market.  Remember, most of us are here to begin with because we have lost confidence in our government's ability to do things right.

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Will you be taking Cameron's dad's Ferrari out for a spin today, or just the Turdmobile?:)

Whichever it is, enjoy the parade and Cubs game. My Cincinnati Reds are playing there today:)

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Bond Attack

Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan

A senior advisor to the Chinese government has called for an attack on the Japanese bond market to precipitate a funding crisis and bring the country to its knees, unless Tokyo reverses its decision to nationalise the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea.


Kind of obvious that they would do the same to the US. Our idiot politicians should understand the new type of war.

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What's the best way to test Gold purity/authenticity?


Wondering about some coins my buddy lost on our last bass fishin' trip.  If they could be recovered, they might need to get tested. 

Now I don't know but I been told
it's hard to run with the weight of gold
Other hand I heard it said
it's just as hard with the weight of lead


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Turd's Day Off

Have a nice one! yes

It should read "Faking Out Turdite's" wink


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No wonder Turd's taking a holiday, yo ho!

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WTF is up with crude?

What the frick is up with crude?  Did Obammy sick his butt-buddy bankster  cronies to bring back down the price of crude before the world is awaken to $100 a barrel oil thanks to The Bernank and endless QE3?

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Turd's Day off

Turds's Day Off,  hope it catches on, private sector American people should call it a day or maybe a week off when goob has to work, maybe goob then gets the message, who works for whom. To many union goobs setting in the wagon consuming around here, need more heavy lifting in the harness to pull so many freeloaders, 46% also are now taking up stamp collecting, imagine having the time to collect stamps.

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Gold Above Ground forum


Asking the question "How much gold is above ground?"

There's more than one answer...

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The Golden Rule?  You mean

The Golden Rule?  You mean "He who has the gold, makes the rules"?


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Washout or new HIGHS today?

One of the 2 will happen with this price action!

Hope is not something to trade on,it appears the CARTEL is hoping the weak hands just bale this morning!

Will they get what they want,if not it could be a HUGE day for us.


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Turd gets off !

Pucker Puss never rests !      Monedas      1929        Comedy Jihad Love Bubble Tour   devil

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You should take the day off man, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  None of us know how long this criminal shit is going to last, but it is important to still live a happy life.  The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and there are only so many times you get to live the time in between.  I can only imagine that this is going to get worse...much worse!  So go enjoy your day and take a break from those charts.  Try to imagine Blythe, sitting on top of a rocket, and working 24/7 to keep this thing from taking off, not fully realizing that she is about to get that rocket right up the ____ ! 

Imagine being Bart Chilton, whom has pretty much admitted publicly that the market is manipulated, yet he is powerless to do anything meaningful for the people he is supposed to serve, and getting mocked on a daily basis by some pretty smart people who know he is a stooge, and is  from the wrestling world, and is about to get served up a figure for leg lock while the Iron Shiek stands there howling "Tehran Iran number 1".

Go have some fun for goodness sake.  I promise silver and crude will both still be manipulated tomorrow.

Did you hear about the cannibal that passed his brother in the woods?

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Escalation: China Launches Cyberwar Against Japan

China Launches Cyberwar Against Japan As Hackers Take Down 19 Japanese Websites

Fishing boat armada? Check; Threat to dump JGBs? Check; One thing was missing, and that was cyberwarfare, aka #OccupyJapaneseServers. That too has now been checked. Globe and Mail reports that at least 19 Japanese websites, including those of a government ministry, courts and a hospital, have come under cyber attack, apparently from China, police said Wednesday. Many of the websites were altered to show messages proclaiming Chinese sovereignty over the Diaoyu islands, a Japanese-administered chain Tokyo calls Senkaku, the National Police Agency (NPA) said in a statement. The NPA has confirmed that about 300 Japanese organisations were listed as potential targets for cyber attack on the message board of Honker Union, a Chinese “hacktivism” group, it said.


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I looks like our daily morning raid just occurred

buy the dip

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official pirates day



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Shake it up Baby!

Turd's away.  Time to shake it up baby!

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Freak'in oil and the elections. I'm DCA into this suppressed oil prices crap. It can only stay in the high 80's-low 90's for so long.

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Turds Day Off

I woulda thunk that tomorrow would be Turds day off.

aka Thank God it's Turdsday!

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"Fair share", "the 99%", and all that...

...sorry, no photos allowed by the WH, or even  "secret photos/ audio tapes" by Jimmy Carter's grandson. (Mittens recent comments about 47%, that has the MSM in a tizzy, were provided by one and the same, in case you didn't know)


WASHINGTON — Nix the flags and the podium. Cue the opulent 18-foot tower of gold-bottle French champagne.

When President Obama addresses an elite roster of hipsters and multimillionaires, including hosts Beyoncé and Jay-Z, in New York tonight, he will do so next to a custom-designed tower of $800-per-bottle champagne that dominates the main room at Jay-Z’s 40/40 nightclub.

The 350-bottle champagne tower — designed by Jeffrey Beers — is a monument to Jay-Z’s favorite bubbly, Armand de Brignac, which is known colloquially by rappers, clubgoers and connoisseurs as Ace of Spades because of its gold-spade label.


“It’s floor-to-ceiling gold bottles in the entire space. It’s beautiful — breathtaking,” a rep for the Flatiron District hot spot told The Post. “It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.”

But the White House, which meticulously controls Obama’s image, is not expected to release any photos of the president’s appearance at the lavish club.

As an added bonus, some lyrics from  a Jay-Z "song":
(not suitable for a forum such as this, so if you wish to actually read them, click on  below link)
This is what passes for  "presidential" these days? C'mon man.
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