Seymour Butts

I have no idea why I titled this post the way I did. I guess, after a morning spent on the rollercoaster with a soundtrack of Draghi-speak, I must be feeling a little punchy.

Anyway, if you haven't yet reviewed the previous post, please do so. Though Draghi has capped the rally for now, any weakness today will long since be forgotten if we get an 80,000 NFP tomorrow.

It's great to see gold back above 1700 and silver is pushing up against the magical 33. These levels could very easily be the basis for a consolidation phase and, if the BLSBS comes in stronger than expected, they might very well be. But the charts look terrific and, as stated in the previous post, the CoT likely has room in it for a further extension of this rally before The Cartels aggressively step in. Therefore, I still think that gold may see 1750+ before any type of significant raid occurs. Silver could easily extend toward 35, too. We'll see. Tomorrow will be an important day.

GATA's Bill Murphy has been making the rounds as of late. He was in Washington for meetings yesterday and his schedule included a visit with The Lovely Lauren. Please take the time to watch this entire clip. Lauren asks great questions and Bill provides articulate answers.

Speaking of the BLSBS, anyone silly enough to waste time watching O'bottom tonight may, as a bonus, get a tip-off regarding tomorrow's data.

Regarding Draghi and the ECB, a much larger moment looms next Wednesday when the German Constitutional Court rules on whether Germany can participate in some of the ECB/EU rescue plans. I saw John Browne at FreedomFest. He's a very sharp guy  and he has an excellent summary here:

Here's a brief but solid interview of GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod. Recall that I "met" Alasdair last month and came away very impressed with his knowledge and wisdom.

And I'm sure that these two stories are completely unrelated. Got UCO? &

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OK, that's all for now. The metals are rebounding and looking good. Though the basis for my "historic" rally has not yet been factored into the markets (at least I don't think so), I'd like to think that my faith in the coming blastoff inspired you to hang in there and add to positions when silver was languishing between $26 and $28. Now approaching $33, we are all in the enviable position of being UP and silver still has a long ways to run.

Have a great day and be ready for tomorrow!



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More ballerish action

Too bad LL didn't say "balls deep"

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Hanging out in Turdville

this fiat system has a rancid vapor

i buy up silver with all my paper

how much longer must i wait

for all these dollars to over-inflate

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Gold, silver...but more importantly food/water, shelter and protection.

I often wonder how something so obvious, that they print 'money', goes unnoticed by so many. And if not unnoticed, no one seems to care.

Welcome to the matrix. Deal.

Ok, now I can get on with the day as I remind myself what is important in life.

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I'm hearing that The Fool


I'm hearing that The Fool Gartman has mentioned in his newsletter today that he, too, is hearing of significant supply/delivery issues in silver. Does anyone here actually pay money for this service? If so, can you confirm?

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Thanks for the ad info

I always wondered about this so now I don't have to be so nervous about clicking on the ads.

"The only ad space I sell is along the right side of the homepage, above and below the kitco charts."

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Not the time to step on the gas

Now is not the time to be greedy.  Those with moderate positions should hold long and strong.  Those heavy or leveraged should sell some.

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Economic Strangulation

Governments worldwide are doing everything possible to drive money underground. Martin Armstrong drew attention to an unpublicized law that is requiring all financial institutions worldwide to declare assets in excess of $3,000 held by Americans regardless of when they were deposited.

This shows exactly why physical ownership of precious metals is so vital. You must get your cash out of the system, and into something tangible. If Swiss banks are being required to report the contents of safety deposit boxes held by Americans, it's only a matter of time before American banks audit and declare the contents of safety deposit boxes in this country.

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Famous Author!

Under The Grandstand was his most popular and well known works.

Seymour Butts was one of the all time literary greats!

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# 9 ~ The Beatles (4)

Thanks for the update TF.  

Let the turbulence begin in a September to remember.

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The amazon button is a great

The amazon button is a great idea, i shop on there a lot.

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paper death

You didn't really think it would be a massive coronary with no warning did you?  I can only imagine that many people, like me, have walked away entirely from the futures market.  I have told three different brokers that they need to find new lines of work - LCD?  It will not be until the perps lose ALL of their business when they will consider reforming their cancerous, unethical, immoral practices....

down 44% year over year

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Rick Ackerman Impromtu Webinar

Impromptu session will start at 11:30 a.m. EDT.  
Rick Ackerman 10:07 AM (15 minutes ago)
I will send out another e-mail with a link and access code at 11:25.  All are invited, including friends.

I would expect that he will give his (short-term) analysis for Gold and Silver futures based on his Hidden Pivot method.  I'll post the link when I receive it so my "friends" can take a peek.

To join the impromptu session: Go to and use session ID 625590730

Hope the moderator doesn't take too long to post this.

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I'll use the Amazon button for sure.


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@Zoltan re: garden gnomes...

I'm not bright enough to talk about technical stuff, so I'm just here for levity and reality checks when people get unhinged! wink

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Turd, $35 before the raid?

"weakness today will long since be forgotten if we get an 80,000 NFP tomorrow."......

In other words, you are looking for a further spike tomorrow to the $35 range? Looking for an entry point to get back in on this ride!!

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Speaking of prepping...

Though I'm not an LDS member, this collection of articles compiled by them I've found quite informative.!21715

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Mr. Ackerman


If you are going to spam my site in order to pimp yours, I expect you to use your actual name. Until then, you remain on moderation.

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Because I hate paypal...

I'm wondering if you could somehow run donations through amazon or a nominal subscription fee.  I sincerely appreciate the good work you do and the insight from the community.  Good stuff ppl.  Thx, G

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I do have access to Gartman

And, no I don't pay.  Shhh.  Can confirm that he is hearing about supply issues, especially with silver.  This is from sources that he has found to be reliable and his information is usually pretty good.  Says he has had differences with Bill Murphy but is beginning to believe there might be some merit to what Bill has been saying.  Says, "Even GATA can be right sometimes."  Sounds like he might be becoming a believer.  BTW Gartman despises Obama and I won't reveal his holdings but I'm sure they would surprise almost everyone here.

Also, reposting the Catherine Austin Fitts interview from the last thread.  Outstanding.

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Ackerman ... seriously?

Just reread A's post ... Turd you are good. Forever when I see A's name, I will remember that spam he posted here.  

I'm laughing so hard ... 

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10 Year

Creating problems once again.
Will we see more major losses @ The JPM ?
Surely they are "hedging" both directions by now. Pesky Dollar!

Keeping an eye on possible pattern forming.

Peaches Marie's picture

Sorry, Turd

Didn't realize "real" names were required here.  If so, there are some pretty strange names out there.  Turd Ferguson is your real name?. Cool...

Also didn't think the Webinar was spam.  People refer to websites (lemetropolecafe, Jessescrossroadcafe, etc) here all the time.  Just thought there might be some good info on gold and silver trading there.  It is not my website, I am a paid subscriber.



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came across this yesterday and noticed he has changed his stance as of two days ago...

In a significant shift, Dennis Gartman has turned bullish of gold in U.S. dollar terms, he told CNBC on Tuesday.

“Gold’s going up in all currency terms at this point. Gold seems to be the dominant currency....MORE

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Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is sure getting the word out there.  I respect and appreciate his efforts.  There definately seems to be a growing awareness in silver and gold manipulation.  I hope to see the HEH tipping point sooner than later.

SE's picture

Problem is...

"I have told three different brokers that they need to find new lines of work - LCD?  It will not be until the perps lose ALL of their business when they will consider reforming their cancerous, unethical, immoral practices...."

All these people would have to be barred from working in jobs where theft potential is involved, such as cashiering, handling high-dollar or popular items (like knives, web cameras, sun glasses, etc), working as a banker in the back office of a business.  These people SIMPLY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

I have been screaming for people to get out of paper, period.  The faster everyone does it, the faster we can shut this monster down and the less "step-backwards" we have to take to defeat this thing.  I'd rather have silver top out at $200 and deal with a collapsed government than have silver at $2,000 and have to deal with a government equipped with Terminators from Japan, UN soldiers on our soil, and confiscation orders being enforced on all kinds of things.  Shut them down while none of this is in place yet.

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I wanna Seymour Butts...

Turd Ferguson's picture

I was alerted to "peaches"


I was alerted to "peaches" when he showed up here and claimed that Andy and Paul had learned "everything they know from Ackerman". This really pissed them off.

Obviously, peaches now claims that he is NOT Ackerman. Whom to believe?

Regardless, he stays on moderation.

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The story of Seymour and

The story of Seymour and Bertha Butts. Enjoy

Xeno's picture

Coincidence that Gartman gets

Coincidence that Gartman gets bullish just as Bill Murphy makes a broad disclosure?

I think not. Gartman's usual cabal selling to the plebes top signal is in play.

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