So I'm watching this crazy volatility this morning and I'll I can think of is this old "Far Side" cartoon:

At first, I was simply thinking about the YeeeeeHaaaaaaa part, watching the steep drop followed by the even steeper rally. But the the metaphor developed further as I thought of The Bernank and His Royal Buttboy Hilsenrath. They are the pilots of the UFO, clearly enjoying themselves as they joyride above the terrorized masses.

In case you somehow missed it, here's your timeline:

And now the WSJ is confirming with a full article on The Bernank's next move:

Here's what it looked like, as it happened:

And here are 6-hour charts that show the full ranges which have contained the metals for the past week:

Crude made it all the way down to $94 yesterday. Did you buy some? Maybe you'll get another chance. Maybe not. If anything, it seems worth the risk. With September likely holding an increase in MENA tensions, the UPside certainly seems to outweigh the potential downside.

Lastly, did you see this yesterday? Was it widely proclaimed on air by on CNBS? Did it make the WSJ? How about Bloomberg? Hmmmm. Just more evidence of the coming changes. Don't ever say you didn't see it coming.

Alright, gotta go. Things are moving fast and I've got work to do. Expect The Cartel to still defend 1680 today. Lots of stops above there and, if tripped, gold should shoot toward 1700 and then 1720.

More later.


p.s. Here are a few more favorites.

And, my alltime favorite:


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a little excitement is a wonderful thing


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Jackson Hole

It's amazing that one man has this effect on a 'free market'...

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Oh, well, never mind.

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or 4th-damn

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Awesome, Awesome

Lets Go

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Silver & gold busting out

Silver & gold busting out of their manipulative chains...

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Sorry to go off topic, but

WEPA40 PHEB 311425

ISSUED AT 1425Z 31 AUG 2012





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All this hoopla about nothing...

Let' take turns laughing at these clowns.

Still stacking.


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Jobs Report / Dog Biscuit Patience

The next couple reports on jobs will be significant in determining when QE takes place.

Stagnant or worse and QE happens for sure. Can they hold off until after the election?

I don't think so and whatever QE they do (in whatever form) doesn't have to be a significant number but it does have to appear as being consistent/perpetual.

Remember these words from Pavlov himself...

"QE is necessary...the benefits outweigh the costs."

That's saying a lot without implementing anything......and the market is drooling and waiting for the stimulus biscuit.



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I gotta stop watching the charts.

I'm getting a nosebleed.

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Well, well, well

Always expect the unexpected!  Except when you are expecting it.  Or vice versa.

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Added 500 Oz XAG at 31,19.

Added 500 Oz XAG at 31,19. Average 30,38. Think I walk the talk-that is why I reveal these purchases..wont anymore reveal the size of the position...soon shall have a look at my silver charts, reproduce them again we might be approaching them as well, belatedly, but not slowly.

P.S. I am adding from profits now, that is the whole simple game plan to ride the wave until the crest. The physical purchases will be gold when possible as it will stay relatively cheap.

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Implosion of Morgan Stanley

Cited in an economic news article at Survival Blog yesterday.  More confirmation backing up Jim Willie's sources.

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My favorite


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Beware of Doug....

I think that is where King of Queens got its start ;)

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Diggin' It

Miners got quite a pop so far.

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Well, doesn't the internet know everything:

Expect The Unexpected - But It Won't Do Any Good

By News Staff | July 12th 2010 11:58 AM

Even if you know an unexpected event is likely to occur, you are no better, and may be even worse, than those who aren't expecting anything unexpected at all.   Did you expect that confusing opening sentence?   Now you get the point.

The study, from Daniel Simons, a professor of psychology and in the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, appears this month as the inaugural paper in the new open access journal i-Perception. (

A new study by Daniel Simons, a professor of psychology and in the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, and Christopher Chabris, psychology professor at Union College in New York, used a new video based on one used in an experiment conducted in the late 1990s where two groups of people – some dressed in white, some in black – are passing basketballs back and forth. The study subjects were asked to count the passes among those dressed in white while ignoring the passes of those in black. 

Try it yourself:


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Which weekend in Oct is Morgan Stanley going to be sacrificed?

So which weekend in October is Morgan Stanley going to be held, carotid artery up,on the chopping block or are TPTB going to wait for them to bleed out after the November elections?

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Far Side complete collection

was one of the best Christmas gifts I gave to my kids.  They read them over and over.  Larson was the one-panel master.

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The coming Garage Sale that was was once Kodak

Kodak Sells Film Business: Company’s Silver Up For Grabs?

"Eastman Kodak announced Thursday that it is eyeing an end scene to its print film, photo paper, photo kiosk, commercial scanner, heavy-duty commercial scanners and corporate software divisions, as it looks to sell them. The move comes on the heels of chapter eleven bankruptcy this past spring, and as the business auctions off its portfolio of digital patents. The move was expected, but not until the beginning of the year. The company said that it is selling a business unit which includes its “traditional photographic paper and still camera film products."

Have owned several companies in this market space of Kodak's (P&OS)  for the past 30 years, it is really sad to see what has happened to such a Great American icon. This will be a case study in at the Harvard school of business for many years. I have several good friends in the very upper management of Kodak and it does not look good for them going forward. Perhaps some on this site can even grab some of the Silver before Sprott gets it all.

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Gold at 1680


Watch closely.

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If you believe......

That the Drhragii will lie to manipulate markets, and the Bernanke-Hilsenrath pair will not do the same, then you're just protecting your own emotional state.

I'm watching the Dr. Who marathon, just got addicted this last summer.

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I Knew It! I Knew It!

Turd! A 'Far Side' fan!

Glen Larson's 'Far Side' was/is the absolute best. Own several of his collections in book form.

Was a daily reader of his strip for years, as talk in the morning was about, nothing but the 'Far Side!'

Some of his best were published full page style in Hugh's Playboy mag. That's if you're old enough to recall.

The PM's are doing what they do. Attempting to show reality amid all the Fed BS and manipulation.

The fundos are still bad and slowly getting worse. Have a safe and happy long weekend everybody.  

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Weird video. It did not throw me.

I counted the correct number of passes and saw the Gorilla.  What was the point?  Do most people not see the Gorilla?  Am I the anomaly?  Stupid question, never mind, I am sure I am the anomaly. 

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Like most veterinary students

"Like Most Veterinary Students, Doreen Breezes through Chapter Nine!"

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I hate to ask such noobish questions, but you won't gain knowledge without asking questions so, here goes ...

What does it mean when Mr. Turd says to "Buy Crude". I know it has something to do with futures/options and what not, but what are you buying? Is it like buying into a stock? are there particular symbols that you buy? And if you were buying into it going down vs going up, what symbols are you buying? 

If anyone can clear this up for me that would be spectacular, or even point me into the direction of this kind of information in one place so i can get a better grasp on this whole futures thing (I've looked up what they are and what not, but i don't get how you buy into them). Up to this point I've just been a stacker but I have a little extra $$ to play with and wouldn't mind learning more about how this future's stuff works.


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More on crude


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Made a monkey....

out of me!

I saw this several years ago and didn't remember it.

I guess that shows the wisdom of age! Not too LOL!

Happy Dog

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AG versus stocks

Follow-up to last week when silver eclipsed the DOW for the year - AG just eclipsed the S&P - next stop - NASDAQ

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Speaking of Far Side

My favorite far side was the one where a group of vultures were eating at a Cafe,  after just being served one vulture turned to the waitress and complained:

"Hey !   This meat isn't tainted !"

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