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Fri, Aug 17, 2012 - 10:43am

Perhaps we have a new acronym on our hands? The SSSS. Yesterday, quite by chance, I noticed that several of the best mining stocks are making 6-month highs. Is this another signal that higher metals prices are right around the corner?

Yesterday afternoon, I opened an app on my phone that is programmed to follow the major indices as well as 15-20 miners. I only opened it to see how the overall stock market was faring (which is something I rarely do) and then I scrolled down to look at a few miners (which is something I do even less). A couple of them caught my eye. I saw GOLD (Rangold) first and noticed that it was pushing 100. Then I noticed AEM (AgNico Eagle) and thought it looked noticeably higher, too. I pulled up charts and saw that they are both at 6-month highs. Wait a minute here. Hold on just a second. Isn't it curious that two, top miners would be moving to new 6-month highs while the metals are still stuck in a trading range?

The last time GOLD was near 100 was last March when gold was near 1700. The last time AEM was $46 was last November, when gold was close to 1750. What does this mean? Beats the crap out of me! But seriously...this could be phenomena specific to these could be just another sign of the impending resurgence and rally in the price of the metals.

The next question should be: Do any of the other miners look like this? Well, not really. I did find two of our old favorites that are perking up a bit following recent earnings "disappointments" and need to be watched.

And the HUI itself is looking better. I can't give an ALL CLEAR yet but...if the HUI can keep rolling higher and post a few closes over 460...there may finally be reason for optimism in the mining sector.

And, of course, any mention if the term "HUI" here in Turdland comes with the obligatory posting of the SMOKING HOT Carrie Underwood singing about it. (Neo-turdites should know that, to my partially-deaf left ear, "undo it" sounds like "the hui".) (And I'll never understand what she sees in that meathead hockey player.)

Carrie Underwood - Undo It (Official Music Video)

OK, after I wipe off the cold sweat in which I suddenly find myself drenched, it's back to business. In an absolutely stunning development, the metals surged this morning at the open, only to be CAPPED ONCE AGAIN near 1620 and 28.25. Though I know many of you are getting sick of this crap and are dying to see the metals break out, you must remain patient. Fundamentally, gold and silver are extremely strong and, even when left to their own devices, are poised to eventually break out. ( But, screw that. I don't want to wait much longer so maybe we can begin forcing the issue next week. Until then, here are graphic representations of our current predicament.

And I'm not sure which of these two stories make me feel more nauseous. You'll likely read the NYT story before heading off to barf and then return to watch the video before getting sick again. First up, all of the conniving, criminal thieves at MFingGlobal are apparently set to walk free. Hmmm, I've got an idea. What do you say you and I start an investment firm where we take client money and use it to place huge, extremely risky trades. Then, when it all breaks down and the clients lose their money (which they were told was "safe" and "segregated"), we simply laugh it off as "porous risk controls" and walk away. How do you think that might work out for us? Maybe just a bit differently than it has for the criminal Corzine and his merry band of politically-connected, reprehensible outlaws? And don't forget that just last week, your Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals established as precedent that the theft of client funds is now completely legal. God Bless the U.S.A.!

And then there's this. I found this video on ZH last night. It is a time-lapse progression of the ownership makeup of the U.S. treasury market. Note that, in 2003, the Fed had a nearly even ownership across the curve. Watch then how this progresses. Now, the Fed is nearly out of short-term treasuries but they have come to completely dominate everything with a maturity of 3 years to 30 years where they own as much as 70% of the market! Simply amazing. And disgusting! This is America, land of the free and home of the brave where capitalism and free markets create productivity by equitably deciding who wins and who loses. NOT!!!

Fed vs. Private Sector Treasury Holdings

Listen up, you witch. Your days are numbered. We're onto you and soon you and all of your monkeys will be sent scurrying into exile. Perhaps you will be lucky and be allowed the fate of that goon, Corzine. Perhaps not. In the end, it matters little. All that does matter is that the game is ending and you are going to lose.

Drago: You Will Lose


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ClinkinKYGeorge Clooney
Aug 18, 2012 - 12:00pm

@ DT--My guess...

..."euro-structural" failure:)

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:58am


While scanning the thread this AM I can't help but say somethings that seem overlooked.

The crash, transition, whatever - if it's close wouldn't the fiscal year end at the end of Sept. make sense?

Rui- what makes anyone think that holders of gold would be sellers at $55,000? I for one wouldn't be. I would likely get a loan against it and either start up or buy a productive business that would generate income and employ people. At that price only morons would sell all at once. I believe a majority of physical gold holders are not so short sighted as to sell or sell en mass.

Besides, a large chunk of that would balance the unfunded liabilities such as Soc. Sec., asst. federal mandates on states, etc. and only be bled out slowly over the next couple decades. No hyperinflation in sight.

Also, the Ben Davies comments on KWN about the metals launch this Mon. just cracked me up.

"There are rumors today that Spain, over the weekend, will ask for a bailout. So that’s going to be an interesting dynamic for the gold market on Monday." -Really??? 7-10mos. of this and all of a sudden it's a Big Deal???

"But yes, I think we’re threatening to make a move here (in gold but particularly silver) in the next few weeks if not sooner." -- But, but, but Monday is 2 days away and now you're talking weeks?!?!?!?!??

"So I think it’s status quo in terms of where the gold price is going and we just need to be patient." --- Patient until Monday or what?????

The end of the fiscal year at the end of Sept. makes much more sense than what Ben just said doesn't it?

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:57am

My last word on Farrakhan

Does anyone take the Bible literally? No! You take to good parts and leave the rest!

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:55am

Symbolism? Somehow I just don't trust the official explanation:

German airport removes Euro sculpture Friday, 17 August 2012 03:27

  Image cannot be displayed

German workers dismantle a Euro sculpture in front of a terminal at the Frankfurt International Airport yesterday. The sculpture is an exact copy of the one standing in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) in downtown Frankfurt and was made after a design by German artist Ottmar Hoerl. The 15m high blue and yellow sculpture was standing in front of the terminal for 11 years but plastic parts were getting weak and an extension of the airport rail to another terminal needed the space.

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:47am

If a murderer tells you that

If a murderer tells you that that raping is abhorrent, does that mean that this statement is any less true because this man himself is abhorrent to you?

Who cares what you think or feel, or regard Farrakhan to be, specifically what is it which he said during the presentation did you find or deem to be a lie?

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:46am

Not sure what forum to go to?

Consider going here and keep the debate and idea's flowing. Its one click away.

As some of you know I started that forum the other day to address something entirely different. I've moved on from that and I believe the site has as well. My original intention was to use that thread as a topical clearinghouse for posts or topics on this main page to be able to go to if anyone was unsure what forum or thread to take it to. (There are almost too many threads to find the 'right' one quickly enough).

I'm headed over to that thread soon to start posting whatever it is I want to that doesn't seem topical to any of the threads I have going in the Frivolity Forum or elsewhere on here. I would ask anyone to consider going there with anything that seems like a 'hot button' and just continue it over there. It's one click away and can serve as a quick outlet to resume the passionate debate no matter what the subject is. Everything under the sun is fair game.

It might be easier to go there sometimes then a Mod or TF coming on and saying "Please move it to the forums". I have more to say about that thread over there. Please ignore the first post because it's no longer relevant and I'm looking to get that first page over with and onto page 2 to keep that thread on track to what I think it could become.

A place to discuss anything from here that you aren't sure where to bring it. Consider it a hallway off the main thread that you can step aside and into. It's what the site wants anyway as far as 'hot button or off topic comments. Remember, anything goes. Any subject whatsoever.

Hope to see you in... A White Room w/Black Curtains @ The Watchtower

Mr. Fix
Aug 18, 2012 - 11:45am
Aug 18, 2012 - 11:44am

Yeah, I guess Bill Maher Really Is That Stupid

Maher to Mark Cuban About Internet: 'You Should Send a Royalty Check to Al Gore Every F--king Day'

The ignorance and stupidity of Bill Maher know no bounds.

On HBO's Real Time Friday, in a discussion about who created the internet, Maher actually told billionaire businessman Mark Mogul, "You should send a royalty check to Al Gore every f—king day of your life" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

During the panel discussion segment, Maher asked Cuban, “You make quite a bit of money on the internet?”

“I’ve made a few bucks,” Cuban replied.

“Okay,” Maher continued, “How did we get the internet? I believe it was the government.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” countered Cuban. “But they got the ball rolling.”

  Image cannot be displayed“What?” asked Maher. “You should send a royalty check to Al Gore every f—king day of your life.”

“Oh, please,” responded Cuban. “That is ridiculous. There are all kinds of companies that helped the internet get started.”

“It wouldn’t exist,” replied Maher.

“That’s ridiculous, Bill,” said Reihan Salam entering the discussion. “Absolutely ridiculous. The internet wouldn’t exist? You’re familiar with the idea of counter-factual? We don’t know what would have happened in the absence of…”

Realizing he was outnumbered on this one, Maher acquiesced saying, “You’re right. Eventually they would.”

Isn't it amazing how a man that used to call himself a libertarian has become so madly in love with government?

As the discussion ensued, Maher listed all the things he believes government and not private industry created.

I guess that's what happens when you give a million dollars to the most government-centric president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Read more:

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:40am

Here comes Italy - confirmation through denial once again:

UPDATE 1-ECB bond buying will help spreads short-term-UniCredit

(Adds detail)

Aug 17 (Reuters) - The purchase of sovereign bonds by the European Central Bank will be enough in the short term to help tighten spreads in the euro zone, the Chief Executive of Italy's biggest bank UniCredit said on Friday.

In an interview with La Repubblica daily, Federico Ghizzoni said that wide bond spreads in a single currency area are an anomaly.

"I think in the short term a plan by the ECB to buy sovereign bonds will be enough, while it is right that more structural measures be linked to requests for specific aid by states," Ghizzoni said.

The widening of spreads between German and Italian 10-year bonds has made it more costly for Italy to service its massive debt and has raised the cost of borrowing for Italian companies.

But Ghizzoni agreed with Treasury minister Vittorio Grilli that Italy did not need to ask Europe for help. He said in a recent visit to London he had been able to listen to what the bankers in the city said.

"Nobody is worried Italy risks defaulting or needs financial assistance. But everyone asked me what will happen to the country after (Prime Minister Mario) Monti," he said.

The mandate of Monti's technocrat government is due to expire in 2013.


He was "able to listen to what the bankers in the city said" - what more needs be said, indeed.

Aug 18, 2012 - 11:39am

BORON (B) BORON 10 for the weekend?

We may have a future shortage in silver and gold but have we missed a huge shortage on the element boron? With reactor accidents and in future home usage, we may have missed the value in this element. What stock out there produces boron-borax-kernite?? If a bit more radiation is detected in the U.S.A., many will trade their gold for my borax. (Or it may be that I am dreaming again).

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