And I'm not talking about the National Weather Service.

By the way, did you see this earlier this week? ( OK, so I can understand the whole, "clerical error" thing but what the heck does the "National Marine Fisheries Service" need guns for, much less 46,000 freaking rounds? Seems like a bit of overkill to me, no pun intended.

Anyway...and when I say NWS, I don't mean NWO:


Or the NWC:

Or even the NWF:

I'm talking about the NWS - the New World System.

Earlier this morning, I saw this post at ZH ( and it got me thinking. In the post, it's mentioned that Japan has dramatically increased its purchases of treasuries while China has actually been a net seller. The question is asked: "What is China doing with their dollar reserves" if they're no longer buying treasuries? This is where ole Turd's brain started churning.

Two months ago, I wrote this: At the time I wrote it, I expected it to be quite the bombshell within our little "goldbug" community. Instead, it was met with yawns and dispassion. Perhaps that is what I should have expected. I mean, seriously, BREAKING NEWS from a guy who goes by the name of "Turd"? Well, regardless, I stand by the facts of this story and the opinions contained therein. Gold continues to exit "the system" at a consistent pace, never to return.

I'm re-posting it today not because I'm out of material and I need to dredge up the old stuff to fill space. I'm re-posting it because this truly is a very important development and one that, because it's not on the national/internet radar, is being widely discounted and overlooked.

You see, no one on Wall Street or in the financial media has any interest in pursuing this story. The MSM and TPTB are completely invested in maintaining the status quo and they will do so right up to the point where the game is changed for them. China will continue to accumulate gold and silver. They will continue to refine and re-cast this metal into new, standard and official sizes. They will continue to sign and implement bilateral currency and trade agreements that bypass the U.S. dollar. And they will continue to open portals for the international use of the renminbi.

Then, one day, seemingly out-of-the-blue, they will announce an alternative...A New World System that offers some type of gold-backed, international trade settlement, utilizing a non-fiat and sound renminbi or perhaps an entirely new and distinct, gold-backed and internationally-recognized trade unit. One way or another, this is going to happen. The only question is WHEN.

WHEN this happens, the U.S and all the other fiat currency countries will be forced into revaluing whatever gold reserves they have left. This is the "global gold price reset at multiples higher" that I have mentioned before, the result of which will be extraordinary, near-hyper inflation and a dramatic devaluation of the existing fiat. Additionally and importantly, it is through this process that the debtor nations of the world (the U.S. being the largest), will "pay down" the majority of their current obligations.

Again, you must understand that I am extremely confident that this is how things will ultimately play out. The only question is the timing and the specifics regarding which country or countries will ultimately force the issue. For example, it is entirely possible that China won't act independently. Perhaps the major creditor nations will band together. Some consortium of China, Russia and India. We'll see. In the end, that part doesn't really matter. What does matter is that this is inevitable.

Please continue to use this time to add to your physical holdings but remember...The only metal you truly own is the metal you hold in your own two hands.



Mr.Grey's picture

@ WhyMeLord

thats a good price!  in smaller lots it tends to be .50-.60/round

The Watchman's picture

China is LOVING the SALE Price in GOLD

From Zero Hedge

China continues to do one thing. Buy. Because while earlier today we were wondering (rhetorically, of course) what China is doing with all that excess trade surplus if it is not recycling it back into Treasurys, now we once again find out that instead of purchasing US paper, Beijing continues to buy non-US gold, in the form of 68 tons in imports from Hong Kong in the month of June. The year to date total (6 months)? 383 tons. In other words, in half a year China, whose official total tally is still a massively underrepresented 1054 tons, has imported more gold than the official gold reserves of Portugal, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and so on, and whose YTD imports alone make it the 14th largest holder of gold in the world. Realistically, by now China, which hasn't provided an honest gold reserve holdings update to the IMF in years, most certainly has more gold than the IMF, and its 2814 tons, itself. Of course, the moment the PBOC does announce its official updated gold stash, a gold price in the mid-$1000 range will be a long gone memory.

ancientmoney's picture


Social security officials won't be expected to use that ammo, but these would be good, well-distributed storage/staging areas for the Feds to access in a time of need.

Gramp's picture

I Thought...?

Wait, wait!  MSM News JUST told me yesterday that the Price of Oil was going... DOWN?? >Sarc<   

The Bias in nauseating, blatant, in your face.

Bugzy's picture

10 yr Note

Interesting about the % increase.

Operation twist was supposed to sell short term notes and buy long term to keep rates down.

They did not want to do further QE as it would have no real effect on lowering rates. Yet with the rate creeping up ----this is indeed setting the stage.


Edit - I cannot find flaw with argument presented by California Lawyer re 40 cal

recaptureamerica's picture

If you have to own one

Dagney Taggart's picture


Excellent summary of the big picture. I tried skipping it and going right to the conclusion, which we agree on.

@Dawg: I mix the two up. This is Dad's hobby and he talks a lot. He also made sure we could all shoot, especially at bluehats if it comes to that. Wish me luck:

Karankawa's picture

@Bugzy and the 10 year note.

It was about a month ago when the Libor scandal was getting widespread news coverage and investigations were getting underway, Barclay's was fined in late June.

Though it has all but disappeared from the news, I wonder if that wasn't a game changer for big money that had formerly taken the other side of trades based on Libor?

Turd Ferguson's picture

And Provident is an


And Provident is an advertiser here at TFMR. Please check them out!

ancientmoney's picture

Jim Rogers recommends silver over gold . . .

California Lawyer's picture

Thanks Dagney and Bugzy

I do not like reaching these conclusions, but the evidence is just so compelling.  It gives me no joy to think like this, but I do so, coldly, and objectively, and I just do not see what other possible reasons exist.

Now, if one were to couple this story of the stockpiling of .40 cal, with the other stories of FEMA camps, supplies, martial law, etc., one could certainly conclude that our government is actively moving towards authoritarian control in the not too distant future.  That would certainly explain the need for jhp rounds, since there are plenty of folks, non-combatants, if you will, that will not just gladly board the trains for the camps.

I pray that I am wrong.

WhyMeLord's picture

Why the FBI switched from 9mm to .40

Here is the historic 1986 Miami Shootout (Wiki), which caused the FBI to reassess their standard service weapon and change from 9mm to .40.  Keep these events in mind while you are training...

gearhead_24's picture

If you think the global economy is recovering...

Check out the Baltic Dry Index.

Baffles me how stocks remain so high.  Now off to print something, hmm lets see...gotta call Ben. <sarc off>


Fade2Black's picture

Apologies For Being Off Topic

I came across this on YouTube. I believe it's excellent. Give it a try.  It's only 13 minutes long . A good video to show family if your trying to get them to swallow the "Red Pill" .  

Bugzy's picture


Perhaps there are those whom the government employ/support who have an interest in defending the status quo. (or at least, that is what they may be relying on). It is not absolute wealth but relative wealth which one holds dear (differentiates). The older voters in Ireland and Greece (if it can be believed) voted for the status quo as they had too much skin in the game to allow a reset.

It may really end up as the state against the rest. Big brother eat your heart out.

Arm government employees?

Let them defend their future privileged lifestyle. 


Wow above video is not off topic at all. It is bang on topic. Very well done.

Dagney Taggart's picture


Yes. It could get really bad if there was an EMP and nobody's iCrap or EBTs worked or politicians and bankers had to work for a living.

thurd aye's picture

Any Brit or Irish

Any Brit or Irish Turdite wants to make a big score? I found a stack you can buy for a quarter of it's worth. PM me if interested.You can clear E900 and I want E100 to be sent to TFMR as my side of the deal.Inaccessible to me just now.

Dagney Taggart's picture

No way.

Current as of 5:13 ET 15 August 2012

Edit: Hmmm... Now that I think about it: Consolidation DCA of SLV 27. The train is loaded.

Short Stack's picture

Regarding the gov's ammo purchases

I'm going to take a logical view at this and say that the ammo is being purchased ahead of the presumed rioting by citizen sheeples and being held at the different govt. locations for distribution to maybe our military but I'm more inclined to think for Obama's citizen army he spoke of back in 2008.

This citizen army will not be made up of NRA members or police, but comprised of gangs and convicts who will likely soon be released from prisons around the country and by bums who are being told their "pay" will be comprised of whatever they will be able to loot from those they kill.

Think I'm being a scare-monger ?   Watch for two events to happen.  One, States will be forced to release dangerous criminals from prisons either by court order or by cost effectiveness (lack of funds to sustain prisons).

Two,  lack of food, a moratorium on guns and ammo to honest citizens, and check point searches along our nations roads and freeways.

Look, I'm not trying to scare anyone.  That will happen soon enough.  I'm not just blowing smoke here either (quit smoking tabaccey years ago).

We've heard about the planned False-flag event.  Trust me on this, if the "White Supremists" wanted Obummer dead - he would already be dead.   As the man said, the more people get the word out, the less chance anything bad will happen. 

And if it doesn't happen it will not be because I and others are wrong, but because the jig would be up and Obozo knows it would back-fire on him.


criscrossing's picture

@ ag1969

Thanks for the tip to the company in Idaho!

To anyone.....what does FOFOA mean?

Dagney Taggart's picture


Friend of a Friend of Another?

theBuckWheat's picture



Due to a clerical error in the federal business vendor process, a solicitation for ammunition and targets for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement mistakenly identified NOAA’s National Weather Service as the requesting office.  The error is being fixed and will soon appear correctly in the electronic federal bidding system.  The ammunition is standard issue for many law enforcement agencies and it will be used by 63 NOAA enforcement personnel in their firearms qualifications and training.

babaganoush2307's picture

@ Dagney

That chart goes to show you what we are up against frown

At this point in silver and gold, if you don't GOT it then you don't GET it

So sad knowing pretty much everyone I know is going to be suffering much much more than me once the SHTF

Magpie's picture

@Short Stack

Ah, I'm not the only one!  I was on another blog speculating the ammo was being placed for people like the New Black Panthers or Al Qaeda.  Great minds, or nutters?  wink

TJeffson's picture

Apmex libertads if anyone cares

just got an email from Apmex advertising 2oz  silver 2012 libertads uncirculated for 65 bucks each.     Thought I'd pass it along in case someone may be interested. 

BillAuAg's picture

The Story of Your Enslavement

That 13 minute move is pure far left thinking.

Nonetheless the last 1 1/2 minutes speaks truth: Wealth begets Crime or Criminals seek your wealth.

Short Stack's picture


I wish I was being nutters on this one.   I'm thinking the only nuts around here are the Liberal styled Socialists in the U.S.

Seriously, even Putin thinks they're all nut jobs.  Obama, Biden, Hilary.  Every time he says any of those names he turns and spits.

ancientmoney's picture


DagTag is right.  Friend of Friend of Another.

Another was an anomymous poster on a gold site, maybe Kitco or some such place, I forget.  He wrote through about 2000 or so.  He seemed to be very knowledgeable about gold, the Euro, oil-for-dollars, gold for oil, etc.  He then went dead in terms of posting.

His basic premise was that the Euro was designed to compete with the dollar, and was basically meant to be gold-backed.  His claim was that at some point, the Euro union would revalue gold, one time, to counterbalance the zone's debt.  The valuation at that time was some $20,000/oz as I recall.  It would then become the world's reserve currency, as nobody would continue to buy U.S. government debt, and the dollar became toast.

FOFOA asserts that Another did not foresee China's role in buying U.S. debt, so the whole revaluation got put back a decade or more, and that it would now require about a $55,000/oz gold price to counterbalance the existing debt.

This is an extremely brief, and hopefully close approximation, but there are literally thousands of pages, as Friend of Another entered the scene to expound on Another's offerings from about 2000 to 2004 or so.  Suffice to say, FOFOA says to Buy. Physical. Gold.

BillAuAg's picture

RE: No way.

Dagney, not carefully that every morning spike was exactly the same.  We have a bot somewhere seeking to ignite a short bull run.

kingboo's picture

.40 Cal........

at this point in time it is mostly a law enforcement other words  "most americans dont have  40 cal handguns in their closet".....but all the cops do.  which means you could not easily "deploy" their ammo against them. This may not be their reason for 40 cal ammo. but it is certainly an accurate statement.....

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