It won't be long now.


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I want to habeeb.

I want to habeeb.

rocoach's picture

I would be First

but I'm watching the Closing Ceremony.

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Here's hoping...

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Not soon enough


An enthusiastic supporter hugs Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., at a campaign event Sunday, in High Point, North Carolina.An enthusiastic supporter hugs Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., at a campaign event Sunday, in High Point, North Carolina. (Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

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Hope you are wrong turd. Need

Hope you are wrong turd. Need all the time I can get to keep stacking. And seems to me that an explosive move in metals means bad things everywhere else.

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great tune, I will get it

great tune, I will get it readied in the CD player for when "soon" is "now" :)

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Me no comprehendee,  what's with the strung up by the hair in the air-head ?

And I don't speak Arabic,  what's Habeeb mean ?

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Short stack

Habeeb = believe

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ok turd

I'm watching and waiting. hoping you're right! you know something i guess will know soon. you're the boss

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ah.... the 80's

sorry for jumping the gun, could not resist when I saw the title of the thread Turd.... I'll pre-borrow a video from next weekend, when we will be up over 6% in silver this week.

that makes more sense than my original wording from a minute ago.

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It's a dumb joke from

It's a dumb joke from 4chan.

Here is the original:

Mine basically meant that I want to believe, and I have my tinfoil hat on, but it all seems rather a bit silly, with some farce and nonsense thrown in.

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Short covering by JPM?

Thanks for linking that article goldmania3000  Supports Turds hints for the past month. 

On the pointy hair Habeeb guy, my son assures me that I don't want to know... 

But I don't think a major upward movement in metals will necessarily mean that everything else is falling apart. I would argue that the Fed, with the power to create money out of thin air, will backstop, by supplying liquidity for every key component of the system that gets close to insolvency. The media will keep things quiet, blacking out important news and things may just move along smoothly.  ZH will be screaming out its stories, but the sheeple will not be listening, nor could they understand if they did. The economy will continue to degrade every month with no hope on the horizon, but these parasitic bankers will drag the economy out as long as possible, exhausting every pool of funding they can get their hands on (look out pension funds and IRA accounts).

I will be curtailing my stacking after the rise begins and putting my extra funding into other prep items that will get my family closer to self-sufficiency. I don't think we will see a societal collapse for a few years, but when we do, I want to be enmeshed in a community with enough knowledge land and supplies ( even self-defense capability) to have a shot at self sufficiency.

If the game continues to drag on, I hope to get involved in local politics to be positioned to help the city I live in.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

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Let's see...


I considered this:

And also this:

Response to: ah.... the 80's
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@SP and Tmosley

Gracias mi Amigos.

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Aside from 4chan and the urban dictionary...

It means "love" or "darling"

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The long bond doesn't look

The long bond doesn't look that healthy here. Double top. Bearish MACD crossover in the making. RSI trending down. This baby needs some serious help from The Bernank to stay up, and should be one of the main reasons for more liquidity. -portfolio tracking and analysis of gold & silver stocks

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No offense to anyone, but you

No offense to anyone, but you would think all the gold to the moon BS spewed by all the super perma bulls everywhere would get a little tiresome by now.  It's every other day and week gold is about to explode, and nothing happens so they make up more of the same rumors again and again... only to be wrong again and again.  No ounce of credibility left whatsoever.  Hard to tell the difference between the gold pumpers and 'evil' cartel/banker shills.

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well said, well said.  And, Turd, thanks, Dude, for everything.  Hope one day I'll get a chance to meet ya.  I'd like to look you in the eye and give ya a hug. 

Keep on keepin' on comrade cool

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Newcrest - Yearly profit.

Gold major Newcrest Mining has achieved a record profit for the second year in a row, after this morning reporting a $1.11 billion profit for the year to June 30.

The company, which is Australia’s biggest listed goldminer, owes much of its success to the high gold price, with revenues rising by 8 per cent despite the volume of its sales falling by 6 per cent.

Who's doing the buying I ALWAYS ask??? There's are lots of miners on the ASX that I look at that have low/no debt, mountains of cash, and the gold price has traded sideways for a year or so, yet their share price has been brutally sold off. The share prices are, however, starting to reverse.

Maryann's picture

Thank you...

Yes, what LaMachinna said....smiley

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return tray tables to upright positon...


Stowe all metals in the overhead compartments...

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wondering if someone can

wondering if someone can break down the cot numbers for this week. haven't seen or heard any mention....Why!?

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US Navy ship collides with oil tanker in Persian Gulf

US Navy ship collides with oil tanker in Persian Gulf

A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer was left with a gaping hole on one side after it collided with an oil tanker early Sunday just outside the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

The collision left a breach about 10 feet by 10 feet (three by three meters) in the starboard side of USS Porter. No one was injured on either vessel, the U.S. Navy said in a statement.

The collision with the Panamanian-flagged and Japanese-owned bulk oil tanker M/V Otowasan happened about 1 a.m. local time. Photos released by the Navy showed workers standing amid twisted metal and other debris hanging down from the hole.......

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Weekly Gold Chart

was just painted on the OTC market to keep it UNDER the down trend-line on the weekly changeover...not to say the chart painters always win but the battle is here and now.

EDIT: It was ON the weekly down trend-line...not under and not over on the weekly, place your bets!

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Gotta Say This

I have been expecting an explosive summer as well based on what happened last summer in gold.And from reading all the tidbits here it does seem to be coming together at this time.

It can take a few more weeks and sure that would be frustrating but I do believe something huge is about to happen.

If they do take gold and silver down from here I am going to have to stop reading most of the stuff I've been reading and just move on.

Please don't take offense Turd,it's not you.I'm a big boy with lot's of experience and I do believe with everything that I've seen with my own eyes in the past few years that you and most of us will be proven correct real soon.

Nothing should surprise me anymore with these markets but I must say I would be really disheartened to see another plunge from these levels!

Let's hope these "sources" are not just BS like the shit we hear from CNBS!

FUJPM and others!!

ggnewmex's picture

silver doc...

JPM story is interesting.....

could this be the news???

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Soon is right


One of the old masters, Richard Russell I think, said years ago that the gold bull wants to take as few riders to the top as possible.  So much despair now.  Has to be the bottom.  

You gotta keep stacking - what else is there to do? 

Here's a snippet from KWN interview of Bill Haynes.  


“Another interesting thing was an editorial that was in the FT yesterday.  One of the writers started trashing gold in the Financial Times.  He said it’s time to sell your gold and send the kids to college, buy an automobile or take a vacation because this bubble is over.  

Eric, this is the type of nonsense we see in the mainstream media when a bottom is being put in, and the Financial Times has been one of the greatest contrarian indicators for the gold market."

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From Santa's site

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I've been gone all weekend.

As expected, the gold CoT worked off about half of the 19,000 net short addition of the previous period. The large spec sheep also decreased net long by over 10,000. All in all, very nice.

In silver, it looks like JPM added another 1000+ shorts. Good luck with that, snookums.

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