She's Back!

On a dark and stormy night, The Wicked Witch stops by Turdville. Meaner than ever, she's also full of confidence now that nearly everyone is convinced that the CFTC is about to rule in her favor. 


By special request, The Wicked Witch heads to London, her heart aflutter.


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Blythe? really? gotta love it.

I love cartoons Turd!

I was hoping to hear clues about silver heading higher, but I cannot discern any!


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Nice one Turd

On top!

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Thurd... How about a guest


How about a guest appearance by Bart Chilton and that handsome haircut?

Who knows... he could end up a hero of Turdville.  Time will tell smiley

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I'll stick with the broad

I'll stick with the broad jump!

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repost from last thread


No one here is recruiting violence. Violence will come to you and either recruit you or take you. You need to be in a position where you can make the choice.

Back in 2009 Homeland security sent a memo to Missouri officials naming returning veterans, 3rd party voters, constitutionalists, etc. as terrorists. They were quite serious, and technically they were correct. Martin Armstrong's article from July 10, 2012 explains how the economic cycle always winds down with depression and war. The veterans are usually the first ones to rise up and demand justice and jobs and an end to the corruption.

The Obama admin. is anticipating collapse and war. They are just trying to stay ahead of the curve by tracking those that history shows will lead the resistance against them. Armstrong says this will cause the rise of a 3rd party in 2016.

Tea, anyone?

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I've just seen her in the MSM lately. Nice to finally get to watch her in action again!

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The wicked witch looks a lot like the actress Dagney chose for her user profile. Coincidence?

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Screenshot of Andrew M's interface ..

i'll take this early posting opportunity to ask if somebody has seen an image of that anywhere around here - seems like i have, but can't remember where. Maybe it was just typed out.  If so can somebody post it? or point me there? 

And turd, if I may, sounded like you guys were working some kinks out of the system last time you posted about it - was that correct or is it all worked out as is? 

thanks for your time. 

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turd, man ...

i think you were a little hard on blythe this time around - tell me how you really feel about her! 

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LP maybe?

A lot of forecasters mention 2016 like the year to look out for change. Maybe the Libertarian Party will step up and be the third wheel...they seem to improve in popularity each day.

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It's speculated that the Exchange Stabilization Fund may be utilizing JPM to legally manipulate our metals

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lol, baloney pony.

lol, baloney pony.

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Awesome, Turd!

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I miss

that vampiric saucy vixen.

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Looking at long GDX

I might take this trade tomorrow with a little more strength in the miners:

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um, sorry for being a bad boy on the last thread

wtf turd?  you BAD Boy :-)

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Turd Loves Voula Too!

My esteem for you has reached a new height!

And, if you've got a thing for hot rebel chicks who say what they want to, 

meet Jessica Leandra dos Santos:

"I tweeted rather irresponsibly about an incident I encountered last night, using a harsh and unkind word about the gentleman who had confronted me with sexual remarks and sounds," she wrote.

Dos Santos also posted on Twitter, in response to the backlash:

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I know you know that I know...

.. that Mr Ferguson doesnt believe in the bad guys winning the day. There was something about the Witch's overconfidence that was a little sus...

Me thinks Turd is setting her up for the fall. 

But what do I know? I'm just someone who puts my faith in someone who lives in the basement with a macbook and calls himself turd. 


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Turd must be pretty sure CFTC is going to rule against Blythe

and the put out a video like that.

Don't ya think?

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Good Stuff, Turd!

I do hope the witches confidence is ill founded. She is one very mean sounding lady. (Supreme ruler - argh!)

.. and I still think her teeth look like they belong in a Velociraptor

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@ Percival Sweetwater

Will we have a 3 a.m. flash crash in metals today?

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Turd must be pretty sure CFTC is going to rule against Blythe

If so, the 'system' is under severe stress and this will be the crack that fails and water deludes those below.

If not, more efforts to patch the cracks will be done.  It's been going on since forever.

There is NO BETTER GAME than stealing peoples labor for something printed out of thin air.

And there is not an honest soul that want's it to continue.

Nice VID Turd.


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GSR continues turning around

GSR continues turning around , even on a day when gold was down. Its a little bit below first resistance level, next one is at about 56.50.  So silver might be getting stronger, which may mean any downturns will affect it less, any upturns- more. I think 55 is first critical level to pass. What is worrying is the abysmally small volumes since mid-june.

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"Mafia Gold"!

Another breathless report on criminal gold from France24...

"When gold is illegal, only criminals will have gold" (and Central Banks, oh, nevermind.)

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Bhahahahhahahah, So on it.. now let's watch what they do and how they justify this over the next few week.. Keep it up Turd!! 



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Gold/Silver Ratio

It is great that over the mid & long term, that the GSR is quite volatile.

For trading purposes, it allows exploitation of the relative weakness of one metal by the other, regardless whether they might both be rising or crashing. Taking cash as the third 'money' (gold, silver, cash), then rotation from the strong one to the weak, whenever there is an opening, enhances one's wealth and is a great long term strategy.

It requires a lot of patience too. I swapped some PMs at nicer prices into cash, I swapped some gold for silver on the run up to the 59 GSR, and it has been a waiting game since then for a few months now. This range-bound price action, and flattish GSR has been a bit dull; trading definitely requires steely patience.

Even if PMs were to crash now, then so long as they do not crash evenly, then once again there may be opportunities, both within the GSR, and for the use of some dry powder, the keeping of which has never given me regrets.

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It's all in the Euro-whatever it does is what the metals will do.Trading at the hip as of late!Call me crazy but I am long both and boy do I feel like I am playing with fire!

Euro is down currently but I have been looking for 125+ for the past 36 hours.That would be a huge positive for our metals!

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@ Turd

A couple of weeks ago I put down a theory.

Since for some time now you are avoiding recommending options, I suggested that it depended on your conviction that what is coming up on the silver market will be such that will trigger the options' default clause. And I tried to elaborate on that.

The only comment coming back from you was "I’m not lying I’m not deceiving"

At first I didn’t understand where that came from. Two days later you announced your Vegas vacation and I understood surprise

Do you think the events lying upon us in the silver market will trigger the options’ default clause?

Is that the reason why you don’t recommend calls anymore?

You don’t need to answer, but if you do please don’t come back again with I’m not lying I’m not deceiving because I really don’t know how to put down that question without stirring up such suspicions

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more GSR charts

the 5 yr, and a 36 yr, from

Note that both charts suggest that the current GSR of 58, is about average for each respective period.

HOWEVER, neither chart shows much hanging around at that level. It is always just passing through, from one extreme to the other. That is why the GSR is to be traded, IMHO.

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Awsome Turd.....

Made my day!

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