The Army Advances

Sat, Jun 30, 2012 - 11:19am

Turd's Army, led by Brigadier General Andrew Maguire, made significant advances against enemy positions in June.

Keep in mind how this works. As a member of Andy's service, "DayTrades", you get to follow along to see where and when Andy puts on positions throughout the trading day. Two important items:

  1. The bulk of this trading takes place during London market hours.
  2. The service has just recently made a significant upgrade to their server speeds. This will allow members to see Andy's moves almost instantaneously.

For example, here's a snippet of yesterday's feed:

08:53:14 andy: stops seen on the last test of the high, I am buying one lot of Gold here
08:53:28 andy: 1593.60
08:53:46 andy: target 1598
08:55:28 andy: taking profit here at market
08:55:33 andy: 1597
08:55:40 andy: closing stop
08:56:39 andy: may see some fix painting shortly so a pull back to 1589 would be a likely entry
09:02:47 andy: 1602 saw strong defence/ resistance but the stops above would expose stops to 1618/20,possibly see a pull back first , in the next hour..
10:11:58 andy: I am selling one lot of Gold here 1598.90 stop 1599.30
10:12:37 andy: target 1595.20
10:13:31 andy: this is a speculative A/R pivot so tight stop
10:20:02 andy: stopped

Below is a chart of the cumulative performance of "The Army" since inception back in April.

Month Perf Cum. Perf.
Apr 12 $2,810 $2,810
May 12 $5,590 $8,400
Jun 12 $7,570 $16,070

And here is the day-to-day breakdown for June:

Cumulative Performance for June 2012: $7,570
* P/L based upon each lot consisting of a ONE contract of each vehicle.
Date Gold Silver P/L *
June 1st $2,830 - $2,830
June 2nd - - -
June 3rd - - -
June 4th - - -
June 5th - - -
June 6th $170 - $170
June 7th $200 - $200
June 8th $280 - $280
June 9th - - -
June 10th - - -
June 11th $420 - $420
June 12th $380 - $380
June 13th $190 - $190
June 14th $490 - $490
June 15th $200 - $200
June 16th - - -
June 17th - - -
June 18th -$10 - -$10
June 19th $320 - $320
June 20th $490 - $490
June 21st $630 - $630
June 22nd -$10 - -$10
June 23rd - - -
June 24th - - -
June 25th -$20 - -$20
June 26th $250 - $250
June 27th $200 - $200
June 28th - - -
June 29th $360 - -
June 30th - - -
TOTAL $7,570

What this shows is that a trader who followed Andy's trades exactly (Which, admittedly, can be a little challenging sometimes. You have to be committed and paying attention.) is up $16,070 over the past 2.5 months. And this is only trading one contract, every single time. And this is also in an extremely challenging market environment. After fees and less whatever commission you pay your broker, the member is probably up at least 13Gs. Not too shabby. That's eight, shiny and sparkly gold eagles in your safe to help you survive the coming onslaught.

If you're an experienced trader and you'd like to learn more about this program, I'd refer you back to the original podcast announcing the service. It can be found here: If you'd like to register for the service, simply click this link and complete the form: Again, the first calendar month is just $100. After that, the fee is $500 per calendar month but, as you can see, the performance can quite easily pay for itself.

One other thing that members receive is Andy's weekly commentary. There are a lot of big-dollar individuals worldwide who subscribe to Andy's services simply to receive these updates. As a Turd Army regular, you get to see them, too. There is no one on the face of the planet more qualified to charge for precious metal commentary than Andy. As a 30-year veteran of London gold and silver trading, he has an extensive list of contacts and clients as well as a depth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched. If you want to know what is really going on, Andy will tell you every weekend when he posts his commentary.

Andy has granted me permission to copy-and-paste an excerpt from last weekend's commentary. Here he addresses the hubbub surrounding the "London Trader" story of June 8. ( This is the type of valuable information that members receive every weekend.

MetalsTrades Commentary - June 24th 2012
I will start by answering some excellent, member questions….
…“I came across this article yesterday, claiming the 515 metric tons dumped in the market place per "The London Trader", did not happen as they were unable to see it on the open interest. Would appreciate Andrew’s input and rebuttal.”

This is a good question and considering COT inspired waterfall selloff events usually follow a similar pattern, it is worth taking the time to follow the footprints through this specific event. This dissection will be helpful for a lot of members as this is a common and very profitable ongoing COT, (Bullion Bank), MO and should help clear up a lot of confusion amongst market participants regarding the relationship between the Comex vs. the OTC spot and physical markets.
This blogger expresses a healthy skepticism, is well measured and rational but makes a few commonly held false assumptions that I will seek to address. I will start by pasting the relevant sections directly from the blog…
………”He does not define the term “paper gold” but we can assume he means either London gold Forwards or COMEX gold Futures. This seems to be confirmed by his remark that the anonymous “Eastern buyers” will “patiently convert” their “paper gold” to “physical in the coming weeks.” I assume this means that they will stand for delivery of their contracts”…..

My response to this is No. Sovereign, CB and physical buyers in size do not buy paper gold contracts on the Comex; this refers to spot indexing in the OTC spot market in London. This is a classic case of the Comex tail wagging the much larger spot dog. Due to both leverage and the timed deployment of established and verifiable concentrated short Bullion bank COT positioning in the Comex paper market, the price of bullion is concurrently set in the spot market. This by default enables those seeking allocation of physical in size to take advantage of the resulting discounted spot prices and lock in spot purchases on intraday/month dips in the size they wish to take delivery of at an upcoming fix. This spot indexing transaction is simply an FX currency trade where the purchaser of physical is going long gold and short USD/ EUR etc., locking in the price of gold vs. that currency. Once spot XAU/ USD, XAU/EUR etc. has been purchased, the currency price for the size of allocation sought is locked in no matter how high the price of gold may rise to on the date the spot currency purchase is cashed in for physical at a bullion bank, producer or refiner etc. at that chosen days gold fix price.
Then…...” I also assume that he is not referring to naked, leveraged longs that are forced to liquidate as the price falls, due to margin calls. He explicitly said it was “the bullion banks” doing the selling of these 515 metric tons.

Let’s look at the numbers. 515 metric tons equals 16,557,634.5 troy ounces. Rounding to the nearest 100-ounce COMEX contract, this adds up to 165,576 contracts. 165,576 new contracts were dumped onto the market on June 7, according to the London Gold Trader…...”

In response, here is where a walkthrough of the event would be helpful….1st to the bones of the discussion.

There were indeed 165,555 GCQ contracts sold during the 4 hours in question, as described in the MT post in real time on the day it occurred. The selling emanated from a bullion bank and was initially instigated in the pit about 1 hour ahead of Bernanke’s speech. Although one might expect some last minute squaring/positioning ahead of pivotal news it in not normal to see short selling/new supply commence in size so far ahead of such a price moving event. With initial selling stemming out of the pit in noticeably large tranches, and as reported to me by my contacts from a name associated with a large bullion bank, this also had the intended effect of telegraphing sell intent to the locals.

Even with that information set aside, what the blogger is missing here is that almost all these contracts were subsequently covered by the bullion bank into the days pit close thereby not showing up in the closing OI #.This is a standard MO. Through concentration, creating sufficient new supply at commonly watched pivots in a very short period of time to swamp any bids distorting true supply demand fundamentals, then once the momentum is turned down, to buy back all originating short positions into freshly pitched longs and a whole array of freshly invited new shorts.

Obviously, there is always a long for every short etc. but nevertheless the equivalent of 515 tons of paper gold was sold that would not have been sold had the bullion banks not used the power of their concentration to create sufficient supply to instigate and then game carefully orchestrated air pockets for the market to do the rest of the heavy lifting. This resulted in a stair step transference of COT shorts and was conducted at the expense of, (MM, spec’s and techs), initially by tripping longs stops, then drawing in fresh short supply on the breach of very obvious technical supports. (In this case with volume through the well watched 50 & 10 DMA’s).

These progressive breaches activated stair step knee jerk momentum selling and flipped the always present ‘neutral algo’s’, (as dissected in a prior MT commentary), over to a sell side bias. Guess who was on the other side of those trades profitably buying back the newly instigated supply? The daily downward move was then consolidated with a bearish close just below the 10DMA. (Bear in mind long or short stops are clearly visible to the 2 COT bullion banks identified in the OCC reports, concurrently holding the book on over 97% of all OTC gold and silver derivatives, a market 10 times the size of the Comex. These 2 COT banks also maintain concentrated short controlling positions in the futures markets).

Now, breaking down the footprints in more detail….

Preceding the pit selling, obvious spoofing was seen which given the signature footprints had to be from a COT algo and foreshadowed mal intent. If you recall from the MT post, we saw a very strong showing at the PM fix with large allocation sought in size, yet into the fix, we saw a block order of 10,000 GCQ contracts hitting all the bids for an $8 drop ahead of the fix followed by 35,000 contracts hitting all the bids for another $20 followed by a small $5 rise into the pit close where we saw large allocation sought at 1606. At this point, some short covering was seen, looking like a bottom likely drawing in some new longs, followed by another 30K selling tranche followed by the residuals over the remaining couple of hours. There was an obvious round off of short covering of around 50K seen into the pit close. This exercise resulted in an extremely profitable trade which also opened a window to repay/rebuy some previously underwater gold leases here in London. I am very close to the physical market here and am almost certain this was the case.

Obviously, aside from my observations and sources, I verified my information with both a trusted pit contact and traders here in London; also independently I saw this from an individual who I respect, Jesse, who appears to have concluded similar observations.
Jesse comments 08 June … “One has to consider information such as this as input to be compared to other things, since we cannot directly view what the unidentified source is specifically seeing.
However, having watched the tape in real time and looked at the changes in Open Interest, it seems to be a credible description of what happened.
It also tracks closely with my own view of the game which we are in…”

I hope my sharing this with you has been helpful.

Once again, if you are an experienced trader, I urge you to consider this service. The goal is to profit by trading along and against The Cartels and then convert each monthly gain into physical metal, thereby decreasing their available supply. If we only have a handful of members, the physical effect is negligible. However, if we can get a couple hundred folks working this program...well, then maybe we could have an impact. Regardless of that, in the end, members of The Army will be consistently adding to their stacks of physical, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

Have a great weekend!


About the Author

turd [at] tfmetalsreport [dot] com ()


Eric Original
Jun 30, 2012 - 6:57pm

Let's look at June from the Shorts POV

You think us bulls are nervous nellies? Just try getting a feel for how June went for the shorts.

June 1: The BLS numbers come out, put a top in the dollar rally, and gold goes up $66. Ouch. You scratch and claw your way back, all month long, and then...

June 29: Frau Merkel shows a chink in her armor, and BOOM, gold is up $47.

For the month, gold is...higher!

No fun being short gold anymore.

Be Prepared
Jun 30, 2012 - 7:11pm

@Fortinbras - Good Additive Perspective

Thanks for putting that post together because supporting room for opposing and differing thoughts and opinions is absolutely key to eliminating your own bias. The challenge for all of us is that it's not just the message, but "How" the message is said or, in this case, composed and the tonality that is used. If we want to be effective in making a hard statement, we have to consider our audience and phrase it in such a way as to ensure that it reaches them in a context that will allow them to digest. There are times to be shocked and shocking, but those times are the exception and not the rule.

To @JD keep posting, but put out some suggestions and ideas about how to make this better. Give us some ideas about how we should approach this market... other than just stacking. I'll be the first to admit... I'm struggling on how to navigate this all and try to grow my fiat while the wheels still spin. :-)

So It Goes
Jun 30, 2012 - 7:11pm

New Comment

Hi all,

I don't often post but I think there is a lesson here.

I am days out of touch with this forum because of work and family issues but I thought I might share with the community - this piece of color.

Wells Fargo Bank (who holds my 3 y/o 30 year fixed mortgage to my So Cal home) called me twice - (unsolicited) to refinance my house with a new 30 year mortgage. A new mortgage will save me 1% ($500/mo.) with ​No reappraisal, No fees, No documentation​ with a loan to valuation ratio of about 55%.

Now usually people do not throw money money at me - why should a company give me $500/mo before taxes - so I asked the lady on the phone what may be in it for Wells Fargo to do such a deal.

Her response - now wait for it - "​Because Fannie Mae will guarantee it."

If you did not already know that the lunatics are running the asylum, what more can I say - keep stacking.

Jun 30, 2012 - 7:14pm

Time of day

The timestamps shown in Turd's snippet go from 8:50 to 10ish. Is that EST?

The only reason I'm not in the army is because I thought that most of the trades happened earlier than this--before I wake up. Am I wrong? Do most of the trades on most days happen after 8am like they did on this day? I'd love to find this out because if they do, I'd sign up.

bam So It Goes
Jun 30, 2012 - 7:23pm

@So It Goes

Thanks for the report. I hope to god you bit on their offer. There's no use in taking a stand on principle that will lose you 500/mo. If it's legal do it imo.

Jun 30, 2012 - 7:36pm

Re: So It Goes...

So.........the only incentive is getting it off their books? and on to the backs of the taxpayers...... it actually makes sense.....if the majority of their mortgage portfolio a) is risky as a mofo b)they cant possibly ever never ever mark it to market without blowing up their bank. So, why not sell the shit to the taxpayer? Sounds good to me! (sarc)

actually, from your point of view, ya gotta do it......500 is 500

Jun 30, 2012 - 7:43pm

the more i think about it.......

the more i believe they are gonna just shove as much toxic shit as humanly possible into that blackhole formerly known as the average taxpayers balance sheet. What the f--k do they care? It's almost like we are the ultimate enablers.....they're gonna keep rammin shit down our throat....until we stop em, which may be never from the looks of things

Jun 30, 2012 - 7:43pm

The reason people are

The reason people are "jumping" on Jack is because of his inflammatory comments. Calling the Turd a shill pisses me off, and I'm sure a lot of others feel the same way. Call him "wrong", or "foolish", or "conspiratorial" if you must, but saying he is a shill is utter bullshit, and you should be prepared to be held to account for such idiocy should you choose to perpetrate it.

Dagney Taggart tmosley
Jun 30, 2012 - 7:52pm


Don't waste your energy on their empty babbling. Their lies are known, their souls are black, and hell awaits. Sorry to preach to the choir.

OK, back to the weekend.

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:08pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

John Galt Tube
Jun 30, 2012 - 8:10pm

@ Tube re: Mayan Calendar

No new calendar(s) needed....9 interlinked calendars including the roughly 25,600 year cycle all roll over at the same time to start over again at the beginning.

El Gordo
Jun 30, 2012 - 8:10pm

Nothing to see here

Things are a little slow around here this weekend, and since there's nothing much to see here for now, guess I'll just go lope my mule or something.

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:33pm


Dagney says.... "Don't waste your energy on their empty babbling. Their lies are known, their souls are black, and hell awaits. Sorry to preach to the choir".

It's amusing when trying to come here to pick-up some insight and opinion about PMs from different people and I come across a post like this from someone who plays a "keyboard flirt" talking about strap-ons. Usually when someone takes on that role online it's because there is a reason they are unable to flirt in person with any success. How about trying a chat room in a romance domain. Jack Daniels, who according to you lies and his black soul is going to hell, knows more about PMs and trading than you probably ever will. You say "sorry to preach to the choir" but maybe you should check the hat tips Jack Daniels received in his post when referring to the direction this board in taking. But have no fear "strap-on girl in distress", your knights in shining armor will be along shortly to defend your "honor".

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:37pm


Nice Thank you!

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:39pm



I enjoy all input and debates on all issues. That being said, the worst email comments I received in response to my articles were from so-called professional traders. One of the worst was a response from my article THE DEATH OF TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND SILVERS TREND. The so-called professional trader thought I was just insane. He let me know that anyone can write almost anything and get attention. I replied by letting him know that his response was appreciated and I would get back with him in several years to see who was INSANE. I got my money on my HIDE... yup I am a bit biased.


If you go to any local courtroom and sit and watch a full day worth of court cases, chances are you will witness several cases based on a "CONSPIRACY". Furthermore I would like to list several well known large cases of where CONSPIRACIES have been present:







and the list goes on and on...

There is no way these organizations were able to have these sorts of HIGH STOCK VALUES without some sort of CONSPIRACY to manipulate figures, laws and regulations. If a professional trader believes the WATERFALL sell-off was due to technical analysis... well, there is nothing I can say... can I??

Today, if one is not well understood in CONSPIRACY THEORY, then you are in fact......INSANE. I gather if Turd is a Conspiracy Nut so must be ERIC SPROTT & JIM SINCLAIR... along with a large list of others. I wonder if JACK DANIELS is a billionaire like that Conspiracy nut Eric Sprott?? (sarcasm added)


Someone posted a very interesting COT CHART on silver in the blog. I took the liberty of adding some silver figures to the HIGHS and LOWS of the net commercial shorts. You may find it very interesting that we are at a LOW LEVEL and LOW PRICE currently:

Turd... excellent POST and good luck on the new sister site. I have taken a vacation from the internet, but plan on putting out some interesting stuff shortly. I will be posting the US GOLD IMPORT-EXPORT article out soon. It will be on SilverDoctors first, then here.

Nice to be back....

Tube John Galt
Jun 30, 2012 - 8:48pm

@ JG re: Mayan calendar

I know it will start over again, I was just being silly. Just like our calendar rolls over, so will the Mayan calendar. I don't believe TEOTWAWKI will come when the Mayan calendar's 25,600 year cycle starts over. Crazy shit happens every day and I'm sure some crazy shit will happen on 12.21.2011. Only time will tell.

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:49pm

C-O-N... spiracy!

In Living Color - Conspiracy

Wait for it... @1:24

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:56pm

@ Fortinbras

LMAO @ french fry aptitude test...

Jun 30, 2012 - 8:58pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:04pm

Fort in the house

Hi Fort...nice to see you.

I liked your post and seeing how it came on the heels of mine I'll comment and not duck it.

I agree with all of it and will just emphasize that the wording of some posts right out of the gate as blaming or direct challenges to TF and the community in many cases are not helpful and give the impression that's what they're here for. We see it all the time.

I do appreciate the thoughtful and non-acidic counterpoints that people make that challenge TF and ourselves in a non-combative way that challenge our thinking. I actually love it! I can only speak for myself but the part that gets me no matter who it is or why they're saying what they're saying is the table turning tactic right away and begging of and apologizing the whole time while their thrashing the site or TF with some accusation of fraud or being a shill or whatever is a dead give away. You can't have it both ways and expect any of us to act like sheep. Bah!

The approach sometimes is indicative of the intent going forward. Sometimes.

And only time will tell the true colors of anyone as you pointed out. I would suggest it works both ways. Those who start out of the gate the first or second time with barbs should also be held to account with their impatience by displaying it first and then trying to counter it with "Hey, I don't deserve that." It works the same way with TF I presume where he's not getting any benefit of their doubt/blame right away either. So the whole " You suck/your a fraud, but I love the site otherwise " at times gets old and is transparent. Not all the time, but sometimes.

I would hope that we eventually will all find some common ground and learn to tolerate or communicate less condescendingly or accusingly right out of the gate. That's all anyone asks or could hope for. We'll see.


To take up on your point earlier regarding Russia. Yeah, that whole ship incident or excuse had me going "Ok, what's that really all about?" It seemed too technical if you're about to go to war or have an agenda that will involve heavy violence. Why would you care about insurance at that point?

I've been maintaining/postulating all along that it has much to do with the missile shield and some form of control of verification the Russians want because they fear it or it makes them vulnerable on some level where it's pointed or more importantly, could quickly be re-targeted.

If they give up Assad in this manner then there is no stopping the colossus that's slowly scouring the earth and reshaping it like a glacier with long lasting effects.

I'll defer to you on this and your thoughts as you have an extensive knowledge base on these matters. It would blow me away to some extent if they just postured to that extent only to make way so that they could bow out gracefully with pride and come away with a ABM concession from DC. It could be as simple as that besides keeping that port and base for commerce and influence and prestige.

There's always a trade off somewhere and if I'm Assad I'm not feeling real good about my future right about now.

Ok....time for a brewski.

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:13pm

Turd's Debut

Wait for the commercial...

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:15pm

Now What, Santa?

Now that China has been exempted from sanctions over buying Iranian oil, what does that do with the "dollar breakdown" that Santa talked about. He even featured a story about it over at JSMineset. So what now??? Business as usual, I guess.

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:24pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Fred Hayek thesandbox
Jun 30, 2012 - 9:31pm


I read about what they did in that town in Holland in a book called Traffic (which had a something like 50 word suffix appended to that single word). Here in Massachusetts we have a lot of what we call rotaries, 3 or 4 or 5 roads all come into a central point but don't intersect at one central point. They all hit the outside of a paved circle and motorists make their way around the circle to the road where they wish to exit.

They seem lousy and motorists typically dislike them. The thing is, when they've compared accident data from instances when there was a rotary to afterward when it was replaced by a 4 way intersection, there are actually MORE accidents in the seemingly safer four way intersection configuration.

It turns out that it's very important for drivers to actually . . think. And the uncertainty of a rotary makes drivers think more than yet another 4 way lighted or stop signed intersection does.

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:36pm


Body of contributions consisting almost exclusively of needling, provoking, criticizing, making fun of others, promoting the exclusion of CERTAIN viewpoints, treading the fine line of direct insult while trying hard to appear otherwise, sowing discord, doubt, distrust, paying backhanded compliments or even simply insulting the intelligence of the host, attacking the character rather than the stated viewpoints of others -- wow, what a credible, virtous 'white knight' defender of the insight/noise ratio on the thread. And still finding the time to laud the same aspects of others' behavior, thus getting them painted with the same brush -- BRAVO.

I await the next pearl of wisdom with bated breath. I am sure that any day now meaningful analysis, or at least a piece of factual information will emerge.

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:46pm

Just sayin....

The day a voice rethinks its notion to post something controversial or contrary, is the day you have become "the establishment" and the "powers that be".

I may not like what is said, but I most certainly will read it, think about it, and make my own decisions as to the usefulness and validity of the post.

There is a very nice scroll bar to your right, and if that doesnt thrill you, then Turd has given us an "ignore" feature. :)

Having said that, you do yourself little good by using either feature in haste.

Listen. Think. Prepare. Save the reactionary rhetoric for another time when it may actually benefit you.

Just sayin :)

Jun 30, 2012 - 9:52pm


"...the board is becoming somewhat self-moderated."

Yep, that's what I see to some extent without mob rule being the call of the day. It's been working just like it used to on the old blog except with less venom and just calling it what it appears to be at the time.

That doesn't mean it can't change and that a common ground can't be established. It just means at certain times were making room but can do without the elbows from the new person stepping onto the TFMR freight train and complaining about the free ride or blaming the conductor. That's all I've ever really maintained on here. Be polite and don't throw challenging elbows around. The Mods will handle the rest as they're always present.

Treat a person or their house or establishment the way you want yourself or your space in life respected. That's it. If someone walks in your house and blasts you and accuses you of lots of things what would you do? It's as simple as that.

For some it's not, and that's where the community gets involved just like a loyal friend or acquaintance might get involved. Just like real life, except with no anonymity involved like it is on here.

Jun 30, 2012 - 10:07pm

SHILL way out of line

tmosley is correct. take your shots at his DAILY calls but not integrity.

bam Fred Hayek
Jun 30, 2012 - 10:09pm


In addition, Rotary's have been shown to cut down on traffic jams (non accident related) as well. Probably because it generally keeps everyone moving.

Jun 30, 2012 - 10:09pm

A safe space encourages freedom of expression.

I have attended many meetings when most around the table said nothing - week in, week out. This was due to fear of folk looking like a fool. There was always someone with a snide response etc. Very stilted and growth was almost absent.

I for one applaud alternative viewpoints. Even though I believe I have already covered every possible move on this chess board, I may be wrong and I crave someone who can demonstrate to me why I might be.

I worked with one guy who challenged me on a lot of things - I would often ponder hard and many times changed my old beliefs. It was such a gift.

I have read above some "conflicts". Please conflict the ideas with rational argument and NOT attack the messenger. We need the free unhindered flow of ideas.

Please do not make this stuff personal. It serves no purpose but to demonstrate a lack of ego.



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