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Today is a great day in Turdville!

As you know, the question has been: How do we expand this site and expand our reach while keeping TFMR the friendly (and free) community that it has become. I considered several options. Ad revenue alone wasn't going to do it and I didn't want to cordon off a sections of TFMR as subscription-only. The best solution I found was to develop a "sister" site. Today it goes "live" and the address is:


I recognize that a subscription-based site is not for everyone and I don't expect everyone to join (though that would certainly be nice wink). I do think, though, that the two sites will complement each other. TurdTalksMetals will allow members some new "premium" features such as occasional conference calls with me and others in the metals "industry". It will also feature webinars and chats so that members can have direct access to some of the biggest names in metals and the daily "comments string" will be largely non-moderated and threaded so that members can efficiently discuss the events of the day. The additional revenue that TTM provides will help to compensate me for what has become a full-time job. It will also allow TFMR to grow, remain free-of-charge and provide funding for events such as the hoped-for "Turdapalooza".

Please consider joining TTM. We've priced it as affordably as possible and my plan is to make it the most informative and interactive precious metal-related site on the internet.

Thanks again for making all of this possible.



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Done and done.

Subscribed.  Figured it was the least I could do, considering the value of the education I have gotten over here.

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@Fr. Bill

Thanks for the report. F*** US Inc's Constitution of 1871 and f*** US Inc.

PS. For the uninformed: 1871 does not equal 1791.

Edit: Why didn't Arizona (NOT AZ) tell the US (Not the United States) to F off? Such a TJ donkey show.

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Morning all! Congrats on the

Morning all! Congrats on the new site, Turd. Sounds like a good venture.

I'm just licking my chops at the sub $26 silver that you said might be happening in the near future. Looks like there is constant down pressure against the metals. USD is moving higher (oil is getting crushed again as well). Geez, what's new?

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A Reasonable Fee

That's about the amount I have been donating monthly anyway. Just figured if I was going to spend time reading/ commenting on the site, I should put a few bucks down for the guy putting it all together!

First thoughts about the new site, I think i will wait a few days and see how it goes.

   Hey, and those who have a split personality, let us know back here on Main St. how it's looking at TTM.

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Excellent - Signing Up Now...

Wow! This is exciting. I've just signed up and about to listen to Turd's Friday Podcast. Best wishes for great success with this new venture Turd!

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Turd, just joined, very

Turd, just joined, very excited to hear what you have to say. The site formats terribly on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad).

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Thanks for your frank comments, Mod Jane

I think each of our concerns is justified. 

I have learned so much from community members. We will just have to wait and see where they choose to post their comments and insight in the future.

As to your fear, you may be right that the "nasty element" may try to disrupt the new site. But their comments will only be viewed by mostly committed Turdites, and we should be able to handle ourselves. Even if trolls do pay for the privilege of trashing, their audience will not be the same. (A committed Turdite does not necessarily agree with Turd, just so I am clear...).

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Is there a problem?

Further to my previous comment, I'm feeling a little left out because I can't get on the site.

Sent a message to Support, but no response yet from an hour ago?

Sorry if I'm being impatient - but I've probably done something wrong?

Entered all details for Annual payment with credit card info, and it sent me a new username and password. But then tells me:

"Your account is not active, to activate your account enter your subscription payment"

I follow that again, but then says I haven't entered my email address - although there is no email address field?

Tried it on Google Chrome, and IE in case it was a browser compatibility issue, but alas not?

Understand if they are busy with the new site having teething problems, but could do with an acknowledgement email from support that they received my request for help?

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The Green Manalishi

I had the exact same problem.

Edit : Tried it on a windows machine and a Mac.

Second Edit : Doh! Worked too late last night and typed in CC # wrong. All fine now.

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Signed Up

Can't wait to hear the daily thoughts of the Turd and friends.  I foresee my education expanding exponentially.  And that, is truly priceless.  $140/yr seems to be chump change for the education already received for FREE.

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The Typical Tuesday FUTF

Tomorrow the ataris might flash the 26 stops, which would also coincide with the Comex July Last Trade. Stay on your toes. The add to shorts last week wasn't for show (unless they will be dumped to squeeze the other shorts - wouldn't that be nice). Anyway, Jesse's charts used to show these as typical reversal days.

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good intentions


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just signed up. appreciate

just signed up. appreciate all the hard work you do turd.

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My only request is the Klinkn and others who post cartoons on Main St. continue to do so.

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I was going to sign up but got hit with a pop-up from http://www.dukascopy.com/tradercontest/.  I think I'll let you guys be beta testers for awhile and wait for Turd Talks Metals 2.0.

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@ opticsguy - I second that motion.

How do members decide what to link to and post.  I read a lot of news from a wide variety of sites throughout the day, and I make the (perhaps incorrect) assumption that the majority of us view sites like reuters, zerohedge, max keiser somewhat regularly, and probably in the morning when we are posting.  (That's my morning routine anyway.)  I try not to post things from those sites as I feel that most would have already seen them.

What other sites specifically related to financials are viewed daily by members here? 

How do you decide what to post?

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Just a coupe of observations

1)  Seems everyone expects lower prices.  The unbridled, "gotta go up" attitude has been beaten into submission.

2)  Fedhead Lacker just said that more stimulus is not coming, that it would only create inflation.....(I expected gold to tank!)....yet, it went up.....

If a comment like that doesn't take the PMs down, nothing will.

Historically, the 10 yr yield rose the entire decade of the 70's.   Rising rates are not a guarantee tank on PMs, nor are falling rates necessary for it to rise.  rates just have to be less than inflation...(real inflation not govt fantasy)

just sayin'...oh and dang, Miss Taggert, I think rollin' in your Ag sounds swell and safe!  You might be on to something.

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Did support get back to you to tell you that?

Still not heard anything.

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What the L?

A couple..

I can't believe how little inventory Hannes at Tulving has.  I am not an expert, only a casual observer...BUT...I have seen junk Ag get in short supply, but nothing like today when various gold is impossible to get.  Maybe the crazies are right and the physical will simply be gone.....and paper will be a joke.

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Congratulations Turd

with the new website. The teaser video looks real good. 

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Back over $27 we go!

Back over $27 we go!

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Arthritis in my Trigger Finger?

Whoever the malevolent force is on the other side of the silver trade...they are doing one hell of a job. I have waited months for this type of price, now that we are here, I am having great difficulty pulling the trigger on some  Ag... 

  Any buys are modest, so it is not of great concern ( for me ) to wait for the exact bottom. Another buck or 2 down, I can handle. 5 or six dollars further and me no likey!

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The Green Manalishi

I got an email stating CC was denied. Since the balance is usually close to zero I figured it was typed in wrong. Yup, it was.

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I'm in

If you read this site daily it's only fair that you support the Turd.

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Don't Walk, Run Away From Gold, Silver

some rather shortsided main stream gold and silver bashing


"Lower demand for silver and gold jewelry, along with a lack of inflation (in dollars) is a perfect formula for lower metal prices. As long as the situation remains, expect gold and silver to continue falling."

faith in the dollar is going to destroy a lot of people

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Any chance of formatting for iPhones? 

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Intelligence drain

There's a well documented phenomenon that's been going on globally for some time.  People who are identified as highly intelligent / geniuses, get skimmed off from society and become 'fast-tracked' into high-tech careers.  There's a fancy name for it, but I forget what it is.

While not a bad thing in and of itself, an unforeseen consequence of this has been a general brain-drain of intelligent people from the community at large.  Used to be you would find the occasional handy-man, mechanic, clerk, what-have-you who was highly intelligent and his 'smarts' were passed around freely to everybody he/she dealt with.

Not so much anymore.  Highly intelligent have been siphoned away from the public for some time now, which is part of the reason why basic services have become so shitty.  On one hand, we've put the best and the brightest where they can do a lot of good, but we've paid a price for it in many other ways.

I suspect something like that will happen here, where the insightful regulars will flock to the new site.  Hope I'm wrong, but already this morning things seem pretty 'thin'.

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@rl999 - That's a

@rl999 - That's a question! All I can say is that years of experience in the PM blogosphere helps. My current sites -

ZH, JSmineset, Dollarcollapse, King World News, martinarmstrong.org, Harvey Organ's blog, Jesse's Cafe American, GATA, Golden Jackass... to name some.

Gave up on (no real info) - Casey Research, Mogambo Guru (but still is funny!), roadtoroota, screwtape files

Once in a while - barnhardt.biz, FOFOA

What to post? Something important that no one else has mentioned yet. How's that for a nebulous answer???

Hey! Did a silver mine just cave in???

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non secure site

I started to register but noticed the same thing .  I did not continue, but would like to see this corrected as I wish to join


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Italy played a very good game

Italy played a very good game yesterday and deserved the win. The second penalty (in) was just a marvel.

I think that during the time when silver was last 26 and now the world has changed so much into direction of support for PMs so very pessimistic scenario is unlikely= repeat of 2008. Even if there is liquidity crisis, and USDx moves up fast, there will be action for sure, the whole world knows it, and would not let silver to go really low (same for gold). So far we are still above 26, which is reasonable. The debt has increased heavily since then. If on June 29th Europe says no to any form of substantive easing, it should come from the USA as its their lifeline as well . There is still option for ECB to lower rates at least by 0,5%, which is not in a sense limited by /put on hold by German wishes. The difference with 2008 is that now everyone nows it will come, just in 2008 the easing was something new and expected to continue in rapid succession, leading to metal overshoot. This time market I guess have quite realistic PM prices BEFORE easing, but not discounting it either. Normal prices in this stage of sovereign debt crisis. On the lower edge of exponential growth channel that starts from 2001.

I wrote this in the morning, just had no time to post. BTW 27,52.

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