The Last, Desperate Acts

Fri, Jun 8, 2012 - 12:56pm

The foolish, self-destructive Bullion Banking Cartel continues to crush and manipulate the price of paper metal. Their arrogance will be their undoing.

First things first. As you all know by now, paper price was crushed last night/earlier today. $23 was taken out in under a minute. This was nothing but regular, Cartel price manipulation where bids are pulled coincident to sell orders being placed. As usual, they got away with it. This time, however, we were watching and two, separate Turdites caught them in the act. Here is a C&P of an email I received last evening at 10:50 EDT, 30 minutes after the "event".

I was watching gold sell off tonight, wondering how low it would go. Then I saw the spike down. On my depth of market order entry application (NinjaTrader), there was absolutely no bids or ask in the system. So I placed a limit order quickly at 1567. There was a long pause, but then my screens came back to life and suddenly the price slipped all the way down to 1556. I was pissed because I thought I was filled at 1567, but my long of 6 /GC contracts was filled at the absolute bottom 1556.4.
This almost conclusively proves to me that liquidity (bids) was purposely removed. How did I get filled at the absolute bottom?
Regardless to the inner workings of the access market, somebody dumped 1750 contracts in a market order, all at once. Same bullshit as always but this time I am getting even with these bastards.
I can prove that my order was filled at 1556.4 if you are interested.

Corroborating this was a second email I received a couple of hours later:

Hello Turd, I too was trading tonight when the bomb was dropped. I usually find the late evening hours from 8pm ET to around 11pm not too bad for trading,.....the volume usually is light and trading slow.........but tonight felt different.......I watch the Euro and the Yen and the Yen was catching some bids and moving on up........I am a one contract trader and just trade for a few dollars either way........I stopped myself out of a long at 1580.20 in the Aug gold and walked away from the computer.....when I came back a few minutes later I could not believe what I saw.......the volume for those 2 minutes if I remember was around 1800 usually won't trade that amount in 6 hours at night........they were gunning for the lows on the chart around 1579 and took them out with a vengeance..........this is not hedge funds trading in the middle of the night nor the small speculator......this was a coordinated massacre and the collateral damage was any long specs whose stops slipped by 5 or 10 dollars at least...........after the initial rebound rally, the market was so thin and quiet for the next 35 or 45 minutes.....most were shellshocked, if not broke, and there were no players left........I am done ranting..........and I think I will stick to trading the ES futures from here out..........and to those knuckleheads who say there is no manipulation in the metals markets, I say...........keep their heads in the sand......that way we won't hear as well what they are saying.

In the end, it's as if the entire bid/ask system was momentarily shut off. Into that void, a massive order was dumped for maximum effect and damage. A momentary, deliberate "flash crash" designed to game and flush any unsuspecting buy stops. It's deliberate, overt manipulation but it is sadly, for now, the way the game is played.

That game is changing but the blind arrogance of The Cartels keeps them from seeing it. Once again today, massive physical demand appeared in London. The Cartels selfishly crush paper price in order to game and manipulate the speculative managed money. They squeezed the shorts a week ago. They crushed the longs yesterday. The Masters of Disaster think they are playing this game and avoiding long-term consequences. As stated above, their arrogance will be their undoing.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the coming shift in the global trade settlement structure. If you haven't read this yet, please do so now ( The metal that is flowing out of London toward points East will be the basis of this new system. All metal used to back this new system is effectively removed from the global stage. As this transpires, physical metal will become increasingly scarce. Without physical metal to back the highly leveraged paper, the entire LBMA will collapse and, with it, The Comex. The LBMA and Comex collapsing will directly effect the solvency of the Bullion Banks and a new global paradigm will emerge.

Again, your only personal financial protection from this historic chain of events is the purchase and acquisition of physical precious metal, preferably gold but silver, too. (Though likely included within the new trade settlement structure, I expect silver to soar due to its own set of fundamentals.)

Please, I urge you to immediately consider whether or not you own enough physical metal.


Look around.

Trust your instincts.



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Jun 8, 2012 - 7:21pm

The Abyss awaits


Ludwig von Mises

As simple as it gets. Just be prepared and ready on all fronts. There is no political solution to this.


Jun 8, 2012 - 7:23pm

All you gold ladybugs out there...

....this one's for you.

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Jun 8, 2012 - 7:34pm

So. Where did the gold and silver go?

"Anyway, with total OI now back to the level it was on 5/31 (the day before the $58 rise), it's safe to assume that this report is inconsequential. After yesterday, the specs have sold, the banks have covered and the CoT is back to where it was 10 days ago." Phys still was removed in this process. Why fight the tide? Ride it out and back. That's why I say the learning curve is shortening. I emailed you this Turd....... when Ben pushes, pull! EVERYONE WANTS THIS TO EXPLODE NOW. Sit back and USE Ben's small mind.

Sub-MOA cpnscarlet
Jun 8, 2012 - 7:45pm


Tmos (as well as many of the posters here) has ably demonstrated over time that he does not need anyone to carry his water when it comes to defending his positions, but I would comment that the gradual imposed decline of free access to our inherent rights can and has been very debilitating for many.

I sometimes also feel as if I am almost alone in my almost jovial commitment to the Constitution and all that it was/is meant to convey, in comparison to many I know who only complain futilely as to the way things are going. I, speaking for me alone, would be happy to watch it all go down with someone that espouses that which you earlier posted.

That said, show me a place in this world without systemic corruption, disease, overarching government officialdom, intrusive 'laws', potential for or actual ongoing famine, war/civil/ethnic/religious unrest (one or any combination combined), crime, etc. and maybe I would also locate a final emergency bugout point there for when/if I get run out at the end.

Retreats are often caused by fear (a cousin and frequent byproduct of defeatism), but strategic withdrawals are indicative of foresight and extensive planning with an eye on continuing the fight at a later time.

Jun 8, 2012 - 7:50pm


I think that Dr. Paul wants us to become capable of winning our own freedom, I think that he cares very little for the hero worship mentality that seems to be somewhat pervasive within his supporters ranks. He has said things to this affect, to my recollection.

The defeatist attitude must give the other side a real hard on. I hate airing my dirty laundry - and reading the posts and comments at my favorite sites (this one of course, and other RP related) makes me wonder what is going through the oppositions head. Laughter, glee, surprise that we throw in the towel so quickly. Does anyone else consider that this might be a head fake, or part of a plan that was triggered due to current events (maybe their count of delegates, cash on hand, concessions from power brokers)

On a completely unrelated note, I wish to add type III anodized aluminum to the list of precious metals. Now that would be an interesting ratio to hear about...

Jun 8, 2012 - 8:00pm

The political center... some point will become a central party.

There is no white (or black) knight or Superman on the horizon that's going to save anyone or any party or the country for that matter. That's my cynical opinion.

The word 'save' might be defined much differently by a whole range of constituiencies as something that has opposite meanings within this country depending on what socio-economic part of the ladder you may reside on (or be homeless in). One persons budget cut is another persons loss somewhere on that ladder and this country is about 50/50 at this point regarding govt subsidies or benefits that helps maintain the false standard of living we've enjoyed and relied on and have voted for one way or another by choosing either party. The two party system provides checks and balances to a certain point and even that doesn't work the way it's supposed to in some instances and hasn't in awhile. I don't see that changing anytime soon as currently constructed.

I'll totally agree with what Pining said earlier about the Rand 2.0 and the political learning (and unlearning) Rand is doing at this time and evolving with the current 2012 political scene. Does anyone really think someone in the current crop of 'experienced' candidates (newbs and bench-warmers) is going to undo what is messed up with our country in 4 or 8 years? I don't. It took considerable effort and decades of recklessness (planned?) to get into the hole we find ourselves in.

It would take numerous administrations (both parties) with the same goals and principles in mind to undo what has been slowly leveraged into an insurmountable pile of debt at this point. If they lop off 10% of the budget in the name of austerity we'll go into a vortex of unemployment and foreclosures that makes the current mess look like a picnic. We're built upon debt and reckless spending and when that punchbowl gets taken away (it won't) the false economy we've known as 'normal' will collapse. There is no political will for any of that. None.

The person who any of us might think is going to emerge and be a real man/woman or whatever doesn't exist yet and neither does the political will by either party to let it happen without political drama and obstruction the whole way by one party against the other. The only way any real change happens (imho) is when a central party emerges and it won't be what were looking for or positive and that's where were headed.

Ask yourself...why do politicians run to the center? Why are more people becoming 3rd party centrist/independant voters by registration? Can you tell the difference between Romney, Obama, Clinton (s) at this point?

Does the crop of newbs who we hear about come more from the left, right or of the new American electoral make-up of this country? Project out into time and consider that this current administration and (Bush's also) are actively reaching out to unregistered american voters who are illegal or undocumented fully so that they can vote and not be discriminated against and that the current Justice Dept and AG are currently pressuring states to STOP doing what they've always done in regard to voter eligibility. They want them to LET everyone vote and stop enforcement of voter eligibility requirements. Florida is the only state out of 50 to fight the AG on this. 1 out of 50!

The left and the right of this country is vaporizing right in front of our eye's and at some point we get a Central Govt. in the future that happens from necessity born of a political emergency that forces the two parties to do what is good for the country except that's not what will come from it. We'll get a central govt at some point because of it. When? I don't know. Some say we have it right know. I think we're in transition and in the earliest moments of it.

Politics as we know it is here to stay unless something unbelievably chaotic happens that changes everything. Otherwise I see a Central Govt. that will always retain some extreme agenda's on the far right/left of it that are more of a question of where money will be appropriated or won't. Anyone who doesn't live in the US or is planning to bug out should be the last citizen to call out anyone for not doing there part or allowing it all to take place or continue to the extent they've articulated. Stick around and help out, not that it would matter.

The future is set to some degree, at this point.

Our Lady Peace Superman's dead Lyrics
bam Big L
Jun 8, 2012 - 8:02pm

@Big L

The people who colonized this country ran away. Those were the real founding fathers. They were looking for religious and economic freedom (either or some for both).

America was 'started' by people who ran away.

Jun 8, 2012 - 8:18pm

@bam - That's great. What new

@bam - That's great. What new continent do we run to next????

Sub-MOA bam
Jun 8, 2012 - 8:18pm


Good point, Bam. It got me wondering many were running 'away' from something and how many (fewer?) were running 'to' something...such as opportunity. That thought will occupy my sunset bourbon. Thank you!

Jun 8, 2012 - 8:18pm
bam Stock_Canines
Jun 8, 2012 - 8:19pm


If they have time, give them "Currency Wars" by Jim Rickards. He's got a pedigree that should be respectable enough for the average person.

It's clearly written and accessible as well.

Jun 8, 2012 - 8:31pm


Wow! Welcome back, nice to see you.

bam cpnscarlet
Jun 8, 2012 - 8:44pm


The moon is empty, last I checked. :D Dust off the 'ol space suit.

My point wasn't that you should run. My point was that there's no shame in it. Quite often it's the sensible thing to do. To each his own of course. I just wouldn't want anyone shamed into staying put over some misguided sense of honor. If you can get off the Titatinic, go for it! I'm a bit more mobile than most, so I went after getting a second passport a while back.

It was interesting to hear Sub-MOA's perspective on living/working overseas, in that he prefers the US. So far, I prefer being overseas, but then, I don't have as many years under my belt (about 8 overseas).

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:06pm

@bam - Well I could go on and

@bam - Well I could go on and on about Selenian logistics, but not now.

Yes, I am sure there is a time to run, but I for one will at least try to stand my ground first before resorting to a strategic withdrawal - that's my choice.

But when Jeremiah yells "Surrender and you will live!", I will give it some thought.

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:09pm

Ranting Andy Hoffman...

...nails it today. Making the same point I was making earlier (just a whole lot better) - he with the most campaign money wins:

The strain of the expanding water volumes (i.e. DEBT) pulled the bow visibly downward – aided by the 1999 repeal of Glass Steagall. At that point, banks were essentially givenfree rein to exponentially increase LEVERAGE (chart below represents average debt/assets as of July 2011)…

…and take over governments, be they Republican…

Top Contributors to George W. Bush – 2004

…or Democrat…

Top Contributors to Barrack Obama – 2008

…or Republican again…

Top Contributors to Mitt Romney – 20012

By the way, I wrote six months ago that more Wall Street money was going to Romney than Obama, so he would likely win. Since that time, MUCH, MUCH more Wall Street money has gone to Romney, deserting Obama.

We all know Romney is far more “pro-Wall Street” than Obama, so think about what happened four years ago. Clearly, the nation was so fed up with the outgoing administration – during an election that occurred amidst Global Meltdown I, to boot – they would have voted for ANYONE for the sake of “change.” Wall Street knew this – as did anyone with half a brain – and thus put their full support behind Obama, who repaid the favor with MASSIVE bailouts – such as Citigroup and GM – pro-Wall Street legislation, and cabinet and other influential appointments.

In 2012, however, the “Democratic tide” is going OUT, as people are again preparing to vote for “change” at any cost. This time Romney will be the benefactor – although Obama will still get millions of votes from the disenfranchised, whom desperately need his socialistic policies to SURVIVE. Irrespective, the economy should dramatically worsen by November, making it nearly impossible for Obama to overcome the rising wave of DISSENT, let alone the MASSIVE Wall Street money behind Romney, the guy they wanted all along…

Top Contributors to Barrack Obama – 2012

<continued at Link above>

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:22pm

Running vs. Fighting (and Wall Street)

I don't think it's time to run and leave the U.S. just yet. When the FEMA camps start operating, and armed drones are being used on civilians, that might be a good time to start running. But if things really do get that bad, do you honestly think you are going to be safe wherever you escape to? The whole issue with a totalitarian global government is that where will be no place to run to.

But my problem with the whole black and white thinking is that it presumes a) that there's no hope b) that the evil "elite" are all knowing and all powerful and c) that there aren't good people trying to fix things who may happen to have access to some money and power.

And some of this is perspective. For example, there's the meme going around that "Scott Walker won because of big money." Big money is assumed to be bad. Anyone who is rich is presumed to be evil. Is this really true?

If you read, say, the Ulsterman Report's "Wall Street Insider" (and granted, Ulsterman is pretty conservative), you see a different narrative. You see some rich and powerful people extremely scared that Obama and his "puppet masters" are going to destroy freedom in this country. They are plowing money into Romney to defeat Obama. Now...this could all be made up and a total load of BS, but it's worth considering that maybe some of the "big money" might actually be on our side.

Here is the source of some of the big money used to defeat "big labor":

And BTW, I am not anti-union in theory, but I feel that, like any entrenched monopoly, unions have become corrupted and are being used to further nefarious ends. From an opposite perspective, someone might see the unions as the good guys and the Wall Street Insider as the bad "big money" guy. It depends on how you look at things.

At any rate, this battle has not been lost yet, and in many ways, it's only getting started. I am not afraid to stay in America...and I honestly feel that there's no place worth running to anyway. I do feel it is challenging to figure out who you can trust these days, and I understand the disappointment about Rand Paul, but I guess I'm actually holding out some hope that Romney may actually not be as horrible as Obama. Time will tell.

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:25pm

Which squid or octopii suits your tastes?

They all originated in England imho as far as recent history goes. How many centuries? You tell me.

Vulgar Army

Octopus in Propaganda and Political Cartoons

Artist unknown. American cartoon of John Bull (England) as an Imperial Octopus with its arms (with hands) in - or contemplating being in - various regions1. He has eleven arms, just to demonstrate the “octo” part of “octopus” is negotiable when it comes to illustration.

Cartoon is caption “The Devilfish in Egyptian Waters” and was an American cartoon published in Punch in 1888(?).

John Bull is a large landowner. His estate, to which he adds a piece day by day, consists in the first place of the British Isles, to which he gave the name of the United Kingdom. Then he has the Channel Islands, and the fortress of Gibraltar, which enables him to pass comfortably through the narrowest ot straits. The islands of Malta and Cyprus serve him as advanced sentinels in the Mediterranean, If he could have Constantinople he would be satisfied with his share of Europe. In Egypt ho is not quite comfortable ; yet ho is trying to make himself at home there. He took good care not to invent the Suez Canal, and moved heaven and earth to try and prevent the canal from being made ; yet behold him to-day a& a shareholder. He occupies his territory with an army considerably inferior in numbers to that of any other continental Power, in spite of which none of his possessions is in the least danger […] He is a curious mixture of the lion, mule, and octopus.2

“The English Octopus: It feeds on nothing but gold”: “Coin” Harvey, Coin’s Financial School 1894. Sub-title: “‘The Rothschilds own 1,600,000,000 in gold’- Chicago Daily News. This is nearly over half the gold in the Chicago wheat pit.”3 (full article).

Postcard by WB Northrop showing a map of London with the vampiric octopus of “Landlordism” (absent landlord, renting) encircling parts of London4.

“Serio-Comic War Map for the Year 1877” by Frederick W. Rose. A British response to the Balkan’s crisis between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Britain sided with the Ottoman Empire as Russia was perceived to be a threat to its interests. 5

“A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia” by Kisaburo Ohara, published March 1904 prior to the Japanese-Russian War. Based on the Serio-Comic War Map by F.W Rose (1877) shown above6: Part of the text reads: ‘“Black Octopus” is a name newly given to Russia by a certain prominent Englishman. For the black octopus is so avaricious that he stretches out his eight arms in all directions, and seizes up every thing that comes within his reach. But as it sometimes happens he gets wounded seriously even the small fish, owing to his ? covetousness. … Suffice it to say, that the further existence of the Black Octopus will depend entirely upon how he comes out of this war.’7.

A 1917 map by Maurice Neumont: “La Guerre est l’Industrie Nationale de la Prusse”, “War is Prussia’s National Industry”. A French poster that shows the expansion of the German and Prussian military. The octopus - wearing a pickelhaube helmet - has a map superimposed over it with its tentacles throughout Europe and Asia Minor (full article).

Den Preussiske Bläckfisken “The Prussian Octopus”: A map of Europe with two octopuses: Prussia and Austria-Hungary 8. The text reads:

DEN PREUSSISKE BLÄCKFISKEN. ‘Vi hota icke de små nationerna,’ förklarade tyske rikskanslern den 10 december 1915; ’ vi föra icke det krig, som tvingats på oss, för att underkuva främmande folk, utan for att skydda vårt liv och vår frihet.’ Bildkartan är illustration av hans ord. Den visar hur Preussen har stulit den ena provinsen efter andra från sina granner och likt en olycksbringande bläckfisk fortfarande sträcker ut sina tentakler för att rycka till sig nya förvärv.
THE PRUSSIAN OCTOPUS. ‘We do not threaten small nations,’ declared the German Chancellor on December 10th, 1915; ‘we do not wage war which has been forced upon us in order to subjugate foreign peoples, but for the protection of our life and freedom.’ This pictorial map is a commentary on his words. It shows how Prussia has stolen one province after another from her neighbours and, like a baleful octopus, is still stretching out her tentacles to grasp further acquisitions. 9

Anti-Japanese poster by Pat Keely (1944): “Indie Moet Vrij! Werkten vecht ervoor!” (Indies should be free! Work and fight for it!)10. It shows a Japanese octopus with its arms stretching down to Indonesia.

“Non! La France ne sera pas un pays colonise! Les Americains en Amerique!” (No! France will not be a colonised country! Americans in America!). This is unusual as the American octopus is not squatting in America, but as somewhere in the Atlantic? Published by the French Communist party circa 1950 11.

The last image is another French poster. It is an anti-semitic, Free Mason octopus. It shows an octopus with a human head on a map of France.

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:27pm


(Your name always makes me think of a pantry loaded with dogs. I have three labs-a yellow, a chocolate and a black, so I guess I am stocked up!) Check out Chris Martenson's website. He is very low key and rational, and lays it all out very nicely in some of the videos and articles you will find there, many of which are free.

Jun 8, 2012 - 9:37pm


I found the following movie informative, easy to watch and not boring. Of course, nothing new for turdites, but it may have a cool shower effect on the sleeping sheeple. And it's only 5 bucks.

The Doc
Jun 8, 2012 - 9:39pm

Great first hand accounts Turd! I spoke with Eric Sprott today,

and he was as fired up as I've ever heard him. Eric told me be believes the silver cartel has changed its MO from raiding the metals on the monthly jobs report to now whenever Bernanke speaks publicly or the Fed releases a statement:

The MO used to be that whenever the jobs number came out they’d go to work , which let them take a shot at the markets once a month.
The last jobs report backfired, and of course the jobs reports have been so poor. I think the key thing for the cartel is to time it, and to know when to do it. Three or four guys acting together can have a bigger impact if you all know exactly what second we’re going to do something.

Of course Bernanke releasing his comments at exactly 10am is the perfect time. Ok, let’s knock gold and silver down. It theoretically make’s Ben’s remarks seem all the more important, although you see the action in the market before anyone’s even had a chance to read his comments, but it sort of reinforces it.

I would not be surprised that the MO has changed, and now we do these things when Bernanke speaks or when the Fed announcements come out at 2:15 on June 20th next, that’s when they’ll act. They like to know when they have a common time when they can all go into shorting mode.

These live trading accounts by your readers confirm that Eric is correct and this is not the market responding naturally to the fed's disappointment- these are coordinated massive attacks to take down the metals coinciding with Bernanke's statement.
Keep up the great work Turd, its looking like we are closer to the end game than ever.


Jun 8, 2012 - 9:56pm

Any west coast /L.A. lurkers out there?

Just chime in and say "here"

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Jun 8, 2012 - 9:59pm

Chill People

Just Some Good Music

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
I Run Bartertown
Jun 8, 2012 - 10:00pm


On the one hand, so many of the analysts we read know so much more than me that much of what I know, I learned from them.

Yet, they are continually flabbergasted, shocked, and exasperated that there is corruption, manipulation, and regulatory complicity. I guess the thing nagging at me is: why have I been able to absorb and accept their thesis more than them. Are they just in too deep, at numbers that dwarf mine, and have a need to keep expecting something else? Is it my lower net worth on the line (still all in) that makes it easier for me, or just a cynical nature? They'll do it till they CAN'T. That's the bet I made when I bought my first silver. That's the bet I'm sticking with. With all due respect to all the better-informed Charlie Brown's than me, 'psst - Lucy's gonna move the football and make you fall on your ass.'

Jun 8, 2012 - 10:15pm

Stack like Peter

Video unavailable
Bongo Jim
Jun 8, 2012 - 10:16pm

California Bungalow



Jun 8, 2012 - 10:23pm

Wow, good to see Indigo and

Wow, good to see Indigo and BSD back. Hope its been a productive absence. I sometimes wonder how I've hung in there for so long, its not like I don't have a myriad of other things to do but this seems to be top priority on so many fronts. I thank Turd for his time, generosity and integrity of purpose.

Jun 8, 2012 - 10:27pm

Glad to see you back, IS7

I will be here for the late show, as usual.

Keep 'em coming.

Jun 8, 2012 - 10:32pm

This is GREAT

Bravo, Andy!

Friday Morning Commentary 6/8/2012

This morning, my anger knows no bounds!

For those of you smiling and thinking, "excellent, this will be a great RANT," please consider the feelings of your humble servant. I got my name from theemotion that permeates my writing, but I don't generate enjoyment from such passion. To the contrary, the U.S. government and its minions have caused me - and YOU - a great deal of financial and emotional pain, as well as the utterdestruction of our nation, and with it, much of the developed and undeveloped world.

These SOCIOPATHS have pillaged and plundered our lives - in my case, on a much more personal basis as they destroyed what could have been a promising Wall Street career, and subsequently sabotaged everything I have done in a decade of devotion to Precious Metals. Thankfully, their efforts COULD NOT, CANNOT, and WILL NOT reverse the ongoing, expanding PM bull market, so I have survived and thrived - particularly since switching solely to PHYSICAL gold and silver. However, their heightened efforts to prevent the inevitable have brought my anger to "UNPRECEDENTED" levels, and my need to report,commentate on, and record each evil deed does not make my life easier, or less stressful. Each time the Cartel attacks PAPER gold and silver - as they have doneviciously for the past three days, in an attempt to eradicate last week's SAFE HAVEN buying surge - I am forced to RANT more, instead of doing things far more productive and conducive to a happy - and calm - existence.

I have MANY topics to discuss today, but the first is the VILE SCUM Ben Bernanke, who yesterday did EXACTLY what I thought he would - NOTHING. In other words, the same platitudes as always when speaking to Congress, as Fed decisions are made ONLY at FOMC meetings - or in the rare occasion, such as in late 2008 - on an "emergency" basis. People like myself called out his stupid theories about the Depression and deflation the day he was appointed Fed Chairman in 2006 - i.e., that such events were caused by TOO LITTLE MONEY PRINTING - yet he has been allowed to exponentially increase the "R2" contagion rate of the EBOLA virus borne by Richard Nixon and festered by Alan Greenspan for the past six years.

This man has PRINTED more money than anyone in history - even Greenspan, who served as Fed Chairman for 18 years - with NOTHING to show for it exceptparabolic increases in GLOBAL debt, deficits, unemployment, inflation, political tension, and social unrest. Of course, if you listen to the doting, moronic MSM, theopposite is true (another "career lowlight" for Yahoo! Finance, which featured the below article as it's "top story" this morning)...

U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s

This slimy, stupid, destructive, reactive, virulent, pernicious disease of a man has DESTROYED THE WORLD with MONEY PRINTING - which continues unabated... every way, shape, and form...

...most of it covertly, so frankly it's IMPOSSIBLE to know how much worthless toilet paper is out there....

Audit The Federal Reserve Reveals 16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

There are NO LIMITS to how far this cretin will go to deflect blame - both in hisdiseased brain and publicly - from blaming Congressional overspending (brought about by his monetary hyperinflation)...

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns Congress on 'Taxmaggedon': 'If You All Go on Vacation, It's Still Going to Happen' the European crisis...

Bernanke says Fed to act if Europe crisis deepens

That's right, NOTHING is his fault, as he is executing the bidding of his MASTERS on Wall Street and in the White House...

The primary owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are:

But what irks me most is what this sewage filth did yesterday, joking about how "a trillion there, a trillion here" isn't going to matter. America - and the WORLD - THIS is the man most responsible (along with Alan Greenspan) for the misery we - and our children, and children's children - are being forced to bear. THIS is what he thinks of your hyperinflated dollars...

Fed chairman on debt: 'Trillion there, a trillion here ... doesn't make much difference' [VIDEO]

Next up, I'm on the WARPATH against Zero Hedge, which I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt lately. Not that they are ALL bad on the PM topic, but for the most part, are barely a notch above Yahoo! Finance - i.e., BRAIN DEAD. Yesterday, I went off on their mindless headlines about "gold plunging" while Bernanke spoke...

Gold plunges while Bernanke speaks: China is most grateful

...and "stumbling" throughout the day, without a single question as to WHY it would act so enigmatically, nor WHY it always "plunges" the second Bernanke speaks...

Late-Day Crumble As Stocks Join Gold's Stumble

However, last night TAKES THE CAKE for futility, categorizing last night's nearly "UNPRECEDENTED" Asian plunge - of /oz in ONE MINUTE... simply part of a "risk off" trend...

Asia opens and Risk-On closes

Yes, it was "risk off" last Wednesday - when the Dow fell 169 points and gold rose$9/oz - and Friday, when the Dow plunged 274 points while gold soared$58/ounce. Or how about EVERY MAJOR CRISIS period of the past four years - let alone 9/11 - when gold was the PREMIER "RISK-OFF" ASSET...

Recent Gold Safe Haven Periods - WHEN THE CARTEL FAILED





Feb 2009



Bottom of Global Meltdown I

May 2010



First Greek collapse/bailout

July/Aug 2010



Beginning of Global Meltdown II

And how about the past decade, when the ENTIRE world has convulsed with the final stages of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE? PMs sure look like "risk off" assets to me, and more so if you consider the Dow has been "adjusted" dramatically higherto account for the bankruptcy and/or "re-organization" - as nationalized entities - of Eastman Kodak, Citigroup, General Motors, and AIG. And how much lower would the Dow be if it's "partner-in-crime" - JP Morgan - wasn't being supported by the PPT 24/7, due to its integral connection to "national security"...




Dow (Absolute)

Dow (CPI Adjusted)










































































Yes, gold has been hit all night for "risk off" reasons. The Dow rose nearly 400 points the past two days - care of the PPT, of course - on hope Bernanke would announce QE3. Yet, when he said NOTHING, the "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" still ended up 45 points (HUH?), with gold down $27/ounce. And how about the day before, when gold plunged $25 in the afternoon...

...while the Dow didn't budge from its +220 point highs?

Yes, that must have been a "risk off" trade as well. Let alone last night, when gold was trashed for $25/oz at its lows, with Dow futures down a whopping 60 points. And I haven't even described the farcical action in today's New York "pre-market" period, when gold was attacked non-stop while GLOBAL stock indices rose. Heck, even the SPANISH stock market is up today...

...despite it yet again BEGGING for PRINTED MONEY BAILOUTS - with no mandatory austerity measures (ROFLMAO!)...

Spain To Officially Request Bank Bailout For The First Time... Again

...only to be rebuffed yet again - IMMEDIATELY - by Germany...

Germany Responds To (Re)newed Spanish Request For Cash: Please Do, But No Backdoor Bailout

...whose costs of "saving" Europe are already going parabolic...

Europe's Parabolic-est: German TARGET2 Total Hits €700 Billion

...while ANY and ALL "bailout rumors" were immediately quashed as well...

Crazy Pills: Here Comes The Refutation Of The Rumor Of The Conference Of The Bailout Of The Broke... And Consultants

And now - as I write at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST, gold (from -$15/oz to -$10/oz) was rising WITH the Dow (from -55 to -30)...

...and even the HUI had surged from its opening print (of -9) to go +2...

...when SUDDENLY - out of the blue - gold just got SLAMMED again, while the Dow didn't budge. "Tyler" - below is just a chart of the last two hours - during which the Dow didn't move more than ten points. HOW MANY TIMES can gold be violently ATTACKED - at what do you know, the ROUND NUMBER of $1,580 - before you get it through your thick skull it is manipulated, more than ANY MARKET IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND?

...except SILVER, of course?

Before I end this aggressive, ANGRY RANT, a few tidbits, starting with the yet another form of global MONEY PRINTING - further distorting the laws of "Economic Mother Nature"...

China cuts fuel price in new stimulus move incredulity of the MSM suddenly ignoring the fact that Greece will likely IMPLODE in the coming weeks, with horrific WORLDWIDE ramifications...

Papademos warns of Grexit Vortex

...the TRUE state of the dying U.S. economy...

CEOs Lose Their Optimism as Job Slowdown Imperils U.S. Growth

...and an incredible graph depicting how WRONG, WRONG, WRONG the Wall Street "smart money" (LOL) has been at forecasting interest rates...

Fed: Crushing The "Smart" Money's Hopes Since 2009

Of course, it's not ALL theirfault, as they are not the ones instituting "ZIRP until at least late 2014" programs, HYPERINFLATING away generations of wealth. Nope, that's "Helicopter Ben's" job...


Jun 8, 2012 - 10:37pm

Nice to be back

Nice to see all of you also.

I'm feeling recharged and refocused and ready for whatever comes our way.

Thanks for all that info TF. Appreciate it

Jun 8, 2012 - 10:39pm


Re my story about the chicken and the pig.

I thought that too, about the pig. Yes, he made a commitment, and look at what good that did him? But that is exactly the point. He did what he was supposed to do, unflinchingly, and went out a hero. He believed in his mission, and accomplished it. He is revered. Just ask Eric O, and the rest of us who like bacon.

The chicken contributed, sure, but look at him now? Heck, the very word "chicken" connotes a disparaging image. It is a slang term meaning to be afraid or be a coward.

Who wants to be a chicken? Not me.

Being a chicken is like holding paper pm stocks in your 401(k). No thanks.

Yes, the chicken keeps coming back, contributing, but never really committing to the mission. Sure, the chicken is alive, but at what price? Who wants to live like a slave?

If one is tepid in one's beliefs, then the end result will never be magnificent.

Think about that.

Make a commitment, sink or swim, go all in, the sayings are legendary. Who remembers the timid?

I did not choose to know things, it just happened. Now what? Should I ignore that which I know because it may lead to unpleasantries? Or should I commit, wholeheartedly, and live with passion in what I believe in?

I am a pig. Oh well.

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