Change You Can Believe In

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 - 12:22pm

Please let me off of this ride before I get sick.

This Cartel-inspired volatility is nauseating. Price is jammed down for weeks while spec shorts are accumulated. Price is jammed UP 4% in an historic short squeeze. Price is jammed back lower 72 hours later as new longs are forced to the exits and spec shorts crowd back in. Almost certainly, once spec shorts are accumulated again, price will rocket higher again in order to fleece them.

None of it matters and, frankly, neither does my brand of TA. The reason Turd is who Turd is is because the markets are manipulated. Knowing that, it made predicting price quite easy. However, at this moment of extreme desperation, where The Powers That Be are doing everything possible to cling to their power, none of it matters anymore.

The only thing left to do is stack. I've done my part to alert as many as possible and, in large part, my TA made that possible. But now, it seems that those willing to listen have heard. Everyone else is being peeled away by the manipulative powers of the status quo. They are doomed. You and I, however, shall march on, intent upon protecting ourselves and our families.

In the days ahead, you'll be seeing less charts on this site. Maybe the occasional weekly or daily chart but rarely the 2-hour or 4-hour versions. What would be the point? As long as the charts are used against us, why should I keep citing them when, by doing so, I'm actually driving people away from the message?

This site will continue to focus on precious metal accumulation and preparation. Soon, there will be a "sister" site where I will deliver daily podcasts. Neither site will encourage trading within the current system. Both sites will be devoted to financial and physical preparation for the tribulations that are to come.

I ask that you continue to support this site and its mission. I also ask that you support the new podcast-only site once it goes "live" next week. Though I recognize that I am powerless to affect the day-to-day criminality that pervades our current system, I am going to continue to strive to prepare and warn as many as possible of the financial apocalypse ahead and I hope to come out the other side, financially preserved and ready to lead the reconstruction.


p.s. I've had enough for today so I'm taking the rest of the day off. See you tomorrow.

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