Change You Can Believe In

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 - 12:22pm

Please let me off of this ride before I get sick.

This Cartel-inspired volatility is nauseating. Price is jammed down for weeks while spec shorts are accumulated. Price is jammed UP 4% in an historic short squeeze. Price is jammed back lower 72 hours later as new longs are forced to the exits and spec shorts crowd back in. Almost certainly, once spec shorts are accumulated again, price will rocket higher again in order to fleece them.

None of it matters and, frankly, neither does my brand of TA. The reason Turd is who Turd is is because the markets are manipulated. Knowing that, it made predicting price quite easy. However, at this moment of extreme desperation, where The Powers That Be are doing everything possible to cling to their power, none of it matters anymore. 

The only thing left to do is stack. I've done my part to alert as many as possible and, in large part, my TA made that possible. But now, it seems that those willing to listen have heard. Everyone else is being peeled away by the manipulative powers of the status quo. They are doomed. You and I, however, shall march on, intent upon protecting ourselves and our families.

In the days ahead, you'll be seeing less charts on this site. Maybe the occasional weekly or daily chart but rarely the 2-hour or 4-hour versions. What would be the point? As long as the charts are used against us, why should I keep citing them when, by doing so, I'm actually driving people away from the message?

This site will continue to focus on precious metal accumulation and preparation. Soon, there will be a "sister" site where I will deliver daily podcasts. Neither site will encourage trading within the current system. Both sites will be devoted to financial and physical preparation for the tribulations that are to come.

I ask that you continue to support this site and its mission. I also ask that you support the new podcast-only site once it goes "live" next week. Though I recognize that I am powerless to affect the day-to-day criminality that pervades our current system, I am going to continue to strive to prepare and warn as many as possible of the financial apocalypse ahead and I hope to come out the other side, financially preserved and ready to lead the reconstruction.


p.s. I've had enough for today so I'm taking the rest of the day off. See you tomorrow.

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bellyacre · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:23pm



Patrancus · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:26pm

More like cope and pain

Hope and Change + Obama = Cope and Pain

Patrancus · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:32pm

Taking the rest of the day

Taking the rest of the day off are ya, ok, thats the best suggestion I've heard this morning, I think I will take your advise and join you. 

Irksome · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:34pm


The TITS rating must be off the scale when the site owner becomes this negative!

exiledbear · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:35pm

I'll say it again - bitcoin

Ahem. If you want to trade something, the commissions are low and from what I can tell it's still obscure enough that TPTB don't care enough to manipulate it.

Yeah, it's a bit dorky, but it satisfies the urge to trade and keeps you outside of their system.

I'm not quite sure it's the future yet, but I think something like it is. I definitely like the idea of taking control of the money supply away from the few and giving it back to the many.

· Jun 7, 2012 - 12:36pm

And please don't believe all

And please don't believe all the bullshit in the media about "gold dropping on QE disappointment". This is all crap. Paper gold is dropping for the same reason it rose on Friday. Namely, The Gold Cartel is flipping price at their leisure, maximizing their gains while they attempt to lessen their net short positions. 

Does the similarity of this day resemble 2/29? On 2/28, silver temporarily "won" The Battle Royale on heavy volume and a $2 surge in price. The very next day, The Bernank spoke and silver was crushed. Yesterday, silver broke out of it's 27-29 range and surged higher on heavy volume. A bottom clearly looked to be in. The next day Bernank speaks and down it goes. No doubt, The Cartels are the willing buyer on the other end of all the new spec selling. Fuck em. DON'T PLAY THEIR GAME.

People ask me all the time "what do you think of so-and-so?" and "do you believe whomever when they said this?". Frankly, I don't trust any of them. Anyone could be an agent of disinformation. They are everywhere. Therefore, it doesn't matter to me what some "analyst" says. It's all bullshit. I KNOW WHAT I KNOW. Anyone that disagrees is wrong so I ignore them. Their opinions are worthless to me.

Please continue to stack and prepare. Those who wish to survive need to convert at least 20% of their paper assets into physical precious metal. Buy more today.

Hrunner · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:39pm

New LDS Manual

Turd and readers may be interested to know that a free new 2012 LDS manual for prepardedness is available

(the red one one the left is the one referred to, aka "Book 2" for the public)

I'm not Mormon but have to say it's a very comprehensive 500 page guide with everything from a detailed breakdown of one year food storage (a major emphasis) to medical to communications to defense.

It has a faith message within, in alignment with what believers believe is the 'greatest treasure', but it is not overbearing.

Turdites will note that one article (p. 214) specifically lists 10z of gold and 100 oz of silver as requirements per person!

Did you notice I didn't stoop to the wildly imature


Grace and peace

CrimsonAvenger · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:41pm

A welcome change

I almost never post here, since I've felt relatively unqualified to do so: I'm relatively unsophisticated about the market (especially commodities trading) and know little about the Ways of the Cartel. But I visit daily.

So why visit daily, if the technical analysis is of little interest? It's at the top of the home page: "We are here to help each other navigate the coming economic chaos." I think - I KNOW - there's a shitstorm coming, and I just don't care about daily price action, or even about paper manipulation. What I do care about is hearing from people who understand the bigger picture and can share useful information.

To me, dropping the TA is a smart and welcome move. Spend your time talking about preparing to emerge intact after the end game, a conversation which certainly includes, but is not limited to, PMs. That's a conversation I can participate in - and it's one far more important than the day-to-day price action.

Thanks for all you do.

Byzantium · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:41pm

please read

Folks, ‘CIGAs’ even,

I think we are in some very serious doo-doo here, both as citizens, and as goldbugs. This is certainly the most important post that I ever made on this forum, please give it your consideration.

In the recent ‘Updated Gold & Silver Charts’ thread, I articulated a number of serious doubts that I don’t think were widely read, so I raise them again here. Among them, was that the reduced short position of JPM was bad news rather than good news, and even more-so, that the alleged sale of 5000 tonnes of gold by the cartel since 29th Feb, was not bullish but bearish.

First the JPM short position. Is this really a relieved JPM getting ready to exit their positions, or rather, the eternal fiat nemesis of PMs totally in control of their game, who can exert their control using ever less firepower, and who could ultimately stand with their foot on the throat of silver while even being net long? That could happen, once they decimate sentiment enough; they would create new downdrafts just by reducing their longs, and increasing them further at the bottom.

Even more troubling, is the 5,000 tonnes. That my friends, is telling. The message is loud and clear, gold will not be allowed to play a monetary role again in our western society, else why dispose of the nation’s lifeboat? To ensure the public cannot look to gold as a successor system, they are assiduously disposing of it. Bridges are being burned on purpose. The role of the Iran war now is now clear; who controls the Middle East oil, decides the currency.

All the fundamentals, all the logic that we cling to, only apply within the system that we imagine; but they are not only changing the rules, but they are not even playing the game that we thought they were. Engineering a collapse may well be in their interests, as the fastest route to control / terrorise / divide / confuse / enslave the citizenry. In this scenario, money will be what they say it will be. SmartknowledgeU posted a great piece on zerohedge today, saying that the end game is not PMs, but digital currency. Martin Armstrong recently said the very same; in fact he could not have been more emphatic on this point.

Everything that Santa says makes absolute sense in the context of our extant economic system, and the assumption of the objective of a healthy, sustainable economy. Flip instead, to the context of a corrupt oligarchical political system, where ever increasing control is the real objective, and things are not so certain anymore.

Everything is wrong about the way that events are unfolding around us. For the first time in the four years since I adopted the goldbug mindset, I am no longer thinking ‘when,’ but ‘whether’ gold will have its day.

Just to make my message clear; I am not saying that the moonshot will not happen. What I am saying, is that it is not the only scenario; digital money & war is the other, and the pendulum of probability seems to be swinging the wrong way.

I do want to be shown that this is not the case, but I hear no evidence to the contrary, and I strongly advise everybody not to get greedy, but to plan for their economic well being in all scenarios.

Punk-Assets · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:41pm

Bravo. I never lose money on

Bravo. I never lose money on PMs. When I sell, and I do, I make sure I sell at a profit. That's easy to do when its physical only. 

BASEBALL 13 · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:42pm

Please Read

The future is uncertain - THAT we can all be certain of!

Regarding the future of currency; it will be what the people accept it to be. If TPTB attempt to force an electronic currency upon the peoples, what percentage will accept it without a fight? If there is resistance, obviously all measures available by TPTB will be used. However, will it come to armed conflict? I have serious doubts the even the most brazen public official will feel comfortable in his/her seat if it comes to that. No, if electronic currency is to rule the day, firearms will have to be removed from the public first. After that, perhaps tainting the water to evolve a more malleable public will be the next steps to total state control.


CrimsonAvenger · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:44pm

And a related note

One suggestion that could be financially beneficial to you: update your store with an affiliate program that benefits you. A month ago I was shopping for a year-long supply of food and would have bought through TFMR if you had listed any. Getting even a few points off a purchase of $3K or more would help I think.

Tyler · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:46pm


Thank you Turd! I've been excited about getting to this point. Let's focus on stacking resources and physically and mentally preparing.

I'm really looking forward to these changes. You are the man.

Sillypicker · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:46pm

Central Banks and Governments

Central Banks and Governments and other large entities are buying gold. International trading starting to be done in gold in some cases. There is your evidence to the contrary.

Watching watching for when they come for our 401K's. When they do I am converting all to physical.

Vagabond TF · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:47pm

Amen Turd

You are certainly on my list of potential agents of disinformation as well... although I tend to give you the benefit of the doubt. I trust nothing except the truth I have gleaned myself, and until I can be sure of something there is always a healthy level of doubt.

ivars · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:51pm

@worldend666 1:100 leverage?+Bernake off screens-

Yes, I did not know then what the leverage is. I counted it so that if i buy 100 oz/silver per lot, and if silver moves up 1 USD, I earn 100, so I thought WOW that is my leverage. Now I have understood that to get into that position to earn 100 on 1 USD ( or now 1000 on 1 USD ) also requires money, and that money by using margin allows to control more than 1:1, but not ... Anyway, I tried spread betting last spring, and there the leverage is so extreme that You need 100 000 USD to even start thinking of some trading. I had 20 times less and was out in 3 or 4 months.

I THINK NOW the world WILL get out OF the STUPOR induced by Bernanke on TV. He is like a tele hypnotic. Brr... Nothing has changed, since he did not say anything, so metals should reverse up- where else they could go- is there anything worse than Mr. Bernanke's speech possible? Well, another speech, I guess, on a short notice. But that seems not to be in the plans.

P.S. I think your timing was good to go to 1:10 leverage. In Forex trading platform guides they call 1:50 reasonable:)

ChiTownHustler · Jun 7, 2012 - 12:57pm

Higher lows

If this low of 1582.9 holds watch 1607.00 nice higher low forming?

Istack · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:00pm

All I can do is stack?

OK... i'll do it... i never understood those charts anyway

ChiTownHustler · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:01pm

that low is 1579.4

make that low 1579.4

ivars · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:03pm

See, "good news" almost

See, "good news" almost immediately out:

"CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Fitch Ratings on Thursday downgraded its long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings on Spain to BBB from A, with a negative outlook. The BBB credit rating is just a notch higher than junk status. The firm said Spain's "high level of foreign indebtedness has rendered it especially vulnerable to contagion from the ongoing crisis in Greece." Fitch added that the nation's reduced financing flexibility hampers its ability to "intervene decisively in the restructuring of the banking sector and has increased the likelihood of external financial support." "

Monedas · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:05pm

Bernanke's "Wagging Tongue"...... like the clapper in Pavlov's dinner bell....SELL ! SELL ! SELL ! A poem by: Monedas 1929 "Hoarders have more fun !" devil

Punk-Assets · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:07pm

Kitco low shows

Kitco low shows 1577.40

Big L · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:07pm


Excellent info, thanks! 

I've downloaded the e-book and have started reading. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

Biochar · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:12pm

Hey Byzantium

"Even more troubling, is the 5,000 tonnes. That my friends, is telling. The message is loud and clear, gold will not be allowed to play a monetary role again in our western society, else why dispose of the nation’s lifeboat?"

Because they are losing control and have to put out delivery fires from those countries who will be calling the shots in the near future. Digital currency, backed by what? The guns of the .001%'s jackboot thugs? The Western powers, not so powerful anymore IMO, insolvent banks and ever-increasing unsustainable debts backed by hundreds of trillions of toxic and unstable derivative bets. Give me a break. I'll be adding with confidence... preps and PMs.

Element 47 · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:14pm

Come on, Turd, lighten up.

Come on, Turd, lighten up. Your message is heard and understood by everyone who can benefit from it. Others cannot be helped, but everyone could see that you tried to help everyone. Your charts and analysis are useful to many who are not as skilled at seeing good local entry points, but are ready to buy more phyzz and put it away. These puke rides have a positive side: every time they beat paper down, the buyers can get more phyzz for their money. It really is a matter of perspective, and you are writing for those who share yours.

p.s. For those who may think I am insensitive to the feeling a waterfall chart induces, get this: I know what it feels like to be on the wrong end of AGQ during a beat down. The remedy is simple: just don't be there. I also know what it feels like being in phyzz watching waterfalls of 2008: it feels safe enough, like watching a global nuclear war from the orbit. Join the fleet! :)

Katie Rose · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:14pm

I succumbed...

I couldn't stand it any longer.

I took some of my alfalfa money and bought SAE's, not many, as this farm girl is always broke. But I just couldn't stand it one more second!

The goats are going to have to spend more time grazing in the pasture. Less alfalfa for them...

This is such a fabulous opportunity for anyone even half awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't be discouraged. History is on our side. 

ChiTownHustler · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:16pm

watch 1.2625 on euro

watch 1.2625 on euro

Hi-Ho Silver · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:19pm

ChiTownHustler - Nice chart!


I like the look of your pitchfork. Have you seen/viewed Paul Coglin's analysis? Looks very similar!

Perhaps the trend in gold has changed from the downtrending fork after all. Certainly looks good on your chart so far!


boatman · Jun 7, 2012 - 1:21pm

ben basically

said Europe could be a significant problem for the US and the FED is ready to act.

1620 again by tomorrow afternoon.

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