Dot Connecting

Even Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see, hear, smell and feel this one coming from a mile away.

If we're going to be connecting dots, we might as well fall back upon my favorite organizational device, the dot chronology.

  • I'm just a Turd. I don't have an MBA or a PhD. I'm not a Global Financial Strategist or a Senior Economist. I live in Flyover Country USA, not New York, London or Singapore. However, even this Turd can plainly see that the current global financial/currency system is ending. We have reached the point where debt is unsustainable and, as we know, that which is unsustainable cannot be sustained. Now, if I can see this and you can see this, is it safe to assume that the leaders of China, Russia, India, Turkey et al can see it, too?
  • On Friday, ZeroHedge released a powerpoint presentation from Raoul Pal, one of the most successful hedge fund managers of this century. I found it so important that I included it in two, separate posts as I wanted to ensure that as many as possible saw and understood it. Here is one of the links: Yesterday, even Glenn Beck picked up on the story. I'm posting the video below because he does an excellent job of putting it into "english". (Please remember: It's the message, not the messenger.)

It's coming, everyone. It's coming very soon. The current global financial system that has existed for nearly 70 years is coming to a dramatic end. Preparations are clearly being made by those who will dictate the terms of the next system. That system will, undoubtedly, use gold as the basis for international trade settlement. You must prepare for this event. Those caught unprepared will see their life savings lost or depleted. Those with foresight and a willingness to prepare will be spared. They may, in fact, even prosper. The end of The Great Keynesian Experiment and, with it, the current global financial system is upon us. Continue to prepare accordingly.


p.s. Maybe Stevie Wonder could "see" it coming, after all?

p.p.s. You're probably looking for some current charts, too, so here you go.




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Individualism lives here.

Final wake-up calls...critically think about what is going on around you.

Thank you always have helped my family. Thank you for doing this. Keep up the good work.

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Long Live Individualism

Thanks Mr.F


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Fat finger kept me out of furst, today.

Hmm, (I should try to) say something participatory about PM's.  Hmm....?


Well, the Backenstein Ag bullion Index is still in the lower 90's after normal inventory replenishment last week.  Retail buying is broad with almost all of the 23 species tracked seeing purchases and with activity from apparently all types of retail investors.  Still, no shortage.


Turd - Thanks for the writeup, as usual!  I totally agree, writing on the wall, just a matter of time and visibility of what is really happening.  It's like we all got a sticker in the mail to paste on our screens with Au at $1,6##. and Ag at $28.##, while reality keeps changing.

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Wonderful stuff, Turd, as

Wonderful stuff, Turd, as always.

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Still Cheap

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Bob Chapman

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@Cipher - From your last

@Cipher - From your last post, I think you and I would disagree on very little ideologically. That is why I'll say again, you were wasting precious time arguing semantics.

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Brillant post Turd, and an

Brillant post Turd, and an excellent reminder of where we stand in the grand scheme of things. News is fast and furious, and we recently have heard what we already supposed, that Spain is essentially shut out of the bond market.

Now is an excellent time to further preparations. Food, water, medicines that are needed. If things get really bad, hundreds of thousands of people that we would consider "healthy but reliant upon medications to manage" could be seriously ill or dead in a short period of time. Think diabetics that rely on insulin, etc.

Ask your doctor for a minimum 90 day supply if you have prescription medications that you or family members rely on--120 days would obviously be even better. If the doctor doesn't like that idea, then calmly and rationally explain to them that you depend on this medication and are worried about the availability of it in the future.

Buy physical metals and expand your cache. Help your neighbor and let those around you know that you have a kind heart. It's good for the soul and you will reap what you sow.

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Lease Rates

Anyone know why the lease rates for silver, platinum and palladium on the Kitco site do not appear to be working? Does this have something to do with London being closed? But then why is gold updated? Just curious.

Great post TF. Years from now we'll all be wondering why more people didn't connect the dots sooner. All the clues are there, more almost every day, we just need to keep focused.

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Bob Chapman has died.

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An excellent post, Turd. Thanks.

While I have been in prep mode for the past few years - I have really stepped up the urgency of acquiring more of the necessary supplies over the past week. Frankly, even though I have been aware of what is coming down road at us, I am still alarmed at how fast things appear to be accelerating.

@Dr G: Your thoughts on preping (above) are bang on.

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A Quick Look Around

- BIS warns global lending contracting at fastest pace since 2008 Lehman crisis.

- BRICS emerging markets fall furthur into contraction.

- China to suffer hard landing.

- Bank of England to inject 50 billion pounds sterling stimulus.

- UK sovereign credit rating downgraded.

- Portugal spends 6.65 billion Euros to bail out 3 banks.

- Spain officially asks the ECB for more.

- European bank runs continue deposit flight.

- Swiss, Danish and others consider border/capital controls to stem influx of immigrants and Euros.

- ECB meets tomorrow June 06, 2012 ~ D-Day ~ Debt? Deposits? Defaults? Departure? Stay tuned!

- US employment index tumbles.

- US factory orders for durable goods falls.

- ISM index falls sharply.

- Record number of US households on food stamps.

- Federally backed student loans now over $1 trillion, with 30% dropping out before graduation.

- Gold hoarding globally, continues at an accelerated pace.

- Hong Kong - China gold flow jumps 62% in April.

- Gold now to be designated as a tier 1 asset, officially moving it back into the realm of a monetary instrument.

R.I.P. B.C. You will be missed.     

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Something interesting about Canadian gold

Gold in Canadian dollars is better because it hedges against the US dollar when it is initially used as a safe haven and then takes on the use of gold as a safe haven , hence in 2008 when gold went down with everything else in US$ IT WENT UP IN CAN$

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Bob Chapman

Very sad to hear he died.

R.I.P. Bob.

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Re: mining stocks

For all those who invest in mining stocks. In JS Kim's June newsletter he wrote the following.

1) gave us permission to spread this to all those who invest in miners.

2) To place "low ball" stop losses on all miners we own. Example if SLW is now $30, place a stop loss @ $15. We are doing this to encumber our holdings so that the investment houses and the online brokers can not loan our shares to others who want to short the stocks. Again, this is not for protective purposes of our investments, only so there is an open order against our holdings so that they can not loan out our shares.

According to him, if every PM investor did this it would cut down drastically the banking cartels ability to conduct raids like they have the last two months. It should also cut down the inter-day volatility when the stocks drop 5% in the morning only to go back 5% by the days end. If these type of manipulations can be slowed, how many more people would begin to invest in the miners for the benefit of all of us. 

I have no idea if this will really stop the brokerages from loaning out the shares. The rule of law didn't prevent MFG from taking segregated funds from their clients. But whatever the case, I certainly don't see much down side. If the cartel really tries to drop the prices to these ultra low stops how many REALLY strong hands would show up to buy quality miners at 10 to 20 percent of their true value?

Spread the word!

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RIP Bob Chapman

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His name was Bob Chapman

His name was Bob Chapman.  His name was Bob Chapman...

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Very Solid Interview

Especially vis a vis Turd's post. Leeb doesn't fit the cheerleader profile IMHO. But even if you don't agree, please listen. His comment about "doing something other than seeing who can print the most money" is great ear candy (if not sound analysis).

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OutLookingIn you forgot the $BDI is still in the crappa'.$BDI&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p88377476932

Some say it is a leading indicator, some say trailing, but I say it just looks really bad.  :-)

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Warning Issued

Swiss America Trading Corp. has issued an urgent warning via e-mail; 

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"Even Glen Beck picked up on the story..."

I don't think invoking Glen Beck's name adds a lot of legitimacy to the points you're making.  I also don't see the world as we know it ending at the end of June.  Cash is king and will continue to be in the immediate future.  Sometimes I think there are too many people who want to see an economic collapse in this country.  Because they want to see it, for whatever their reason may be, they look at any event possible to point to as the beginning of the end.  When that desired outcome doesn't come to  fruition there are plenty to blame....governments, cartels, or sheeple.  There's a difference between believing in fundamentals and hoping for an economic collapse.  Too often I look at these boards and there are some who have fantasies of becoming warlords with their cache of firearms and precious metals.  Fortunately, I can also find some level-headed advice.  INVEST in precious metals.  Don't bet your future on it.

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@cpn, I love Leeb. I haven't

@cpn, I love Leeb. I haven't listened to anything from KWN in the past 5 weeks (and I'm immensely happier for it as well as having made smarter purchasing decisions!), but I'll listen to Leeb.

Thanks for the linky.

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Ref; BDI

Yes. Agree. There was a news item about a week back that stated, some Chinese companies had cancelled commodity orders while the shipment was on the way! Lloyds Insurance won't like that!

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The past 5 or 6 Tuesdays have been nasty but last week was the only one where the selling took place before the Comex close. The other Tuesdays have see the selling begin on the Globex, after the Comex close and CoT survey.

Watch closely.

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Not looking for added


Not looking for added credibility as, frankly, I don't need it.

As stated in the post, I've included the Glenn Beck video because I feel he did an excellent job of explaining the Pal presentation.

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thanks turd

i am still trying to get some people to prepare, but normalcy bias is a bitch.

They think the same way of my tin foil head (it is not tin ofcourse fellow turdites).

The hat is not shielding me unfortunately from the things we are about to witness and it saddens me.

it is also saddening to learn that bob passed away, i hold him in high regard because of his views and courage to speak out.

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But I want to be a warlord sooooo bad

 = +   +

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The Last Thread


Guys, just a friendly reminder to not bring in your arguments from the last thread into the current thread. I've already posted a notice in the previous thread about the hyper-sensitivity going on there. My comment is here:

And let's move on. Don't bring that crap into this thread, even if you are justified in your comment. 

Thank you!

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