Succumbing to The Trolls

Fine. You win. I've been wrong, all along.

The global gold market is free, fair and honest.

The Comex futures market is a true, fair and perfect price discovery vehicle.

There is no demand for physical gold and/or silver in size. All of this talk about sovereign nation and central bank buying is simply a tool used to manipulate price higher.

The Federal Reserve never has, and never will, intervene in gold to manipulate and suppress price.

The bullion banks simply engage in selling forward for their mining clients.

Gold really is a barbarous relic of another time.

Fiat currency is wonderful because limitless money creation spreads wealth globally.

The Chinese are fools who mindlessly continue to accumulate dollars with no alternative but to reinvest those dollars into U.S. treasuries.

Same for the Russians.

And the Saudis.

And the Japanese.

Paul Krugman is a genius.

So is Nouriel Roubini.

So is Jeff Christian.

So is Jon Nadler.

The total debt level of the U.S. is manageable and not a problem, at all.

Economic growth will soon return the U.S. to peace and prosperity while allowing for the service of the accumulated national debt.

Barack Obama is the most intelligent and supremely qualified Chief Executive that the United States has ever had.

TARP was extraordinarily successful and actually turned a profit for the American people.

Deficits don't matter.

Money printing and quantitative easing is perfectly fine so long as the velocity of money remains low and the printing is nothing more than balances being shifted within Primary Dealer accounts.

Transfer programs such as Social Security and Medicare are fully-funded and will always be there to provide a safety net for the elderly, the poor and the disabled.

The Federal Reserve never has, and never will, intervene in the equity, treasury and/or currency markets.

Ben Bernanke is an Einstein-level genius. We are very fortunate to have him as Fed Chairman at this critical point in history.

Silver is simply an industrial metal. Always has been, always will be.

As a byproduct of mining for other base metals, the amount of silver is infinite.

Those hoarding silver are mindless robots, fooled by internet charlatans.

Jim Sinclair is a disinformation double-agent of the Rothschild family.

Trader Dan is a mindless pumper whose sole motive is personal gain.

Andrew Maguire is a figment of Bill Murphy's overactive imagination.

Ted Butler, Jim Willie and John Williams are scam artists who dupe the easily-frightened into paying for their over-priced and worthless analysis.

FOFOA, Keiser, VonGreyerz, Hoffman, Krieger, Embry, Russell, Pento, Schiff, Rickards, Celente, Rule, Fleckenstein, Faber, Quinn, Nielson, Naylor-Leyland, Turk, Martenson, Lira. All of them are nothing but 21st century snake-oil salesmen.

GLD is 100% backed by gold and it's custodian has no conflicts of interest.

SLV is 100% backed by silver and it's custodian has no conflicts of interest.

PSLV and PHYS are empty shell con games created and marketed to extract hefty NAV premiums from dupes.

Eric Sprott should be extradited to the U.S. on criminal front-running and book-pumping charges.

Mining stocks, in general, have been in a bear market since 2009 because the fundamentals are lousy.

The LBMA is a distinguished group of member firms which actively promote fair and free pricing of metal.

JPMorgan is a benevolent organization which only performs necessary investment banking services for their clients.

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS, HSBC et al are similar, honest companies.

High-frequency trading helps in price discovery and provides liquidity.

The CME Group is a dispassionate facilitator of markets and clearing which stands ready to eliminate fraud and protect investors.

The CFTC is an objective and honest U.S. government agency which regulates the futures markets, always on the lookout for fraud and manipulation so that the regular investor and/or hedger can have confidence in a fair and level playing field.

Lastly, Turd Ferguson is a pseudonym used by George Clooney who, in between making millions of dollars in movies and bedding every hot chick in Hollywood, makes the time to write a daily metals blog, intent upon misleading and fooling as many folks as possible into investing in gold and silver.


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First ?????

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How can it be? Darn! Ok, 2nd and I'll try harder

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... Just wanted to stay with the theme of this thread ; )

is this all because Ruler died? I know a close loss can be tough, and things of such grave nature can make any man say or do anything irrational ... Stay strong

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If the Turd throws in the towel (snark aside), we can't be far from a bottom ;)

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@ TF (aka George)

Lastly, Turd Ferguson is a pseudonym used by George Clooney who, in between making millions of dollars in movies and bedding every hot chick in Hollywood, makes the time to write a daily metals blog, intent upon misleading and fooling as many folks as possible into investing in gold and silver


Hey George, if I donate $3 to the B.O. reelection campaign can you ensure that I win the dinner with you?. I don't want to eat with B.O., I don't like tough meat, but I'd sure like to dine with you and your fine girlfriend.

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One more,,,

Voting for Romney will help get rid of Obama and his policies!

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I had my suspicions 

I had my suspicions (the golden hat foundation is the give away).

George Clooney in the trilby. If he couldn't speak but the hat enabled him to, he would say: 'I'm sorry about Batman And Robin'

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Great Rant TF

If anyone believes an iota of what Turd posted, they are a verified idiot.

I think you forgot one TF, Americans actually have freedom and/or freedom of choice.

A JPM strongman is just outside the door, I'm told I have to be quiet now.

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It's a barbarous relic!

Barbarous. Relic.

It's a barbarous relic. Throw it in the nearest dumpster at once.

Or send it to me, I'll safely dispose of it for you *hee hee*

And on another topic, Xty, you wanna come over and help me with my laundry?

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My personal favorite has

My personal favorite has gotta be this one =)

"As a byproduct of mining for other base metals, the amount of silver is infinite."

That is just Spook level Logic!

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"Idiot ?????" fixt it for you



"Idiot ?????"

There fixt it for you

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When the trolls get to you, it is time to take Mrs. T.F. and the kids on a two week vacation to Yellowstone.  Leave all electronic items in the T.F. home.  When you return you will have peace.    We could start a vacation fund.

Mr. T.F., you must be like "Billy Goat Gruff" when dealing with trolls but you may be to young to know this old tale.

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U.S. Debt

Now it's increasing at 1% or so every few weeks. Used to take months or years for that to happen.

We're very close to the end folks. The rest of the world won't wait for it to start increasing 1% per day before reacting and changing their behavior.

The way things are going, you'll end the week with everything under their "control" and start the next week with pure anarchy and chaos. I don't understand this motivation to drag everything out as long as possible, especially when the outcome is more or less guaranteed.

The way I think, if something is inevitable, just get there already and get past it.

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I Knew It

thanks for being honest about it../sarc

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Hang on to your Silver Boys

This post by TURD proves we have hit bottom in price

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Great Rant

Great rant.  Summarizes the state of affairs succinctly.

Well done.

BTW - keep stacking.  :-)

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the only safe haven

... and the USD is the only safe haven

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The Truth will set you Free

Finally - the real truth comes out.

Furthermore .. Now that I know deficits don't matter - I'm max-ing out all my credit cards ASAP.

Now - Back to our regular programming: The frequency of intervention is most assuredly increasing. It appears that the attacks that were once monthly or bi-weekly have become daily. In an effort to keep Gold at or under $1650 and Silver below $32, the EE and their algo's are being forced to make blatant and almost daily attacks. Pressure is building and I sense that we are getting close to the point where "control is lost". So far, there is no outward evidence of control loss - other than the frequency of the intervention increasing - but, once you've followed this for a while, you can intuitively feel it.

The same is taking place with the Plunge Protection Team and the DOW - The John Embry interview, over on KWN backs this up. Manipulated DOW 13,000 at all costs, regardless of fundamentals, is their mantra - at least up to election time. God help us after the first week of November - I think that will be the point that the wheels really start falling off (if not earlier).

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TBH, been thinking the same

He's right, there's no denying it. Indeed, what fools we've been... (walking away, shaking head forlornly, heading for the recycling bin with stack in arms...)

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and MSNBC is an objective source of news and opinion

as is CNBC.

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they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win...then you ridicule them, justice is sweet.

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down beat

Thanks TF, once again hit the nail on the head

Can someone explain to my the big deal about JPM moving 5m oz to the registered side? Everyone is saying it a huge thing, but prices keep going down. If they have a buyer for the contracts surely they would want as high price as possible?

(I'm a newbie so please spare me if my question seems uneducated)

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Knowing your enemy

I truly love that TF can, off the top of his head, spout off every idiotic, misleading, ill-informed, baseless argument of our opponents in this fight.  The sign of a truly strong intellectual or scholarly position is fully understanding your opponents argument and being able to make it in a manner with which they would agree- it shows, beyond any doubt, that you are fully and completely in command of the facts and the opposing position.   

I also know that those who make the arguments TF lists could NOT turn around and make all the counter arguments, list the findings of fact, etc. which disprove their positions.  We know them and we know the facts that prove their claims to be false, while they do not know or understand the fundamental truths that underpin our knowledge.

Well played Mr. Ferguson.  

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The bottom

The NFP could be the final death rattle, with massive moves either way.

Like Turd I am sick to death of this one step forward two steps back b/s.

The one question that keeps haunting me though...if silver is in short supply why hasn't the Crimex defaulted already and no I do not believe the Crimex figures. Also why aren;t the miners stepping up to the plate and saying get lost to the banksters. They can see then end game of higher silver industrial/investment requirement plus the increasing cost of extraction on the back of peak oil. Why are these plonkers continuing the ponzi for the Morgue et al?

One more is obvious the CFTC are going to do naff all about position limits anytime soon. They are going to let the feckers get out of their positions with all the games that means for Joe Public. I am beginning to believe Bix Weir that the CME & other cnuts just enter the price they want on their screen.

Where is the "London Trader" now with his talk of massive's making no difference in the short term even if the long term argument seems sound to me.

FFS this market is doing my head in & I am pissed off.

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I'll be impolite......

....and disagree (shock, horror) with 1 or 2 of Turd's points....or maybe 3 or 4...or, or...jeez, forgive me, Turd.......I think you may be just a little off the mark here 'n' there or, worse still, a mile off it everywhere. Now, who says the earth isn't flat? surprise

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Hehe, one of these days ?

Hehe, one of these days ? lol


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Suddenly basing my investing decisions on cartoon bears and a guy named Turd is, what, right or wrong?

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