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The hits just keep on coming. Here's another piece that you absolutely must read. Written by Chris Martenson, this article is full of wonderful facts and charts that support the generally-accepted Turdite thesis that the gold and silver "markets" (like the currency, bond and equity markets) are heavily manipulated and controlled by a "cartel" of bullion banks which act at the behest of their central-planning, Fed masters.

Gold is Manipulated (But That's Okay)

by, Chris Martenson

The price of gold is being actively managed by central planners and their proxies. The main culprit here appears to be the US authorities, as the manipulation is most apparent in the US open gold market. For the most part, this 'management' has resulted in letting the price of gold rise, but not too much, or too quickly.

The price of gold has always been an object of interest for governments and central bankers. The reason is simple enough to understand: Gold is an objective measure of the degree to which fiat money is being managed well or managed poorly.

As such, whenever paper money is being governed poorly, the price of gold becomes an important barometer. And this is why the actual price of gold is a strong candidate to be 'managed.' Or 'influenced'. Or 'manipulated'. Whichever word you prefer, they all convey the same intent.



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First again?

You gotta be kiddin, twice in one day???

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Bah foiled by reading the article before posting. What an amateur error.

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Back on..

love watching the big show.

That is all.

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your daily Turd...

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great stuff

But until the market takes note of it and we begin trading fundamentals again, it don't mean a thing. It could be years....or.......economic life as we now enjoy suddenly ends. All things we already know, kind of seems like screaming into a hurricane.

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Interesting take by Wilie

Great article from Martenson. Very interesting take on things by Willie and did I read that Santa might be off to "less restrictive" pastures?

Oh yeh...Not first (again)

Man,,,I have to do some work...thats it,,,,computer is going to sleep.

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In other news, Jeff Christian

In other news, Jeff Christian calls a top.

Jesse reckons that might be a bullish signal.

[Jesse's Crossroads Cafe]


@ Turd re.COT Report

Turd don't know if saw this on the limitations of Ted Butler's COT report.........says the LBMA market is 9 times bigger for Gold and 

12 times bigger for Silver than Comex

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Mr T

"And this is why the actual price of gold is a strong candidate to be 'managed.' Or 'influenced'. Or 'manipulated'. Whichever word you prefer.."

I prefer "manipulated" and "price rigging" 

Totally illegal of course for all of us but those elite politicos and bankers ABOVE THE LAW

It's called "anarchy" but few among the billions on Earth connect the dots with a thing called 'democratic Government' and even fewer recognise the Law as not protector of our freedoms but oppressor of our freedoms if there's not enough patent evidence of these facts building up sky high in America and Europe today ..maybe one day the penny will drop that Govt is a nation wrecker, not a nation builder (the private sector does the nation building, not Govt)

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Surprised to see his estate is on the market in spite of him dropping a recent hint that he was planning on removing himself from NDAA-ville.
I remember years ago reading about his abode. Its description sounded like a survivalist's dream home.
Any guesses for what specifically has finally convinced him to up sticks?
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At first glance, it appears the the WOPRS are simply liquidating April gold but NOT rolling into June....yet. April12 contracted by 45,000 yet June12 only went up by 25,000. The resulting net 20,000 loss in OI brings total gold OI down to just 417,000. WOW! 

Can't wait for the CoT on Friday!

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Did you see every question asked the MF GLOBAL CFO...his answer every time  "uhh I have no Mother Fing clue". 

Take his flying to south africa now bitch.

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I have rec'd today an absolutely spectacular, 57-page report from Paul Mychreest in England. Paul details in intricate detail how blatantly manipulated the metals markets have become.

It will son be posted to GATA so look for it there. Once GATA posts it, I'll link to it here, too.


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Who Is

Who is the life guard in that cartoon? It's not the FED governors, it's not the regulators, it's not the congressional overseers, it's certainly not the bankers, it's not any of the MSM news reporters.

Oh yeah, it's the concerned public. But hey, we don't count.

edit: It sure seems to me that the congressmen were not asking the right questions. Like what was the reason for the transfer of funds which resulted in the shortfall? And who was the recipient of the transferred funds?

Haven't heard that yet.

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Humor at BB's Expense

Apologies in advance - as I'm re-posting this in the latest thread [so many new threads, today - whew].

A wee bit of humor at Bernanke's expense is always a good thing for a Turdite. [Especially true in this market].

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Lets keep it manipulated

I need more phyzz, I thought I had reached the comfort zone.........I rehashed that position and self told me not yet, need more yellow shiny. ( I am addicted to the metal drug )

Manipulate the hell out of it...It's the future that I am worried about, until then I need more precious.

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Who knew? Turdville is comprised of 100% Republicans

Diane Sawyer Says 'That Republicans See Ben Bernanke As A Villain'

Read more:

By: Josh St. Louis | March 28, 2012 | 15:25

During the March 27 edition of “World News,” ABC’s Diane Sawyer treated Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to a softball interview which alternated between human interest angles and portraying him as the victim of partisan Republicans. [Video after the jump. Audio can be found here.]

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A pleb's view of gold...

As I see it, the price of gold is being held artificially low so that the world's central banks can stuff their vaults with the stuff. Once they've decided they have 'enough' (or the supply of physical runs out) the price cap will be lifted. Problem is - how much is 'enough' for them, and how soon do the LBMA supplies dry up?

Until we can answer those questions I'm with the CBs - the Ircsum Bank has been taking advantage of the recent low prices to load up. Do yourselves a favour: go with the (gold) flow!

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If only Ron Paul had dressed like this...

...he might be the nominee.

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Prep items...

Planted corn, wheat, sun flowers, other vegetables and soon to be peanuts. Bought some options today that should be in the money tomorrow.

Looking to make ethanol to use as car fuel. If anyone has any info or experience please let me know. I still plan on metal detecting. Hoping my options allow me to buy a nice detector.

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your daily Turd #3...

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I sit here and politely wait all afternoon for Paul's permission to post via scribd and then it magically shows up on Max's site.

Everyone please take time to read the report. Click the link to Max's site and download/print it.

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Does not show up anymore, but there is a comment made by ricin3000 in the comments section with a link to the pdf.

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.pdf link; 

50+ pages so it's a good nights read.

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Pdf Linkl

That link is not working - or material has been removed

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Max's link for me.  Got it downloaded

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TPTB are "managing" my stash

TPTB are "managing" my stash at 4X reported inflation? I can live with that! No leverage, no tears. Don't lock yourself in prison because, perception is worth its weight in gold!

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Oh, didn't realize it's the Thunder Road report

I've read some of the previous reports some months ago.   VERY good stuff.  

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Bank of China Seeks to Join World’s Biggest Metals Exchange

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