Our Bumptious Wicked Witch

She's back and meaner than ever. But she reveals her weakness.

No, it's not Marlboros and Cosmopolitans. It's physical delivery. However, her overconfidence may betray her.


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And congrats to all who come in first. And for those first haters who ask why wont TF curtail this silly custom?

It's because he likes it. He also likes music videos and laughter. Thanks for the post TF.

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go fourth

and buy physical!

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Crackin' open a fifth of 18 year old scotch.

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... what if the cartel goes net long? That'd make for a gut-wrenching ride, no? Especially when they decide to dump. Ah, paper!

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A little humor...

...goes a long way.


Bonanza Bunny/Cartoon Gold Vault


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Nice update TF. One line had me on the floor when the witch was saying how much she made for Jamie.

Blythe: "I made 2.4 million... effing dollars"

Gotta love the automated speech lol But I wouldn't put it past the little vixen.

Oh yeah baby, that's right, we are and have been trading along side the monkeys. As a matter of fact our alarm clocks are set to their shenannigans. Fly monkeys fly! before you become underwater sea monkeys.

Good to see that the "first" trend of Turdtown is still in place.

p.s. That OI-TITS ratio has got to be at a tradable bottom of sorts.

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Could it be that Turd is planning an organized invasion from a new fee based band of Turdites? 

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I say, let's go gettum!!!

and the long version


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Beware the push into a cashless society

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Best Dragnet Episode/updated to 2012

Great new video, Mr. Turd. Always fact filled and quite hilarious.

I think this one fits in with the modern debates going on lately.

Love the iPad, but the editing options don't show up in mobile safari.

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Around the 4:00 minute mark...

Her little shrewlike raptor teeth became a turnoff.. My disturbing cartoon infatuation with her is now over.

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Like Watching a Snake Talk

Kind of spooky.

Turd's army takes down the EE eh?

Where in the world are you now Fortinbras? How did you find where you were behaving? Appreciate your perspective as you get around more than most; me for sure.

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Too busy chasing super models, huh?

So Turd, are you the same Turd Ferguson that runs the porn site at www.TurdFergusonBlog.com? 

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Sounds like she is on to our fiendishly clever plan

We would have got away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling monkeys and that chain smoking sex kitten. I think that janitor Turd is up to no good. 

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History lessons / news sources

Another Turdite found this useful, perhaps some others will be interested as well -- an archive of news, films, essays and other sources for those not content to drink from the chalice of mainstream news. As the OP of the thread put it:

"Since trusting the establishment media machine for the truth isn't in the common person's best interests, what alternative news sources do you go for news/information/current event commentary, economically-oriented or not? I'd like to see what sites contribute to our worldviews and perhaps resulting in some kind of go-to library of trusty sites....."


As a sample, I thought this was apropos in light of the ongoing political contest (farce) underway:

"Hey - seriously - congratulations on your new political post!

If you are reading this, it means that you have ascended to the highest levels of government, so it's really, really important that you don't do or say anything stupid, and screw things up for the rest of us.

The first thing to remember is that you are a figurehead, about as relevant to the direction of the state as a hood ornament is to the direction of a car - but you are a very important distraction, the "smiling face" of the fist of power. So hold your nose, kiss the babies, and just think how good you would look on a stamp."

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question on the witch

does she or does she not have vampire teeth in these videos?

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Witch Teeth

I'll say - yes - to the vampire teeth - kinda looks like one of those Velociraptors in the movie "Jurassic Park"

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does anyone else see an inverted H and S formation in the 6 months chart on silver? some noise after the last shoulder but still.

Or am I way off base.

to me it looks like it's just about to breakout.

it's cleaner with less noise on the gold 6m chart fwiw, indicating 1900 dollar and 40 for silver(in that range at least)

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Big Move Ahead

Yes, the 6 month inverted H and S is still in play and could take use to $40+ in short order.  Then there is also the shorter and less defined bearish H and S as well.  A big move in either direction lies in the near future.  There is a lot of TA about that here: http://thefundamentalview.blogspot.com/2012/03/gold-and-silver-do-extreme-moves-lie.html (a good read).

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Silver chart

Not to be Captain Bring Down but Atlee posted this over at Pailin's

Atlee posted:

First look at WTI crude inverted H&S. Pattern begins in May or 2011.  Text book perfect with a breakout, a retest and a bullish flag forming.

Now look at silver. The pattern begins September 2011, has not completed, (so it may not even be an inverted H&S) broke out or retested. Right now it is all anticipation. And if it is, it is the ugliest inverted H&S I have seen.

What concerns me more is the pattern beginning in Jan of 2012 that looks like a H&S that has completed, broken to the downside and is in the process of retesting the breakout. If that is correct, it counts to 27.50

Now it that happens, that would be a powerful inverted H&S with the peak of the 2nd shoulder at 27.50

I am not a bear I am simply pointing out what gives me pause and why I can not commit to this mkt yet.


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I've just been too busy to do anything other than read posts... I'm in the E Terminal Sky Club in Atlanta waiting for my flight to Dubai and beyond... no big yellow hat, I lost it out the the back ramp of an Mi-17 in Pakistan in January! sad

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Gold is done, this chart says

Gold is done, this chart says it all...



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cpzimmon asked...

on the previous thread...

Hey BagOfGold, What year was this clip of G C's performance? He still speaks to us from his grave...thankfully.

He was referring to G C (George Carlin)...The year was 2005 when he did the video American Dream...George Carlin was a visionary...& many folks thought he was a comedian!...Everyone laughed...but nobody is laughing now...as the chickens have come home to roost!...George Carlin (G C) has never died...he lives on...& is being channelled through Gerald Celente (G C)!...Believe it...or not!!!...

Bag Of Gold

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You had me at...

You had me at...bunions!  Flippin' hilarious Turd. Well done. Now if I can stop laughing I might get some time for today's action to soak in and apply what I've learned. Too funny!

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Fortinbras; Sorry to hear of the Sad Casualty

of traveling; wonder what the folks there make of a big yellow foam hat floating free in the breeze.

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Did anyone notice


That silver rallied $1.40 on Friday and Monday yet total silver OI declined by 1,000 contracts?

Absolutely beautiful. I love a squeeze of the mealy-mouthed, panty-waste, trend-following silver shorts. Beautiful.

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It's not.

This site has pictures of hot charts. That site has pictures of hot chicks.

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We've been talking about a reverse H&S here for weeks. Where ya been?

Response to: Big Move Ahead
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