Audacious Gold Manipulation

Mon, Feb 27, 2012 - 4:13pm

Look, we all know that gold and silver have been manipulated and suppressed for years. For traders and stackers, the ongoing manipulation has just become a simple fact of life. The suppression is so regular that it can be used as a sort solunar table for those only wishing to "hunt" at the optimal hour.

However, this regularity and predictability should gall you instead. At it's core, it is sheer lawlessness or, stated differently, an absolute indifference to the rule of law or the concept of free markets. In a "normal" course of events, one wouldn't dare attempt to manipulate a market for fear of being caught. This fear would undoubtedly cause someone attempting to manipulate a market to do so in darkness, so as to avoid detection and, ultimately, prosecution.

What are we to make, then, of blatant manipulation in broad daylight? The simplest answer, I believe, is that the manipulator has no fear of being caught. If the manipulator knows full well that he is acting on behalf of his sponsor and that his sponsor will never prosecute him, the manipulator will audaciously act in bright light and open spaces for he no longer has anything to fear. As an example, if you desire to rob a bank but fear the police and potential jail time, you might rob the bank late at night or over a long weekend. If, however, you have the police and the judge in your back pocket, you could just walk in during business hours and make off with the loot.

I point out all of this because of the two charts below. I posted the one on the left back on Friday afternoon. That The Cartel would "trim" price by $7, at 2:20 pm, two days in a row was audacious enough. However, you must also check out the chart on the right. Another $7 at exactly 2:20 pm today. Sickening.

Again, only a criminal with no fear of prosecution acts this brazenly and predictably.

So, what do we make of this. As a practical matter, the suppression has worked. Without three, consecutive days of $7 Globex raids, gold would be trading at $1790 instead of $1769. Every dollar counts, whether it's taken out on the Comex, the LBMA or the Globex. However, on the bright side, how close must we be to a breakout? If The Cartel feels so threatened that they have to resort to bald-faced Globex manipulation, how desperate must they be and how worried are they about gold moving to $1800+? This is The Battle Royale, everyone. Be prepared for more dirty tricks but do not be afraid. We are winning and they know it.

Gold found support overnight where where I'd hoped it would, namely 1765 or so. Now the question becomes will it hold that area overnight tonight? It's hard to say. I wouldn't be surprised by a dip to 1750 and, if it does, I'll be looking to add some.

Amazingly, silver remains stronger than mustard gas. The area between 35.15 and 35.30 looks like pretty good support but a concerted raid could drive price all the way down toward 34.50. If that were to happen, I'd be an aggressive buyer. The only concern is the continued drop in 1-month lease rates, which appear to have fallen today to -0.46%, though I haven't seen anything "official" yet. Again, these plunging lease rates in silver are not a 100%-certain indicator of impending doom. They are just a warning flag. Additionally, while silver traded down 21 cents on Friday, open interest actually expanded by 2,300 contracts. More EE naked shorting in an attempt to keep silver below the Battle Royale level of 35.50- 36.00? I think so. Also, the March12 OI only fell by 1200 contracts on Friday and entered today at 20,160. This left today, Tuesday and Wednesday as the final three trading days where longs could be persuaded to dump March for May. Can't wait to see the numbers tomorrow!

Here are two charts of questionable value. On the left is a daily POSX but, as you know, my Forex TA ability is dubious, at best. On the right is a 2-hour crude. My TA in crude is a little better but, in a market that is primarily being driven by geo-political events, TA is almost useless. That said, if you're looking to join the crude "party", a dip toward $106 might be your opportunity.

Lastly, I traded a few emails today with Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform. I thought I'd blown a little time writing up my Saturday missive but it turns out the Jim took it even farther. He worked all day Saturday and most of Sunday on his latest post. Again, Jim does this out of passion and a genuine desire to make a difference. I encourage you to support his efforts by heading directly to his site to read his latest blog as soon as you are finished here.

That's all for today. Keep an eye on things overnight and expect the usual 3:00 am London raid. Then, let's see what tomorrow brings ahead of the all-important, Wednesday LTRO expansion info. Keep the faith. TF

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Feb 27, 2012 - 4:15pm

Hey, good news, sale starts

Hey, good news, sale starts daily at 14:20.


Be Prepared
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:17pm

Crazy World

always brings crazy results...

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:18pm


Was Dr. G going to the bathroom?

Anyone else looking forward to the LTRO on Wednesday? :)

"The first LTRO program ignited gold and silver to what stands to be a record breaking year for the precious metals. Although the S&P 500 has gained 8.8 percent year-to-date, gold prices have increased 13.3 percent. Even more remarkable, silver prices have surged nearly 27 percent. Gold and silver are both nearing strong resistance levels, but another round of back-door easing could easily push prices higher."

Perfidious Albion
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:26pm
Dr G
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:28pm

Was I going to the bathroom?

Was I going to the bathroom? LOL, no I was actually seeing patients.

Double Bogey
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:30pm


Dang, I thought I got lucky, but just a mirage. Flabbergasted at actually being first, I hit enter without putting in some content. Rookie mistake :)

After following some discussions on some forums last week, I traded 3 oz. gold for 150 oz of silver at a coin show Saturday. I was pleased.

Silver is showing some strength and resilience. I'm thinking tomorrow is the last day for a quick smackdown before BB speaks. Picked up a little DSLV earlier today for insurance. My May 20 VIX calls are looking healthy as well. Missed the small spike this morning, although is sure is easier to buy stuff than sell stuff.

"What are we to make, then, of blatant manipulation in broad daylight? The simplest answer, I believe, is that the manipulator has no fear of being caught." I think you hit the nail on the head. If the government was truly there to protect protect us, heads would have been rolling years ago. I don't know if the 'CONgress' is the pupeteer of the EE or vysa versa, but how does the small guy have a chance?

Thanks as always for the TA confirmation and the hand-holding that goes on here. I love this town.
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:30pm

The Money Printer's #1 Concern is to Keep the Printing Press

The money printer's first and foremost concern is to keep control of the printing press. Everything else is secondary to them. Expect the upmost market manipulation as the intensity of the game progress. Raising margins to 100%, capital controls, and further mandating the manner which institutions invest their money (away from precious metals) should all be expected. Regardless, nothing government does will be able to stop the movement of wealth into PMs.

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:37pm

Turd - I feel priviledged

Well done TF and my full hearty thnx for your accurate and spirit sustaining efforts.

To have an opportunity to (freely) visit this site and occasionally post, is a real privilege. If it wasn't for our Turd, I would feel rather lost in navigating thru the quagmire of misleading info that's out there for the unwary. But thnx to our captain, we are all offered glimpses of Turd's the navigational chart to allow each of us to steer our boat by.

And (at the risk of irating some sensitive boat people) I must say that as good as the charts are, I did lose all my precious in one of those oft reported boating mishap.

Okay, open season on this turkey so fire away!!!

But hey, it's been a slow day. Hopefully we get a Happy Tuesday tomorrow.

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:41pm

It's Official: S&P Cuts

It's Official: S&P Cuts Greece To (Selective) Default From CC

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/27/2012 16:29 -050

Translation: Greece better have that PSI in the bag or else the "Selective" goes away and "Greece would face an imminent outright payment default."

From S&P

Greece Ratings Lowered To 'SD’ (Selective Default)

Rating Action

On Feb. 27, 2012, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered its 'CC' long-term and 'C' short-term sovereign credit ratings on the Hellenic Republic (Greece) to 'SD' (selective default).

Our recovery rating of '4' on Greece's foreign-currency issue ratings is unchanged. Our country transfer and convertibility (T&C) assessment for Greece, as for all other eurozone members, remains 'AAA'.


We lowered our sovereign credit ratings on Greece to 'SD' following the Greek government's retroactive insertion of collective action clauses (CACs) in the documentation of certain series of its sovereign debt on Feb. 23, 2012. The effect of a CAC is to bind all bondholders of a particular series to amended bond payment terms in the event that a predefined quorum of creditors has agreed to do so. In our opinion, Greece's retroactive insertion of CACs materially changes the original terms of the affected debt and constitutes the launch of what we consider to be a distressed debt restructuring. Under our criteria, either condition is grounds for us to lower our sovereign credit rating on Greece to 'SD' and our ratings on the affected debt issues to 'D'.

As we have previously stated, we may view an issuer's unilateral change of the original terms and conditions of an obligation as a de facto restructuring and thus a default by Standard & Poor's published definition (see "Retroactive Application Of Collective Action Clauses Would Constitute A Selective Default By Greece," Feb. 10, 2012, and "Rating Implications Of Exchange Offers And Similar Restructurings, Update," May 12, 2009). Under our criteria, the definition of restructuring includes exchange offers featuring the issuance of new debt with less-favorable terms than those of the original issue without what we view to be adequate offsetting compensation. Such less-favorable terms could include a reduced principal amount, extended maturities, a lower coupon, different payment currency, different legal characteristics that affect debt service, or effective subordination.

We do not generally view CACs (to the extent that they are included in an original issuance) as changing a government's incentive to pay its obligations in full and on time. However, we believe that the retroactive insertion of CACs will diminish bondholders' bargaining power in an upcoming debt exchange. Indeed, Greece launched such an exchange offer on Feb. 24, 2012.

If the exchange is consummated (which we understand is scheduled to occur on or about March 12, 2012), we will likely consider the selective default to be cured and raise the sovereign credit rating on Greece to the 'CCC' category, reflecting our forward-looking assessment of Greece's creditworthiness. In this context, any potential upgrade to the 'CCC' category rating would inter alia reflect our view of Greece's uncertain economic growth prospects and still large government debt, even after the debt restructuring is concluded.

If a sufficient number of bondholders do not accept the exchange offer, we believe that Greece would face an imminent outright payment default. This is because of its lack of access to market funding and the likely unavailability of additional official financing. The revised financial assistance program provided by most of the eurozone governments and the Stand-By Credit Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund are predicated on a successful exchange offer.

Our T&C assessment for Greece, as for all other eurozone members, is 'AAA'. A T&C assessment reflects our view of the likelihood of a sovereign restricting nonsovereign access to foreign exchange needed to satisfy the nonsovereign's debt-service obligations. Our T&C assessment for Greece expresses our view of the low likelihood of the European Central Bank restricting nonsovereign access to foreign currency needed for debt servicing.

If Greece were to withdraw from eurozone membership (which is not our base-case assumption) and introduce a new local currency, we would reevaluate our T&C assessment on Greece to reflect our view of the likelihood of the Greek sovereign and its central bank restricting nonsovereign access to foreign exchange needed for debt service. Contrary to the current case, in this scenario, the euro would be a foreign currency, and the Bank of Greece would no longer be part of the European System of Central Banks. As a result, under our criteria, the T&C assessment can be at most three notches above the foreign-currency sovereign credit rating.

Frankenstein Government
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:42pm

Good Work TF

Thanks as always. I never cease to be amazed by these pricks. Really.

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:43pm

Audacious, yessir

Turd is on a roll. Thanks for so much good stuff. One thought to add to your lead above:

"If, however, you have the police and the judge in your back pocket, you could just walk in during business hours and make off with the loot."

Actually the Bankster Robber Barrons have more cover than the cops and judges. The BANKERS themselves welcome them, open the safe, help them haul the loot to the getaway truck (borrowed from the same bank) and pay them a small fee to take it. At night, in the morning, in broad daylight... no matter.

But there is no worry, nothing to see. It's just going down the street where it is currently needed to temporarily shore up some Balance Sheets. The "loot" will be returned soon. Then the whole thing happens all over again. Until the PAGE trucks show up.

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:53pm


Thanks for the new thread.

I'm starting to wonder if they are indeed actually invincible or they only think they are.

If they are actually invincible legally (due to political connections) then this gets strung out for quite a bit longer. If they just think they are bullet proof then it's their blind spot and that makes them very vulnerable and possibly sooner then they realize. If their blinded by greed then they'll over reach at some point. I'm leaning towards them being greedy and myopic and having a blind spot but with a heavy dose of political/legal cover being a close second at this moment. How long has the manipulation been going on? 10, 20 50, 100 yrs? More? Whomever originally conceived of this was a genius way back then. JPM?

I think we'll know for sure one way or another once PAGE opens how strong of a grip they really have on the PM markets. PAGE sounds like it's the apple that will upset the cart. I'm not so sure of that. Not right away at least. I hope I'm wrong.

NY and London might bring "brazen" to a whole new level once PAGE happens. But for how long?

murphy paulindoon
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:55pm


It's a repost but maybe some new Turds would enjoy

  • How many times do you have to read " you should have insured with Torgerson's" , to avoid those costly boating accidents?

    Sincerely, Murphy, authorized agent for Ferd. with remittance of 2 ASE's I will put a good word in for you and bring your policy application to the top of the pile. We now are also offering policies to protect against accidents caused by natural causes as well. If you act now you can bring a friend and get our special buy 2 get 1 policy free.
Dr G
Feb 27, 2012 - 4:59pm

Of course the manipulators

Of course the manipulators have no fear of getting caught. It's obvious.

When I did my residency training in NY, I met many a patients who honestly believed that everything west of Pennsylvania or Florida was just cowboys and cattle. Many times I was asked if the western states (where I'm from) have paved roads. They thought that once you crossed the Mississippi river it was the wild west.

You know what IS the wild west? Metals futures trading. It's just out of control. No sheriff that can stand up to the bad guys because "the law" is getting paid off by the bad guys. Not much different than a podunk western town in the 1800s. Complete chaos in the metals markets. Everybody that should be protecting the free market and the customer simply look the other way while crimes are committed on a daily basis. On an hourly basis.

I'm convinced that we will win this Battle Royale in relatively short order. I don't think it will drag on for weeks and weeks. EE is up against a wall and they know it. Stack it up.

Feb 27, 2012 - 4:59pm

Side note about Kitco Silver site

In the middle, between the 3-day and NY market price charts, there is currently a link: pointing to a movie 'Silver Circle' (whose homepage seems to be down). Correct me if I'm wrong, but with 'analysts' like Nadler, this company did not seem in the past to be a very reliable source of info. So why are they linking to a movie like this: (except for that whole BK/receivership thing...) Trailer here -- wonder if it will ever be allowed to come out:

Dr G
Feb 27, 2012 - 5:02pm

Nadler is a douche. Stackers

Nadler is a douche.

Stackers & traders, don't forget about Bernanke on Wed

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:12pm

The Setup is Here and Now

Jim Sinclair's latest post is a pleasant read:

February 27, 2012, at 2:38 pm by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim's Mailbox | Print This Post | Email This Post

Is That A Bell I Hear Ringing?

CIGA Bill Holter.

Dear CIGAs,

Attached is a chart ( for the HUI index going back 3 years on a weekly basis. I usually do not talk or write about charts because they can and are "painted" to make a picture that the "planners" want us to see. In my opinion, they have painted themselves into a corner where the mining stocks are concerned. So what does this mean to you? It means that IF you have endured and held on to your mining shares and not been scared out, you will FINALLY get paid and get paid BIG! Let me explain.

If you look at the chart, you will see the MACD at the bottom (moving average convergence divergence), these are the two squiggly red and black lines that keep crossing over each other. Whenever the black line crosses over the red line from a high point or low point, it usually tells you the direction of the index for the next couple of months or so. You will notice that the highest crossover point where black crossed red to the downside was back in 2009 (after the ’08 crash). Each successive rally reached a lower height on the MACD’s and the low point crossovers were successively lower. This, while the HUI index is just a little bit higher but has been basically "marking time". During this period, Gold has outperformed the shares in a huge way. Another way of saying this is that the shares are now more undervalued vs. Gold than they have been over these 3 years. In fact, the shares have only been this undervalued twice since the bull market began, 2001 and 2008.

OK, so let’s put this sucker together. The MACD is right now crossing over to the upside from a very low point AFTER Gold has doubled in value and the shares have gone nowhere for 2 to 3 years. The RSI (relative strength) at the top of the chart is nowhere near overbought, the index is above the 200 week moving average and bumping up against the 50 week moving average (after trading below it for much of last year). What I am describing is a coiled spring! I am not saying that we go straight up from here, I am saying that the "trend" should be UP for the next 2-3 years while the weeklies work their way back upwards on a cyclical basis.

Charts can be painted yes, which is why I say the "planners" have painted themselves into a corner! The have "painted" the mining shares into a position where the weak hands have already exited and are now owned by strong hands. Of course, this "painting" that I speak of has been done by "shorts" bombing the shares in the hopes of depressing their prices and "bust" various companies. It has worked to some extent but now the shorts must implement their "exit strategy". The shorts who have painted SUCH a pretty chart for us now must buy! Their own chart says so! Forget charts, the fundamentals say so. Fundamentally there were only 2 previous times in the last 10+ years to buy mining shares as cheaply as they are today relative to Gold.

THIS is exactly what Jim Sinclair was saying last night and this morning on his e blast, the shorts are about to get the daylights squeezed out of them as they compete with the entire list of buyers! This list included everyone, technical traders, fundamental buyers, weak hands looking to get back in, strong hands looking to add, sovereign wealth funds wanting to lock up resources etc.. Last but not least on this list are the shorts themselves, both legal and illegal shorts will now be forced to compete with each other to cover the BILLIONS of shares they have already sold some of which never even borrowed or exist!

Charts are usually "backed up" and explained later by fundamental events. The list of potential Gold/mining share bullish fundamental events today is very, very long indeed. Continued printing on top of already bloated central bank balance sheets and money supplies, defaults of banks, central banks and sovereigns, war, a derivatives meltdown to name just a few obvious ones. The point I am trying to make is that the "setup" is here and now. The possible fundamental events exist at the same time the chart says that something BIG is coming!

Can we go through another "paint job"? Of course we can. Does it take another 6 months before this scenario takes place from a more oversold fundamental and technical position? Of course. …but I don’t think so. I believe here and right now, the mining shares begin to accelerate and we will finally get paid in a huge way for gutting it out! I believed a couple of weeks back that another raid would take place which I do believe "they tried" and failed at. Now, I think I can hear the bell (that they never ring for the masses to hear) ringing! I think right now, you need to be as "long" as you can be, the mania stage is just beginning…finally! Regards,
CIGA Bill H.


Feb 27, 2012 - 5:15pm

Yes, broad daylight crimes

But don't you break the law or even give any indication whatsoever that you might be breaking any laws.

Man Arrested, Charged With Possession of Firearm, & Strip-Searched After 4 Year Old Daughter Draws Picture of Daddy Shooting at Monsters

​North American educators and law enforcement officials continue to take zero-tolerance gun policies to obscenely ridiculous levels. The latest hypersensitive over-reaction comes to us from Canada, where educators contacted local law enforcement after a 4 year old kindergartener drew a picture of her daddy shooting a gun at monsters and bad guys.

Jessie Sansone and his family are reeling after he was arrested and strip searched by police after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun in her Kitchener, Ont., kindergarten class.

While Sansone was being strip searched at the police station: told to disrobe, lift his testicles and bend over, his wife was home with their 15-month-old daughter.

“They came to my house, told my wife that I had been charged with possession of firearms, that she would have to come with them, and that Sundae (their infant daughter) would have to go with the social worker,” said Sansone. Stephanie called her Mom who rushed over to take Sundae instead.

The “gun” his children told police about? A toy pistol that shoots foam darts, which police discovered during a search of his house.

Full article:

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:22pm

Are boating jokes back in vogue?

I don't think this outing is going to end well

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:22pm



Bill Haines mentioned on his interview this weekend with Eric King that buying was still slow. He went on to say that there was more selling. Haines says that when there is more selling, in the past it means that the price of gold and silver are still going higher. If we look at the US Mint figures that were just updated we see that SILVER EAGLES are still outpacing GOLD EAGLES:

2011 JAN-FEB Gold Eagles = 226,000

2012 JAN-FEB Gold Eagles - 146,500 (35% decline)

2011 JAN-FEB Silver Eagles = 9,662,000

2012 JAN-FEb Silver Eagles = 7,527,000 ( 22% decline)


Turd did a great job in his weekend blog piece. Things will get interesting this week in gold and silver. I like many here read a great deal of articles on gold and silver. I found it quite interesting to come across Richard (Rick) Mills last two articles. It was quite ironic that his titles and subject matter was very similar to my last two articles. First, the title of my last two articles:

Silver Sales Up As Supply Slips

Steve St. Angelo

January 23, 2012 - 4:52pm

For the first time in history, Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf sales will surpass domestic silver production in the U.S. and Canada in 2011

The demand for American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins has increased tremendously over the past several years. 2011 will be the first year in which official coin sales will surpass domestic silver production in both countries.

Even though each country has seen declines in their domestic silver production over the past decade, U.S. silver production declined a whopping 30% yoy (year over year) in October.According to the USGS in their most recent Silver Mineral Industry Survey, silver production fell to 81,400 kilograms in October— compared to 117,000 kilograms the same time last year.


The Coming Paradigm Shift in Silver

Steve St. Angelo

|January 30, 2012 - 7:15am

The biggest problem for investors today in trying to forecast the future price of silver is the enormous amount of contradictory analysis on the Internet.There are bulls, bears, paper traders, physical buyers, technical analysts, hedge funds, commercial banks and silver manufacturers all trying to play a part in this highly volatile silver market.Trying to sift through the huge volumes of silver analysis on the internet can be extremely frustrating.In addition, some of this information is not meant to inform, but rather to confuse or mislead the investor.


Now here is Richard (Rick) Mills last two articles:

Silver Eagles Soar

Richard (Rick) Mills

|February 17, 2012 - 7:32am

According to the USGS’s most recent Silver Mineral Industry Survey, silver production fell to 37 tonnes in October - compared to 53 tonnes year over year (yoy).

In 2011, the United States produced approximately 1,054 tonnes of silver – down from 2010’s production of 1,154 tonnes and down from 2007’s production of 1,163 tonnes.

The US imported 6,600,000 oz of silver for consumption in 2011 – up from 2007’s imports of 4,830,000 oz.

In 2011 the US Mint sold 39,868,500 Bullion American Silver Eagle Coins.

2011 was the first year in which official coin sales will surpass domestic silver production.


Metals and Mining Paradigm Shift, Exiting Easy And Cheap

Commodities / Metals & MiningFeb 25, 2012 - 03:24 AM

By: Richard_Mills

-------------------------------------------------------- be the judge.

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:23pm


Gentlemen, you are having this one backwards. They fear falling prices much more than rising prices. The gold market was in serious danger towards the end of 2008 after prices had dropped. Many people who bought physical gold at that time, experienced delays in getting it delivered. The market was not in any danger in August 2011 when prices were rising. Nobody suffered any delays in August last year.

The reason is that the BBs are not short gold relative to US$. They just have a lot of paper and very little physical (perhaps around 5% covered). So when prices are low, they are losing the physical much faster than when prices are high. This is all explained here:

A couple of figures: In 2000 with $300/ounce, the annual mine supply of 2600 tonnes was worth $25bn. So as soon as $25bn want to get out of $ and into gold, the mine output is taken. Today, that same quantity is worth $145bn. In order to exert the same buying pressure today, $145bn need to run from $ into gold. You see, they have to fear low prices rather than high ones.

Has anyone of you ever asked the question of why gold in $ rises pretty exactly 19% nominally per year? Since 2001. Well, it could be 20% rather than 19% depending on how you draw the chart. Point is it rises year after year very steadily. Have you ever considered that this is a manipulation upwards in order to protect the market?


Doc1800 Dr G
Feb 27, 2012 - 5:28pm

WIld West


45 Long Colt-check


silver bullets-awwwwwwwwww priceless check

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:33pm

Murphy: nice picts

I can understand the whale mishap that is about to occur. Afdtewrall, whales are free spirits.

But that boat that ran into the posts left me with my mouth open. I mean how could someone be out of touch that much as NOT to see the post.

Sort of reminds me of these banksters & their discoupling from the reality that PM's are.

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:57pm

The opening of this article

The opening of this article is what I have been trying to say all along for several years with several people. Finally, it's being said out in the open. You're right. I have used the predictability of the market to time my purchases, and I have done well considering my circumstances.

And this is why I keep saying, if you remove all metal through demand from COMEX, then the financial sector will have to stop trading on silver in the financial markets in the US. We have to take it away from them, because CFTC will do nothing to stop these criminal acts.

Feb 27, 2012 - 5:59pm


I love the analysis but imo all the forensic variables you mention are impossible to trade and would drive a sane man crazy if he attempted to do so.

Why not just buy the dips in increments and thank the criminals? No one on the planet will ever predict,anticipate and be able to use the criminal spasms on a consistent basis but I hope that not a few on this board have figured out that it is in RESPONDING to the machinations that the opportunity lies. IMO.

the opportunities to BTFD are clearly and frequently at any time in the preMarket when cramdowns have already occurred and often following the close of the Comex after a smashdown into 1:30 p.m. Pacific. Or buy to hold overnight following a rigged down waterfall in the Globex or Comex in the late afternoon. Then place a Good till canceled order at a projected price for the open of business in London at 12 midnight-1 a.m. Pacific Time.

I am not trying to be critical, I am merely offering a solution which will allow one to ease up on the Maalox and profit from the ongoing criminality. IMO.

Feb 27, 2012 - 6:03pm


one other thing. Not that I am an expert but using the above strategy one does not buy these criminal dips greedliy or with leverage. You never know when a 2nd leg can follow. Therefore just in increments and usually with less than you think is rational and with appreciation. Over time the sums can add up imo.

Feb 27, 2012 - 6:07pm


This is exactly what I've always claimed.

The most obvious sign that gold is manipulated and suppressed is the steady, 10-year, 20% advance. The price is "managed" in this way in order to keep the ascent under control.

From the Chris Martenson podcast:

"Ferguson brilliantly refutes observations that gold and silver market manipulation must be failing because prices have been rising for years. As GATA itself often notes, Ferguson says the manipulation has been very successful in keeping the rise "in check." The manipulation, he says, is "probably part of the reason why it has been such a consistent trend higher -- every year almost. It's not like it's 50 percent or 25 percent and it's 50 percent one year and zero the next. It's just pretty consistently 20 or 25 percent a year. And it's because of that presence of what we call the cartel, the bullion bank cartel, or, on my Internet site, we refer to them as the 'evil empire.' It is their suppressive tactics that keep the price in check. We can hope that one day they will exit the market and leave gold and silver free to trade and find a true valuation, but unfortunately that isn't coming any time soon."

Feb 27, 2012 - 6:11pm


It is increasingly becoming clear not only that manipulation is occurring, but also the goals of said manipulation as well. While in the past we may have thought manipulation was just a way to make a quick buck, we are getting closer to uncovering the truth. We now have enough information to see that suppression is an integral part of the necessary MOPE needed to keep the fiat-political complex afloat. Coupled with manipulated unemployment data, negative real interest rates, endless QE, and rising political tensions it is clear that gold prices must be effectively managed. Dow 13,000 does not look so great next to Gold 3,000. You seem to have uncovered this with concrete data and you are spot on.

The year 2000 was just like any other year (aside from unfounded Y2K fears,) yet people went nuts on the celebrating, all for an arbitrary round number. There is something in our human nature that celebrates new eras and we somewhat pointlessly look for demarcation lines in dates, prices, etc. It would seem $2,000 gold fits this bill. While $2,000 gold has no real significance except for being slightly higher than where it is now, it has important psychological significance. Most Americans do not know the price of gold but let's say 50% know it is somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 an ounce. In that case whether gold is $1,100 or $1,800, the masses have not changed their view about gold, and the economic Ponzi scheme. If gold cracked $2,000, this would cause the large group of people to take notice. Even the media and CNBC could probably not ignore that fact, although they would parade out the usual "you can't eat it" trolls. But realizing $2,000 gold would generate much unwanted interest and awareness in deteriorating economic affairs, it makes sense that the $1,800 mark is a natural battle line for those who benefit from the current system. More of a skirmish line, actually, as it provides a bit of room to bring forth increasingly drastic measures if the situation gets out of control.

Finally, it would seem you assessment of "who's really in control" is also largely correct. Taxation is not nearly enough to cover the government's bad spending habit, especially with fewer jobs that pay less money. It is also not willing to give up its tanks and army men and predator drones it loves so dearly. When an addict needs a hit, who has the power, the dealer or the junkie? The Federal Reserve is in largely in control of the government, until the government decides to reign its power and accept the political consequences thereof. This has only happened once before and I do not see anyone, except for Ron Paul, that has half the courage of MAJOR GENERAL JACKSON.

Andrew Jackson Kills the BANK
Feb 27, 2012 - 6:17pm

Time to put some more pressure on the CFTC

Maybe it's time for all of us to blitz Bart Chilton at the CFTC BChilton[at]CFTC[dot]gov and present him with charts of the precious metals take downs of the last few days and ask him why is it that the CFTC has so far taken over 3 years to investigate silver manipulation while the evidence is in plain sight almost daily for those who care to see?

Of course, the CFTC only sees and prosecutes commodities manipulation if it takes place to the upside. Just like Chilton last week stated that the current rise in oil prices was due to speculators...but they always fail to go to the root cause of the problem such as too much money printing looking for a home or the US government sticking their noses in the business of the Arab world and stirring up trouble where most of the oil production comes from.

And if that speculator driving up the price of a commodity is anyone but a state sponsored identity he can be sure that the CFTC will quickly have his nuts in a vice followed by a parade to show how great the CFTC is at protecting the consumer from rising commodity prices.

So the rule of law appears to be that if you're manipulating any commodity price to the downside, you have full immunity and nothing to fear. But it also helps if your name is JP Morgue or Goldman Sucks.

dannyhaha beach_bum
Feb 27, 2012 - 6:18pm

Exactly who did this needs to

RE: The family whose home was invaded and father arrested because their child drew a picture of a gun...

Exactly who did this needs to be published.

Their names and pictures and addresses, everything about them so that they can be

treated with the disrespect they deserve.

Whatever their positions. Especially the "supervisors" and "bosses".

None of that, "Just following orders, doing my job" crap.

When someone commits a crime they are rightfully named and shamed in public.

This is at least as bad, actually worse because it is done under the cover of "The Law".

This kind of over-the -top sh*t has to be stopped.


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