What's Up With Santa?

Wed, Feb 15, 2012 - 11:20am

As you know, Jim "Santa" Sinclair's site (https://www.jsmineset.com ) was the very first site I discovered on my road to understanding. His effort and work has been instrumental in my awakening process as I've diligently followed him for almost 5 years now. This week, however, the tone and frequency of his comments has changed.

So, one by one, lets read the trilogy in order. First, there's this dated Sunday, the 12th:

My Dear Extended Family,
The real terminal beginning of the Western Financial world was this week.
Kicking the can down the road is limited by the practical viability of the US dollar and US Treasury Securities market.
QE will go to infinity because there simply is no other tool that can create the amounts of liquidity required instantly by the destruction of the Western world financial system. This destruction was delivered to us via those that have securitized everything.
When you add to this that no default will be declared a default by the International Swaps and Derivative Association you have a guarantee that QE will go to infinity at the cost of the US currency market first and the US bond market second. I put this epic event in the year 2015. I give the US dollar no longer than June of 2012 before the cracks in its armor are visible to all.
The deal that set this in place happened in December when the Fed was confirmed as the lender of last resort to the entire Western financial world when it granted in excess of $500 billion in US dollar swaps to the European Central Bank. The ECB then in turn lent those funds to its member banks to buy European debt in order to paint the auctions of the European debt as viable.
At the same time the Chinese have agreed to be a port in the storm to the euro itself, explaining why it is trading above 1.30 when in truth it should be trading below 1.20 under present circumstances.
The IMF did its part in planning a large rescue package should Greek debt be haircut to 30% of its issued value. The IMF bailout fund will be dollar financed by the Federal Reserve and China. When push comes to shove the IMF bailout funds will benefit to a degree from Chinese dollars as an outsider lender that the IMF, which has already laid the ground, work for.
What will have to be rescued is the banking a system of Euroland and elsewhere holding the debt of Greece. However, what makes you think that other European nations will not demand some degree of equal treatment as the US credit rating agencies continue to downgrade European sovereign debt and the debt of their banking system.
Clearly the International Swaps and Derivatives association will see no default in the Greek credit event because it is voluntary. To declare this as such is the final can kick because it will be met by a demand for equal treatment and that will require infinite QE to hold up the world banking system. This begins a march towards 2015 when gold has a cyclical chance of being full-valued for the time being. A march has begun towards the virtual reserve currency that will have a connection to gold. This march will be toward an equilibrium price of gold and will not repeat the 1980 fall in price.
It is the funds necessary to cover the euro debt haircuts for the banks holding this debt internationally plus the ISAD Credit Event and Determination Committee non-declaration of default that guarantees QE to infinity.
The US dollar may have until June of 2012 before it replaces the euro as the currency of deep concern. Gold can continue for a period of time being played by the hedge funds but its next test is not at $1500 but rather at $2111.
The ISDA is the vehicle that will necessitate QE to infinity by its non-declaration of what is clearly default.
The clock is ticking and Alf’s numbers are in the crosshairs of the gold price. Let us hope that things do not get that bad and gold does its natural task and tries to balance the international balance sheet of the USA. That would speak very poorly for the quality of life the Banksters have planned for our grandchildren.
Gold is going to and maybe beyond Alf’s numbers. Gold shares with real growing extractable ounces will perform as they did in 1979 and 1980.
“Non carborundum est.” Don’t let the bashers get you down. They are so wrong at exactly the wrong time.

Then the following day, Monday the 13th, we got this:

My Dear Extended Family,
The replacement of lost liquidity is NOT arithmetic. Booms, like busts, turn geometric on their liquidity effect because of the impact of mass financial psychology. Management of Perspective Economics primarily operated by mainstream media can make the gestation period of this event long, but it cannot reverse the underlying process.
With there being no question whatsoever that a credit event is on the near horizon for Greece, there is no avoidance of a further haircut in the valuation of Greek debt held by international banks, primarily Euroland institutions. What you take away with one hand you must provide with another if the banking system of Euroland is to remain viable. As you haircut (reduce in value for balance sheet considerations) Greek debt you reduce the value of that debt held as assets of financial institutions, therein reducing their viability to borrow in order to conduct their banking activities. This mark down is in full gear as speculation advertises to the world that the next step in this Greek tragedy is a haircut of value to just 30%.
How is it possible for the Euro wizards of words to punish Greek debt severely but not hammer others equally now under assault both by mainstream media as well as the undertakers of bond ratings in the USA?
The argument takes a position that the International Swaps and Derivative Association, which is made up of the manufacturers of these devices, will not self immolate by declaring credit events to be credit defaults. This is the ultimate irreversible can kick directly into the dead end sign at the end of the road of postponement to perdition.
Financial currency inflated hell by global debt monetization is the condition from which there is no escape, except though burning down the old system and making a new one. This is the dead end sign at the end of the road for can kicking. It is the condition of financial perdition. It is not something coming in a distant future. It is here and now, clear and present, if you have the eyes to see.
The means to this end is the combination of sick sovereign debt, risk insurance issued against the default of debt without sufficient liquid capital to do so, and the fact that those entities who issued this insurance are themselves and in truth illiquid under strain thanks to the capitulation of FASB on true market value of their legacy and other assets. This is the construction of the house of financial cards that will not survive intact during the period of 2012 to 2015. This is what gold at $1700 is indicating to those unfortunate enough to understand the practical workings of a system whose life force has been stolen to a degree that can only be deemed epic.
Never in written history has anything this size occurred where trillions has been bled away from an economic system with impunity. In all history when this has occurred the then monetary system imploded, to be replaced always by a commodity based money. That is what the Retenmark was in the Weimar experience. This is what the virtual reserve currency will be that replaces the US dollar in the next three years. The commodity currency definition will be derived by a connection to the gold held by the central banks of all the currencies that make up the Western world averaged virtual currency. This virtual currency will be a computer based settlement mechanism that cannot be traded in by other than central banks on behalf of trade settlement. Each contributing nation will also contribute to a universal M3 that will be the percentage measure of gold’s value to determined percentage-wise appreciation of depreciation, constituting value of the position held by each central bank in gold. Few if any central banks need to make transactions to adjust value as the squids of the world will invent derivatives upon which to speculate on the value of gold as a product of the growth or contraction of the western world M3.
This is not by any means a gold convertible system. This is not by any means a perfect system. There will be automaticity in this system but an agreement only by members to perform as above. However this system will work the same as the Retenmark worked. When the need becomes so great to believe in something solid anything that sounds solid has and will again work.
Only a resurgence of business based on solid foundations of equity and not debt can do the final clean up and provide a door to a better future.
No politician anywhere can do the necessary without causing the explosion of the results being heard almost as a new big bang. We are going to inflate this debt away or those in power will be swept away by the violence inherent in the suffering citizen.
Gold and only those things gold will provide the bridge to maintaining a lifestyle, maintain some freedom of choice and most importantly give you options you would not otherwise have. This has been as it always has been and will continue so. The drama of the market is nothing but that – sound and fury presaging but not defining change.
Do not allow anything to deter you from holding that which will build your bridge to tomorrow safely.
I am personally 100% in. It is my intention to hold as much gold as possible lending to me leverage without borrowing or margin. What was done in the 70s cannot be done now because we are only on the cusp of the volatility in the price of gold and it is already impossible to carry leverage except in the manner I have devised for myself participated in by others. I invite you to join with me.
This is a lonely road we are on where its direction does not tend to make friends. The road to freedom of any kind never does.
Stay focused. “Non Carborumdum Est,” do not let the hateful, vengeful bashers get you down.

And, yesterday, he filed the following:

Dear Extended Family,

The Gold Aficionado’s greatest fear is totally without basis. The price of gold will not fall significantly from its points of true standard valuation and the introduction of a new currency system.
Gold is heading back towards a monetary system and not away from it. The producing gold company of the future is the new utility as it dividends a majority of its profits to its shareholders.
The fact that gold is money and not a commodity is the safety latch that opens on its own when all other forms of money close. Gresham’s Law is human nature seeking a standard when all other forms of exchange have mutated to casino chips with national flags on them. Increasing world liquidity multiplies itself in increasing volatility of all things traded until an epic moment when over the top volatility convinces even the most economically ignorant that only a standard that cannot be multiplied by an instant Bernanke helicopter unlimited electronic monetary liquidity system is honest money. It is the flight from the burning values in terms of purchasing power of the casino chips called fiat currency towards a standard that proves Professor Gresham’s Law. It is a study of history that repeatedly shows his thesis that good money, honest money, forces out bad money.
Between now and 2015 gold will meet and, like all markets, exceed its value as a standard of measure. However there will be no repeat of the 1980 to 2001 price adjustment. Of course gold will meet and exceed a number, but its return to that full valuation will be a modest percentage of the total value. Gold is headed to a pendulum point at the introduction of the new virtual Western World Reserve unit for trade settlement.
I see the new system utilizing a Western World M3, which all member governments will agree to as 100 on the Index of Standard Currency Equilibrium. As this measure rises and falls, governments will agree that the value of their Treasury gold will move in the same direction and percentage according to their GDP ranking.
What will of course happen is the Squids of the Western world, the investment banks, will invent derivatives to speculate on member’s gold value requirements, which will change the price of gold in the marketplace and therefore remove the necessity of doing anything from the central banks. Once again the airwaves of the financial world will hang on the weekly announcement of the M figures, but this time it will be for a Global Western M3 tallied by the historical lender of last resort, The US Federal Reserve Bank.
There will be many variations and tweaks to this concept, but once again a new Rentenmark will be invented as a virtual reserve currency unit tied to a standard (gold) with a shadow of control on Western global money supply. A function of control will be by exposure (M3), but not convertibility. Like the Rentenmark it will be a bit of a farce, but it will work due to the demand for a fix that sits in the shadow of gold but is not convertible. This new Rentenmark will not be tradable by general business but rather be the virtual Standard Reserve Currency Unit (SRCU) available only to the central banks of the Global Western Monetary Association. All the present fiat currencies, the casino chips with national flags on them called things like the dollar and euro, will still be around and serving a purpose valued against the virtual Standard Reserve Currency.
The survivor will be gold. Its volatility will subside as it trades around a pendulum point that will be the price of gold on the day of agreement to the setting of the Index of Standard Currency Equilibrium (ISCE).
Assuming Alf Fields has called the number at $4500, then gold would trade in a range around $4500, say by $500, as the derivatives created to speculate on the Global Western world M3 changes via gold’s value.
What would not remain is the purchasing power of each casino chip with a flag on it, fiat currency. That would have fallen victim to currency induced cost push inflation, which now permeates the Western world’s financial system yet to be properly defined.
In conclusion, gold will not fall significantly in value after finding its full valuation as a standard. It will mutate into a currency form the same way German real estate gave the Rentenmark its value when Germany did not own all that much real estate.
The producing gold companies will now return to what they were in the 1940s and 1950s, the utility sector of the equity market as the best and certain yielders.
This is why I do what I do every day. Rather than in the 70s when I carried 22,000 long Comex gold contracts, I am building an entity to carry as many ounces of mineable gold as I possibly can assemble to become a utility equity of the future via outright ownership and royalty. That is done through TRX on the NYSE and TNX on the senior Toronto Stock Exchange.

Jim also spoke with Eric King and I urge you to listen to this entire interview:


So, what's up? The seems to be a real urgency in Santa's work but, at the same time, he implies that the real crisis may not appear for another 3 years. Regardless, take Jim's advice and add to your physical stack now, while you can.


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Feb 15, 2012 - 11:30am


I think that he is trying to point out that the time to act is now, because things are going to get out of hand in a hurry, but they will stay jacked up for while. During which it will be real hard to secure a good position in physical because TPTB are going to change the rules so often which will add to the chaos. Those strong hands that hold gold/silver will have a lot of doubt during this time because the laws will be changed to scare them into letting go of their gold.

"Gold is headed to a pendulum point at the introduction of the new virtual Western World Reserve unit for trade settlement."

Knowing that to be the case, FOR CERTAIN, we know that they will through everything they can at us. Which can translate into downed paper prices, laws that limit gains on the sale of gold, etc... in the end though Santa is saying to hold on with everything you got and after the $hitstorm ends in a few years you will come out ahead.

That is my take on the jumping around it seems he's done.

He also points out that "Between now and 2015 gold will meet and, like all markets, exceed its value as a standard of measure." He doesn't know WHEN, but he knows it will happen.

Feb 15, 2012 - 11:43am

Santa has seen the light...

and now he is speaking the word..between now and 2015 gold will rise and it will be shining upon all of us that have it. go to it and get gold now.

Feb 15, 2012 - 11:46am

Second? Third? Whatever…

Busy morning.

Go away for a few moments and when I get back, not one, not two, but three new threads! Gonna take me a while to get caught up.

Be Prepared
Feb 15, 2012 - 11:48am

In the End.. We all must realize that none of us know the future

Santa has and will continue to be a great person for insights about what we will all be facing because he brings a world of experience that can't be easily found elsewhere on the net. He.... like all of us..... is struggling to understand the timing of this all. You can't really blame or be critical of Jim being a human and not being able to pearce the time veil.

Jim is, at least, expressing his genuine concerns and is worried that it will happen in One Fell Swoop and those type of collapses or schizms are almost impossible to time. I, for one, am glad he is out there sounding the alarm... if it helps even one person not get destroyed in the coming mayhem.... his efforts will not have been in vain. Thanks... Jim... for all you try do to help people see!

Fr. Bill
Feb 15, 2012 - 12:01pm

Everyone would love a timeline

That is, a timeline for the End of the Great Keynesian Experiment. I know I sure do!

Santa says the end cannot be derailed, but progress toward it can be made to slow down via media manipulation of the facts.

Still, that 2015 date depends on two things:

(1) Successful manipulation by TPTB, including the media; and,

(2) Absence of some precipitating event that woud make (1) ineffective.

In other words, the 2015 date he mentions is his sense for the outside limit of a crash. It might come sooner, much sooner. I run into people lately who speak of June this year as a time when the cracks begin to be so large that even the media can't pretend they're not there, and widening as they stare at them.

As for Santa's recent sense of urgency, I'd give a lot more credit to that because it comes from someone with the depth of observation of markets and experience in trading within them. What is that? Forty years? Longer?

If a little boy runs down the street crying "The sky is falling!" I'd laugh. But, if I look out the window and see an angel, 1,000 feet high, blowing a trumpet and proclaiming "The sky is falling!" ... well, I probably wouldn't wait too long to run for cover.

Feb 15, 2012 - 12:05pm

His comments are spot on IMO

I don't see him bouncing around, I see him being very consistent in that the whole global fiat system is unsustainable as everyone is printing without the means to repay or back up the currency.

The only way to hold this together will be fiat money backed once again by PM's. The CB's and other countries showed us the cards in the last few years in the massive amounts of Gold they are buying, they know what will be the end result.

Santa is telling us what we should already know, he is laying out a time line. Whether it occurs in 2015 or later who knows, but it will occur as there is no other choice unless the whole world get a reset, we know that won't happen.

The bigger question will be, does this country still hold any gold in the amount that are claimed....I think we will know in the next 5 years.........If we don't, then all bets are off.

Time is getting thin to get your financial PM house in order, as was stated, I also think that, not long from now, you might see restrictions placed on PM buying, yet I see the price conversion as the biggest obstacle for the masses that have not seen this coming.

Long live the Golden Pig.

Feb 15, 2012 - 12:11pm

Hillary to implement new currency?

Drudge reports Hillary may be looking to head World Bank. Could this be to implement the new currency regime Santa described?


Dr G
Feb 15, 2012 - 12:25pm

@Fr. Bill, excellent post.

@Fr. Bill, excellent post. Thanks for your comments. You are correct that a timeline cannot be given. As I often say, I am always amazed at the degree to which those in control are able to manipulate the system and keep it running. I would not be surprised in the slightest if the USD loses reserve status this year. I also would not be surprised if that does not occur until 2020 or later. Who knows at this point.

That's why I try not to worry about it and just do what I can to help those around me.

Feb 15, 2012 - 12:33pm

June 2012

I think he is saying that june 2012 when the cracks begin to be seen in the USD will be the beginning of the end.If the isda says no default on the greek bond thing its time to bar the door Katie

stalking wolf
Feb 15, 2012 - 12:40pm

He doesn't say anything negative about silver?

If I were the EE and think in 100 year cycles: I would create consumer dependence of silver just like oil has become. Horde mountains of Ag and suppress the value for the eventual squeeze in supply, and voila. Silver is the new gold. Now I control most of the gold and silver?

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