Nigel Farage - Honorary Turdite

Since I suppose he's a little too busy to be actively posting on the internet, Mr. Farage is most likely not a part of our site. However, he should be. I think he'd fit right in.

Many of you are familiar with Nigel. He's about the only MEP who "gets it" and is willing to speak the truth. IN the clip below, he plainly states that violent revolution is coming to Greece and the blood that will be spilled will be upon the hands of his fellow MEPs.


Sadly, I think that Nigel is 100% correct. It all seems unavoidable now.



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Just the Facts

Well said.

This is not just about Greece, it's the whole Euro Union....if they can't get it in order on a country the size of Greece, how will they even consider the others waiting in line.

The Euro will fall in time, it will never be held together in the form it is in...It Won't Work, These are countries and not states within one country.....It is an Epic fail to continue to treat the disease.

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Farage is such a pimp.

Farage is such a pimp. I've always enjoyed watching and reading his words. I wish we had some politicians like him that call it how they see it. Ron Paul, I suppose, but we need more.

Turd, you gotta get Mr. Farage for a podcast. That would be great. I bet he would do it!

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@ Turd

Daniel Hannan also "gets it".

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Farage is such a pimp??

Dr. G, can you expound that term "pimp" for me?  In my lexicon, it's a term for a very unsavory sort of fellow who brokers female flesh to men who pay for sexual congress with the pimp's prostitutes.

From your other comments, I take it you approve of Farage (I know I do!).  So, I'm puzzled by the application of "pimp" to him.  Not saying you're wrong here; rather, that my lexicon may need some expanding.  

Can you help out?

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FARAGE rocks

and hes no pimp.

wrong on so many,many,many levels again.....did i say many?

oh yeah, and many.

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Didn't see this and just added it to the last thread...

You can never have enough Nigel Farage.... I wish he would just kick everyone's a$$.

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I thought Hannan was Farages

I thought Hannan was Farages speechwriter, same token voice of dissent same rabble rousing rhetoric same lack of action.  

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@ Perfidious Albion--I Thought Hannan was Farages...

So, he should just keep his mouth shut and "go with the flow"?

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I Love Nigel

It absolutely amazes me that truth is such an oddity, reserved for some lunatic minority any more. The cowards and idiots are in charge.

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Hope the EE don't decide to nail him again

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Love Nigel.

This is an old personal favorite of mine.  He really lets em have it in this one...

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well clinky thats what the socialists

that know 'what is good for us' do.

after all, they've been sooo successful in europe......hairdressers retiring at 52 on 80% n all.

hey, they'll just print some more money........give all the perks of life to the 'priveleged class' of people------any group with enough aggregate numbers to ensure a voting block.........public and private unions, etc.

buy their asses off with enough fiat to get reelected, man!

power to the PEOPLE!!!!!!!

which people?..........why the ones in unions man.......they are the downtrodden....afterall. 

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@ Perfidious Albion--I Thought Hannan was Farages...

And your opinion of Ron Paul is what?

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Nigel Rocks

Damm, I only wish he was an American. But, if he was, he would not be who he is. British pols know how to lay it out.

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You do know he's like a total fringe character in British politics. His party has no MPs in the British Parliament. He has a couple of European Parliament members, but he's far more fringe than Ron Paul.

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Nigel on Pumpkinhead's show today

"As you know we have this project called the Euro"  lol

"this is getting very very serious..."

"most important year in Europe's history since WWII"

"revolutions in Europe this year"

"Greece to be the first to leave the Euro and more to follow"

Starts at half mark hour 3

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Audio interview

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In the UK the MSM have him

In the UK the MSM have him painted a radical/xenophobe. To the sheeple he's a hate/ridicule figure pretty much bundled with the BNP.

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