Margin CUT?!?

See for yourself. Dying Comex volumes entice CME to reduce margins, thereby increasing trading volume and CME profit?

Maybe 1750 and 34 will finally fall?

More on this later.


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new guy

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd say hello for the first time. Been lurking for about a year. Registered a couple weeks ago and fed the turd! Anyhow, I have physical, 14 miners, guns and ammo and a water well in the basement! Moose walk through my front yard! Good to go if the SHTF. Wanted to say thanx to all the posters for their varied opinions and knowledge. Great site. Probably won't post a lot but wanted you all to know that you're alone....keep it up everyone.

Turd, do you have any big yellow foam toques? It's cold where I  come from.

Kind Regards, Bart

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War is inflationary

Think about all the money the US would need to spend to finance a war.  You can't have a war without more debt/money printing.  This isn't to say there won't be some dollar strength - that is a gut reaction that could last a few days.  That will turn to dollar weakness.

This is one of the many reasons Ron Paul emphasizes the need to stop fighting wars - we're broke.

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Trust me, when you need your physical

You won't be dealing with the assholes in Chicago or NYC. They'll be more or less irrelevant.

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@Dr Jerome

or anyone else concerned about privacy.

changing your id is most certainly not enough.  No offense to TF or his provider but information gets bought/stolen all the time.

for most people.

Search for Tor bundle (  Its a web browser and other software that is an easy to use setup to hide your ip.  Do not use that browser for anything but acct/ids not linked to your real person.  Set all cookies to delete after each session, use firefox extensions HTTPS-Everywhere, GHOSTERY and Better Privacy.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING.  Reread the last sentence.  No-Script is another good add-0n.  Takes a bit of practice to get used to working with it but all the others are hassle free.  Remember this just "tunnels" your browser through the Tor network (unless you configure other things to work with it).  Your real ip can and will be revealed if you let other connections get established to you through javascript or downloading files.

For paranoid

Pay for a VPN.  Sweden or some place like that is good.  Look for ones that do not keep logs (they should state this clearly).  If its in the US it keeps logs.  Check out the country's laws where its located, check out the VPN provider history with regards to responses to requests for info from governments, law enforcement, and other companies.  Don't think China or North Korea, think somewhere that RESPECTS privacy.  Use gift cards bought with cash, bitcoin or ukash to pay for it.  Once configured your entire connection will be encrypted and show up as coming from that VPN provider without any way to positively track it to you.  Remember you can still be busted by javascript.  Instead of thinking about accidently establishing a connection that lead to you, you should worry about what data you are sending out the other side of the VPN.  Thats where stuff like javascript will bite you.  Make sure you are using their DNS and not your ISPs.  You will be fine to click on links and such, download files etc.

Ultra paranoid

Buy new light weight netbook.  Use Truecrypt to create an encrypted usb (preferrebly Ironkey) with a hidden volume.  Load a live linux distro (such as Tails or Privatix) onto the usb in the hidden volume.  Boot netbook from usb do not mount hard drive.  Use TOR to connect to VPN.  Setup email account, twitter, facebook, tfmetalsreport user etc.  Use public wifi not your home (although it would take some serious government resources just to track you back to your home, if its even possible.).  Never access anything with this setup that can be connected with your real person.  Do not reference in detail any hobbies, trades, physical traits etc.  Try to write in a different style, purposefully misspell or always spellcheck. Dont use slang.  The more information there is about your real person available on the webs, especially writing, the more careful you need to be in this regard.  DOXing has busted many people.  just look up how thejester (th3j35t3r) busted sabu.  He got it wrong the first time but right the second time all based on how the guy wasnt careful about keeping his anon id seperated from his real person.

With the ultra paranoid version there is nothing to find even if someone searches your laptop.  Just dont leave the usb mounted and then even if they have that they still have nothing.

If anyone wants a more detailed explanation of this I can make a thread in the Everything Else forum.

I am not advocating the use of multiple user ids or any other nonsense nor anything illegal.  I am just giving people a way to truly hide their real identities which for some people is a must if they want to speak their mind.

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Astrological Prediction Of

Astrological Prediction Of Bullion : -
From 7Feb,2012(Full Moon ,also 7Feb,2012 ruled By Ketu ) so from 7 Feb bullion will start to rise day by day .Buy on every Dip .

From 14th February value of silver goes strong and since 26th February the bullion market rise significantly

The bullion market rises and falls in March till the 15th of the month. From 15th March the market rises again and this trend continues till month end .Value of Gold continues to be average.

From April 9th the upward trend seen in the value of silver slowly moves towards a decrease. From 22nd onwards the bullion market sees a downward trend.

This time the New Moon will be close to Planet Mars, and this is a sign of fire. Get ready to get into silver.

Buy Silver @ 33.20 with targets of 34.55-34.68-35.10-35.87-36.25-38.18-39.78USD levels.

Monthly Rang For Silver : - 31.18USD - 36.25USD.

Silver Closed @57396, Buy at the beginning of the market for a Targets 58050-59250-60000-61750-63500 .

Silver looks very bullish till May,2012 with a small small correction but in a correction don't short ,buy on every Dip for a longer period (Silver Target intact From 59000+10000=69000 RS Per Kg.)

On daily chart Gold having strong resistance at 1766.31-1767 , above this Gold will blast and take to 1787.98USD - 1797.46USD-1802.88.

Gold having a strong support at 1710.77usd ,below this a Big correction would be expected upto 1691-1683-1677-1669-1655USD.

You are all aware that from 2015 China will crumble and this will be the reason for the crash in equity markets from 2015 onward. The current time is a great opportunity to accumulate call options of September 2012, December 2012.

There is no doubt that S&P will lead this rally and it has to do so because S&P is the only market which can give confidence to global investors.Get ready for most unique cycle which will take DOW toward 36000.Get ready for most unique cycle which will take DOW toward 36000.“wave of nature” will take S&P 2500 and 3200 in the next three years.

Commodity bull market has still not ended yet and long way to go on upside. Soon the time is coming when silver can reach 3 digits and oil will also move towards $150. This means that there is too much money in the market and once again there will be inflation in the markets in 2013-14 after giving a solid performance in 2012.

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gee whiz I'm sorry

but this 'astrological' predictive stuff/fluff is really Crap.

I actually am an astrologer, though I dont specialize in financial astrology....Ive seen how it is done...and what this poster wrote is Crap. sorry  to havta say it.

The astrological details and explanations need to be Much more explicit and complex, and youve show us no details about it....

it reads like a joke. 

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eBay infographic

Did anyone else notice they used FEMA Regions to divide the USA Map???

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@ Matt1979

"I don't really understand Margin hikes v Margin Cuts."

Me neither, it would be good if some of the more experienced Turdites could explain what these margin increases/decreases mean.

I'm guessing that because the Comex has cut the margin, it will draw in new traders to increase the Open Interest, but the 'Bear Trap' will be that the Comex will later raise the margin and force these new traders to sell at a loss.


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Hmmmm ... A Waterfall around 1:45 A.M. CST

Heartburn got me up (blech), and so I've been watching the spot prices on Kitco and BV's 10-minute chart.  Both show a lovely waterfall beginning around 1:45 AM. 

In both metals:  gold down $10, silver down 25 cents, in about 10 minutes.  

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Greece, a convenient fiasco

This damned Greece debt resolution thing, with 'yes it's resolved', 'oh no it's not', 'oh yes it is', 'oh no it's not' etc, is now directly comparable with this years pantomime season.

It's also conveniently allowed the main upward trendline from the Dec lows to be taken out this morning, so be aware guys! 

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Morning Toons

Posted Image

ClinkinKY's picture

""Fundamental Transformation"-a B.O. campaign pledge he kept

Posted Image

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The SS OBummer....

ClinkinKY's picture

It Sure Ain't Super, Man.

Posted Image

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Our New Uncle Sam wants You!

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And finally...

Posted Image

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Any chance Greece

The temptation for a greek minister, with inside knowledge, to exploit this market volatility, must be very high at this time. Any chance of them clearing their national debt (hehe, just trying to stay cheerful)?

So where's the bottom today going to be $33.00/$32.80 or $31.14? 

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i guess we have the answer to that now.

leaked 'IMF says not so fast' to greek deal.....EE piles on.

germany constantly raises the bar.

Mish is convenced they want to force greece out but not have it look like they makes sense.

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Under no circumstances would


Under no circumstances would I ever give it to anyone.

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Remember to take your servers with you next time you go boating.

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@Turd - It won't be you... it will be your Server Company

that will have to provide the information.  We may have reached the moment where, as part of the Turd v2.0, you delete the IP logs and ensure that there is little to no information to provide....  it's something you should thing about.  It could be a simple SQL script that flushes certain data out at midnight for the previous day via a CRON job.

We all know that you wouldn't provide it, but if you read all the cases.... its the server company that provides the info, but only if it exists...  :-)

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Margin cuts don't matter today as euro is tanking on news greek bailout hit another snag,imagine that! looks like a good day to buy physical! 

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Bernanke is speaking again at 12:30

If the recent past is indicative, that should arrest the downturn in PM's :)

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i do not think

the govmint has time to chase around everyone shooting off their mouths on the internet.

there are WAYYYYYY more subversive/out there sites than this one.

and wayyy more dangerous people than gold investers

i guess santa has a column of black crown vic's with hubcaps following him all day, huh.

govmint's ineptitude astounds me.....why it doesn't everyone else also astounds me.

a freind of a friend is district IRS chief........they barely have time to put out fires that are UNDER THEIR FEET.

a 35mil$ reward for bin laden and it took them 10 years to find him????????

i have stumbled axcross sites that espouse open insurrection in the US and how to do it.

not saying we can all just spill our guts everywhere, but do you really think WE are all that important.

you aren't.

FEMA thats a joke.....they live off our taxes who will pay them then......just what the govmint wants is to feed n house 300 million people n piss em off at the same time.

they couldn't even get WATER to NEW ORLEANS for chrissake.

you are their CASH cow they want u working n paying taxes believe me.

¤'s picture

So much for that margin discount

Damn, just woke up and saw what took place in the PM's last night. 

DXY is up so that pretty much explains it for the most part  but not what you might think with a margin discount just instituted. Do we magically go up from here now that NY opened no matter what the DXY is doing?

Not what I expected to see upon waking. Coffee is needed.

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boating accidents

are for uneducated landlubbers.

you are safer out there believe me.

if u know the 'lay of the sea'

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Re: Astrology

I'd like to know what astrology factors were in place for silver to rise to $49 and the same question when it came tumbling down. If you can clearly answer questions with lucid explanations from the past , I might have some faith in future predictions. From what I've read of financial astrology, I don't see any system that can accurately forecast price. Possibly trend but I've not read any convincing,detailed explanation of that either. Those who have written about it seem to think that the 11.11 cycles of the solar flares have a roll which is not in anybodies charts. That is not a comment on astrology rather a comment on predicting prices with it. I'm open to new idea's but you have to present a much better arguement than just moon transits which is the ruler. The ruler isn't the sole factor. Unless you can show me from past. Theoritically, it should be easy if you can determine the future. I'll stick with more mainstream analysis and geopolitical factors for now. But open to hearing more. The guy who can predict prices from the stars is a wealthy man sleeping on a hammock on his private island oasis.

Astrology works on the principle as above, so below.  However, with so much intervention, it may be more accurate to say as below, so above. 

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@ boatman--"i do not think"

Thank you for a dose of common sense. While I have no doubt that we're headed for "bad times", it always amuses me that the same people who complain about the "ineptitude" of the government are quick to assign "super human" powers to this same government to "round us up". Sorta' like the 9/11 Truthers.

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Late Addition

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

FriedEggs's picture


is huge for the elite as they are sun-worshippers that follow the relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. Not to be confused with astronomy, which is basically the study of celestial objects. 


As GL says,  'From what I've read of financial astrology, I don't see any system that can accurately forecast price. Possibly trend but I've not read any convincing,detailed explanation of that either.'

I agree, I would say that astrology is very important on the current events of the world - a reaction occurs - and then that usually correlates to the financial area secondary and than they respond...not the other way around. Until more data is presented to prove otherwise that their is a more direct reaction to the markets.

Its those primary current events - based on astrology (and numerology) - that influence the financial markets secondarily. I hope that makes sense as my explanation is a bit weak.



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