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Quick Chart Update

As the POSX breaks down, the metals are charging higher. Here are some updated charts.

First up, The Pig. Note that Pigatha has broken down and out of its nearly 2-week range. By breaking down, it is now targeting 78. Short-term movements in the POSX are very important currently. As you likely know, volume and participation have decreased considerably post-MFG. This leaves us with The Cartels and The WOPRs as the primary determinants of paper price and most WOPRs are set to buy/sell based upon minute movements in the POSX.


The Forces of Darkness on the LBMA tried the exact same trick last night as they tried yesterday. Unfortunately for them (smirk), the falling Pig has blunted their evil intent again today. For comparison purposes, here is the Sunday night/Monday chart:


And here is the Monday night/Tuesday chart.


Of course, "respected" and "big name" metals "analysts" like Hairy Fleckenstein still contend that gold is a "market", "free of manipulation". Rrrrright....

Anyway, here are the main two charts you need to be following. As I've assembled this post, The Pig has deteriorated and the PMs have rallied. Gold is pressing against 1750 and silver is above 34, near the highs of last week. I still think that the caps will continue to stymie things here for another week or so but, if the POSX continues to fall toward 78, Cartel resistance will be futile. Let's watch and see how this comes together.


I've got a lot more to add but little time to do it. Look for another post by later today or this evening.  TF


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Thanks Turd

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Number two. Yer allright,

Number two. Yer allright, Turd.

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Down with the Piggity

With the Upbeat news from Euro land the piggy drops, in a few days spooky news from euroland will make piggy rise... second verse same as the first. Next week the opposite of this,

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the Bernack break down his plans for QE3 this morning..  Anyone watch the questioning? 

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Another suggestion...

How about FUQE2 since the beatdown always seems to happen in her country?

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I Love Ben Bernanke

Every time Ben speaks, metals go up.

Thanks, Turd! Much love.

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Re-posting this to the new thread:

Hello folks, I'm looking for help with predictions on how the Greek situation will play out.  Currently, I've got money in a 401k and I want to try to play it right.  The only reason I have a 401k right now is because its my hedge against my physical.  While most of you guys were closing out your 401k last year, I decided to open one at my new job to take advantage of pre tax deductions and employer match, but more importantly, I have self directed my funds into the mutual fund that buys all gold and silver miners. Currently, its up 12% on the year, but I sense a correction in stocks is coming soon.  The question is whether this will be a minor correction, or will Greece blow up the world markets next month like many people seem to believe (including Bix Weir).  If this happens, what will be the effect on large gold and silver miners?  Will it be another 2008 type correction where commodities get murdered while people flee to dollars, before snapping back and propelling to new highs, or will gold and silver be finally be recognized as the de facto safe haven?

Here is what I'm thinking, and this is how I will play this.  I will keep my elections the same until the end of the month, because I think the DJIA still has another couple 100 points left in it.  In about a month, I will move half of my money from the minor fund into another fund that buys medium length bonds.  Specifically, this fund did well in 2008. I think towards the end of March we will see a crash or correction all the way through April and possibly May.  I think the miners will correct and the bonds will gain and while I probably wont profit during this time, I probably wont lose too much. Once pessimism is high and I sense a bottom in the market, I will transfer back into the miner fund for the next leg up in this bull which promises to be a moon shot.  What do you guys think of this strategy?

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Yes' eighth!

Yes' eighth!

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"respected" and "big name" metals "analysts"

Hairy Fleckenstein... Now that is too funny!

Maybe now that he is no longer on PAAS Board of directors he can come clean?!!!

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its bernanke saying 'i will shield the US from any europe contagion'.....we know what that means......

and anticipated greek deal that buys 'em weeks at best.

both dollar weak n inflationary circumstances.

announcement of greek deal n merkozy kissing gets us to 1815.

subsequent eu blow up, contagion, printing by everyone, gold/silver as last safe havens gets us to _____________

fill in the big numbers.

high in 2017 or '18

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EE Move To Envelope Commodities

Looks like monsters of money are preparing for bullish commodities

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Turd, you are a stud. That's

Turd, you are a stud. That's all for now. :)

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the "we fixed the euro" jubilation goes away in another week, the pig will rise, PM's get the hammer.........I can't wait to see what they try and do with Spain.

Short term PM bump, Short term PM down........the real focus is, how much bump the pig gets when the real euro chicken comes to roost. For this I hold my FRN's for another Dec style buy.

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Thanks, Turd.

Thanks, Turd.

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I guess it all depends on confidence in the dollar right now

At some point confidence will go critical and it'll break, much like an avalanche does.

Anyone who can time that, you probably don't need to trade anything for anything.

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if the dow can break last may's high soon  it could run somemore is what my wave counters say.........but they all have it in the dumpster at some point this year. 

i just don't see how the EU gets 17 countries to belly up to the fiscal bar in march charter referendums.

that would be game over for the dow.

QE3 doesn't overcome that but it will be tried.

what else could they do.

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Thank you Bernanke...

Mr. Bernanke, I'm sorry for all the mean things I've said about you.  Please keep talking.  In fact, you can talk everyday and I wouldn't mind at all.  It seems my gold and silver like the sound of your voice because they go up every time they hear it :)

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Why don't you get Hairy

Why don't you get Hairy Fleckenstein to pod here? Straighten him out? Instead of getting the BULLS here get some bears too? Could make a great "fool" of themselves.

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Greece on Twitter

I was hoping for a Memorandum of Understanding today but not likely from what I just heard on Twitter:

latest: Papademos meeting with parties put off until tomorrow. Again. They can't hold a meeting, so why expect a major agreement?

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How Your Dollar Got To Be

How Your Dollar Got To Be Worth Just 3.8 Cents

From Credit Suisse:

inflation currency

Credit Suisse

Read more:

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Here's 1750 again... it is time to see if the EE's cap can be overcome by BB's speaking. I think two Es beat two Bs, kind of like a strange sort of poker. But eventually we get over this 1750 cap and on up to where gold really belongs.

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Thanks, Turd, for the update!

I'm Mister Chartmeister
I'm Mister Gold
I'm Mister Silver
I'm Mister Two Thousand and One
They call me Turd Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!

He's Mister Chartmeister
He's Mister Gold
He's Mister Silver
He's Mister Two Thousand and One!

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sdstacker, I have been

sdstacker, I have been hearing about another 2008 crash for how many years now?  If it were only so easy to time another meltdown, and then we all could sell everything and then buy it back at the lows, and get rich!!

No one knows what will happen with Greece, or if the miners sell off or they make all-time highs by March. This is all market timing which is impossible to do in this environment.

If one wants to play that game, go for it, but what happens if the already cheap gold and silver prices, and super cheap gold and silver shares make a big move higher while you are on the sidelines?

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Thanks Turd & word from Bix Weir

Q: What do you get when you combine JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and the worlds most notorious commodity trader - Marc Rich?
A: Something that stinks to high heaven! 
On the eve of the global monetary calamity (March) the "Bad Guys" are trying to consolidate the only REAL wealth that will survive the crash...COMMODITIES!

Glencore to Buy Xstrata for $41 Billion

"The plan would create a business with $209 billion in sales, the companies said, combining Glencore's global trading network for energy, metals and farming products with Xstrata's coal, copper and zinc mines. The deal has prompted speculation of further mining takeovers as Glasenberg and Davis set up a company to challenge BHP Billiton Ltd. and Rio Tinto Group."
The timing of this announcement is no accident. By consolidating the world's wealth it wraps it all up in a nice little package to be scooped up by the Bad Guys when the monetary system breaks apart. Will it work? Nobody knows but no doubt the Rothschilds are lurking in the background and positioning themselves for a commodities feeding frenzy once the chaos hits.
For those of you who are unaware of who Marc Rich is I'd suggest you read a little book called "Metal Men"'s your peak behind the scenes at the underbelly of the commodities world! 
We are very close so strap in and hold on with both hands. I will be expanding the Timeline article this week as more information has become available about events that will transpire. I believe the timing I laid out back in December is still spot on.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir 
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Thanks Turd,cant wait for bend us over bernake to speak again!

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Will it be A or B? I will go

Will it be A or B? I will go for A as gold enters its new $1700 to $2111 range.

Chart courtesy of CIGA Stefaan.


This time the New Moon will be close to Planet Mars, and this is
an indication of fire as mars represent fire.
In the next ninety days, we can see fire in metals, stocks, grains and energies.

Wednesday to Friday gold and silver both will move up sharply so one should buy positions in metals either on late Tuesday or early on Wednesday.
This week the lower side for gold will be $1703 and the higher side will be $1768. For silver the higher will be $34.68. If prices trade more above or lower than these prices for more than four hours, expect a two percent move in that direction. In the worst case scenario gold can touch $1696 and silver $32.28 and these are great levels to buy both of these metals.
From Wednesday to Friday don’t book any profit on any prices, because the chances are that gold and silver will break our higher side targets.

This week the markets will remain volatile but the trend will be on the upside. It looks like 1600, is not very far away looking at the way the markets are currently trading. Currently 1348 TO 1354 is a very strong resistance on the higher side, and on the lower side 1303 is holding rock solid so these levels should be taken as trading opportunities in the markets (specially for short term traders),

S&P trading range will be 1354 to 1326, if S&P breaks 1354 and trades above that for four hours, then expect 1373 for S&P in the shorter period. All other indexes will follow S&P so I don’t need to write about any other indexes.From Tuesday to Thursday oil will trade positively but from mid Friday we will witness some profit booking. Our medium and longer term outlook for oil is very bullish.
If I am reading oils Astro chart correctly then in the three to four years oil should reach to $300. Yes, I am saying $300. Once oil reaches $300 you should get out from all financial assets as that will be the time for a meltdown of financial market. Anyways, this is long story and we will be keep updating in detail as time progress.

Next week we see dollar rising sharply so one should be all in, in dollar and one should be taking selling positions in the currencies they feel comfortable with.

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Liking it

I like what I'm seeing in the market and also what TF had to say up above on the currency moves and market reactions.

I wonder when they might announce the details on Greece and what was agreed upon? I think the EU is definitely at the point where the language they put out is critical so that it doesn't appear to be or sound like a credit event. Even though it has been and will continue to be so.

The language from Bernanke about shielding the U.S. from any EU fallout has QEasing written all over it.  Imho, it appears that Greece won't officially default until they (Fed/EU) want it to and not until they have all of their QE ducks in a row as a response to the eventual Greek default. March? Or June when the ESM will  be available?  In-between is my guess.

I think at some point they will actually use the word default or reorganization and that will allow them the cover they need for the U.S. and EU to start QEasing at almost the same time. They'll have the financial panic they need and probably a hot war with Syria or Iran as a further distraction.  I'm not saying they'll start a war so that they can implement QE but that a conflict appears likely anyway and it will be in play at the same time as the Greece "event" and it will take some of the focus off of the markets and QEeasing.

War has a way of distracting sheeple from boring things (like monetary policy), especially in a election year.

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gotcha suckas!

Cheers TF

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this is what the bump in gold feels like for me

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tell us about your

mozes hardness

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