Denial of Service

Thu, Feb 2, 2012 - 3:16pm

For all who might be wondering, the site is currently being maliciously attacked by someone or something. The common term for this is a "Denial of Service" attack whereby the site is shut down by an overload of requests for access. The servers get overwhelmed and the result is a site shutdown.

Who is doing this and why are the questions we are trying to answer. In the meantime, please keep checking the site to see if it has come back up. Hopefully, by later today, we'll get back to business.

On a side note, you've surely noticed that silver has finally smashed through $34. With the BLSBS coming out tomorrow, I expect this rally to continue, probably all the way to heavy resistance between 35 and 35.50. Gold has broken out to and should continue rallying all the way to the major downtrend resistance line, somewhere near 1780.

Thanks for your patience. TF

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Feb 3, 2012 - 4:38am

Sure is lonely around here...

Do not worry, everything will return to normal on your website long before the world returns to normal.

Oh and I am FIRST! LOL

Feb 3, 2012 - 4:38am

FOR DOS Protection: Call F5 Networks

The best prescription: Front your servers with a BigIP. (and get it properly tuned for DOS attacks)

I guess if this site wasn't making a difference in the world, you probably wouldn't be under attack.

Feb 3, 2012 - 4:39am

Looking promising already.

Hopefully business as usual before much longer.

Feb 3, 2012 - 4:44am

Turd, be afraid...

... the risk of you spending a long summer in Guantanamo is directly proportional to the price of Gold. I'm sorry to be all in "against" you! Mama will send you cookies. Until then, keep up the fabulous work. Cheers,

Feb 3, 2012 - 4:45am

Dust settling?

Well, maybe the coast is clear as far as malicious packets are concerned.

Wow, would you look at that. Gold and Silver holding it's own tonight.

$1,762.45 and $34.39

Moderator Jane
Feb 3, 2012 - 4:52am

Site Issues - An Update & Heads Up

Just a heads up that we're putting some additional security measures on the site, and for those coming from IP addresses considered "dangerous" you may get a CAPTCHA challenge that will repeat every 30 minutes. Apologies if this inconveniences anyone who isn't a hacker.

There has been someone attempting to hack into the site, but we're not jumping to conclusions as to whether it's an isolated incident by your run-of-the-mill spammer, which coincidentally happened during a "normal" traffic spike, or if it was a full-on coordinated attack by someone with an agenda.

Either way, we'd appreciate it if we do NOT get comments from the peanut gallery about "this is how you should set your servers up." Actually, it might make us know how the mafia would "sell" protection to breaking legs...right?

We can't tell you how many times admin gets PMs from people trying to tell him how to do his job. Please...he's busy. Leave him alone.

Thank you! :-)

Feb 3, 2012 - 5:06am

Moderator Jane

Thanks for the insult.


Peanut Gallery

Feb 3, 2012 - 5:30am

It's the Fed !!

Well you've been warned Master Turd

Benny wants to 'guide' public perceptions about its (tarnished, ok trashed) image and said a month ago the Fed would 'have a quiet word' with key opinion-makers in the public realm

Your site is probably being attacked by the Feds new 'Open Market Operations' Dept in their bid to suppress the Gold price, suppress the image of Gold gaining publicity amongst the public and against their own crumbling FRN's and you know, typical monopolists that they are, suppress all and any competition

​that is Govts primary business don't you know

Feb 3, 2012 - 5:46am

Thanks Jane

I'm up early checking the PM prices and saw you've fixed the site.

Good job! Thanks!

Feb 3, 2012 - 5:59am

DDOS timing

Curious that the DDOS appeared to begin almost to the second that 1650 and 34 were finally taken out with conviction. Thanks much, Turd, and many thanks to the site and technical staff.

Feb 3, 2012 - 6:15am

Well this can be easily

Well this can be easily mitigated by a firewall.

Moderator Jane
Feb 3, 2012 - 6:34am

Sorry, SilverRunNW

It was more that by starting the "helpful" comments it ends up encouraging the backseat sysadmins who end up challenging us about what we're doing. Some are just trying to be helpful...some, we've wondered about their motives. These are the ones that go beyond "helpful" and veer into arguing as they try to peek under the hood and second guess things.

Your post was just being helpful. I should have clarified. Thank you.

Be Prepared
Feb 3, 2012 - 6:53am

The TPTB couldn't stand to see the Site....

be in existence.... so they sent the forces of computer darkness to cloud the light of justice.... ;0)

Great job getting 'er back up.....

Feb 3, 2012 - 7:39am


hook the thinga-ma-bob to the whoisie-widget

now i'm done.

i hate back seat drivers.

Feb 3, 2012 - 8:45am

Too bad, Turd

I had tried to post the SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, LIFE, SUCCESS, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS, but was shut out yesterday. Since then, I have forgotten all of those secrets.

Hold over
Feb 3, 2012 - 9:11am

Operation smash Turd. It can

Operation smash Turd. It can definitely raise a stink

Needless to say the blowback from such an operation can get messy.

Feb 3, 2012 - 9:11am


It's the nature of the site Jane, we want to help.

I'm a Web Systems Administrator who happens to sit out in the peanut gallery. I personally help protect over 35 financial sites from literally MILLIONS of attacks a year and as a citizen of Turdville I take offense your attitude.

We here in Turdville stand against the "We know whats best, stand back and we will fix everything" type of attitude being pushed on us.

If nothing else say something like "We signed an NDA with Turd and if Turd wants to release details he can. In the meantime lets try to keep posts and PM's to admin regarding the attack down to a minimum."

I hope that once the attack is mitigated that you will be able to open a thread somewhere on Turds site so that we can all discuss ways to mitigate attacks of whatever nature you are seeing. If Turd doesn't want to cuss and discuss that on his site I will be more than happy to host an anonymized discussion on my blog. PM me if you would like a link to my site or would like to discuss it further, I won't post a link to my site on Turd's blog out of respect.

EBR Mod 0
Feb 3, 2012 - 9:11am


oh Crap I thought they had sent the EP over to get you silenced, man am I glad you are making a difference Turd, keep it up!! TPTB are watching, too bad so sad.

If you are having trouble with the flame rod going ascue on the treadle make sure the oscillating rectifier is syncing to the kribnash so you can keep stacking.

Hold over
Feb 3, 2012 - 9:13am

""hook the thinga-ma-bob to

""hook the thinga-ma-bob to the whoisie-widget""

Dont you think he tried that already? Its obvious his cranaford is shot, probably sheered his manipoly pin right off . Hes needs to go pro to fix this .

Last time I saw something like that was when I rearranged the algorithms from my PlayStation 3 to hack into the DOD. It was ugly .

Try a little motor honey in there .

Feb 3, 2012 - 9:34am

You must be doing something right...

...coz no-one kicks a DEAD dog!


Feb 3, 2012 - 9:53am

"You don't know what you have...

until it's gone."

I certainly didn't like how that felt yesterday. And now that I have been forcefully reminded of what I really have in being able to come to this wonderful site everyday, I'm heading straight for the Donate button.

Feb 3, 2012 - 11:33am

A humble suggestion…

You need to adjust your ana-cana-pana. Problem solved. No need to thank me.

Feb 3, 2012 - 2:06pm

lol maybe you guys wouldn't

lol maybe you guys wouldn't be getting suggestions from the peanut gallery if you had a competent tech team.. pretty unreasonable and unacceptable for a large / highly trafficked site like this to be wiped off planet earth for almost 48 hours because of a DoS attack.

Feb 3, 2012 - 4:03pm


I thought this place was about community?

Moderator Jane, your post isn't conveying that message!

In fact, I was offended by it even though I know sweet F.A. about tech stuff!

Edit: I've just seen your apology to Silverrun. That's more like it, well done!

Feb 7, 2012 - 5:11am

SysAdmins Obviously need advice from the Peanut Gallery

I haven't been on the site in a few months due to work and look at this post. It's not uncommon to have sites attacked through DOS/DDOS methods. If in fact the site is truly being attacked through a DOS/DDOS then the whole "captcha" thing is a joke. In fact, I could bring down the site with DOS attack without giving the Drupal or the server chance to even present me with a page. The SysAdmin's sound like they need advice if a Captcha is their response. Also the people who suggested a firewall could solve the issue is wrong too. I recommended to the Turd that he look into Cloudflare probably 4-6 months ago when he first started having problems with server load issues and although that can help prevent lot's of common and weak DDOS attacks, but it's not foolproof, especially if you don't have a paid account because it doesn't cache dynamic pages and certain types of files. From the looks of things, the SysAdmins could use some advice from some of us who have been doing this for awhile. But whatever, I have more important things to do like managing my own servers.

Mar 9, 2012 - 11:52am

Mark Haines, Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bridges............

...........Rush Limbaugh, Rupert (Ruprecht for Zilverreiger) Murdoch, Turd Ferguson........whose next ? Monedas 2012 ? Nah, I'm the sly fox !


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