No Rest For Turd

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 - 10:16pm

It's been a long day and a long week. I did not intend to add more content tonight...that is until I took a few minutes to read Harvey. There, I found two very important items that I knew couldn't wait till morning.

First, read this:

One of the things we failed to notice prior to the unexpected beatdown in gold in September was that lease rates had moved significantly into negative territory prior to the attack. One of the articles we referenced back then was this one, linked below:

Anyway, here's the point. At -0.5%, lease rates are again near the level they were when gold was savagely attacked last September. One could say that the current, European dollar funding shortage is to blame. Maybe it is and maybe this is just a temporary phenomenon that will not impact the short-term price of gold. However, maybe its a precursor of another big selloff. The banks on the other end of the lease can use the borrowed gold to flood the market with sell orders. I took a bit of grief for not accurately predicting and warning of the September massacre. If gold crashes again over the next few days, don't say you weren't warned this time.

Next, a great piece from Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management. Like most of us, I was first exposed to Egon through ZH. Clearly, the guy gets it. Please take time to read this in its entirety.


by Egon von Greyerz – December 2011
With most of the world’s major economies as well as the financial system bankrupt, there is only one solution that can save the world economy. Like in the Greek tragedies, Deus ex Machina is now the only way that the world can avoid a total economic collapse. This would involve God being lowered down onto the world stage and miraculously saving the plot.

For those few who believe in this, may God bless them. But since this is a very unlikely solution most people will instead rely on governments and central banks to save us. But how can anyone possibly believe that totally incompetent and clueless politicians and central bankers could solve anything. They created the problem in the first place and are therefore totally unsuitable to play the role of Deus. The main objective of governments is to stay in power and thus to buy votes. Therefore they are incapable of taking the right decisions. And the opposition, aspiring to power is even less suitable since they will lie through their teeth and promise the earth in order to be elected. (We know that there are exceptions like Ron Paul, but the voters will most probably find his medicine too strong to swallow.)
What about central bankers, can’t they save us? Unfortunately any sensible person who becomes a central banker loses all his senses and becomes a prisoner of the political system.


So if there is no Deus ex Machina and if governments or bankers can’t rescue the world, who can and what is the solution. Let us return to the wise von Mises to look at the options available now:
Ludwig von Mises
Mises is absolutely correct: “There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion”. Whatever politicians, bankers, economists or others experts say, there is no solution to this crisis.We have reached the end of the road and are now staring into the abyss.
The credit manufacturing system that started in 1913 when the Fed was founded, began its terminal phase in 1971 when Nixon abolished gold backing of the dollar. It has been clear to us for at least 20 years that the outcome was inevitable. It was never a question of “if” but only “when” it would happen. It is now clear to us that the false prosperity that the world has experienced by printing unlimited amounts of money will very soon come to an end. Thus the “if” and “when” conditions are now satisfied so the remaining question is HOW?
To try to answer this let’s return to Mises: “The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion ….”
To stop the money printing and credit creation would be the only sensible way of ending the failed quasi-capitalist, socialist experiment which is in the process of destroying the structure of the Western world. For almost 100 years we have lived on a system based on debt. This has created a false prosperity as well as false values. The transfer of capital from private enterprise to government by massive taxation is approaching 50% in many countries (see table). The average for 18 industrialised countries is almost 40%. This means that on average 40% of the productive economy is transferred to a non-producing entity (government) which wastes most of the money in the process of redistribution. But not only that, since the state has taken over up to 50% of the economy in these countries, the desire to work, to strive, to take risk and to invent has been taken away from a major part of the population.
For a great many people it is now totally natural to rely on the state for their needs rather than on themselves. And the state needs to borrow/print ever increasing amounts to perpetuate this economy based on an illusion. This situation is totally untenable. Since any additional money printing will only exacerbate the crisis and make the final collapse so much greater, the swiftest solution would be let the financial system implode now. We need to reset the world to a level which is sustainable. The consequences of this implosion would be a collapse of the financial system and a reset of debt to zero. Although this is unthinkable to any government or politician, it would be by far the quickest way to get the world back on its feet with no major debts, minimal government interference, and no central bank that can print money. It would be like a forest fire getting rid of all the dead wood. Out of that would rise masses of green shoots in the form of strong unchequered growth. The transition will of course be traumatic and the current generation will experience enormous hardship. But not voluntarily abandoning the money printing now will just delay the inevitable and the consequences will be dramatically greater and affect many future generations.
Anyone who has followed my articles will know my view that governments worldwide are totally incapable of stopping the money printing. This is their only means of staying in power and buying votes. But not only that,this is the only method they know. This has been their patent solution to all economic problems in the last decades. Not that this is new in history. Most empires have resorted to diluting the value of money by reducing the gold/silver content of coins or printing paper money. But as far as I know it has never before been done by so many countries simultaneously to such an extent.
Since there won’t be any voluntary abandonment of credit creation what will the likely outcome be? Again let’s use Mises words: “…… a final or total catastrophe of the currency system involved”. The problem this time is that we are not talking about one currency or one country. No, we are talking about most of the world’s major currencies. We have been used to measuring currencies and economies on a relative basis i.e. against each other. But this is a total fallacy since all major currencies have been in a race to the bottom for the last 100 years. Most currencies have lost between 97% and 99% against real money –GOLD – since 1913. And since 1999, most currencies have lost 80% or more against gold. So paper money has been a very poor measure of wealth in the last 100 years. Governments are creating credit and paper money and consequently through their fraudulent actions “stealing” from the people whilst at the same time increasing the people’s dependence on the state. And the people does not understand that the value of paper money is declining continuously. But gold reveals the deceitful destruction of paper money. This is why governments do not like gold and try to suppress the gold price.

Endless Money Printing – QE

And how will the currency system collapse? The answer to this question is very simple – through endless money printing. There will be no lasting austerity programmes in any country that can print money. Governments are incapable of sticking to austerity measures since in the end that is a guaranteed way of losing power. As power is the main purpose of all governments, they will use any method to retain it. Within the Eurozone, individual countries can of course not print money but the ECB and the IMF will take care of that. So whilst world leaders are procrastinating and bickering in G8, G20 and all other “summit” meetings, it is absolutely guaranteed that the final outcome will be one QE package after the next. Governments and central banks know that without limitless money printing there would be a deflationary collapse of the banking system and world economy.
The table below shows the financing requirements of the PIGS countries in the next few years. Just Italy and Spain will require €1 trillion in the next 4 years and of that 1/2 trillion Euros in 2012. Only printed money will take care of that.
For many years it has been absolutely crystal clear to some of us (sadly a very small minority) that many major sovereign nations are bankrupt as well as the world financial system. Banks are only surviving because they, with the blessing of governments, are allowed to value trillions of dollars of toxic and worthless assets at full value. And on top of that there are more than $1 quadrillion outstanding in derivatives. These are outside the banks’ balance sheets and there are virtually no reserves against them. The banks are netting the value down to virtually nothing and then applying a miniscule reserve against this net amount. First of all, the netting is only valid when the counterparty pays. When there is a counterparty failure, which is very likely in the coming financial collapse, gross remains gross and the $1 quadrillion remains $1 quadrillion. Secondly, a major part of the derivatives are worthless or not protecting the investors as we have seen with for example Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Lehmans and lately MF Global. MF Global had bought CDs to hedge their investment in Greek debt. But they hadn’t understood what they had bought and it turned out it offered no protection at all.


The “final or total catastrophe of the currency system” will occur as a result of the QE or unlimited money printing that will very soon start in the EU, USA, UK, Japan and many more countries. And this currency destruction will lead to hyperinflation as I have stated for many years. Throughout history, substantial government deficits leading to money creation or printing have always been the cause of hyperinflation. Because hyperinflation is always the result of a collapsing currency and not of excess demand.
To any thinking individual, it is totally incomprehensible that governments and central banks believe that an insolvent world can be saved by debt issued by bankrupt nations and then bought by the issuers themselves as there is no other buyer. This is the perfect recipe for self-destruction and “total catastrophe of the system.”

IMF, EU and other failed monstrosities

Time and time again, the world creates massive costly, bureaucratic and unaccountable structures that have idealistic and totally unrealistic objectives.
Take the IMF for example. This is what their mission statement states: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”
If financial stability, high employment, sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty are the objectives of the IMF, then they have failed on every single point. So here we have an organisation that receives/borrows money from mainly bankrupt states and then lends the money to countries that cannot or will not ever repay the funds. And in order to carry out this totally futile task, the IMF takes a major cut in between to finance its costly and failed operation. The world does not need monstrous and costly structures that totally fail in their mission. Thus, the IMF should be closed.
Turning to the EU, they state on their website: “The main objectives of the Union are now to promote peace, the Union’s values and the well-being of its peoples”. There are other stated objectives such as: “sustainable development, based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress, and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment.”
The EU or the EEC as it was first called was created in the late 1950s. This was a prosperous period in the world economy based on real growth (not debt). As often is the case, politicians with illusions of grandeur create superstructures which only function in good times. The EU’s main objective of creating peace and well-being of the people is now being severely tested. If we for example asked Spanish youth (50% unemployed) about their well-being or Greek people or the Portuguese etc, we would get a tirade of abuse and complaints about the EU. Instead of “creating peace”, we are seeing major tension within the EU that could lead to serious conflicts. And as to “balanced economic growth and full employment”, this has all come to an end. The false prosperity, mainly based on debt, has also come to an end and the EU can only survive intact with the aid of endless money printing. But even that would only be a temporary reprieve. The EU is a failed experiment which is extremely costly and inefficient. The economic ruin of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France etc would not have happened to the same extent without the EU. Like all artificial fiat currencies, the Euro was doomed to fail. Without the Euro, countries like for example Ireland, Spain or Greece would have recovered much faster.

Final or total catastrophe

So we are heading to the final stage or as Mises says a “final or total catastrophe of the currency system involved”. I don’t think that even Mises envisaged at the time that this could involve a major part of the world rather than just one country. This is why this catastrophe will be unprecedented in world history and have consequences that will affect the world economically, socially and geopolitically for a very long time.

Wealth Preservation – Gold

Since 2002 we have advised investors to put up to 50% of their assets into physical gold, stored outside the banking system. Gold has appreciated between 15% and 20% per annum since 2002 depending on the base currency. And most stock markets have declined 70-85% against gold in the last ten years. In spite of this most major investor groups (institutional, funds, asset managers or individuals) own no gold. Gold is money and reflects the total destruction of paper money. But most investors do not understand gold. Common arguments I hear is that “you can’t eat gold” or that “gold pays no return.” It seems that these investors prefer to eat paper money. And as to the argument that there is no yield on gold, who needs yield on an asset that has massively outperformed all major asset classes in the last 11 years. And if we look at 2011, gold has greatly outperformed stock markets in most major countries. Whilst stock markets are down between 1% and 24% in 2011, gold is up more than 20% against all major currencies. So in real terms (gold) all stock markets are doing very badly but still investors persist in riding these falling trends.
Stock markets will benefit temporarily from QE but it is still our view that they will fall another 90% against gold in the next few years.
The correction in the precious metals is now likely to be over and we should see the metals going to new highs in 2012. I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Alf Field at the recent Gold Symposium in Sydney where we were both speakers together with Eric Sprott, John Embry and Ben Davies amongst others. Alf is one of the few in the world, if not the only one, who knows how to apply the Elliott Wave principle successfully to gold. Alf’s next intermediate target is at least $4,500 and the ascent to this target could be rapid. That would probably mean a silver price of $150. These technical forecasts certainly confirm the fundamentals as outlined in this article.
The world is in a total mess and there is absolutely no solution to this unprecedented crisis. The hyperinflationary depression that we will experience in the next few years will totally destroy the majority of the credit based wealth that has been created in the last few decades.
In order to preserve wealth and keep capital intact, it is critical to keep a major part of investment assets in precious metals held outside the banking system. But for investors who continue to follow conventional wisdom, they will sadly find that their investment strategy was merely conventional and contained no wisdom.
Matterhorn Asset Management - Switzerland
Hang in there. Stay alert. Be prepared. Anything is possible. TF

p.s. I received this "NewsAlert" from the criminal CME this evening:

News Release Issued: December 7, 2011 6:15 PM EST

CME Group Inc. Declares Quarterly Dividend

CHICAGO, Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CME Group, the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, today declared a fourth-quarter dividend of $1.40 per share, payable December 29, 2011, to shareholders of record December 19, 2011.

A simple check of Yahoo Finance shows that the current number of CME shares outstanding is 66,390,000. Therefore, at $1.40/share, the CME has just declared a $93,000,000 dividend to its shareholders. However, still nothing, zilch, nada for the customers of MFing Global that the CME had vowed to protect. Bastards.

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cpnscarletFr. Bill
Dec 7, 2011 - 11:11pm

@Fr. Bill - I think that just

@Fr. Bill - I think that just as it was in the 79-80 bull, the PMs will outrace inflation for a time before they revert back to a true historical value (which will still be fine because PMs are undervalued now IMHO).

HOWEVER... if we go into true hyperinflation, we will "Boldly go where no reserve currency has gone before" and who knows what "prices" will look like. As it has been said by wiser men, there may be a price set for an ounce of gold, but there may be no offers of any at that price when people see no value in the trade at any price. Also, miners may get to a point where they elect to leave the gold in the ground until a reasonable exchange mechanism is established (the death of fiat is complete).

PS - Thanks Turd, great food for thought.

Dec 7, 2011 - 11:18pm

The Willie Dilema

If Jim Willie is right about a COMEX default averted in November, then what will stop the process of continued theft to maintain the illusion, especially when the regulators are dragging their feet and pundits talk about "missing funds from MFG" like they were a family pet that walked out a door that was mistakenly left open,

I wasn't taking too much notice of the warnings to get funds out of other brokers (I'm with Schwab and feel "fine"), but if more appears in the next few days to back up Willie's view, I'll have to make some hard decisions about IRAs.

Dear God, how did we ever get to this point???

Dec 7, 2011 - 11:24pm

@ Scott j - - - nice chart - - -

It's going to happen at some stage - - - you may have nailed it. 2012 does have certain ring ( ka - ching to it).

Dec 7, 2011 - 11:33pm

Amazing dramatic pictures from the attack on Pearl Harbor

I know the Pearl Harbor remembrance thread was a couple of threads ago, but regardless, just stumbled upon this amazing page which contains 32 rare and dramatic photos from the attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago:

one sample - go see the rest for yourself:

Fr. Billcpnscarlet
Dec 7, 2011 - 11:38pm

Lions, and Tigers, and Bulls, and Bears!! Oh, my!!

cpnscarlet wrote:
I think that just as it was in the 79-80 bull, the PMs will outrace inflation for a time before they revert back to a true historical value (which will still be fine because PMs are undervalued now IMHO).

In such cases, there would real gains from the appreciation of the prices of PMs. The trouble, however (at least for amateurs like me) is knowing that such is the case. Say, for example, prices go to gold $4,500 and silver $150. Does one sell? Hold on? Chew one's nails to the quick while trying to decide? I keep thinking of Stormdancer's huge piles of screaming money running from one burning room to another, seeking safety. That sort of scenario would likely be true for itsy-bitsy piles of screaming money (like mine!) as well.

cpnscarlet wrote:
HOWEVER... if we go into true hyperinflation, we will "Boldly go where no reserve currency has gone before" and who knows what "prices" will look like.

Now, it's the prospect of true hyperinflation that prompted me to flee into PMs in the first place. Indeed, all my assets are in real estate and PMs, excepting the very small amount I actually use to pay month to month bills. The income from my real estate goes into PMs. Any windfalls (such as an inheritance) will go into PMs. The point is not to "make money" on owning PMs. Rather, it is to preserve the purchasing power of any money I have.

If, as you indicate, one might actually realize a real gain this way, because PM prices are outpacing inflation, then great! But, again, being able to see this and to actually realize those gains ... well, I feel less confident in knowing how/when to do that.

You see, every account I've read about hyperinflation -- real instances of this in the past century or so -- all report that the hyperinflation set in very quickly, suddenly even. And, with the way that information technology (the internet, etc.) has accelerated the way that financial actions proceed, I'd expect an international hyperinflationary event to more or less explode, perhaps to be a fiat accompli when I wake up for a cup of morning joe. Blech.

The Point: If hyperinflation is going to arrive like jack-in-the-box, then "realizing" a gain in PM price-increases puts you into cash, which might be dangerous. On the other hand, leaving one's assets in PMs may cause one to forego a true gain by never realizing it by going into cash.

Is this a true dilemma? If not, what am I missing?

cpnscarlet wrote:
... there may be a price set for an ounce of gold, but there may be no offers of any at that price when people see no value in the trade at any price. Also, miners may get to a point where they elect to leave the gold in the ground until a reasonable exchange mechanism is established (the death of fiat is complete).

Yes, and like the miners, the stackers will probably be sitting on their PMs waiting for some sort of reset currency to be established and stabilized. That's okay by me, so long as I'm able to "repatriate" small portions of a stash to meet transient needs to buy things like food and fuel. But, while that waiting period ripens, it could be lean pickin's for everyone!

Dec 8, 2011 - 12:04am

  Gingrich Would Name Neo-Con

Gingrich Would Name Neo-Con 'Force of Darkness' as Secretary of State

Wow, Newt Gingrich's true colors are sure coming out, today.

The Washington Times reports that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich promised conservatives on Tuesday he would ask John R. Bolton to be his secretary of state if he’s elected president next year.

Hours later, according to WaTi, he repeated that vow publicly to the Republican Jewish Coalition, winning a round of applause.

What should we think of the Gingrich statement? Here is part of an open 2005 memo by the late Jude Wanniski to Richard Lugar, then-Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations:

Memo To: Richard Lugar, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: An Anti-Diplomat at the U.N.?

Dear Senator, you’ve known me for more than 30 years, from your days as Mayor of Indianapolis and my days as associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. When I tell you John Bolton is a true force of darkness, you can be sure I do not do so lightly. “Darkness” in this sense is the absence of light and Bolton is a protégé of Richard Perle, who has been known for decades in Washington as “The Prince of Darkness.” They are both masters of misinformation, believing that their “just cause” gives them the right, even the responsibility, to make the facts and intelligence fit their personal political objectives. They’re patriots and I would never say they are not. But it is not in their nature to be straight, and both men will always advise the use of force rather than bother with diplomacy. They loath and despise the United Nations. When President Bush asked John Bolton if he has respect for the U.N., Bolton said he did, but remember he is a force of darkness and will always say what he believes will advance his personal goals.

I’ve been watching Bolton from a distance from the earliest days of the administration, knowing of his associations with Perle and the neo-cons at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which I have long characterized as the HQ of what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex.”
Here's another 2005 Wanniski comment on Bolton:
As I was driving back to the office at mid-day today, I heard a news report that President Bush had nominated John Bolton to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. My heart skipped a beat and I could feel my blood pressure climb through the roof. John Bolton. Ugh. This is the bottom of the barrel. It's almost impossible to imagine the President nominating anyone worse than Bolton, a certified bully who has single-handedly done more to poison our relations with China, North Korea and Iran than any other bureaucrat in the Bush Administration. He is one of Richard Perle's principle henchman in the Neo-Con Cabal to conquer the world with U.S. military might. He is a master of disinformation, by which I mean he knows how to use falsehoods and deceit to promote the objectives of his masters in the Cabal.

Only a few weeks back, for goodness sakes, I had celebrated when Bolton lost his bid to become Deputy Secretary of State to Condi Rice. Instead, she chose Robert Zoellick, the U.S. Trade Representative the last four years, a certified diplomat who really believes in diplomacy. At the NATO workshop I attended in Lisbon over this last weekend, I cited Bolton's decline and Zoellick's elevation as a sign that the neo-cons had been set back and we might be able to expect a more reasonable foreign policy emanating from Washington in the second Bush administration. I could see smiles all around and heads nodding in agreement from the four dozen people around the table – most of them from the countries on the Mediterranean whose people had opposed the war in Iraq. They were encouraged by the Zoellick selection and I imagine their blood pressure is now on the rise over Bolton.

I now wonder, does President Bush realize he is practically spitting in the faces of the global diplomatic community with his Bolton pick, by which I mean most of the governments of the world. Did anyone mention to him that when Bolton was picked in 2001 to be Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, he was confirmed in the Senate by 57-to-43 votes. All 43 nays came from Democrats who had observed his bullyboy tactics in his previous posts in GOP administrations, at Justice as well as at State. Given Bolton's record at State, this almost guarantees he will get no Democratic votes to confirm him. Perhaps even a few Republican Senators – those who are getting just a little bit tired of Perle, Wolfowitz and their imperial blueprint for the USA – may vote "nay" as well.

We should have seen it coming, when Bolton was permitted to remain at his State post after he lost the neo-con campaign to get him the job as Condi's minder. When there was a report he was going to return to private life and he didn't, it should have been clear the Cabal, chiefly housed in the Vice President's office, was looking for a good spot for him. What a delicious idea, they must have thought, to send him to the United Nations, which he has written about with great disdain over the years. In recent weeks, Bolton pulled out every stop to try to block Mohammed ElBaradei from getting a third term as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Why? Because Baradei had refused to play ball with the neo-cons in their scheme to persuade the White House that Iran should be dealt with harshly for having nuclear weapons programs. Bolton spread the word that maybe even Israel should bomb Iran the way it bombed Iraq's nuclear power plant in 1981. As I told the NATO workshop, Baradei is probably the most respected official of the world's international agencies, the most honest and effective, which is why the neo-cons wanted him out. Bolton thought he could buy off the votes he needed to drive a stake through Baradei's heart, but a survey of the IAEA board showed he could only get one or two votes of the 35 he needed, the U.S. being one of them.

In the Clinton years, Bolton cooled his heels at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., AEI being the think-tank of the Military-Industrial Complex and the hangout of Richard Perle. I know, because I hung out at AEI during the Cold War, and I know how it all works. AEI would have vanished a long time ago, I believe, if it were not for the generosity of major corporations – those that make things to blow up other parts of the world or those who rebuild them after they have been leveled, all with taxpayer dollars.

And that's the take on Newt Gingrich's man for Secretary of State. The coming change is going to be a site too behold.

Monetary regimes and inflation

Be well

Dec 8, 2011 - 12:06am

I like how he integrated elements of Mises.

I like how he integrated elements of Mises. Yeah, I've totally experienced
people say that... you 'can't eat gold'... good response: 'you can't eat
paper either.
' Well put! Yeah, that was a good, well written piece.
I have never been introduced to his work through zero hedge.

Appreciate the heads up.

Turd, good lookin out relative to the negative lease rates.

Don't totally understand that whole lease rate thing, nor have a firm grasp
of the COT report, that Harvey puts out. Though, look at it regularly, just don't fully get it.

If anyone has a link or an explanation, expanding upon the value of following
lease rates & COT reports, please share/ write or link, so I can gain a
further understanding of both.

Today on NetDania, was researching different studies that are in existence..
trying to move beyond my existing knowledge w/ new studies & also gain further
understanding of bollinger bands & macD, stochastics, etc.


Dec 8, 2011 - 12:45am
Bay of Pigs
Dec 8, 2011 - 12:58am


Don't be surprised by a Romney/Gingrich ticket at all...or visa versa.

It all the Forces of Darkness at this point. Obama is the Neo-Con dream. He has been able to hide better than anyone behind this despicable and evil corruption.

He has broken all of his campaign promises. That is a fact.

Dec 8, 2011 - 1:21am


you always find the juicy stuff. Glad to see you around. There were some deep concerns of fondness for you of late and glad you're here! Hondo

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11/6 Speeches by Goons Williams, Harker and Evans
11/8 10:00 ET Consumer Sentiment
11/8 10:00 ET Wholesale Inventories

Key Economic Events Week of 10/28

10/30 8:30 ET Q3 GDP first guess
10/30 2:00 ET FOMC fedlines
10/30 2:30 ET CGP presser
10/31 8:30 ET Personal Income & Spending
10/31 8:30 ET Core Inflation
10/31 9:45 ET Chicago PMI
11/1 8:30 ET BLSBS
11/1 9:45 ET Markit Manu PMI
1/1 10:00 ET ISM Manu PMI

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