War Drums

The beat of the war drums continues to quicken today. Here's a summary of the latest headlines.

Probably the most important, new development is the #occupyUKembassy movement. When you consider that it is often Iranian "students" who attempt these things and, keeping in mind that the "students" do not act without the official blessing of the Iranian government, what we have here is a clear provocation. Embassy ground is considered sovereign territory, after all. The question is: What will the British response be? I'm confident it will be bluster and outrage but nothing more. What do you expect them to do? Dispatch the Royal Marines? Hah!


Next up, Israel. Several Katyushas were launched into Israel today from southern Lebanon. The first such "attack" in over two years.




Meanwhile, the fun continues in Syria:




And lest we forget the ever-dangerous Pakistan:




So, when these sparks eventually ignite a worldwide fire, what can we expect financially? Stocks will plummet. The dollar will rally. Crude will soar. Gold will rally. Silver will likely be flat to down. (Important to note that this week's CoT was much more bullish for both gold and silver. Breakouts appear to be forthcoming.)



We live in very dangerous times. Do not bury your head. Only those who have prepared, mentally and financially, will be able to avoid the urge to panic. You must be awake. You must be prepared to lead. Stay diligent.  TF


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After reading ZH's Goldman article we should start #occupyHank

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War is the only solution at this point

too many failed/competing interests for any other outcome

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everyday is a gOOd day

thanks mrF. stEEr the ship boSS. kEEp doin' what you do!

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Yeah Boss, the sh*t's gettin' weird...

Keep yer hacking arm strong.

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Just realize TF...

England has been abusing and f*cking around with the ancient country of Iran since even before the CIA overthrow of the freely elected popular leader Mossadegh in 1953.

"When you consider that it is often Iranian "students" who attempt these things and, keeping in mind that the "students" do not act without the official blessing of the Iranian government, what we have here is a clear provocation. Embassy ground is considered sovereign territory, after all."

See, I'm thinking that murdering the elected leader and forcing a "Shah" back onto the People of Iran in order to strip their Oil assets more efficiently probably counts as "a clear provocation". You?

And Embassy ground is considered sovereign territory? Oh yeah... that...

Well it's funny how the London/Wall Street/Tel Aviv axis of Financial Terrorism isn't ever too constrained by any notion of National Sovereignty when knocking over one country after another. Isn't it just so funny?

Going on the very examples that the USA, UK and Israel have set there, why would you possibly ask the Iranians (students or other: who cares? are not all Iranians allowed to dislike their Invaders?)  to hold themselves to a higher standard than the West did?  Isn't that being a wee bit selective and out of tune with the historical facts of what we did to Iran, and the impacts our criminal actions have led to? You do realize that this is OUR fault, no?

What goes around comes around Turd. Please take a few minutes to read up on the 1953 CIA overthrow of Iran's duly elected govt, and how the British were behind what happened there from the late 1800's.

Fact is fact. You need to know them to deal credibly, especially in the Middle East/ Southwest Asia discussion. Lots of smoke and mirrors has been fed to us by an MSM who does not want us to know any different, or better. The EE and MSM wants you to think all those hideous, smelly Camel Jockeys Hate Us Because of Our Freedoms. Now how f*cking stooopid is that?

No ya sillies: if they "hate" us, it's because long ago, we stole theirs. Check your history books, it's all right there.

One cuts through fog of disinformation with historical facts. Know a bit of key history, and the scumbags won't be able to pull the wool quite so easily...

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Dispatch the Royal Marines? Hah!

No disparaging the British army Turd.

Just remember they are standing shoulder to shoulder with you guys in Afghanistan

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Re: Dispatch the Royal Marines? Hah!

No disparaging the British army Turd.

​I didn't think he was disparaging them.  Their contributions in Afghanistan are appreciated.  My son-in-law's experience of them in Iraq left him very favorably impressed (much less so his experience of the Italians, tho they ate well!).

No, it's Her Majesty's government that won't do squat.  No repeating of Blair's bellicosity, dontcha know!

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Alas as we line up the eager sheep for the shearing. Now we enter another self induced time for our military industrial complex to profit handsomely. As usual we seem oblivious to the tried and trued tactics that are used not only in the geopolitical arena but in our own domestic terrorism. Yawn......time to pull the flags out I guess and place them in my yard in the appropriate places for appropriate PTB PC.  Those pesky Iranians could be landing on our shores any moment.....this is just too easy.


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Morning Stinky One and all Turdlets


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MF Global $$ at JPMorgue in England?



Money Found in Britain May Belong to MF Global


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To ewc and RTW


ewc: I'm not arguing any of your points. I'm simply pointing out the present-day reality. Understanding history from both sides is clearly important, however, it matters little in deciding how the Brits will handle this over the next 48 hours.

RTW: I'm not disparaging the Royal Marines. They are an elite fighting force...when unleashed. 

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All I can Say is

It feels good to be the Good Guys!

Persians are, as any loyal subject knows, double-plus ungood.

Much in need of Liberation.

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Since these poor, put-upon revolutionary "students"...

are out to right all of history's wrongs, about what time should we expect them to storm the Russian embassy in retaliation for the Soviets' role in the 1941 invasion and occupation of their proud, ancient land? Right after Putin finishes arming them to the teeth and building their nuclear program, I guess.

History can be a wonderfully convenient excuse for all manner of aggression, as long as you're very selective about the history you cite... which Iran's apologists invariably are.

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Stupidity and Crime all around.

MFG bunch of &%*#(%* %$(#$*% )^@%@# 

"MONTHLONG HUNT FOR MISSING FUNDS" - How about if WE were in an IRS audit and told them it would take us about a month to "find" the missing funds they were looking for? I'm sure they would give us that month along with several hundred others in a federal prison.

We all know what a bunch of evil reprobates are involved in this at all levels of finance and governance. I'm saying nothing new here. I just had to vent.

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MF Global

Oh man that's big, and welcome news.

Celente and others in those brokerage accounts were just like us, trying to earn a few bucks before everything collapses around us.  Let's hope they get their cash back in a hurry, things are looking very, very bad.   

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Point taken


Point taken - given the ongoing austerity programme in the UK our military can just about afford to send a carrier pigeon to Tehran to ask for our flag back....Id be quite happy for our guys to get out of there in one piece before the first "El Al" red eye flight checks in...

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thanks for the post

thanks for the post turd.

and ewc58, very well said. 

TPTB manipulate everything, including our mindset of hate, and who to point it at.

in a world where nuclear weapons exist, a country that has them, should not tell another country that they can not. textbook definition of hypocrisy, IMO. 

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On the very day we made the invention of atomic weapons public, it was the solemn responsibility of every leader on Earth to develop/acquire them. As a leader, your foremost responsibility is to protect your people. If somebody's got a nuke, you need two. If somebody's got a death ray, you need two.

Hell, I'd like a few and Bartertown is not even a sovereign nation, at the moment.

Kim Jong Il demonstrated it for the world...we might attack you for trying to get nukes, but we'll leave you the hell alone (or give you billion$) if you succeed.

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Rickards: China and Financial Repression

In Rickards latest interview on KWN, he discusses the Chinese economy and the role of financial repression in it and how the communist party uses it to hoodwink their people and the world.   It's a great summation of the follies of a communist economy and how the regular people under a communist dictatorship get as screwed by financial repression as those of us in the West do.  It starts at a bit after the half-way point, but you'll want to listen to the whole thing anyway. 


Eric O has put together a great forum on Financial Repression, so if you're not up to date on it, head on over.  It's time well spent.


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I would have a comment

I would have a comment but......

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Pretium Resources up 31 % in 2 days

Thats not too shabby. 

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Bayfield Ventures up 24 % today

Another good pop. Its a takeover target .

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Oceania Anthem lyrics.."look at the screen"

Strong and Peaceful, Wise and Brave

Fighting the Fight for the whole world to save

We the people will ceaselessly strive

To keep our great revolution alive

Unfurl the banners, look at the screen

Never before has such glory been seen

Oceania, Oceania, Oceania, 'tis for thee.

Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for me

Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for me

Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for thee

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Iron noggin...

Do you really want to tug on the "apologist for truly shitty behavior" thread? Not with me you don't.

Would you like to discuss the funding of the Bolsheviks or the composition of their "leadership"? Or maybe you'd like to know about how London and Wall Street bankers made Adolph Hitler the man he became? Before he became a Monster?

Would you like to know just a little bit more about Jacob Shiff's little visit to Moscow, flush with Cash for Commies, just when the Bolsheviks were on their ear and ready (already) for history's dust bin? Well gee, wasn't it so thoughtful of Kuhn Loeb "capitalists" to go fund Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) and all the rest of those miserable.... ahem... "russian" communists at that time?

You know, I wonder how many tens of millions of innocent people have died since old Jake pulled that little stunt? I mean just imagine the piles and piles of dead bodies (lots and lots of kids too), stacked up over what, 70 years of Commie murder? And all due to one little Bail Out, by The Shiffster.

I'm thinking those Iranians you mentioned who died at the hands of the Kuhn, Loeb & Company financed Soviet Union might be found in that whopping total. But your sudden concern for Iranian dead from 60 years ago is truly touching though.

Do let me know if you want to pursue that whole "Apologist" line of thinking further...

Now read & learn:

Who financed Lenin and Trotsky?

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Hey ewc58, land has changed

Hey ewc58, land has changed hands forever...EVERYONE has been thrown off and/or has taken someone elses land from someone else.  Even the native americans had wars over land.  They had it, they want it back...just like the Mexicans and the SW US.  I love how the Muslims cry about the Crusades that drove them from "their" lands...actually, they were lands they had taken from others.  The crusades were more like if the american indians had banded together and driven back the invading whites.  Don't feel too sorry for them.

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EVERYONE has been thrown off

EVERYONE has been thrown off and/or has taken someone elses land from someone else.  Even the native americans had wars over land.  They had it, they want it back...just like the Mexicans and the SW US.  I love how the Muslims cry about the Crusades that drove them from "their" lands...actually, they were lands they had taken from others.

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Oy Vey!

Stop with the Hate Facts.

Those are bad facts.

Downright immoral to know those facts.

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joe rocker

If it's such a simple, 2-sided affair, why did NATO hand Muslims a foothold in Europe by bombing Serbs to let Albanians take Kosovo? Which group has pushed hardest for Muslim immigration into Europe? I'll give you a hint, it's not the Muslims.

My friendly advice - you're out of your depth debating ewc about history.

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Cream a salmon stock today

Heavy buying up 15% and rising.

I take mine with CREAM!

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American Airlines files for

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