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Next week is shaping up to be an extremely volatile and tense week. At the surface, there is the ongoing concern over the EU and the future of the euro. Bubbling below the surface is something far more dangerous.

First, on Wednesday, there was this:

Which was followed by this:

The only article I found concerning Medvedev's speech managed to minimize the concern by pointing out that all of the bluster was likely just "posturing before the next Russian presidential election". What the author failed to point out, however, is that Medvedev isn't running for re-election. Hmmm. So what do we make of it? What is going on here? Let's refer to the ageless wisdom of Admiral Painter:

The Russians are clearly trying to send a signal to the U.S., NATO and the Arab League to NOT attack Syria and depose Assad the way they did Gaddafi. Syria is a longtime Russian ally in the region.

OK, so then we get this, from the media arm of The Mossad:

Why would the Turks or the Israelis go to the trouble of wiping out 6 of Syria's "top pilots" if they weren't planning on assuming control of Syrian airspace in the near future?

And then we get this, also from debka. Looks like the Russian "plan" is escalating, too:

Then, today, we are treated to this. Nothing like pissing off Pakistan, too, and at just the wrong time. You can bet your arse there will be mass rioting and anti-U.S. demonstrations in Pakistan over the next few days. Will there be sufficient chaos to unseat the ruling generals?

Just for a little background and color:

And, to top it all off, there's this:

And this:

So, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Rest and relax but keep an eye on the headlines. Perhaps this will all just blow over. Could we be so lucky? I fear the worst, however, so I'll leave you with one more bit of wisdom and experience from Admiral Painter.

Pray for peace. TF


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Turd War is inevitable All


War is inevitable

All credit events throughout history have been followed by Wars especially since the creation of the Federal no reserves

The panic of 1907 lead to world war 1. No it wasn't caused by tha assinination of arch duke ferdinand

These were just the events that the main event of a credit crisis set off

the great depression caused world war 2 and this is the biggest credit event in the history of the world

and to distract the people from who controls the money supply history says war will follow

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The Middle East

What a mess they've made

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things crumble at home watch WW111 to take your mind off it.

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turd change that stupid log


change that stupid log in system  this not fort knox

it take ten minutes just to figure out some new log in that works

i have a log in that i use every where with just a minor change

just keep it simple / if they match then log in .

why the anal and heightened security

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Turd as always

you nailed it.

There are so many black swans on the horizon that it is hard not to get neck ache checking which direction they are going to come from first.

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Chavez has already started to move gold to Venzuela

Venezuela's first shipment of its estimated 160-180 tons of gold held abroad was received at Maiquetia International Airport outside the Venezuelan capital and escorted under the security of 500 soldiers to the bank’s headquarters in downtown Caracas

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BS Reaks

This sucks. To witness the day to day operations of the ramped up propaganda and psychotic global elite vampire squid that kill, torture, steal, war monger, enslave (literally and monetarily) in real time is breath taking. I have seen my emotions over the years run the gamut. I fear that as we move forward the years will get sequentially more dire. 2012 will prove to be no different. 

There are no new games for the squid to try. Same games just more intensity. All paths leading to the same destination that every historical tyranny has traversed. Where is the effing RESET button?

I hold fast to my first sentence due to the lack of poignant adjectives. THIS SUCKS.

Sorry about the rant, TF's new post just stirred it out of me.

Thanks for the overtime (weekend edition) post TF!




My son has sent me this very interesting link to video dealing with how we have been enslaved into consumerism and how most if not all goods are now specifically designed with a short life span.

It is a lengthy video, but very worth while watching

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Gold positive, then?

Wartime seems to emphasize the need for gold. And we seem ready to fling ourselves headlong into war. Nothing else will help the Ponzi to continue. Keynesianism must be saved. Damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead. (God help us all.)

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Thanks Turd

Santa used to say something like "Israel miscalculates, Turkey becomes a victim". Seems very plausible after reading the linked articles.

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Either way you look at it,

Either way you look at it, this does NOT look good for the average JOE. Keep stacking men.

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It's all about natural resources

The battle for oil: 


Silver Update 11/25/11 - Finished ......Brother John F

Brother John F taking a look at Silver Facts in an interview with the CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp.

Excerpt: We have had supply deficit for the past 13 years. All kinds of new applications for silver in solar power, battery technology also in robotics and other applications are on a horizon. Here is the link.

About 17 minutes into the video he looks into short CME Group options puts

for those who play.

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War w/Syria First?

Well, if it does happen and there is a war with Syria before Iran, it will be another 2 points for Lindsey Williams. Not that I'm a great fan, but I am watching closely. His sequence (I think) is Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi. And they all go under the Muslim Brotherhood. I have said it before - if gold goes to $3K before any of us expect it (for what exact reason I do not know), then we all need to watch/re-watch his 2012 DVD series. Again, no plugs, I'm just sayin' ....

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We need growth damnit! So

We need growth damnit!

So let's destroy a bunch of stuff, so we can build it again!

But seriously, this end of the world is taking longer than is convenient, but you know.....


We need growth damnit!


'A Complete Disaster' -Sovereign Bond Auction Fizzles in Germany

Germany has been considered a safe haven of financial stability amid the ongoing euro crisis -- but that may be changing. Growing mistrust from investors seems apparent after what has been described as a "disastrous" government bond auction on Wednesday. Just two-thirds of the German bonds sold, leaving analysts concerned but not panicked.

Posted at the German website,1518,799550,00.html

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Keep on the Sunny Side, folks! (but prepare for the worst)


Is the U.S. About to Invade Syria … and Pick a Fight with China

​From: Casey Research by Ed Steer

CBS reports: “The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart “immediately,” and Turkey’s foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria.”

Military analyst Stratfor reports [as summarized over at]: For the first time in many months, [the aircraft carrier] CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the USS Stennis, and has parked… right next to Syria.

This short must read story was posted over at

The link is here.

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Sometime Soon

the human species will have to learn to engage the rational thinking portion of our being and crawl out of the cave mentality.

We can do it; it's the next step.

Thanks TF for all you do; this site is the "go to" place for info on, well, just everything!!!!


Billionaire Eric Sprott Asking Silver Producers Save in Silver

In what could be a critical turning point for the silver market, billionaire Eric Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, informed King World News that he is writing a letter to silver producers requesting that they store their money in silver, rather than in cash at banks.  Sprott brought up the letter when asked where he sees gold and silver headed...

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Want No War? ...Don't Fund It

If you want to stop the escalation toward war, defund it

Yep simple: Stop Paying Your Taxes

When US citizens stop sponsoring the (their) War Machine is the day the murderous deranged thugs amongst your society run out of money and a public mandate to wage war/murder

Don't sit there like sheeple, do something about it: take the Militaries wages/funding away

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@Buddha Princess : Sprott 'spot on'

Sprott is a brave man

What a 'Sterling' chap ...he deserves our support

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War games between China/Pakistan>>>Bad timing or not?

War games spotlight China-Pakistan hype

Soldiers from Pakistan and China march after joint military exercises in Jhelum.—Reuters


JHELUM: Paratroopers hurtling head first out of planes, attack helicopters strafing a terror training centre and shacks blown to bits were this week’s latest embodiment of China-Pakistan friendship.

The war games conducted by 540 Chinese and Pakistani soldiers running around scrubland —the fourth joint exercises since 2006 —were ostensibly a chance for China to benefit from Pakistan’s counter-terrorism experience.

There was disappointment that fighter jets were unable to carry out a bombing raid, with visibility apparently poor, but the exercises were declared a success in terms of deepening friendship and improving military cooperation.

But behind the pomp rolled out for the Chinese, complete with slap-up marquee lunch and bags of presents, the relationship is as transactional as any other, as China competes with Pakistan’s arch-rival India for Asian dominance.

And it is far from easy to decipher. “They operate silently so as not to make any statements in public apart from cliches. So one doesn’t know what’s happening,” said retired Pakistani general Talat Masood.

China is Pakistan’s main arms supplier, while Beijing has built two nuclear power plants in Pakistan and is contracted to construct two more reactors...


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Here's the Pakistan take on matters...


Defence committee of the country decided to seal its Afghan border to Nato and called on the US to leave Shamsi airbase within 15 days.

3 hours ago

The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced on Saturday that the moon of Moharramul Harram 1433 AD was sighted in the country.

5 hours ago

The PTI chief said that the govt had failed to safeguard Pakistan's security and strategic interests because of the compromises it had made under NRO.

6 hours ago

“I regret the loss of life of any Pakistani servicemen, and pledge that the US will work closely with Pakistan to investigate this incident,” said the US ambassador.

6 hours ago

“Close air support was called in, in the development of the tactical situation, and it is what highly likely caused the Pakistan casualties,” said Brig. Gen. Jacobson.

7 hours ago

The official said on Saturday that warplanes and artillery had pounded the armed tribesmen for the past 48 hours.

8 hours ago



By blocking transportation of Nato supplies, has Pakistan given an appropriate response to the attack on its security forces?

  • Yes No Maybe

View Results

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  • Overnight attack
  • What measures should the government take to ensure such attacks are not carried out in the future?

Sprott 'spot on' Yes, he is

Sprott 'spot on'

Yes, he is brave, brilliant and like you said he is our front runner

our 'Sterling' chap

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How did anyone live through any war? (edit)

I've wondered sometimes how anyone managed to survive a war?  Advanced military technology, especially at night and stealth aircraft, radar and imagery coupled with advanced platforms with mostly pinpoint targeting capabilities and it seems unlikely anyone could walk away on any level. 

This type of firepower, mostly by the U.S., has been raining down from above for a very long time.

I see the Russian threat as troublesome and a line in the sand also.  The China/Pakistan war game mobilization is coincidental I believe, but nonetheless a concentration of joint military readiness at a time when a mistake could be made and a knee jerk response  possible.

Thanks for the update and relaying what many of us probably think also. It's a bummer, but it is what it is. Maybe someone blinks?

If Assad dies somehow, this pretty much stops. Military coup?

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Only One Way

Its the DEBT stupid!

Massive amounts of DEBT!

Only one way to solve the DEBT issue;

1/ Pay it off - ain't going to happen. Not a  HOPE IN HELL!

2/ Default - No way, the rich want their cake and eat it too!

3/ WAR. Take the nation to war. The bigger, the nastier, the better! The rich get richer.

While the common folk become cannon fodder. Unemployment solved. Jobs become plentiful. Financial crisis taken care of. Energy (OIL) supply lines secured (STOLEN) military/industrial complex happy. The rich happy.

The common folk - not so much. Military funeral business picks up. What a mess.


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