The Wicked Witch Meets Her Master

I finally had some free time this morning. Combine that with a little too much coffee and here's the result.


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Damn Dudley

I hate when Dudley is openly plotting to steal my money and ship it to his bankster pals!

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Thats some funny stuff there

Where it proudly Blythe you POS.



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Great work Turd!...

but, man, feel like I need to take a shower after listening.  ick! 

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Just trying to make the


Just trying to make the dialogue as realistic as possible.

Response to: Great work Turd!...
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Crude Oil, Natural Gas, CRB, Dollar Index, delayed quotes

EDIT: Everything down, yet silver UP??!

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MFing Brilliant

So you're sayin' you expect more smash down first of next week?

I'm buying what you are selling here sir . . .

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Awesome, thanks!

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@Boardwalk - "EDIT:

@Boardwalk - "EDIT: Everything down, yet silver UP??"

Ah yes, it's the old buy the werewolf rumor ploy.  :)

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I'm with you

LaMachinna!  Sad thing is, I know TF probably got the words exactly right!

Thank you for keeping the posts coming TF and calling attention to the darkness.  If we can't change it, we can at least shine light!!!

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Now, how's that

for not paying taxes??  Sick and comical all @ the same time....sigh.

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EURO Collapse

Euro collapse... It is hard not to think in terms of this possibility. Lately it seems like there's every likelihood that this prediction will self fulfill (hmmm, that may work with prophecies).

Here is just another small piece from a long list, that I thought it may be of interest: com/watch?v=kzGJWtYnAdE&feature=player_embedded

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that witch is SICK!

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Imminent Margin Hikes from SGE??

Maybe you saw it on ZH this morning. This was their source.


Shanghai Gold Exchange says may raise margins, trade limits on silver


SHANGHAI Nov 18 (Reuters) - The Shanghai Gold Exchange said it will raise margins on silver forwards to 18 percent from 15 percent from Monday if the silver contract hits its daily trade limit on settlement on Friday.

The exchange said it would lift daily trade limits on silver forward contracts to 15 percent from 12 percent if the contract hits limit up or down on settlement on Friday. (Reporting by Ruby Lian and Fayen Wong; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)

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Hi-Ho! Just keep stacking silver

Too many despondent readers don't yet have a perspective on whether they should be traders or investors. If you're wondering, then DON'T trade, you'll be fleeced by those who do this for a living. If you're investing (most of us here) then decide on your time line and appetite for risk. If your risk appetite is low and time line is 1 year or more, then stack silver. Suggest buying on the dips, like the last 24 hour gift (thanks JPMorgue!). If your risk profile is higher, then buy the mining stocks. If your risk profile is very high, then buy the juniors and exploration stocks - but first take professional advice, else you've a 9 to 1 chance of losing your cash. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Investing requires YEARS of self education. Turd is giving his sage advice away for FREE, so come back regularly and read carefully and slowly when Turd imparts pearls of wisdom. The end of this latest 40 year fiat debt based currency system is a few months to a couple of years away. If you study history you'll know that the end will NOT be pretty for you and the ones you love unless you act like a squirrel and save for the winter ahead.

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EURO Collapse - here is the link that works

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Yep, Maryann/Turd

know that's right!!!  Sad, but true seems so trite, but def fits.  Thanks Turd for all the hard work and what you've been overcoming so strongly. 

TF Metals/Turd/Turdville is definitely something I  give thanksgiving for this year. 

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I can't make sense of silver

I can't make sense of silver anymore. All I know to do is hold it and ignore the rest that comes with it.

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Damn feel sorry for you man. I would get tested if I were you. Your "anaconda" might have got something.

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Being a resident in Turdville for a while now, I find the general tone of negative banter can really wear down one's psyche. (regardless of it's likelihood of being true).

There certainly seems to be quite a bit of intelligence in the community and i have often wondered if we might try a little experiment in the power of positive thinking. Can we, just for one day, create a Blog of Answers/Ideas? Not being facetious here. I mean really, really thought-out, potential solutions. Just once, it would be great to reveal the true brilliance of the human mind when set against seemingly impossible problems.  Perhaps Turd could pose the problem to be addressed and Turdvillians could, working toward a common goal, develop resolution by consensus? Similar to the combined power of individual computers linked via the Internet that amass superior computing power, we may be pleasantly surprised by a solution so unique, so intelligent, so apropos that it could, possibly, gain traction. Hmmm? What do you say?


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Turd Great video

but you and Blythe?  Surely not?! I didn't realise that MFing Global had turned you to the dark side :)

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What to do?

Thanks Turd. Hilarious yet unfortunately its so true I feel like crying. Maybe Blyth feel the same about you.

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What's the BFD with Italy ?

Give 'em a dose of MFing and freeze all Italian bank deposits ! It's called a "Roman Holiday" !          Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad That's Actually Funny ! devil  PS:  My little Eurotwats ! How's that Eurozone "Nation Building" werkin' fer ya ?

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Is it alright to kill cartoon characters 'cause under Arkansas law, "that bitch needs killin'!"?

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Does anyone track the LIBOR?

I'm purely a stacker, so all of the current market machinations don't phase me in the least, they only present buying opportunities. All I am concerned with is trying to develop a sense of when 'it' is near so I can be on my toes. "It" being what ever EOTWAWKI event we are in store for. We are as prepared mentally and physically as most anyone we know, but those details aren't the point of this post.

Below is a link to an audio file of David Buchner talking about watching the LIBOR as a 'tell' of imminent danger. I was hoping that some of the big voices here could give it a listen and return with a critique. Any opinions appreciated. It's 8 minutes long if you take it to the end.


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Silver gets trashed, big wup

I'm so used to silver getting smacked down I don't even flinch anymore. I actually kind of look forward to it now! I don't know about you guys but I'm in the silver game for the long haul. I'm not trusting in ANY paper assets for my retirement. I'm 30 years old and do you think there will be any SSI $ left for me when I retire? HECK NO! So... buying opportunities are a good thing, especially since that fatty stack of white metal in my basement is not going to be touched for DECADES. let them hammer it down... I love a good opportunity to add to the pile. Just sayin.


~Premium Hand-Worked Bullion~

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Creepy Dimon Voice

Wow - gotta say that the creepiest part about that video was the high-pitched voice of Jamie Dimon - ick. Would'a thought the "master of the universe" would be a tad more manly.

Thanks for the video Turd - those are always fun.

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Jackyourownselfoff ?

Turdites ! Time to rally around the Turd ! Alaaarm !....Das Boot Accident   Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad Karat And Schtick Tour kissmy multi-orgasmic junk !

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Careful, one man's positive solution is another man's conspiracy to commit seditiondevil

But if I could push one idea it would be Localism. Economically - support local trade and agriculture - or better yet, become a part of it, even evolving into alternative trade networks, etc.

Politically - support local pol's who will reclaim powers from the State. Support state pol's who will seize back powers and lands back from the Feds. Elect Sheriffs who will refuse entry to DEA/ATF/FEMA/DHS/FBI type goons, rather than get trained and equipped by them. Maybe the only way to beat one huge pit of power-hungry vipers is 50 aggressively power-hungry small ones. They're at least closer and more accessible for us. This is theoretical, because I don't know of anyone running anywhere that fits the bill...

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