Profanity-Laced Tirade

Thu, Nov 17, 2011 - 11:01am

Oh, how I would like to launch into one. What we have seen recently, and what we are currently witnessing, is the most blatant and disgusting manipulation of the metals I've seen. That it is allowed to stand without question by the CFTC, the SEC and the media sickens me to the point of nausea.

However, for the sake of our none-Fbomb-loving readers and in the spirit of inclusiveness, I will do my best to avoid lacing this post with the profanity it deserves. Let's instead just simply lay it out chronologically:

(Before we start, full disclosure: I do not currently have any positions. Heck, I don't even currently have a broker. I do not have an ax to grind regarding trading losses. I'm simply disgusted by the ongoing corruption.)

1) In the wake of the S&P downgrade of U.S. credit, gold rallies from 1650 to 1920 over a period of six weeks, primarily on the back of Cartel short-covering. New longs also enter the gold market as gold and the Swissie are viewed as the only "safe havens".

2) This absence of sellers panics The Cartel. They petition their friends at the CME to raise margins.

3) Gold trades back to 1750 but then rebounds almost as quickly.

4) The rallying Swissie frightens the Swiss and unbalances the currency trade in Europe.

5) The Swiss decide to devalue their currency by 10% by pegging it to the euro. Knowing this will cause a steep rally in the only remaining "safe haven", a dastardly plan is put into place.

6) The Swiss announce their plan in the overnight (U.S.) following a U.S. bank and government holiday.

7) Five minutes before the announcement is made, the Swiss National Bank sells a massive quantity of paper gold, causing gold to drop over $50.

8) This has the desired, counter-intuitive effect of suppressing what should have been a massive gold rally on the back of the Swissie devaluation.

9) This also "saves" The Cartel from a runaway gold price that would have likely smashed through $2000.

10) The Cartel springs into action, forces the downward momentum, gets some additional margin hikes out of the CME and down goes gold, falling from 1923 to 1525 in 15 trading days. Over the same time period, JPM puts the wood to silver, taking it from 44 to 26.

11) All the while, the world geopolitical and economic landscape continues to deteriorate.

a) U.S. economy in toilet. U.S. government total debt reaches $15T. Blah, blah, blah.

b) Europe in crisis. Dexia, Greece, Italy, France. Blah, blah, blah.

c) The Middle East on the brink of war. New IAEA report shows Iran close to nuke. Blah, blah, blah.

d) Chavez repatriates 100 tonnes and other central banks are massive net buyers of gold. Blah, blah, blah.

e) Rioting, protest and insurrection is seen around the globe. Blah, blah, blah.

f) Blah, blah, blah.

12) Gold and silver rebound. Gold back to 1800 and silver back to 35.

13) MFing Global blows itself up, effectively removing, seizing and/or freezing thousands of futures traders accounts. This destroys confidence in paper markets and removes potential buyers.

14) MFing Global assets seized and stolen by JPM to be liquidated and confiscated for their own use.

15) As we approach the December option expiry, JPM and other Cartel members begin to actively sell and suppress gold and silver. Despite increasingly strong fundamentals, the PMs are pressed lower, perhaps to the point of collapse.

Will they collapse? That is the question, now isn't it. It certainly looks like they might.

I'm on record as looking for a November high in gold between 1780 and 1840. I split the difference and called it 1810. The high, so far is 1805. That may be as close as we get. With all of the uncertainty today...crude over $100, the impending failure of the "super committee", the future of the euro, just to name is down another $30. It is obvious that there is currently a deliberate and intentional manipulative event taking place. Where it stops, nobody knows.

Could paper gold and silver go lower from here? Heck yes they can! The evil C/C/C has:

1) Raised margins to nearly untenable levels.

2) Destroyed trader confidence and trust by closing MF and stealing clients asstes.

This leaves us with way, way more sellers than buyers and.....down she goes, regardless of the fundamentals.

So, what do you do. You definitely DO NOT trade on the LBMA or the Comex. These disgustingly-manipulated playgrounds of The Cartel will continue to be entirely manipulated against regular investors. They will continue in this manner until they finally collapse from the weight of their sins. WHEN they collapse, the value of physical gold and silver will skyrocket. Therefore, take this time to continue to add physical metal. Speed the demise of The Cartel by using their suppression against them. Take delivery. Add to your stack. Hold your metal in your own two hands. Only by physical possession can you be certain that you truly own it. Only by physical possession will we ever be able to crush the evil, soulless banking cartel. And I want to crush them so fucking badly that I can hardly see straight.


(at least I made it all the way to the end before unleashing the Fbomb)

p.s. All that said, I know many of you are looking for charts, nonetheless. So, here you go.

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Nov 17, 2011 - 5:15pm

Hello Loner

Thanks for the mention. Dr. Jerome had an intriguing idea about those calls.

When everyone panics, I want to buy. So, as of today, I have 40 SLV Dec $40 Calls for a DCA of $ .095 for an approx. total of $380.

$380 I expect to lose.

However, what I found interesting was the history of these calls. The highest they have ever been was $5.85. So if for some crazy reason they were to move back to this high....I would rake in approx. $23K not including fees.

$0 or $20k ...........?

Perfidious Albion
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:23pm

More Lace..

Video unavailable
Perfidious Albion
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:23pm

More profanity..

and this is profane.

2Pac Ft. The Outlawz - Hit Em Up (Music Video) HD+Lyrics
ClinkinKY bardian
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:28pm


I agree with Ron Paul on his domestic views but his foreign policy views are dangerous. No offense bardian (and I'm not calling you a Paulbot) but has anyone noticed the similarities between Obamabots and Paulbots? There is/are no saviors (or saviours if you're French:) I'm all for Ron Paul being Secretary of the Treasury, but President? way.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:30pm

@ Lazy Puppy

You are not late to the party. I don't care if you bought gold at 1900. The fact that you even have some is the point. Same with silver @ 50, as the level of value that cash will have can go to zero.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:34pm

Gilt City (google it)

I don't know if you have a Gilt City in your town, but I do. They come out with some very unique things to do on a regular basis.

Today, I just bought a coupon for $79 for 1 hands on lesson to fly a plane! Woohoo! Figured this would be a pretty cool gift for my daughter who just turned 21.

She will be doing dips, dives, and turns with absolutely no prior experience. A check mark off the 'ol bucket list.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:35pm

Can Anyone recommend good cat food?

I think IAMS cat food has gone bad. The cats skin is breaking out, we've had him to the vet but it's getting worse.

Believe it or not the Friskies canned is helping.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:40pm


Merrick canned for dog and cat

Orijen dry for dog and cat

These products are awesome! It's like people food. Not cheap, but in my opinion highest quality.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:44pm


Fundamentally we are at odds in our view of reality. I dont believe that all Muslims hate the West for their freedoms. In fact I think that those that control the markets are the same that came came up with this fabricated narrative in order to have a villian in a villianless environment.

Now this is a rather comprehensive subject but lets just look at one actor in this unfolding play --Adam Gadahn. There are so few real Muslim terrorists they have to role out their own players. Now this is well documented and verified -- but have you ever heard of this? Nor is it an anomaly.

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

Like I said earlier -- we are living a gongshow.

FFF JackPutter
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:46pm

Cat Food

Purina One.

We have 3 of the furry friends...two like the Purina One and the third is a Friskies food cat.

go figure

Guess they have taste buds, too...LOL

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:48pm

Finally Got my Step Daughter to Move Her Money

I've been harping on her to do it since she opened her account with Wells Fargo. She just had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, do she came over and gave me a chipmunk visit. lol Anyway I told her that one day she might wake up without money in her account. Her; wtf? Me; MOVE THE MONEY!!

KK, done deal.

Yay, two things off of my to-do list. teeth and accounts.

Eric Original
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:50pm


Now, there's something we can all agree on!!!

Bobbejaan FriedEggs
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:53pm

@FriedEggs ... RE:- *Paaaaa - tuiiiii*

I spit on 'their' manipulation and bs raids...


*Paaaaa - tuiiiii* (spitting sound)
... I think you may have just accidentally ordered the Klingon Transporter operator to "Beam you up"
Nov 17, 2011 - 5:55pm

@ Drifter - - -

Velocity is correct in his assertion that paying taxes, is what enables the evil, that is destroying us. I don't think anyone is suggesting risking jail. My own method is simply to create my own system of survival. I produce my own food, warmth,shelter,power and trade any surplus goods and services on a localised basis. By doing this i am not evading tax, i am simply not taking part in their system. It can be hard work breaking out of the collectivist mindset, but it beats the inevitable servitude and enslavement of blind obedience.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:55pm

EU Gold Demand Up 135%; World Demand Up 6%

Fascinating. I thought that an increasing demand meant higher prices. But I was never very good at economics.

Nov 17, 2011 - 5:56pm

As bullish as it'll ever be

The ideal situation now would be another couple of CCC screwjobs, taking this whole thing down to 20-25$ where they would cover most of their remaining 20000 shorts preparing for the implemantation of position limits and basically the end of the paper manipulation as we know it.

That would be THE investment opportunity, not only of our lifetimes but probably dating back to the beginning of the markets.

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:01pm

depends on the supply

or so i've heard

punchbowl cpnscarlet
Nov 17, 2011 - 6:03pm

to be clear

@punchbowl - I don't think

Submitted by cpnscarlet on November 17, 2011 - 6:12pm.

@punchbowl - I don't think that's so deplorable considering that a good chunk of the Muslim world has made it pretty clear that they have called out Western Civilization. Can't a girl defend herself with her pink AR-15? Or is that not politically correct?


Now to be clear I didnt say there was anything deplorable about girls with guns -- actually I am quite supportive of the idea. I said calling out the local mosque for a shoot out was deplorable. Which it is for so many reasons.

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:08pm

Oh no you di in't

Hey Turd,

And I want to crush them so fucking badly that I can hardly see straight.


(at least I made it all the way to the end before unleashing the Fbomb)

Sorry bud

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:12pm


check your inbox. your cat will thank you.

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:16pm
Nov 17, 2011 - 6:20pm

Hey XTY Looked Up Parry Sound

For a possible canoe trip. WOW that's a fun harsh environment to go canoeing with my silver and gold. Just have to hope that it washes up in a monster block of Lake Huron ice during the winter. Brr....

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:24pm


Now thats a smackdown.....but hey I thought in trading you simply had to be unemotional? I dont see a destruction of the trend at all. Why is it that when gold goes against us for just 1 day or 1 week we all start shouting doom and gloom? Clearly not many traders in the room then. We all knew this was coming, but I was still optimistic looking for 1800 by today. OK maybe not...Ill just have to wait a week or two then.

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:26pm


If you REALLY do believe that the PM sector is as rigged as some say it is, WHY WOULD YOU BOTHER AT ALL? Seriously. Only a fool would do that. the metals got whacked today for GOOD, REAL REASONS. Collapse is upon us, and no QE announcement from the Fed. No bailout for Europe has been announced either. The US government is at an impasse on a budget. In other words, it is beginning to dawn on some, that this time, there just might not be a "re-inflation" trade. Or maybe, the powers that be are going to wait until after all hell breaks loose before they attempt one. I am currently all in on TVIX. The only metals exposure I have is my physical, which was acquired years ago, so I have ALLOT of cushion. Keep your eyes on the 10 year and the US$/Yen. Rough seas dead ahead mate, button down the hatches.

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:27pm

Pet Food

Dogs and Cats are made to eat meat, raw meat. Do a little research and maybe you will decide to switch them over to it. My dog is now on 100% raw and does great. The processed foods started to irritate his stomach, even the so called good and expensive ones. Dogs also eat RAW bones (cooked can be deadly). I feed him raw whole fish, raw chicken quarters, and organ meat. Cats are more particular than dogs are. Of course he eats scraps we give him too, and sometimes rice. People freak out when they see him chowing on a chicken leg, but I just give them some education. If you wouldn't eat it, don't feed it to your pet. A huge added bonus, it also keeps the yard waste to almost zero. Good luck

Nov 17, 2011 - 6:53pm

Animal health - - -

Skin problems are often caused by enzyme and vitamin deficiency from cooked food. Raw is certainly the natural food of cats and dogs. All meat however is not natural. Many health problems will result from a meat diet including cancer and gum disease. At least half of the diet should be biscuit and vegetable. Wild cats and dogs eat lots of bone,fur,skin and stomach and intestine contents.

Anonymous punchbowl
Nov 17, 2011 - 6:58pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Dr. Sandi
Nov 17, 2011 - 6:58pm

Where's Waldo's Silver?

So, we've been sitting on a gob of cash for a couple of weeks, waiting for the right time to buy more silver. Today was the day.

So we rolled into NW Territorial Mint's showroom in Federal Way, WA. They're our primary source of silver because the prices are generally a little under 5% over spot and they mint their own stuff. And they ALWAYS have plenty of stock. And we love Roger.

Roger told us "We have NO SILVER." Then he added, "I can get you some Krugerrands, but the silver is all gone."

But NWT Mint ALWAYS has silver. Every time I go in, no matter the price being too high or too low, they have silver.

He says nobody is selling silver at these prices, and even though they make their own rounds, they can't get supply anywhere. And these guys are one of the biggest silver mints in the country.

So we laid down the cash and now have to wait for a phone call so we can come and get the stuff, fresh off the presses.

This is new to me. Silver is starting to hide. I wonder if it will come back out when the price takes off again. Or is this the beginning of that phase that some pundits have predicted, where you won't find the shiny stuff at any price?


Nov 17, 2011 - 7:00pm

@Arjen...I Know...Let's Have a Spelling Bee...

You're European (as you admitted), and are clearly of the most ignorant derivative of such, so you obviously can't and never will be able to possibly understand anything about your superiors over here from across the pond. So I'll tell you what...I'll take it easy on you since you can't spell (and so I will assume also can't possibly read nor very well comprehend English all that well either), and are clearly clueless about pretty much everything "American".

Nearly all Americans (who haven't been corrupted by the regressive Socialist cancer) have an unparalleled drive, work ethic, spirit, independence, and drive for excellence. And for the most part we are sick to our core over the massive corruption of our free way of life by the Socialist, regressive scum of God's Green Earth and our far superior country. So what Ann did is to be held in the highest esteem, and she should be praised for her morality and ethics. But you wouldn't understand that. You've most likely lived in some kind of Socialist, regressive filth your whole life and don't know any better, so in a very small way I take pity on you...

...You could never possibly be aware of that which you were never aware of in the first place.

I don't know where you're from since you have no identity and are just "European" of course, but even though I don't agree with, for example, the English don't see me talking shit about England's queen do you? I haven't talked any shit about the absolutely retarded Euro Union parliament or whatever the hell they are (douche bags?), where you all have just allowed UNELECTED scumbags like Barroso and Van Rumpuy to RULE YOUR ASSES FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS. Oh, I'm sorry, was that too harsh??? I guess you either forgot or didn't realize you're just a little lemming Euro loser. Maybe Nigel Farage can wake your ass up American style:

The Game is Up, The EURO is Finished! Nigel Farage Speaks Out

Disclaimer: *****No offense AT ALL to any other European or other Turdite members here on Main Street. My reply is clearly directed point blank back at whoever Arjen is, who decided to talk smack at me first w/out any provocation from myself, so 'nuff said.*****

And so, Arjen, if my reply in any way offends you, well I don't really give a shit at this point since you decided to say what you said in the first place. ***Refer to statements made before the above disclaimer. One insult deserves 10-fold back in return. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. You know what guns are for right? Those things that criminals use against you but where you're from, so-called "citizens" like you by law CAN'T own? Pity...your own fault by the way, so deal with it. Go long rocks I guess...

Here in America we have God given being that we can be armed to the teeth. That right comes second to another right that I mentioned earlier above that Americans have (pop quiz, can you remember it???), and the 2nd Amendment is there not only to protect us Americans from criminals and oppression, but also to protect our 1st Amendment of free speech. I know, I'm way over your head at this point, but it's not your fault. If you don't like it, go "occupy" some street in your previously Nazi-bombed out town and throw rocks at things for all I care...

However, in goodwill and gamesmanship, I'd like to offer up a little challenge to you and let's see if you're man/woman enough to take us all up here in Turd Town on it:

Why don't you write a message/email to Ann Barnhardt yourself, and you just go ahead and tell her everything you think about her, her belief in Christianity (refer to your own message to understand correct grammar), Americans, and anything else you feel you need to get off your chest about us Americans or the big bad evil George Bush, etc., whatever. Have at it...let the sky be your limit...that'd be a first, I'm sure.

I want you to copy what you send to her on this site and then if Ann decides you're worth enough to reply to then I want you to copy her reply on here as well for all of us to read.

I don't think you've got the stones to do it, because I'll bet you she wouldn't even come close to taking it as easy on you as I have. I would wager that if she replied to your fucked up bullshit she would bring it back on you 1000x's over, and then she would invite you to her home so that she could kick your ass in person.

Maybe that's what I should have done as well. But I'm in a good mood tonight, bitch.

Just sayin'....

Nov 17, 2011 - 7:00pm

@Eric Original

You wrote, "I fail to see why anyone thinks changing presidents would change anything..." I hope you aren't allowed to drive a car. You are as blind as a bat.

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