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Maybe you've noticed the correlation. Every time The Pig sells off, the conversation here inevitably turns to bacon. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just one of those subliminal deals.

At any rate, here's a current, graphic image of ole Pigatha Christie:


As you can see, The Pig rests rather precariously on the edge this evening. The area between 76 and 76.50 has alternated between support and resistance for several months. It is currently acting as support again. The next few days should tell the tale. The POSX will either rebound decisively or support will give way, leading to an initial decline to near 75. See below:


Of course, another Calvin "bounce" for The World's Reserve Currency matters little. Where you're headed tomorrow is of little importance when the long-term picture looks like this:


Gold and silver both turned in terrific performances today as they attempt to take out significant resistance and add to their hard-fought gains of late. Gold, by closing today above 1720, looks poised for a quick run to 1765 or so. Silver, if it can just get through 34, should quickly spring toward 37.


Lastly, another site update. No, I am not "trolling for dollars" as some like to claim. In fact, the site is currently on a reasonably sound footing. However, I have received numerous emails asking for:

a) A way to "donate" without using PayPal

b) A way to donate automatically/regularly, on a once-a-month basis

We have accomplished both by adding a revised "Feed The Turd" page. You can find it here:


Note that we've added the ability for generous benefactors to pay The Shimshock Group directly when choosing to help with site management and construction. Anyone that chooses this route can rest comfortably, knowing that their money is being applied directly to the site and not to The Turd's "credit" account at The Bellagio.

Thanks again for all your help in building and maintaining the site. Keep the faith. The rest of this week promises to be pretty interesting.  TF


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What happened to the First?

What happened to the First?

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Side Bar

Nice move by Barrick

The financial press is announcing that Barrick Gold raised its quarterly dividend today by 25% to $0.15/share.

Every time a miner does something like this, it makes it that much harder for the short sellers to go in and play.

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@Scott J OK I have been

@Scott J

OK I have been thinking about your posts for some time in the previous thread. I think I have a couple of ideas........

1. Alien invasion

2. Jesus returns

3. Flu pandemic

4. Global self actualization

5. Position limits announced

Of course I may have missed something. cheeky

PS Fifth! (I am merely requesting a fifth of booze here folks. Preferably bourbon, from Kentucky.) angel

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Feeding The Turd

People's pettiness never ceases to amaze me! If the Turd wished to use my donation as toilet paper, that is his right. IMHO the benefits he bestows upon me preclude my telling him what to do with my donation. In my business the biggest pain in the ass customers have been the ones I did something for for free, must be something in human nature that lets no good deed go unpunished. But I digress!

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What does it mean, if someone asks me if I want to trade lefts?

What does it mean, if someone asks me, if I want to trade lefts?

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Silver year end prediction

$42.50 (+- 15%) :)

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Due to Fed manipulation

...I would say it's "pulled pork".  But in the long run, we know who will ultimately eat its lunch. 

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The Real Reason Ron Paul Demands Metal Currency

Stolen from Legal Insurrection  http://legalinsurrection.com/

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Shouldn't Have Said That

@Peace Silver - If your willing to make that $43 flat, I'll take that bet for a generic Ag ounce. At or over at COMEX close on 12/30/2011, you win.

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What's that smell?

Have had great trading days the last week.  $37 would be friggin' great.

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@ thegooddoctor Re: Scottj and the awakening - - -

you forgot no.6 - Danialla Cambone reveals her hard assetts

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Re: Shouldn't Have Said That

15%, really gives a lot of wiggle room.


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Turd you ROCK MAN!...thanks

Turd you ROCK MAN!...thanks for the update bro.

I have to check out for awhile,  talk to you peoples later.

But before I go I leave you with a public service announcement.

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@Planters - Pass the Bong

Scott-J please stop bogarting the Bong and pass the dutchy to the left hand side.

​Sorry couldn't help it (from last thread)

No disrespect meant ScottJ


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What does it mean, if someone asks me, if I want to trade lefts?

trading jabs I suppose...

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To the jerks that say "you can't eat it"

You CAN eat silver, they are wrong. And it is good for you.

Once used to garnish the food of royalty, silver and even gold is gaining popularity as a garnish for chocolates and cakes, in the form of dust or leaves.

But silver really comes into its own to wrap festival sweets such as kaju katli, which is made of cashew nuts, sugar, milk and powdered cardamom.

Silver is technically flavorless but consumers say it does add a distinct taste to sweets.

"They make them look nice, plus kaju katlis without the leaf just aren't the same," says Satyam Pati, a content writer from Bangalore.

Used for centuries in food, tobacco, mouth fresheners and for garnishing dishes such as biryani fried rice, silver is also said to have therapeutic properties.

Some traditional physicians still recommend it as beneficial for the heart, stomach and the mind. A preserve of Indian gooseberries coated in silver is a popular cure prescribed by ayurveda practitioners for digestive problems and a variety of other ills.

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/life/India+sweets+still+shine+despite+silver+price+rise/5608777/story.html#ixzz1bvVeCX4v

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Turd Trolling for dollars ????

Anyone with that opinion that the turd is trolling for dollars should give there head a shake !!!! Look at the time and effort this guy puts into this site !!! Give the guy a break and stop being a bunch of clowns !!!! Man that pisses me off !!!!

Thanks Turd for everything you do !!!!


Your Friend TitanAE

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On the Edge...

... 'cause there's no room in the Center.

It's a lonely life for we stackers.

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Prediction beyond 2017 - someone said its not coming:)

Here I have overlaid Nikkei post 1987 and Nasdaq post 1999 charts to see what Nasdaq could look like in 2022. Interestingly, time scales are almost 99% the same almost EXACTLY. ..first time I see it - that could help to explain the reason for time scale stretching when overlaying patterns.

In general, the same deflation->default-> inflation story in a poorly performing economy is visible, but there is a new thing- sudden appreciation of USD after September 2018, which is visible as sharp drop in stock prices.


As for current short term stock values , if QE3 does not come and it most likely will not as suggested by Silver, Gold, USDx, EUR/USD charts, posted here  earlier, NASDAQ can find itself near 500 in April 2013, anyway crashing down from latest July 2012.  Enjoy - I will add also Gold prediction chart which most clearly shows QE3 is not coming before Obama is reelected.

By the way, I would be happy if my predictions won't be true- they accumulate into a very nasty ending, and nasty way to the ending- but we can not change human nature- no one has been able to. Greed, envy, fear, fighting, decooperation  determines human behavior under stress.

GOLD 2012-2017:

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pass it yo

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@R man J Re: eating silver - - - -

Silver is also quite handy for buying food. Even more so when any fiat will be used for toilet paper and silver will be the only thing food producers accept in exchange for food.

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A rummy porn haven

I've nothing smart to contribute I'm afraid.

However in tribute to European President Herman Van Rumpoy's deft can kicking I've found this anagram. His name is an anagram of 'A RUMMY PORN HAVEN'. So that's what goes on at these can kicking parties. Berlusconi would love an invite.

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Re: Eating Silver-- And Also A Very Effective Antibiotic

Talking about 'taking bullion off the market permanently via unrecycleable personal use' --  everyone *except M.D.'s*  knows that Colloidal Silver is an amazing broad spectrum 'harmless-to-humans'  antibiotic/antifungal/ antiviral agent...  right?

(Quite useful if THSHTF and TEOTWAWKI occurs.)

You can make a basic, rough form yourself with 3 -9 volt batteries wired together and connected to the purest silver you can find (like a Canadian MapleLeaf), or buy a machine for greater elegance and more proven safety.

I happen to personally own -- after much research --  the wall-current one at http://www.TheSilverEdge.com    because of it's superfine particulate size (no financial connection).  Also the guy gives TONS of free useful information on that site, but Google Knows Many Others. 

In fact, the only "drawback" I can see is that all colloidal silver generators use only teeny-weeny-teensy-tiny-itty-bitty-bits of silver -- one ounce is probably over a lifetime's worth... for your entire family...

Should be in every household, along with some .999 silver.

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Whoops - - - better go and do some real work - - -

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRmw2gupNP9hAX8XUG_UKr   Wife just said sitting on yer ass isn't bringing home the bacon!

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Ivars, how about a HUI future

Ivars, how about a HUI future chart to 2017? Looking forward to it, and so would many other!!!

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Colloidal silver and the blue man.

Colloidal silver is not intended for topical use.

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Danialla Cambone shouldn't be

Danialla Cambone shouldn't be doing the metals, she should be doing the "softs".

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Thanks Turd

Thank you for everything you do!

Keep up the good work.

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