Of Revolution and Revolutionaries

Fri, Sep 30, 2011 - 11:29am

Thanks, everyone, for the "day off" yesterday. I needed to step away and clear my head. A little fresh air always helps the cause. It's Friday. I'm back. And there are a few things we need to discuss.

First of all, the markets in general. I can't find a single one I like. The "dots" of impending collapse are everywhere. The challenge is to try to connect them...or at least connect them in a reasonably accurate manner that allows you to move with confidence. In the end, though the global central banks seem to have unlimited fiat with which to prop them up, worldwide equity markets look as if they are perilously close to outright collapse. And don't ever forget the ultimate, short-term benefit that would befall the U.S. should this occur, first eloquently brought to our attention by the great Tyler Durden nearly two years ago:


As this pertains to the PMs, traders should exercise supreme caution here. As you can see on the charts below, a breakdown today could foreshadow even more weakness next week. As I mentioned Wednesday evening, given the unprecedented level of C/C/C manipulation we've seen, I doubt they're done. Lots of moving averages out there that might provide support levels but I'm sticking with my ruler and sharpie and they continue to show possible bottoms near $24 and $1480. Again, if you must trade, please be cautious.

Lastly, I've noticed that, nearly every day, discussion increases here regarding the ongoing protests in New York. Many here are very passionate about the dangerous and tenuous position in which the current system of crony capitalism and banker oligarchy has left us. Fine. Me, too. However, I do not feel that Marxism and Marxism-lite (socialism) is the answer.

Perhaps one or two of our NY-based turdites could venture down toward lower Manhattan tomorrow to ask a few questions of these peace-loving youths so many seem to idolize. Let's start with:

1) What is the Federal Reserve, what is it's function, when was it created and what policy are they currently following that is so ruinous to the life savings and purchasing power of the average citizen?

2) What is a Credit Default Swap and what role did it play in the 2008 financial crisis?

3) In hindsight the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 was not a very good idea. What was the Glass-Steagall Act and why was it important?

4) Going forward, which type of leader do you prefer? George Washington or Vladimir Lenin? Martin Luther King or Che Guevara?

I'm not going to wait for the answers. Why should I when I already have evidence like this:

Cornel West's Closing Remarks at Speach at Liberty Plaza in NYC

Is this an intelligent, thoughtful group which seeks reform within the current capitalist system that has defined America for 235 years OR is this simply a group of mind-numbed, "useful idiots" blindly repeating the mantras of a marxist revolutionary? You decide.

Clearly, in managing the situation, some police officers have over-reacted. This is always disheartening. Given the mayhem that has accompanied similar anti-capitalism "protests" in cities such as Seattle and Toronto, it would seem that the NYPD is not looking to be overly-friendly. This does not mean, however, that our mantra is "F the Police". If you think that the police are the enemy, then I must ask you two questions:

1) The next time you are in trouble....from a home invasion, a simple assault or a car accident...who will you call? Maybe you can take of yourself just fine but who will your spouse call if you're not around? How about your daughter? How about your mother? Who will they call?

2) And how did you feel about the police on 9/12/01? Were you proud of them or did you go around yelling "F the police"? Then ask yourself: What has changed? Have the police changed or have I changed? Your honest answer to that question needs to be considered.

Ok, time to conclude this post. Please understand, I know that the current system is unsustainable and must be changed. I am not, however, throwing in my lot with this first batch of "protesters". Marxist revolutions only lead to tyranny and mass graves and I won't be a party to it. Instead, we need a revolution of personal freedom and responsibility. We must reclaim representative democracy and free enterprise. When that movement finally takes to the streets, count me in. To that movement only, I will happily pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor. TF

p.s. Given the "controversial" nature of this post, the comments sections will be closely monitored. All views and opinions are welcome but anyone not observing TurdWorld Rule #1 (treat others the way you want to be treated) will likely see their comments deleted. We need more peace and less hate in this world and I will not allow this site to promote anger and hostility. We are all on the same team here and we need to work together if we are going to survive the turbulence ahead.

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Sep 30, 2011 - 5:29pm


I see they have a second location Sarasota. I do believe I saw them in the yellow pages the last time I was in town. I also called their phone line and it answered as this company.

Thinking they are legit. Their price isn't that far out of line. Probably, worth it to them to find new prospects.

Piano RacerWoody Mornings
Sep 30, 2011 - 5:32pm

RE: Tubes

Er... Sorry! Not tubes of Eagles, just an IT nerd habit... we call the internet the 'tubes sometimes... play on words... internet/interweb/blagosphere/intertubes/series of tubes (see Ted Stevens)

We have a lot of time on our hands...


Economical Disaster
Sep 30, 2011 - 5:34pm


You should get 967 hat tips for that. Go post on the childrens blogs https://kidblog.org/home.php..or do trolls do that?

Sep 30, 2011 - 5:34pm


"Democracy degenerated into tyranny where no one has discipline and society exists in chaos. Democracy is taken over by the longing for freedom. Power must be seized to maintain order". (Plato)

For some reason my old bones are starting to feel the effects of Kent State long ago. The forces who have the governmental power come to a place where if you stand in front of their tank, you will get smashed. There will be blood in the streets before this is over and it will not be because of stock prices. These current protests are only the warm up for the masses who will burn the inner cities as food shortages become the norm. We may be on either side of this discussion but we may not like the outcome. There are unseen forces pulling the strings and most are just puppets.

These protests have truly divided this board and it is not a healthy event. A house divided cannot stand and this nation is our house. There are things in this life worth making a stand for, even if it costs our life. However, the list of those things are different for each person. I truly have a list but Wall Street in not on it. As the streets of our nation become filled with more and more protesters, we will see the acceleration of the need for those items that we have prepared, for the degeneration before us.

We all can view the current events and filter them through our different value systems. If we really had all the real information behind the scenes, we may see a bigger picture and understand why others have a different stance. I had a friend long ago who told me about his horrible wife. He said she would often take a table lamp and break it over his head and almost knock him out. I said, "that is really horrible, and why would she

do such a thing". He said "I would come home drunk after work each night and try to choke her to death and she would grab a lamp and break it on my head".

We need to put our lamps down and work at preparing for the events coming upon America. Lets remember that Mr. T.F. has supplied a forum to help all of us. Why anyone would open themselves to all the abuse is beyond belief. Let us not destroy each other because of our views. jmo

Ferd Torgerson
Sep 30, 2011 - 5:35pm

Wall Street Protests

There was a time I wasn’t bothered by seeing protestors getting their heads broken if I disagreed with their point of view. Now, having gotten older with kids and grandkids of my own, I’ve mellowed. I feel for the majority of the young people in the Wall Street protests. So long as their protests are non-violent, don’t create a public hazard and don’t involve verbal abuse of the police, they should be left alone, even if I don’t agree with why they are there, and as I suspect, many themselves don’t really understand why they are there.

The videos of the pepper spraying, etc., are certainly troublesome. Contrary to the MSNBC commentator, if the attacks were unwarranted, I do believe that wrong-doing on the part of the police will be dealt with properly. I have to ask, though, why was the attack in question on a group of people cordoned off in the orange mesh cage? Why were these individuals cordoned as they were if they had not committed some offense? Why target this group with pepper spray? If a cop wanted to use his spray canister, why not just cut loose on anyone and everyone close by? Why go to the extra trouble to walk over to that confined group, spray them, and then walk away? Funny isn’t it that these did not appear to be organizers. The organizers were probably at a safe distance.

My point is that I’m not always so credulous of video evidence presented with such a slant by a network with an agenda. Case in point: In Saigon in late 1969, Vietnamese President Thieu was scheduled to give a speech at the Rex Theater. As the theater was next to the Rex Hotel where I had dinner each night, I stood outside to watch for his arrival. There were news crews from at least two US networks present as well. The Vietnamese National Police had created a cordon around the entrance to the theater to assure safe passage for Thieu into the building (a good idea since it was known that a VC with a grenade could easily infiltrate the crowd of friendly Vietnamese outside the theater). I watched as the American news crews on several occasions tried to push past the policemen manning the cordon. The crews kept their cameras turned off when they went on the offensive. The policemen would take their billy clubs and use them as shields (one end held in the left hand and the other end in the right hand) and use them to push back against the news crews. No attempt to strike anyone with the clubs was made. As soon as the policemen pushed back, the spotlights on the cameras came on and filming began. This routine was repeated three or four times (turn camera off, rush the cordon, police push back, turn on cameras to film police defending their ground). Several other Americans standing alongside me said it was obvious that the news crews were trying to “manufacture” an incident with the police. It was that sorry episode that made we start to question the authenticity of news portrayed on our networks. I’ve only become more skeptical in the years since.

I believe the harmless ones among these kids are being used by a cynical, manipulative core of organizers with their own agenda. Many would show up just as eagerly to protest the down-sizing of soup cans by our most popular soup producer or the narrowing of toilet paper rolls. This is all just preface and prelude to justify more violent and targeted protests as we get more deeply into the election cycle. If you can sell police brutality now, it will be easier to sell when the real rock-throwers come out and show themselves. Naturally, we’ll need some talking heads on the networks to help demonize the police.

So, no thank you - I’m not buying all this panic uncritically. It’s true that all police are not perfect. But, we need to let them do their jobs. And we need to insist they do their jobs in an even-handed and professional manner. Those who don’t meet our standards can and should be turned out.

Sep 30, 2011 - 5:35pm

Marxism & cops

You are a decent fellow, Turd, so I'll try not to stink up your site with what I'm about to say, but here goes.

Concerning marxism (or socialism, its kissing cousin), it is a wonderful system under which to organize society, in that it grants true equality to all. The only problem with this type of equality is that everyone is equally poor, since wealth is distributed from those who produce to those who consume. Ultimately, what you end up with is a society of slackers and canine copulators (to put it politely) with a grotesque sense of entitlement who feel the world owes them something, while everything else is going to shit. The only winners in this type of system are those at the top who pull the strings (marxism worked out pretty good for Fidel Castro and Pol Pot, didn't it?).

Concerning cops, I am of two minds. When the cops are doing search and rescue, or going after the real bad asses, I'm the biggest cop booster you'll find and I wouldn't shed any tears if some genuine scumbag takes a bullet. But when the cops are harassing innocent folk who are going about their business or engaging in peaceful protest, I say fuck 'em. Case in point: last year in Toronto, the cops stood idly by as masked thugs went on a smash/loot/burn rampage in Toronto (Toronto is where I am). The next day, when the thugs had long since disappeared and were replaced by peaceful protesters, then they went to work. The cops proceeded to rough up or beat the shit out of more than 1000 peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders just to prove what a great job they were doing of keeping things under control. They wouldn't harm a hair on the heads of genuine thugs, no siree, but they had no problem in beating and arresting those who wanted merely to peacefully protest the G20 banksters. How fair is/was that?

Anyway, that's my rant. You're a good man, Turd, and I hope your wish of a civil evolution towards a better society comes to pass, I really do.

Sep 30, 2011 - 5:35pm

Is it just me, or can anyone else see Lk 12: 22-34 in the lower

right corner? In many ways very apt, but the specific wording of THIS particular passage is an odd thing to see here - at first glance seems to go against the 'Preparing Accordingly' aspect. Have to ponder more on whether to disagree with it. Perhaps this has been mentioned before, I just saw it right now.

Sep 30, 2011 - 5:37pm
wasted youth crew
Sep 30, 2011 - 5:38pm

the largest street gang in america

The Largest Street Gang in America ~ 1/6
Sep 30, 2011 - 5:39pm


Thank you for the kind words. I think the largest obstacle to truth is psychology and cognitive dissonance. With such a large and polarizing issue, the dissonance to deal with is immense. I included the fact that my life fell apart and I hit bottom a few years back (due to my own stupidity). I think it was this fact that enabled me to come to terms with horrible truths. Horrible truths inside myself, inside elements of our culture, as well as inside elements of our political system.

I have noticed the most common response when confronting friends/family is denial. I am very grateful to AE for providing the perspective from the mental health community. The psychological barriers seem to be the most fortified.

Thanks Scott, you are right, as usual :). Have a good weekend, I'm off to the course to squeeze in 9 holes.

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