TFMR Podcast #3

As you know, my plan is to release podcasts on a bi-weekly basis. The next scheduled interview will be posted on Saturday, the 8th. However, this afternoon I had the opportunity to visit with Bill Murphy, the chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, commonly referred to by the acronym GATA. Obviously, it would be silly to make you wait until next Saturday to hear it.

Given the extraordinary events of the past week, I could not have asked for a better time to visit with Bill. I must ask, though, that you thoroughly read the previous post, "Crime Scene Evidence", before you listen to the podcast. To gain full value from listening, you must place current events in the proper context. 

Bill and co-founder Chris Powell have done extraordinary work on our behalf for over 10 years. They need our support. When you have time, please visit their site. It is brimming with information that will help you through the turbulent times ahead. Before leaving the site, I strongly encourage you to make a donation to help them in their efforts. Every penny you provide will help GATA continue the fight against the evil C/C/C.

You should also visit Bill's subscription site and even consider joining.

OK, onto the discussion. Like the previous podcasts, you can access it by clicking the link below. It's about 25 minutes long and well worth your time. Enjoy. Think. Learn. Prepare.   TF

p.s. The current manipulation continues tonight. Prices will undoubtedly continue to be pushed lower until our Buyer(s) of Size step forward to stem the tide. That said, I still do not expect considerable buying to emerge until silver falls toward $24 and gold falls toward $1500. Be patient and, more importantly, do not panic. Lastly, I will be out again all day Thursday so consider these two "sticky" threads to be your open threads until this time tomorrow. 


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Thanks Turd

I think your a great human being, patriot, and sentinel. I greatly appreciate your opinions and value this forum for the bastion of freedom and preparedness that it represents.


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Thanks Turd

Hang in there everyone.

Edit:  Really enjoyed the interview.  Good questions from Turd, and Mr. Murphy, of course, is a straight shooter.  He confirmed many of the suspicions voiced on this blog recently.  Should be encouraging for everyone.  He suggests calling the CFTC not e-mailing them if one is so inclined, as they just hit the "delete" bottom on their computers.  Have a restful night everyone!

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Bill Murphy!

you are getting good access, Turd!  Keep up the good work.

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Thanks TF

For your listening pleasure

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Help. My network blocks MP3 files

Can anyone help by somehow republishing this in a format other than MP3?  

Youtube, perhaps?

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StreetMoney21: It's not over playa. Silver may fall further

Thank You, Turd.

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Never fear....

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Keep up the good work Turd!

Thanks for taking the time to do a great interview  with Mr Murphy. I appreciate his and your time in doing all this.

Keep it up!!


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Thanks for the interview

Thanks for the interview Turd, downloaded it and will listen to it right now.

Another thing, you keep playing fortune teller and it irritates me. Noone can call markets short term, and for sure not during these turbulent times. Just making sure I say what's on my mind, you can safely ignore it if you don't like it.

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Help. My network blocks MP3 files

Try a different browser? Strange, mp3's are so common.

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it's a corporate firewall - probably installed with the aim of stopping people listening to music, etc.

Anyway, no problem.  I'm listening on my iphone

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Btw good work encouraging

Btw good work encouraging people to donate to GATA, their work is very important. I myself donated years ago (Markus, Austria on the honor board), but I guess it's about time to donate again.

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It's a mad, mad world

skip to 1:15 mark of 2nd video

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Just listened to riders on

Just listened to riders on the storm four times. Just don't get that kind of  tempo, rhythm and musical artistry today.  There's still good stuff, but not that kind.  Thanks DPH.

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Yet again, you have out-done yourself. Great work, both of you. I love the PM community, my heart is filled with gratitude.

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Thanks Turd & Mr. Murphy

Wow - Bill put some 2+2 together for me on the CB leasing aspect of all this. Just never really thought it out. But of course that last question - when? Soon? Maybe very soon? Patience - virtue I have the least experience with.

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One final zyphen thought...

(from the last thread)...if we are all such tiny specks in the sea, why is the fred so concerned about listening to what we have to say?  Just wondering.  Sounded more like a super highly trained trollsky sent to shake the trees a bit more. I don't really know enough to say tho

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Alabama Song (Whiskey bar)/Love me two times

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New thoughts from Santa

Here are a couple quotes that are appropriate today in gold and all things gold.

"Patience is sustained courage." 

"Wisdom is seeing many things and concentrating on one thing." 

–Jesse Livermore

(But silence on TRX....)

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StreetMoney21: It's not over playa. Part 2

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@Justin - From last thread

Hey all - if you missed Justin's post at the end of the last thread (500 DMA charts), go take a look.

Justin - it's spooky how the DOW is oscillating around that 500 DMA now. I think you hit on something. The dollar's drive to it looks weird too (ditto WTI). I'm just sayin'. I'm going to think about that for a while.

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@ DarkPurpleHaze./Doors.

. Thank You as always. Any *Peace Frog* handy?  Best..

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Good interview with Bill

Good interview with Bill Murphy.  Thanks TF.  Once again, a good reminder of the repetition of these cycles that just have to pass.

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Reposting the comment so people don't have to jump back to an old thread.  It's hard enough keeping up with the current ones!

500dma. I had to go there in order to find something about gold and silver that sets them apart from others.  Notice anything different about where they are in relation to the other three?  Figured I'd share since it's hard trying to find something nice to say about the metals lately at their current levels.  Regardless of how bad you have it, there are always others out there who have it worse:

That gives you a good visual representation of how much better our metals have been performing in the long-run compared to their competition and that's even after gold and silver had their asses handed to them twice this year during artificial corrections.  Without the manipulation we wouldn't even be able to see the 500dma on either chart.  As hard as it is to see gold and silver at their current levels, just think about how much more you should be paying right now every time you average in more physical and/or related equities.

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great updates on svm in the silver miners

Thanks turd, MVP!

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Good Listen..

Great interview - just spent 10 minutes composing a reflective comment and hit some key that erased all my thoughts - argh.

Too tired to recompose. Anyway - great interview. 

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Thanks Turd really enjoyed

Thanks Turd really enjoyed that.

And to just touch on the post by Muddy Chicken.

I am the real deal, I am a family man, I work hard doing what I do, never screwed anyone in my life, and certainty wouldn't screw anyone here.

This is a hobby we all share, just as if we shared baseball cards. The only difference is these cards happen to be money, real or otherwise. I read Gold and Silver sites admittedly, albeit with an open mind. Its my hobby so of course I am going to read about it as well.

The thinking part is my job. I believe there are many good people here with good intentions, take what everyone provides as being a group of friends bull shitting at a bar.

Its just life man, we have made it this far, anything beyond this point is a bonus.

Be well

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Short Term market calls ....

Ira Epstein does a good job of technical analysis in the Metals Market,


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RE:- IS there a finite amount of gold for them to sell ? ...

Repost from last thread as my query never got answered & I would appreciate any input, please ...

There is a finite amount of gold for them to sell. At some point it will be gone and then we will have our day.

I'd very much like to believe that, but my cynically logical side is having trouble believing that they are that stupid or short-sighted ... My logically cynical side has the same problem.


IF I understand it correctly, when a Treasury/CB releases supposedly-physical Reserve-Gold-Holdings out into the world, it is (in essence) done via a "Lease Contract" and NO physical relocation or delivery (a' la Venezuala) of Metal actually takes place ... In essence, that appears to me to be no more than another form of physically-meaningless PAPER or VIRTUAL Promise/IOU/Transfer that only creates a "VIRTUAL Illusion" rather than a "HARD Physical Disposal".

IF that is indeed the case, then COULD the same Single-Unit of "Physical Gold Reserve" be VIRTUALLY Re-sold or Re-leased repeatedly ad infinitum, thereby creating (in essence) a "Fractional Reserve Fort Knox Gold" type scenario ? ... In much the same way our almost infinite VIRTUAL Paper-Currency is endlessly created/printed.



I assume that I must be missing something or having a long-term senile-moment over this aspect, but as I can't recall ever seeing this possibility raised or answered anywhere, I would greatly appreciate being re-assured that (& taught WHY) I'm just an ignorant old fart by those here with more knowledge than myself on this subject ...

Cheers in advance.



... IF my above reasoning is correct (which I hope it's NOT), I would like to announce that I am prepared to offer a 99-year lease of upto One Million Ounces of my non-existent Gold Reserves at the low, low, today-only special offer price of $1000 per ounce to anybody who can make the required full cash payment in unmarked used notes at my offices in the alleyway behind the Ace Cafe. devil

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