Contest #3

We have a winner of contest #2:  "BUSSCHE", who correctly identified Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium as being in the Top 10. They other two are Spain and Singapore. Bussche, please email me your mailing address. Thanks!

A bonus question (no hat award): Can someone give me a fundamental reason why gold is down $15 from yesterday and $30 from its overnight highs? Just wondering.

OK, onto hat contest #3. Once again it's a two-part question. First person to get both correct wins the hat!

1) As stated earlier, in 90 days we have had visits from 176 different countries. Of the 176, from which country have come the fewest? Hint: This country has brought 3 total visits to the site.

2) The search feature can be used to find comments from specific users. Which user has been "searched for" the most?

Again, this contest ends the first time someone answers both questions correctly.  TF


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1) Liberia2) Tesla

1) Liberia

2) Tesla


About the fundamental reasons?? No clue, we should be the ones asking you the answer. Anyway, maybe Santa can help!

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Damn, i had Sweden and Singapore, but Austria was out.

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Contest # 3


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HSBC wormed out of the silver

HSBC wormed out of the silver suppresion law suit:

HSBC dropped from silver price suppression lawsuit

and here's a really great vid of Farage in the EU parliament , out today

Nigel Farage: Greece under Commission-ECB-IMF Dictatorship

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Contest # 3

Sudan & Shill

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Not First

(But first mentioned - thanks!)  Only thing I'm winning today...surprise

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first guess on #3... until Turd gives a hint

1. Vatican City

2. Atlee

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1. Nauru 2. Atlee

1. Nauru

2. Atlee

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Myanmar and Eric Original.

Myanmar and Eric Original. Send it.

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Federated States of

Federated States of Micronesia / Atlee

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fundamental question: the

fundamental question: the market was trying to price in a Greek default and today found out they instead just kicked the can down the road a bit.

Side note: Jim Comiskey in his video mentioned Greece has defaulted and gone bankrupt 4 times over the last 200 years, so the precedent is there.

1) Madagascar

2) Atlee 

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1. Comoros 2. Turd Ferguson

1. Comoros

2. Turd Ferguson

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what the heck



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guess # 3

Papua New Guinea

Eric Original

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Long Foam


Eric Original

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Nigeria and Eric Original?

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Madagascar and Shill

Madagascar and Shill

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1) Somalia2) EricO

1) Sudan

2) EricO

edit - changed Somalia to Sudan

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Thanks for the article


but it is complete, nonsensical bullshit. It implies that the gold and treasury market are similar in size and that global investors have decided to choose one over the other. Furthermore, to suggest that gold is "expensive" yet a 10-year note at 2% is not is just downright ignorant.

Response to: Bonus question
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Turd Time's A Charm?

Luxemburg and Ginger

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Contest #3


and DPH

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so far


none of the answers for #1 are correct and the answer for #2 is not Turd Ferguson.

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my guess


Turd Fergerson

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1. Trinidad

2. atlee

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Contest #3

Turkey - JoeKa

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The Vatican


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Venezuela & Atlee

Bonus: T-bill auction!

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Contest # 3



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Vatican City, Turd

Vatican City, Turd

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