Contest #2

First of all, I don't want to hear any sht (yet) about how "Turd blew that one". My recent attempt at predicting the future is in regards to gold, not silver, though I expect silver to come along for the ride. Gold is still well above $1800. IF it falls below 1800 and heads to 1700, I'll be the first to admit my error in judgment. Until then, my advice is to please refrain from the I-told-ya-sos and other smartypant remarks. Otherwise, you're going to end up looking like a jerk and you'll be laughed straight outta here.

Btw, here's an updated hourly gold chart. Still is being compressed by the main short-term trendline.


I had to make a judgment call on contest #1 and I've judged the winner to be "ragandbone".

Submitted by ragandbone on September 14, 2011 - 11:36am.
172 countries...
But not:
N Korea

The correct answer is 176 out of 196 and the three countries guessed are correct. The full list is:

North America (1): Greenland
Africa (13): Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Gabon, Namibia, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Eritrea, Malawi
Asia (3): Turkmenistan, North Korea, Tajikistan
Oceania (1): Papua New Guinea
South America (2): Guyana, French Guiana

"Ragandbone", please email me your mailing address at

OK, onto contest #2. The top 5 countries that visit TFMR are: US, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany. For another, autographed yellow hat,  name 3 of the countries that make up 6-10.



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Seems that we are suffering another mini-raid

Seems that we are suffering another mini-raid to compress the price under the line.

Also I was looking at SVM earlier today, trading under $6, and a lot of volume, how long will it last? Don't own the stock, but sure it looks like a great point of entry right now.

My answers for the contest:

Ireland, Finland, Sweden.

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Ecuador, New Zealand,

Ecuador, New Zealand, Thailand
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My answers are ...

Mexico, France, China

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daddy needs a new pair of shoes

1. Sweden

2. Netherlands

3. New Zealand

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Brazil, China, Japan

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Hat Time!

Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa 

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Spain, France, Mexico

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France, India, China

France, India, China

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Singapore, India, New Zealand

Singapore, India, New Zealand

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Let's have another go...

South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland

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What as stupid contest. C'mon

What as stupid contest.

C'mon Turd you can do it better!

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1. India 2.  China 3. 

1. India

2.  China

3.  Russia

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Japan, China and India

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Netherlands, India, Mexico

My 2c..

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Bono, quit jacking around


Bono, quit jacking around with the PMs. I'll take care of that for you.

Grab Edge and head to the studio, instead. We're all dying for some new material!

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USE A LINK FOR CONTESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New posters will leave if they have to wade down a 100 posts with country names. Nobody CARES..

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China, New Zealand, India

China, New Zealand, India

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Ireland, Scotland, India

Ireland, Scotland, India

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Contest bid

Italy, Switzerland, India

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I couldn't care less if they leave


This is my site and today we are having some fun.

Lighten up.

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China, India, France

China, India, France

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Seems like one has an

Seems like one has an advantage waiting and looking over previous answers to formulate their own ;)

Japan, France, India

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Austria, New Zealand, Singapore

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APMEX goes to Wall Street and pays in Gold

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Too Funny

I love when Turd puts people in their proper place. Makes me laugh audibly. Go Turd!


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Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland

Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland

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I bet you...

Ok Here is my guess:

New Zealand, France, China

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Gimme that hat.....


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Contest #2

France, Switzerland, South Africa

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The Netherlands, Sweden and

The Netherlands, Sweden and Mother Russia.

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